Parish of wadhurst

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Churchwardens: rates


PAR 498/8/1

Rates and disbursements

Oct 1812 - Jul 1843

PAR 498/8/2

Rates and disbursements

Apr 1839 - Dec 1857

PAR 498/8/3

Rates and disbursements

Feb 1858 - Oct 1904

Churchwardens: accounts

For disbursements, 1812-1904 see PAR 498/8/1-3


Vouchers to account


PAR 498/9/1/1

Vouchers of Thomas Dyke for the tax for maimed soldiers and of Richard Vernon (deputy of John Bromfield) and John Winckton for charitable uses

also includes a note to pay Goodwife Ford for [bell-ringing] on 5 August, the prince's coming home and 5 November [1623]

For similar vouchers made out to the constables, see PAR 498/28/1


PAR 498/9/1/2

Vouchers of Herbert May for the tax for maimed soldiers and the gaol and of Daniel Shoulder and William Clagett for charitable uses

For 1653-1654, 1672


PAR 498/9/1/3

Receipt of Jonathan Ellams and Ralph Jordan to John Smith and Nicholas Puxty [churchwardens]

for £8 for work done in the church according to articles of agreement of 5 Jun 1700

5 Jul 1700

PAR 498/9/1/4

Voucher of John Plumer for the tax for maimed soldiers, gaol and charitable uses

26 Jun 1739

PAR 498/9/1/5

Voucher of John Plumer for the tax for maimed soldiers, gaol and charitable uses

5 Jun 1740

Accounts of the distribution of sacrament money

For similar accounts, 1784-1826 see PAR 498/2/1/1


PAR 498/9/2/1


Jan 1823 - Jun 1825

PAR 498/9/2/2

'Account of surement [sacrament money] given away by S[amuel] Baldwin', [churchwarden]

sums of one or two shillings to named individuals

Jan 1824 - Jan 1826

Churchwardens: property


Church bells

For other records concerning the bells, see PAR 498/4/5/2, 16/3/6

May 1714 - Apr 1754

PAR 498/10/1/1

Contract to re-cast the tenor bell

Edward Benge and Thomas Porter, churchwardens, with Richard Phelps of Whitechapel, [London], bell-founder

10 May 1714

PAR 498/10/1/2

Bond in £100 to keep the covenants in PAR498/10/1/1

Richard Phelps of Whitechapel, [London], bell-founder, to Thomas Porter the younger and Edward Benge of Wadhurst, gents

W: John Patrick, John Stephens, John Cowcher

31 May 1714

PAR 498/10/1/3

Account of Richard Phelps for re-casting the bell

includes quantity of waste from the old bell; received 17 Jun 1715

23 Jun 1714

PAR 498/10/1/4

Letter from Richard Phelps, London, to the churchwardens

Instructions for hanging the 'musical bell' which he has delivered to Aps, one of Mr Hall's [the carter's] men

10 Jul 1714

PAR 498/10/1/5

Account of Morgan and Hall to the churchwardens

for carrying a bell to London twice and back again

18 Jul 1731

PAR 498/10/1/6

Account of Robert Nash to the churchwardens and overseers

for blacksmith's work on the bell cast by [Thorpe] Diamond

[Apr 1754]

PAR 498/10/1/7

Letter from Thorpe Diamond to 'the churchwardens and gentlemen of Wadhurst'

has been ill for some time so has sent his son to account for the waste and surplus metal, details of which, and PAR 498/10/1/5, are included

10 Apr 1754

PAR 498/10/1/8

Report and estimate for repairs to the bells and bellframe

Mears and Stainbank, 267 Whitechapel Road, London, to John F Newington [churchwarden], 16 Apr 1891, with receipts, Nov 1891 - Apr 1892


Chapels of ease


PAR 498/10/2/1

Estimate of Charles W Ashby for the removal of the iron church at Wickhouse and its re-erection at Faircrouch

29 Nov 1895

Fixtures and fittings


PAR 498/10/3/1

Inventory of furniture and gifts

compiled in 1896, with annotations to 1962


Correspondence concerning memorials to the Wilkin family


PAR 498/10/3/2/1

Correspondence concerning the memorial to Anthony Wilkin

Copy notice of consent of the vicar and churchwardens to the proposal of [AW's father] Frederick Wilkin of Lower Cousley Wood to vest the brass memorial to his son Anthony Wilkin in the University of Cambridge

for AW, of King's College, Cambridge, anthropologist and explorer, c1878-1901, see The Times, 24 May 1901

13 May 1905

PAR 498/10/3/2/2

Correspondence concerning the memorial to Charlotte Elizabeth Wilkin (1845-1914)

Correspondence of Col HFS Ramsden Moseham Manor, churchwarden, with CEW's husband Frederick Wilkin and the diocesan registrar

