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? 郑小坚,张雨青(2000),加强实验室软硬件建设,促进”211工程”重点建设学科发展。江西农业大学学报22 (6), 231.

Full Text:


? 赵纯善,冯冠平,邓春春1997),浅论高校学科群建设。研究与发展管理9 (5), 49.

Full Text: 1997\9, 49.pdf

Keywords:重点大学, “211工程”, 学科群


? Liang, L.M. (2012), Development of scientometrics and informetrics in mainland China and in Taiwan.图书情报工作, 56 (18), 5-12.

Full Text: 2012\56(18), 5-12.pdf

Abstract: Based on the papers published in Scientometrics, Journal of Informetrics (2003-2012), and in the proceedings of the conferences of International Society for Scientometrics and Informetrics (ISSI), this study compares the development of scientometrics and informetrics in Mainland China with that in Taiwan. The comparison includes four sections: publication analysis, citation analysis, collaboration study and contents exploration. The results show that during the observed period both Mainland China and Taiwan become more and more productive in international paper publication; the average citation per publication per year for Mainland China, however, is somewhat lower than the world average and the AR index is lower than Taiwan’s; research collaboration between Mainland China and Taiwan has produced some co-authored papers, though the collaboration only exists within a few scholars and organizations; both sides share some common study topics, and both have their own dominant topics: Mainland China’s scholars - measuring science, Taiwan’s - measuring technology. Some problems regarding the new development of scientometrics and informetrics in Mainland China and in Taiwan are suggested for further discussion.


? 王文凤(2003),2000年《图书馆》载文及作者统计分析。现代情报3, 169-171.

Full Text: 2003\3, 169-171.pdf

Keywords: Library, papers’ analysis, authors’ analysis, statistical analysis,

Abstract: Applying bibliometric Statistical methods to count and analysis the papers and authors deh’vered in Library in 2000, the characteristics of those papers and authors are expounded.

? 王素琴(2004),《图书馆杂志》与《图书馆工作与研究》的比较研究。现代情报1, 39-41.

Full Text: 2004\1, 39-41.pdf

Abstract: Applying bibliometric statistical methods to count and compare analysis the characteristics of Library Journal and Library Work and Study from four aspects including capacity and columns of two publications, author and citation of the ariticles.

Keywords: Citation Analysis, Library Journal, Library Work and Study

? 王素琴(2004),网络环境下信息资源研究论文的计量分析。现代情报9, 26-28.

Full Text: 2004\9, 26-28.pdf

Keywords: Networked Environment, Information Resources, Quantitative Analysis

Abstract: Applying bibliometric statistical methods, the paper counts up the papers on information resources in the networked environment delivered in 1999 to 2003, and makes a comparatively and integratedly analysis on the distribution of time, journals, the characteristics of thesis and the fund projects, and the regional distribution of the papers and their corresponding authors on the data base of CNKI.

? 王进常,闫芬(2005),《现代情报》载文被引分析。现代情报1, 54-57+60.

Full Text: 2005\1, 54-57+60.pdf

Keywords: Contemporary Information, Citation Analysis, Chinese Academic JournalsCD

Abstract: This paper is about citation analysis and statistics ofthat is cited by the Chinese Academic Journals (CD) in 2003, applying bibliometric statistical methords.The author analyze the citing periodicals, the time, the subjects, and the authors of cited papers.Then draw a conclusion that theis becoming one of the important information sources of studying science of library and information.

? 王进常,闫芬(2005),《图书馆工作与研究》20012003年载文及引文分析。现代情报2, 9-11.

Full Text: 2005\2, 9-11.pdf

Abstract: A bibliometric analysis was made for the citation of the Library Work and Study from 20012003 in order to bring to light the general citation rules in the journal.

Keywords: the Library Work and Study, Bibliometries, Citation Analysis

? 刘晓凤,钟萍,李轶(2005),2003年度《情报杂志》载文、作者及引文分析。现代情报2, 145-147.

