Part 3—navy activity address numbers

Philadelphia, PA 19112-5006

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Philadelphia, PA 19112-5006

[N0608A Commanding Officer

National Naval Regional Dental Center

8901 Wisconsin Avenue, Building 2

Bethesda, MD 20889-5602]
N0610A Commanding Officer

(MAJ00062) Naval Diving and Salvage Training Center

L98 350 South Crag Road

Panama City, FL 32407-7016

N0618A [Commanding Officer]

(MAJ00062) School of Music

8AE Naval Amphibious Base, Little Creek

[1420 Gator Boulevard]

Norfolk, VA 23521-5240[2617]

N0619A Naval Health Sciences Education & Training

8E Command


Bethesda, MD 20814

[N0622A Commanding Officer

Naval School of Health Sciences

8901 Wisconsin Avenue, Building 141

Bethesda, MD 20889-5611]
N0708A Naval Warfare Engineering Activity

(MAJ00024) Port Hueneme Division

U0A-B Naval Surface Warfare Center

[PO Box 10]

Yorktown, VA 23961-5076 [23691-0010]

N08939 Navy Section, US Military Group (Caracas, Venezuela)

Department of State

Washington, DC 20521
[N09158 Commander

Reserve Patrol Wing Atlantic

513 Park Crescent

Norfolk, VA 23511-4091]
N09534 Navy Section, US Military Group (Lima, Peru)

APO AA 34031

N09550 Commander Fleet Air Mediterranean (Naples, Italy)

4G FPO AE 09619
N30492 David W. Taylor Naval Ship Research and

(MAJ00039) Development Center Detachment Puget Sound

NSC Bremerton, WA 98324-5215
[N30530 Commanding Officer

(MAJ00023) Naval Air Reserve Center

2988 North Access Road

Columbus, OH 43217-1199]
N30776 Naval Air Station

4N Kingsville Auxiliary Landing Field Detachment

Orange Grove, TX 77630
N30779 Naval Auxiliary Landing Field

3Z Goliad, TX 77963

N30829 Officer[-]in[-]Charge

(MAJ00061) Naval Support Activity Naples Detachment (Gaeta, NL0-2 Italy)

[PSC 811, ADMIN]

FPO AE[, NA] 09609[-1001]

N30929 Commanding Officer

Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron (Blue Angels)

Naval Air Station

(Attn: Supply Officer)

[390 San Carlos Road, Suite A]

Pensacola, FL 32508[-5508]

[N31020 Commanding Officer

(MAJ00011) Naval Reserve Information Systems Office

LBP-Y 4400 Dauphine Street

New Orleans, LA 70146-0001]

N31149 Naval Sea Logistics Center Detachment

(MAJ00024) Philadelphia Naval Base

EHA-B Philadelphia, PA 19112-5061
[N31188 Commanding Officer

Naval Security Group Activity Sugar Grove

Building 324

Sugar Grove, WV 26815-5399]
N31699 Office of [the] Under Secretary of the Navy

(MAJ00012) [1000 Navy Penatgon, Room 4E732]

V8Z Washington, DC 20350-1000
N31863 Director, Naval Audit Service

Capital Region

PO Box 1206

Falls Church, VA 22041

N31954 Submarine Training Facility

(MAJ00062) [544 White Road]

R0X San Diego, CA 92106[-3550]

[N31980 Commander

(MAJ00033) Military Sealift Command

140 Sylvester Road

San Diego, CA 92106-3521
N32205 Commander

(MAJ00033) Military Sealift Command

Contracts and Business Management West

140 Sylvester Road

San Diego, CA 92106-3521]
N32525 U.S. Naval Communication Station

8S Naples Detachment (Sigonella, Italy)

FPO AE 09627
[N32263 Officer-in-Charge-of-Construction

Mediterranean Contracts Office Naples

PSC 817, Box 100

FPO AE, NA 09622-0100
N32434 Commander

Fleet and Industrial Service Center (Yokosuka Det


Purchasing and Contracting Kadena

PSC 480

FPO AP, NA 96370-0006
N32515 Patrol Wing One

(MAJ00011) Detachment Kadena, Supply Department

VSF PSC 480, Box 055

FPO AP, NA 96370-0055]

N32778 [Commander]

(MAJ00070) Fleet Activities,

4LE Chinhae (Korea)

[PSC 479]

FPO AP[, NA] 96269-1100

N32832 Naval Aviation Logistics Center

7K European Repair and Rework

Activity Representative

(Alverca, Portugal)

APO AE 09642
N32960 [Commanding Officer]

K2 Navy Support Office, [Activity] La Maddalena (Sardinia Italy)

[PSC 816]

FPO AE[, NA] 09612[-0006]

N33137 Naval Intelligence Operations Group DET CTG 168.4

(MAJ00015) (Munich, Germany)

L0A-C APO AE 09108
[N33191 Commanding Officer

Engineering Field Activity Mediterranean

PSC 810, Box 51

FPO AE, NA 09622-0051]
N35316 Patrol Combatant Missile Squadron Two

(MAJ00060) Mobile Logistic Support Group

J0G Trumbo Point Annex

NAS Key West, FL 33040
[N35697 Director

Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education


6490 Saufley Field Road

Pensacola, FL 32509-5243]

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