Jun - Sep 1914

PAR 498/10/3/3

Papers concerning a diocesan survey of church plate

file of H F S Ramsden, churchwarden, including extract from J E Couchman, 'Sussex Church Plate' (1913), letter from Couchman concerning the Wadhurst plate and photographs of two cups and a flagon


Papers, reports and plans for the installation of a new heating system in the church


PAR 498/10/3/4/1

Estimate for alterations to the system, with plan

by Werner, Pfleiderer and Perkins, Kingsway, London

31 May 1913

PAR 498/10/3/4/2

Letters from Werner, Pfleiderer and Perkins, Kingsway, London

to Andrews and Bennett, solicitors, Wadhurst, forwarded to Colonel H F S Ramsden, Moseham House, [churchwarden]

May - Sep 1913

PAR 498/10/3/4/3


by Messrs Streatfeild and Atwell, architects, 24 Old Buildings, Lincoln's Inn, London

Sep 1926

PAR 498/10/3/4/4

Plan of church showing [existing] heating system

by Z D Berry, engineers, Westminster, London


PAR 498/10/3/4/5

Plan of church showing proposed heating system

[by Z D Berry, engineers, Westminster, London]


Installation of electric lighting in the church

For the faculty, see PAR 498/4/1/5

Jul - Dec 1925

PAR 498/10/3/5/1

Drawings of light fittings

by H Featherstone [electrical engineer, Tunbridge Wells]

29 Jul 1925

PAR 498/10/3/5/2

Correspondence file of Ernest Leete, churchwarden

with H Featherstone, electrical engineer, Tunbridge Wells, and unsuccessful contractors; Royal Insurance, Brighton; diocesan registry

Jul - Dec 1925

PAR 498/10/3/5/3

Copy application for faculty

with copy documents, including a plan of the church showing points, specification and schedule

17 Oct 1925

Proposed new altar, 1926


PAR 498/10/3/6/1

'Design for altar Wadhurst Church'

by W[illiam] H[enry] Bidlake of Birmingham and Tunbridge Wells, architect

[Bidlake retired to Wadhurst in 1923]


PAR 498/10/3/6/2

'Design for altar and reredos at Wadhurst Parish Church'

by W[illiam] H[enry] Bidlake of Birmingham and Tunbridge Wells, architect

annotated 'a suggestion' and of the cost of the reredos and side panels

mounted on a lithograph of Christ Church, Broad Green, Croydon [in Surrey]


Purchase of cottages at the Church Gate for the site of a parish room

Papers of J C Lane Andrews of Kirkstone, Wadhurst, as treasurer of the appeal.

the proposal to demolish the cottages did not meet with universal approval: one correspondent did 'not see what is to be gained by pulling down one building which is antique to erect a modern one in its place'


PAR 498/10/4/1

Minutes of meetings on 17 and 19 Nov 1900

Nov 1900

PAR 498/10/4/2

Minutes of meetings between Jan 1901 and Nov 1901

Nov 1901

PAR 498/10/4/3

Draft for PAR 498/10/4/4

19 Nov 1900

PAR 498/10/4/4

Guarantee to repay purchase-price

George J Courthope and ten other (named) to William Robert White of Hazlehurst, Ticehurst, esq

to repay the purchase-price and expenses with interest for the purchase of lot 2 in PAR 498/10/4/5 to the limit of the sums set against their names

19 Nov 1900

PAR 498/10/4/5

Printed particulars of sale of property in Wadhurst late J O Newington and Emma Newington deceased

Upper Church Gates House, two cottages and a shoemaker's shop, The Old Market Square (messuage held of the manor of Scotney) and a walled garden

details of title from 1837 (lots 1-2) and 1843 (lots 3-4); annotated with details of bidding and purchasers and questions concerning rights of water

20 Nov 1900

PAR 498/10/4/6

Annotated draft for PAR 498/10/4/7

includes a draft form of subscription

Dec 1900

PAR 498/10/4/7

Printed appeal for funds to defray the costs of purchase and towards the erection of a parish room

recites the history of the purchase and proposals for the constitution of the parish room trust; includes a list of subscribers, annotated with nine further names

endorsed: extracts from minutes, [Dec 1900]

Dec 1900

PAR 498/10/4/8

Distribution-list for appeal and lists of subscribers

[Dec 1900]

PAR 498/10/4/9

Bundle of completed subscription forms

[Dec 1900 - Feb 1901]

PAR 498/10/4/10

Booklet containing a list of subscriptions and postal expenses

Dec 1900 - Feb 1901

PAR 498/10/4/11

Rough statement of accounts to Mar 1901

[Apr 1901]

