Photonics Integrated Circuits Value Chain

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Microsoft is a technology company developing, manufacturing, licensing, supporting as well as selling a broad range of software and services. Microsoft is primarily known for its line of operating systems (Microsoft Windows), office suite (Microsoft Office) and website browser (Internet Explorer). Microsoft Office has been used by enterprises in developing Web 2.0 ideas and technologies to create high-value, user-driven applications for the Internet and intranet. Its .NET Framework, which runs mainly through Windows, is also used by developers in Web 2.0 applications. Founded in 1975, the company has grown to become the biggest software company in the world.

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is engaging in several research activities in the area of photonics. The Electronic Materials Research Group at MIT (EMAT) actively explores silicon-based microphotonics with focus on materials processing and device engineering for the creation of micron and sub-micron scale device elements for vertical integration with circuit systems. The Quantum Photonics Group of MIT, on the other hand, develops quantum technologies in scalable semiconductor systems. MIT's Integrated Photonics Devices and Materials Research Group creates and develops advanced and future technologies utilizing photons through its NanoPrecision Deposition Laboratory. MIT also has the Microphotonics Center (MPhC), a research community dedicated to optimizing interdisciplinary academic and industrial collaboration to advance basic science and pre-competitive technology in areas relevant to applied microphotonics.
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Molex is an electronic components and solutions provider. Molex focuses on designing, developing and distributing solutions that serves engineers and product designers involved in a wide range of industries, such as, aerospace and defense, automotive, alternative energy source, consumer/home appliance, commercial vehicle, data/computing, industrial automation, industrial electrical, medical, scientific, smart phones and mobile devices, solid state lighting, and telecommunications/networking. The portfolio of Molex is one of the most comprehensive in the world with over 100,000 reliable products from electronic, electrical and fiber optic interconnects to switches and application tooling.
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Multiphoton Optics develops high-tech 3D lithography equipment for manufacturing of optical packages. The newly available 3D lithography process allows the integration of optical wire bonds at the locations required by the components, with the required precision and repeatability. The company supplies a process that automates high-precision optoelectronics assembly and allows interconnecting optical components, Silicon or III/V Photonic chips, and the creation of novel optical component packages. The technology allows scaling optical packaging operations to large volumes as it is compatible with standard assembly processes known from electronics manufacturing. Target markets include hardware for Big Data computing and storage systems as well as optical transport infrastructure.
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Nanofoot Finland, founded in 2006, has gained a deep experience on laser technology and photonics by working with Tampere University of Technology, Optoelectronics Research Centre, Finland. Nanofoot Finland designs and manufactures testing, characterization and quality control systems for Laser Diode/ LED manufacturing industry. The company develops systems ranging from low power single chip testers to high power automated bar or bar stack measurements systems, complemented with VISual Inspection, Far Field, Near Field, Smile, Facet, LIV, Spectrum, Burn-in and lifetime testers.

nanosystec offers customized systems for high-precision micro assembly and micro production technology. nanosystec understands its collaboration with customers as a long lasting relationship. Its main goal is to provide systems which perform exactly as it is required by their customers. When customers achieve a new level of technology and productivity with nanosystec’s systems and processes, the company feels satisfied with their job. All key functions of nanosystec’s systems are developed in house, including the process programming as well as the electrical and mechanical design. Their process engineers and qualified mechanical and electrical technicians form a team to provide clients with excellent support.

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Newport is a leading supplier of advanced technology products and solution. Since its creation in 1969, Newport has delivered products for a broad range of fields, such as, lasers, photonics instrumentation, sub-micron positioning systems, vibration isolation, optical components and subsystems and precision automation to enhance the capabilities and productivity of its customers' manufacturing, engineering and research applications. The primary industries Newport products serve are research, life & health sciences, aerospace & defense, industrial manufacturing, microelectronics, and photovoltaics. Among the leading brands manufactured by Newport are Corion®, New Focus™, Oriel® Instruments, Richardson Gratings™ and Spectra-Physics®. Newport maintains presence worldwide and has manufacturing facilities in the US, China, France, Germany and the United Kingdom.
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NXP Semiconductors is a semiconductor company based in the Netherlands. NXP's focus include High Performance Mixed Signal: Automotive, Identification, Infrastructure & Industrial, Portable & Computing and Standard Products. Among its customers are 10 of the biggest OEM companies (Apple, Bosch, Continental,Delphi, Gemalto, Giesecke & Devrient, Huawei, Nokia, Siemens Network, Samsung and ZTE). The company has locations worldwide where it performs research and development activities. Its manufacturing functions are mainly carried out in facilities located in Europe and Asia.

