Part 3—navy activity address numbers

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Norfolk, VA 23511

[Millington, TN 38054-5011]
N63427 U.S. Naval Communication Station

8F Harold E. Holt, Exmouth

Western Australia

FPO AP 96550
N63429 Naval Computer and Telecommunications

MH Station London (UK)

[PSC 802, Box 44]

FPO AE[, NA] 09499[-1200]

N63439 Naval Ophthalmic Support and Training Activity

K9 Yorktown, VA 23690
N63543 Naval Reserve Center

(MAJ00072[11]) 3070 Ross Lane

9TC Central Point, OR 97502-1399
N63821 Officer[-]in[-]Charge

(MAJ00039) Naval Underwater Systems Center [Detachment]

NSA-B AUTEC[,] Andros Range Detachment

(Andros Island, Bahama Islands)

[PSC 1012]

FPO AA[, NA] 34058[-9998]

N63886 Naval Security Group Activity

(MAJ00069) (Adak, AK)

8Q0-1 FPO AP 96505
N63891 [Commanding Officer]

(MAJ00069) Naval Security Group, Northwest

8QG [1320 Northwest Boulevard, Suite 100]

Chesapeake, VA 23322[-4094]

[N63902 Commanding Officer

Naval Security Group Activity

1247 West C Street

Norfolk, VA 23511-2322]
N64165 Naval Unit

(MAJ00062) Lowry Air Force Base, CO 80230

N64181 [Officer-in-Charge]

(MAJ00062) Department of Naval Science

R0W Texas Maritime Academy

[Box 1675]

Galveston, TX 77553-1675

[N64223 Commanding Officer

(MAJ00018) Naval Medical Research Institute

J58 8901 Wisconsin Avenue, Building 17

Bethesda, MD 20889-5607]

N64267 [Commanding Officer]

M9 Naval Warfare Assessment Center Corona Annex

[Box 5000]

Corona, CA 91720[18-5000]

N64281 Commanding Officer

3U Naval Sea Combat Systems Engineering Station

KX Naval Station

Norfolk, VA 23511
N64356 Commanding Officer

KF Naval Administrative Command

Armed Forces Staff College

[7800 Hampton Boulevard]

Norfolk, VA 23511-6097[1702]

[N64416 Commanding Officer

U.S. Naval Forces, Marianas

PSC 489

FPO AP, GU 96536-0051]
N64980 Officer in Charge

(MAJ00061) Naval Weapons Facility

NLA-C Detachment Machrihanish (UK)

FPO AE 09422
N64981 Commanding Officer

(MAJ00061) Naval Weapons Facility

NL5-7 (St. Mawgan, UK)

FPO AE 09415
N65113 [Commanding Officer]

EZ Navy Public Works Center

Bldg 1A[210 Decatur Avenue, Building 1A]

Great Lakes, IL 60088-5600

N65114 Commanding Officer

(MAJ00025) Navy Public Works Center

EJC Naval Air Station

[310 John Tower Road, Building 3560]

Pensacola, FL 32508-6500[5303]

N65115 [Commanding Officer]

(MAJ00025) Navy Public Works Center[,] Box 13 (Yokosuka,

FZA Japan)

[PSC 473, Box 13]

FPO AP[, NA] 96349-3100[1103]

N65116 Officer[-]in[-]Charge

MZ Navy-Marine Corps Appellate Review Activity

Office of the Judge Advocate General

Washington Navy Yard

[901 M Street SE, Building 111]

Washington, DC 20374-2001[5047]
[N65126 Commanding Officer

(MAJ00018) Naval Medical Information Management Center

J52 8901 Wisconsin Avenue, Building 27

Bethesda, MD 20889-5605]
N65146 Procurement Branch, OP-09B31

7E Office of the Chief of Naval Operations

Support Activity

Washington, DC 20350
N65198 Naval Administrative Unit

3H 550 First Street

Idaho Falls, ID 83401

N65236 Naval Electronic Systems Engineering Center

V7 4600 Goer Road

North Charleston, SC 29406


Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center

PO Box 190022

North Charleston, SC 29419-9022]
N65256 Navy Office of Information, East

(MAJ00012) 133 East 58th Street, 1st Floor

V8C New York, NY 10022
N65428 Commanding Officer

(MAJ00018) Naval Hospital (Roosevelt Roads, PR)

MDP [PSC 1008, Box 3007]

FPO AA[, PR] 34051-8100

N65440 Officer in Charge

4V Navy Exchange


(Exmouth, Australia)

FPO AP 96550
N65491 Naval Hospital

(MAJ00018) (Subic Bay, Philippines)

J5P FPO AP 96452-1600
N65492 Commanding Officer

(MAJ00018) Naval Hospital

MCA Fiscal & Supply Service, Code 32C

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