Full Text: 2005\2, 145-147.pdf

Abstract: A statistical analysis of the 606 articles issued in Journal of Information in 2003 with the bibliometric methods is made.This article gives a count and analyses of the papers, authors and quotations, and reveals some of its specific properties in carrying articles and its current situation.

Keywords: Journal of Information, Papers Analysis, Authors Analysis, Quotations Analysis

? 王云娣(2005),我国OPAC文献的计量分析研究。现代情报5, 8-11.

Full Text: 2005\5, 8-11.pdf

Abstract: This paper is quantitatively analyzed in the growth condition, the periodicals, the subjects and the authors distribution condition of the OPAC literature in our country by using bibliometric analysis. The study explores the characteristics of the OPAC literature in our country. According to the problems existing, puts forward some suggestions.

Keywords: Online Public Access Catalog, OPAC, WebPAC, Bibliometric

? 屈健民(2006),国内网络参考咨询研究(19982005)的文献计量学分析。现代情报3, 140-143.

Full Text: 2006\3, 140-143.pdf

Abstract: Applying bibliometric statistical methods, the paper counts up the treatises on network reference service in 19982005 from CNKI and makes a metrology analysis on the numbers, times, organizations, areas, journals, and the characteristics of thesis.

Keywords: Network, Digital, Virtual, Network Service for Reference, Bibliometrics

? 王伟,范静(2006),光盘数据库统计分析软件(CDSAS)的研制与应用。现代情报8, 114-117.

Full Text: 2006\8, 114-117.pdf

Abstract: the CD-ROM Database Statistical Analysis System (CDSAS) is a software of computer aided bibliometric analysis.It is designed for the format of the copy files from CD-ROM databases.It can realize the format conversion of the copy files from CD-ROM databases, create the special subject database, which can be recognized and processed by Visual FoxPro. Using CDSAS, several fields in the copy files can be processed and sorted according to the demands of bibliometric research. It has been used in the researc...

Keywords: CD-ROM Database, Software, Statistical Analysis, Development and Application

? 黄秋梨(2007),近5年我国信息资源共享研究论文计量分析。现代情报5, 92-96.

Full Text: 2007\5, 92-96.pdf

Abstract: In the hope of providing certain reference and the model for the following researches on information resources sharing in China,this paper makes a statistical analysis of the articles relating to information resources sharing and issued from 2001 to 2005 in China by using the method of bibliometrics, including time distribution,origin periodical,author distribution,and content distribution.

Keywords: Information Resources Sharing, Bibliometric, China

? 胡俊荣,翁佩萱,崔宗熹(2007),中国高等师范院校产出科技论文的计量分析。现代情报5, 158-163.

Full Text: 2007\5, 158-163.pdf

Abstract: Based on the network database of by ISI Web of Science and 15122 sci-tech papers belonging to China’s Normal Colleges and Universities during 2000-2005 which are recorded in SCI database, the current status and trend of sci-tech paper’s output of China’s normal colleges and universities from seven aspects, including the time, organization, subject author, language distribution, periodical distribution and cited situation.

Keywords: Science Citation Index (SCI), China’s Normal Colleges and Universities, Sci-Tech papers, Bibliometric

? 黄成(2007),关于开放存取出版文献的计量分析。现代情报1, 169-171.

Full Text: 2007\1, 169-171.pdf

Abstract: Analyzing the number of publications of a certain subject can help us understand the level and direction of the research on this subject. Started from 1990s, Open Access (OA), whose research needs to be perfect, is still at the trial-and-error phase. This paper, therefore, analyzes the thesis, citations, authors, and core journals, as well as the subjects in the filed of OA with a view to objectively true reflection of China Open Access Publishing research situation. It wishes to grasp the development tendency of OA so ...

Keywords: Open Access, Bibliometric Analysis

? Jin, B.H. and Rousseau, R. (2007), China’s Quantitative Expansion Phase Exponential Growth but Low Impact. Retrieved March 12, 2007,

Full Text: 2007\Jin-2007.pdf

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