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Orders to parish officers of Wadhurst to relieve paupers


PAR 498/37/5/1

Order to relieve Richard Bartlett

living near Church Settle, his wife and family

27 Jun 1738

PAR 498/37/5/2

Order to relieve Isaac Richardson

who is ill and cannot maintain his wife and family

28 Oct 1738

PAR 498/37/5/3

Order to relieve a travelling man

now sick and ill of an ague

28 Oct 1738

PAR 498/37/5/4

Order to relieve James Gilbert

grown so old that he cannot maintain himself

2 Jan 1740

PAR 498/37/5/5

Order to relieve Elizabeth Sellen

who is with child an cannot maintain herself

15 Jan 1740

PAR 498/37/5/6

Order to relieve Ann Reed

so old and infirm that she cannot maintain herself

28 Jan 1740

PAR 498/37/5/7

Samuel Swatland and wife

so reduced by sickness that they cannot provide for themselves

13 Oct 1740

PAR 498/37/5/8

Sarah Basset, widow with children

16 Jan 1741

PAR 498/37/5/9

Mary Palmer

her husband is very ill and poor and unable to provide for his family

23 May 1757

PAR 498/37/5/10

Petition by Elizabeth Boosden to receive her daughter

has sworn her settlement at Lenham in Kent but she cannot maintain her daughter, born 6 Feb 1758, who belongs [to Wadhurst]


PAR 498/37/6

Copy contract for a lease from Sarles Goatley, esq to Henry Batchelor

Batchelor is to hire for £10 a year the house now occupied by William Atkins, with the three adjoining fields and as much of the barn as he needs. Goatley reserves to his own use the wagon way to the barn by the hedge next Burchin Green and 'to have the benefit of letting the grass to the Welch Men till Charing (Charon) Fair'

Subscribed with note that Henry Batchelor declared at a vestry that he had entered the premises on 29 Sep 1736; 19 Mar 1738

See PAR498/37/1/5

18 Sep 1736

PAR 498/37/7

Promissory note of Christopher Hawkins

to pay £1 to the churchwardens and overseers in instalments

25 Nov 1738

PAR 498/37/8

Copy release by the churchwardens and overseers of Wadhurst to Thomas Freeman of Wadhurst, exciseman

on payment of £27 for the bastard daughter of Ann Luck of Wadhurst, spinster, of which TF was adjudged the father

15 Apr 1748

PAR 498/37/9

Promissory note of the parish officers of Wadhurst for £40 at 4%

to Richard Walter Burgis and his sisters Ann Burgis and Jane Burgis

Endorsed: paid 16 Jul 1757

4 Dec 1756

PAR 498/37/10

Warrant of Samuel Baker to William Noakes, Wadhurst

to apprehend 'all idle and disorderly persons having no legal calling or who do not follow industriously the same, between the age of 17 and 45 years of age and 5 feet 4 inches high without shoes' and to bring them to the Chequers in Maresfield on 6 Feb 1758 in obedience to orders of the justices and land tax commissioners of 7 Jan and 23 Jan 1758

Endorsed: instructions to take any persons 'that you think too long to keep' before George Courthope esq; continuation of the warrant, which is to be returned at Maresfield 6 Mar 1758

Jan 1758

PAR 498/37/11

Warrant of George Courthope and Elfred Staples, JPs, to the churchwardens and overseers

to ensure the appearance of seven persons before them at the Chequers in Maresfield on 4 Jun to answer for their refusal to pay the poor rate

Endorsed: details of the amount owed by the Revd Samuel Bush with a receipt, 13 Aug 1759

23 Apr 1759

Orders to parish officers to appear before the justices to answer for their refusal to give relief


PAR 498/37/12/1

Order of J Shore JP, Ringmer

John Sivyor of Wadhurst

13 Dec 1768

PAR 498/37/12/2

Order of Edward Frewen JP, Northiam

Henry Rochester of Wadhurst with wife and children

28 Dec 1780

PAR 498/37/12/3

Order of John Thomas Fuller, JP, Bayley Park [in Heathfield]

Edward Stephens of Wadhurst, whose shilling a week has been withdrawn

25 Jul 1786

PAR 498/37/13

Certified extract of the burial of William Bones, stranger, from the register of Dymchurch, Kent

subscribed: query whether his name was not Thomas as such a person is missing

3 Sep 1776

PAR 498/37/14

Lease for 1000 years of a dwelling-house for the poor

John Baker of Mayfield, esq, lord of the manor of Mayfield, to Gregory Dyne, Joseph Dunmoll, gent, Richard Lucke yeoman, David Holland mercer, John Barham of Shoesmiths gent, John Lucke (son and heir apparent of Richard Lucke), John Holland (son and heir apparent of David Holland) and Nicholas Puxty the younger yeoman, all of Wadhurst, for £4

messuage in two dwellings and two little gardens adjoining, occupied by Thomas Wood and Alexander Leefe, erected at the charge of the parishioners on the waste of the highway at Riseden

W: Edward Warnett, John Houghton, Robert Foster

Endorsed: lease of the almshouse at Riseden

23 Oct 1654

PAR 498/37/15

Survey of the parish from the general survey taken in 1840

giving details of the owner, occupier, name of estate and acreage; probably compiled from the tithe apportionment in connection with rating; watermark 1845

formerly listed as PAR 498/21/4 and PAR 498/21/1/2


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