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Title: PICMET 2010: Technology Management for Global Economic Growth

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Title: PICMET 2010: Technology Management for Global Economic Growth

Full Journal Title: PICMET 2010: Technology Management for Global Economic Growth

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? Su, H.N. and Lee, P.C. (2010), Network perspective of science and technology policy research community in Taiwan. PICMET 2010: Technology Management for Global Economic Growth, 1-11.

Full Text: 2010\Tec Man Glo Eco Gro, 1-11.pdf

Abstract: This study proposes a way of mapping Sci-Tech policy research community by quantitatively analyzing Sci-Tech policy research projects funded by Taiwan government in recent thirty years. Taiwans Sci-Tech policy rsearch networks composed by research community and knowledge distribution are quantitatively investigated by the use of network theory and Taiwans Sci-Tech policy research map is created to obtain the purpose of two-dimensional visualization. The 3-dimensional networks and two-dimensional knowledge maps on the basis of the Taiwans Sci-Tech policy research projects can be depicted differently by choosing different information as network actor, e.g. institute, project investigator or keyword, to reflect Sci-Tech policy research structures in micro, meso, and macro-levels, respectively. Sci-Tech policy research projects are retrieved from GRB (Government Research Bulletin) database which archives research projects sponsored by Taiwan government. A total of 143 projects are retrieved in this study, most of research projects (59%) belong to the field of management, economics, and other (social). It can be observed that more Sci-Tech policy research projects in the field of technology management have been funded, and also the coverage of fields has been increased since 2000. This indicates not only the emergence but also the interdisciplinary phenomenon of Sci-Tech policy research in Taiwan.

Keywords: Bibliometric Analysis, Cartography, Co-Word Analysis, Community, Coverage, Database, Database Tomography, Directions, Discovery Lrd, Distribution, Economics, Field, Information, Infrastructure, Interdisciplinary, Knowledge, Management, Mapping, Network, Networks, Parkinsons-Disease, Policy, Potential Treatments, Purpose, Recent, Research, Science, Scientometrics, Social, Taiwan, Technology, Technology Management, Theory, Visualization

? Chen, J.K.C., Ho, Y.S., Wang, M.H. and Chen, Y.Y. (2010), Evaluation innovation research performance and trend of the worldwide. PICMET 2010: Technology Management for Global Economic Growth, 1-13.

Full Text: 2010\Tec Man Glo Eco Gro, 1.pdf

Abstract: Innovation is one of the most important fields in research and development of new knowledge or service today, making research innovation trend is an important issue. This study evaluates the worldwide innovation development trend of research for the past sixteen years and provides insights into the characteristics of innovation research activities to identify an innovation development map, tendencies, or regularities that may exist in papers. Data are based on the online version of SSCI, Web of Science from 1993 to 2008. Articles referring to innovation were assessed according to many aspects including exponentially fitting publication outputs during 2002-2008, distribution of source title, author keywords, and keyword plus analysis. The exponential fitting of the yearly publications of the last decade can also calculate that, in 2014, the number of scientific papers on innovation will be twice the number of publications in 2008. Synthetically analyzing four kinds of keywords, this work analysis concludes that innovation application relates to issues based on knowledge, technology, R&D and entrepreneurship. The result displays that the USA is number one in innovation research totaling 6,317 papers, followed by UK totaling 2,354 papers. Other leading countries in innovation research include Canada, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Australia and Italy.

Keywords: Organizational Knowledge Creation, Information-Technology, Absorptive-Capacity, Corporate Entrepreneurship, Development Spillovers, Bibliometric Analysis, Strategic Alliances, Product Development, Joint Ventures, Industry

? Wu, F.S., Shiu, C.C., Lee, P.C. and Su, H.N. (2010), Integrated methodologies for mapping and forecasting science and technology trends: A case of etching technology. PICMET 2010: Technology Management for Global Economic Growth, 1-23.

Full Text: 2010\Tec Man Glo Eco Gro, 1-23.pdf

Abstract: This study proposes an integrated trend analysis methodology by applying bibliometric analysis and text mining on both scientific paper and patent database. The bibliometric analysis is investigated in four different dimensions: publication growth, country/region, organization, classification. However, the text mining is obtained by keyword analysis for different time periods and research field maps. The integrated method is applied on etching technology which is a material processing technology particularly important for semiconductor industry.

On the basis of the results obtained in the practice of etching technology, six different relations among the proposed two publication database (paper and patent) and two conventional trend forecasting method (bibliometrics and text-mining) are systematically analyzed as a framework for depicting a desirable Sci-Tech trend analysis model: Bibliometric analysis should be investigated first, and then text-mining is subsequently applied to discover important research topics of selected fields. The importance of paper and patent should be equally treated for obtaining a complete result taking into both theory and practice into consideration.

Keywords: Discovery Lrd, Potential Treatments, Database Tomography, Patent Analysis, Infrastructure, Bibliometrics, Indicators, Chinese

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