Oclaro is one of the largest providers of lasers and optical components, modules and subsystems for the optical communications, industrial, and consumer laser markets. The company is a global leader dedicated to photonics innovation, with cutting-edge research and development and chip fabrication facilities in the U.S., U.K., Italy, Switzerland, Israel, Korea and Japan. It has in-house and contract manufacturing sites in China, Malaysia and Thailand, with design, sales and service organizations in most of the major regions around the world.
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Optocap provides contract package design and assembly services for microelectronic and optoelectronic devices. The turn-key packaging services of Optocap is vital in helping customers reduce costs of development and manufacturing, quicken the time to market as well as minimize the risk associated with new product developments. Their expertise in packaging solutions spans the full product life-cycle: from design through prototyping, process optimisation, product qualification, failure analysis, volume manufacturing and transfer to low-cost volume manufacture. Optocap product applications include laser diode packaging, RF module packaging, optoelectronic packaging, system in package, flip chip assembly, microelectronic packaging, MEMS packaging, LED packaging, CPV concentrator photovoltaic packaging, chip on board assembly, and harsh environment packaging.
The Southampton’s Optoelectronics Research Center is a world leading research organisation with roots going back to the invention of the optical fibre in the 1960's. Many of the major developments in today’s global technology were pioneered by our researchers including the optical fibres and amplifiers that power the internet and the fibre laser which is used for a variety of applications ranging from manufacturing to defence. Led by leading figures in photonics, our vibrant research community is a constant hive of activity with over 170 staff and students working on cutting-edge research to provide innovative solutions for real life problems in health care, manufacturing, communication, technology, defence, renewable energy and the environment.
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Optoscribe is a supplier of trusted, high performance 3D waveguide solutions. The company was formed in 2010 as a spin-off from School of Engineering and Physical Sciences at Heriot Watt University. Optoscribe provides a wide range of products designed to dramatically increase the amount of data transferred across networks, whilst minimizing network costs and maximizing cable performance. Assembled through industry standard fiber-waveguide alignment processes, the products of Optoscribe gives reliable low-loss connections which are specified to operate in telecoms environments and can be integrated into hybrid assemblies containing a host of photonic components, including photonic integrated circuits (PICs).
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Optowaves manufactures and supplies passive fiber optic components and modules for the optical fiber-based industry, in both communications and medical applications. Optowaves' strict testing standards ensures delivery of the most sophisticated and reliable fiber optic components to our clients in a timely and cost-effective manner - whether they are single mode, multimode, or made from customer-supplied design. Optowaves' products include attenuators, circulators, couplers, CWDM/DWDM, FTTH, HWDM, isolator, OADM, single-mode WDM, and test equipment.
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Oxford Instruments is a manufacturer and designer of high technology tools and systems for research and industry. The company is the first spin-off from Oxford University. Its equipment are designed to fabricate, analyse and manipulate matter at the atomic and molecular level. Oxford Instruments' tools and systems include analysers, atomic force microscopy, coating thickness measurement, cryogenic systems, CT & MRI systems, maintenance and parts, electron spectroscopy, microanalysis systems, nanomanipulation and nanofabrication, plasma, ALD and ion beam, scanning probe microscopy and more. The products of Oxford Instruments are used in a broad spectrum of industries and applications, such as, electronics, information and communication technology, nanotechnology, semiconductors, research and academia and more.
PETRA is an Incorporated Technology Research Association, established on August 24, 2009. The organization is approved by METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) under Japanese Act on an Incorporated Research and Development Partnership. PETRA carries on National Research and Developments Projects on leading-edge “Photonics and Electronics Converged Devices and Systems” in Information and Communication Technology area, where photonics technology and electronics technology are mutually incorporated.
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PhoeniX Software is an independent high-tech company headquartered in Enschede: the Netherlands developing, supplying and supporting world class software solutions for micro and nano technology corporations and institutes. Based on a history going back to 1991, PhoeniX Software is offering a unique fully integrated mask layout, process flow design and simulation environment and the only dedicated Manufacturing Execution System and Technology Knowledge Base for the industry. Furthermore PhoeniX Software is supporting Multi Project Wafer runs at various foundries with process design kits for InP, TriPleX, silicon photonics and microfluidics. Today, customers worldwide benefit from PhoeniX Software’s solutions and services to enhance research, improve quality and reduce time to market. Every single member of the PhoeniX Software team is dedicated and driven to create innovative software solutions based on customer needs and wants.
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Photon Design provides professional quality software to the photonics industry. Its range of photonics tools cover active and passive components design as well as photonic circuit design. Photon Design solutions are used by a wide number of telecoms companies and laboratories around the world in developing next-generation telecoms components. Photon Design is also experienced in modelling and is capable of developing custom solutions. From modelling of laser diodes and photonic integrated circuits (PIC) to rigorous Maxwell equation solvers for the simulation of optical components, Photon Design tools can provide innovative solutions.
Physik Instrumente (PI) is a leader in nanopositioning products and systems. PI positioning systems are of essential application in industry and research, including semiconductor manufacturing, medical engineering, biotechnology, plant engineering, surface metrology, and automation technology. PI has 10 subsidiaries and a worldwide presence. Its design and manufacturing activities are performed in three continents.
PI miCos was founded in 1990 and has been part of the PI (Physik Instrumente) Group since 2011. It develops and produces positioning units with up to 6 motion axes for applications that require high precision down to the nanometer range. In addition, PI miCos designs complete systems by integrating precision axes in other system components, such as machine vision or pick-and-place robots and by combining them with an application-specific software. Optical metrology or Photonics Packaging are possible application areas of these motion control components and integrated systems which are used for producing components for telecommunications or high-speed data transfer. Especially for the production of Silicon Photonics devices, PI miCos develops production and test machines for fully automated processes.
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SABIC (Saudi Basic Industries Corporation) is among the biggest petrochemicals company in the world and is a leading manufacturer of chemicals. SABIC's performance chemicals are used in a variety of applications, including in the electronics industry. SABIC offers engineered plastics for the semicon/electrical segment, such as, highly heat-resistant imidized and semi-crystalline products; flame retardant materials; and static dissipative grades. Primarily based in Saudi Arabia, SABIC also maintains manufacturing, sales and technology and innovation activities throughout the Middle East, Africa, Asia, America and Europe.
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Samtec is an electronic interconnector manufacturer. Among Samtec's line of products are electronic interconnect solution blocks, including IC-to-Board/Ultra Micro, High Speed Board-to-Board, High Speed Cables, Future-Proof/Active Optics, Flexible Stacking, and Micro/Rugged components and cables. Samtec is also active in developing innovative interconnect solutions through its Technology Centers. Samtec's headquarters is in New, Albany, Indiana, USA, but it also has locations in 18 countries worldwide.
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SATRAX is to become the market leader in true-time-delay-based electronic beam-steering antenna systems (no mechanically moving parts) in the market for real-time broadband SatCom applications for high-speed vehicles. With 2 demonstrator products tested and qualified, SATRAX is ready to enter the SatCom market for 10-12 GHz, Ku-band, applications. SATRAX's product improvements and further technology development will expand communication applications in the aerospace and avionics industry. Further mobile applications will include high-speed public transport and military or civil operations in areas with poor infrastructure.
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SENTECH Instruments is a developer, manufacturer, and seller of advanced quality instrumentation for Plasma Process Technology, Thin Film Measurement and Photovoltaics. Its plasma etching and deposition applications include RIE Etching, PECVD Deposition and Atomic Layer Deposition. Thin film measurement solutions provided by SENTECH include Spectroscopic ellipsometer, laser ellipsometer and reflectometer. SENTECH is also active in R&D and innovation projects with various universities, institutes and companies.