PAR 498/10/4/12

Correspondence of J C Lane Andrews, treasurer

Cecil Sharpe, The Lodge; Frederick Wilkin, Warren Corner, Farnham in Surrey; Fanny Luck, The Olives; Herbert Fazan, Belmont; George Luck, builder; J W Williams, Pell View; Campbell Newington, Oakover, Ticehurst; concerns the purchase, constitution of the committee and demolition of the buildings

Dec 1900 - Nov 1901

PAR 498/10/4/13

Extract from the conveyance to trustees of 29 Nov 1901

[William Robert White to George J Courthope and W D Watson Smyth]

a messuage in three tenements (N: churchyard; NW: entrance to the churchyard; S: Church Street; SE: messuage occupied by S T Wallis) occupied by late Mrs Allen, Mrs Humphrey and a shoemaker's shop occupied by George Down

to permit any buildings to be used as a parish room (details) as the vicar, churchwardens and chairman of the parish council shall direct

[Dec 1901]



PAR 498/10/5/1

Plan of the churchyard extension by CWA


PAR 498/10/5/2

Plan of the western end of the churchyard extension with a block of 12 graves indicted in red




PAR 498/10/6/1

Typescript list of the contents of the Churchwardens' black box

Sep 1987

Purchase of the Old Vine as a Poor House, 1778


PAR 498/10/7/1

Copy conveyance for £280

John Newington of Burwash, gent (only brother and heir of Benjamin Newington of Wadhurst, gent, deceased), to the churchwardens and overseers (Robert Noakes, Edward Lambert, Thomas Avard, George Russell and William Latter)

capital messuage called The Old Vine with a barn, buildings, gardens and orchards in Wadhurst Town (S: street; W, N: land late Richard Walter Burgis deceased, before Richard Burgis deceased; E: Hole Lane), lately occupied by Catherine Puxty and William Gurr, before Nicholas Puxty deceased, before Joseph Puxty deceased, purchased by Benjamin Newington from John Legas, gent

W: John Woollett, Thomas Hammond; acknowledged by JN in Chancery, 21 Jul 1778

TNA: PRO C54/6501

For the account of Jeremiah Curteis of Rye for legal work in connection with the conveyance, see PAR 498/31/1/18

24 Jun 1778

Churchwardens' other records




PAR 498/11/1/1

Order of sequestration on the death of John Smith

Thomas Bettesworth, LLD, dean of South Malling, to John Watches and Thomas Tapsfield, churchwardens

5 Feb 1714

PAR 498/11/1/2

Order of sequestration on the cession of Ernest Mannering

to Edmund Burns Pye of Buckhurst Manor, Wadhurst, esq, and Maurice Watts of Byeways, Wadhurst, esq

20 Mar 1946

PAR 498/11/1/3

Order of sequestration on the cession of David Edmund Rice

to Robert Percy Foster Ashburner of Clearways, Hugh Douglas Cumberbatch of Monks Park, Emily Mary Dorothea Courthope of East Lodge and Hilda Margaret Leigh of Wenbans, all Wadhurst

27 Jul 1951

PAR 498/11/1/4

Sequestration account, 14 Jul - 22 Sep 1951

5 Oct 1951

PAR 498/11/1/5

Order of sequestration on the cession of Alan Nicholas Harrison Roscamp

Henry Carlton Cumberbatch of Buckhurst Manor, Wadhurst, and Francis Henry Hodder of Mayfield Lane, Wadhurst

8 Jun 1963

Lists of parishioners


PAR 498/11/2/1

Register of parishioners of Wadhurst

includes list of candidates confirmed by Bishop Tufnell, 9 May 1892

Sep 1891 - 1892

PAR 498/11/2/2

Wadhurst Cricket club annual balance sheet

printed; includes list of subscriptions

Found loose within PAR 498/11/2

27 Feb 1900

Vestry: minutes


PAR 498/12/1


Jan 1855 - Feb 1895

Parochial Church Council: minutes


PCC minutes


PAR 498/14/1/1

PCC minutes

Apr 1920 - Aug 1923

PAR 498/14/1/2

PCC minutes

Oct 1923 - Jul 1926

PAR 498/14/1/3

PCC minutes

Oct 1926 - Jun 1929

PAR 498/14/1/4

PCC minutes

Oct 1929 - Feb 1943

PAR 498/14/1/5

PCC minutes

Mar 1943 - Apr 1957

PAR 498/14/1/6

PCC minutes

Jun 1957 - Mar 1974

Standing Committee minutes


PAR 498/14/2/1

Standing Committee minutes

Sep 1920 - Jan 1932

PAR 498/14/2/2

Standing Committee minutes

Jun 1932 - Sep 1955

Housing Committee minutes

For the papers of the committee see PAR 498/16/2


PAR 498/14/3/1

Housing Committee minutes

May 1926 - Sep 1926


PCC attendance registers


PAR 498/14/4/1

Attendance register

men on active service identified, 1940-1941


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