Open and distance learning committee

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    1. Terms of Reference

      1. To promote the development of Distance Education by the University

      2. To input to the plan to develop and foster skill development in areas related to Distance Education.

      3. To consider matters pertaining to the upgrading and development of existing and new Distance Education programmes, and inform Academic Board as necessary.

      4. To foster inert-departmental co-operation and working relationships across all aspects of the University’s Distance Education programmes.

      5. To submit reports of the years’ examination results of Distance Learning programmes.

    1. Constitution

Ex-Officio Members

  1. Vice-Chancellor

  2. Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Academic)

  3. Head, DODL

Appointed Members

  1. One person appointed by the Vice-Chancellor who shall be Chairperson of the Committee.

  2. Six members of academic staff from six different departments. Other than DODL, which have an input to the University’s distance education programmes, to be appointed by the Heads of these Departments.

Co-Opted Members

  1. The Committee may co-opt other members as necessary.

    1. Membership

Ex-Officio Members

      1. Mr Misty Baloiloi OBE

      2. Dr. Philip Siaguru

      3. Mr George Bopi

Appointed Members

      1. Dr. A Nyondo (Chairperson)

      2. Dr. D Omoloso (Applied Sciences)

      3. Dr. S Dey (Applied Physics)

      4. Mr J Gesa (Maths & Computer Science)

      5. Mr M Kuusa (Business Studies)

      6. Mrs L Sar (Language & Communication Studies)

      7. Mr J Apetty (Agriculture)

Co-opted Members

      1. Mr R Songan (TLMU)

4. Quorum: At least 40% of full membership.

5. Executive Officer: Mr Johannes Balep

  1. Reference

Academic Board Meeting (217), March 09, 1994.


    1. Asian Association of Open Universities –

    2. The commonwealth of Learning – Connections

    3. PNG Association for Distance Education

    4. Open and Distance Learning Association of Australia, Inc.

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