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SET (Smart Equipment Technology) is a leader in supplying high accuracy Die-to-Die and Die-to-Wafer bonders. Based in France, SET is a pioneer in the development of flip chip bonders for infrared sensors and optoelectronics applications. Main applications of SET's products are device bonding, nanoimprinting lithography, and direct metallic bonding. SET has installed a base of more than 300 Device Bonders worldwide and has been hailed for superior sub-micron post-bonding accuracy and the flexibility of its systems.
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Skorpios Technologies provides highly integrated communications products based on their proprietary, wafer-scale, silicon photonics process. Skorpios designs, develops and manufactures integrated optical modules and subsystems in support of the entire opto-electronic communications ecosystem. The technology offered by Skorpios permits generation, detection and modulation of light to be monolithically integrated with high-speed electronic circuits in a standard CMOS-compatible process known as Composite-Semiconductor on Insulator (C-SOI) and is fully supported within existing standard CMOS foundry processes. Among the applications which Skorpios' platform can be applied are high-speed video, data and voice communications for networking and cloud computing, storage, wireless and cable TV.

SMART Photonics, located in Eindhoven The Netherlands, offers its customers an expert team with a proven track record in III-V R&D and production. SMART Photonics help customers to become successful with their products. The company offers customers their knowledge, experience and the environment to change their ideas into concepts and – in a minimum of time – create from those concepts released products for manufacturing. SMART Photonics provide those III-V foundry services in a dedicated state-of-the-art III-V ecosystem.

Soitec generates and manufactures revolutionary semiconductor materials for electronic and energy industries. Soitec is developing and manufacturing SOI: Silicon-on-Insulator materials, advanced substrates for microelectronic and CPV power plant for high irradiance countries. Soitec is an international company, with R&D and industrial manufacturing activities in France, Germany, Singapore, and the United States with headquarters in Bernin, near Grenoble, France.
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