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Eros in the Signs of the Zodiac

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Eros in the Signs of the Zodiac

The asteroids or ‘minor planets’ are by no means minor in their power of expression.29

--Demetra George & Douglas Bloch
The planets by sign describes HOW they will orient themselves in the chart. It is the costume they wear, the approach they take, the way they express. It also gives an indication of which other archetypal figures they will like to keep in their company. This holds true for all the planets, including the asteroid Eros.

For example, Eros in a fire sign might be friends with the exuberant Jupiter in Leo but have discomfort with the sometimes cautious and testy Mercury in Cancer. In the element of earth, he might associate easily with the voluptuous Moon in Taurus, yet clash with the sometimes inaccessibly aloof Sun in Aquarius.

Sometimes planets with natural affinity find themselves estranges as when Venus is in Pisces, Eros in Sagittarius and Moon in Virgo. Then it seems we are at internal odds and unable get what we want without some part of ourselves giving up a vital need.

By studying the placements of Eros by sign, we can better integrate the diverse needs and drives of this body. In an archetypal sense, the signs have a distinct way of relating to both inner and outer experiences and acknowledging those distinctions is a step towards becoming more complete.

Richard Idemon30 offered the astrological community great insight in his lectures on the orientation of the signs. When speaking about the various approach or attitude the signs exhibit towards a given goal or function, Idemon shared his keen perceptions into the deeper nature of the zodiac. This orientation through the archetypes of the signs also helps interpret how planets operate in synastry, progression, composite, transit and progression.

The following delineations of Eros provide an easy reference for quick overviews and initial understanding. (This represents the first few paragraph of each deliniation from my book, Planets and Passion: The Astrology of Eros)

Eros in Aries
Eros' forms are many and sometimes terrible, and in full strength he comes to us winged and gleaming and muscled like an athlete, with a fury and will that overpower our own and drive us before him as would a storm. 31

--Peter Marin
Eros in Aries says, “Play with me, right here and right now!” In this sign, Eros wants action, competition, confrontation and of course, he wants to win! Eros in Aries can make a game of love complete with points to score and visiting teams to defeat! The more impossible the relationship, the more ardent he becomes.

As the first of the FIRE signs, he spends and consumes tremendous amounts of energy in the pursuit and capture of his quarry. All this fiery rabidity makes Eros in Aries a very active and perpetually busy lover. Eros here, whether in the chart of a male or female, can exhibit traditional romantic behavior not unlike a knight of old. He is robust, gallant and ever dashing off to slay dragons or rescue damsels, or helpless men, in distress.

Eros in Taurus
This way, my love, this way, come here and haste to rest the whole night in my arms. I worship your lovely curly hair; I am consumed with ardent desire. Oh! Eros, in thy mercy, compel him to my bed. 32


Eros in Taurus says “Hold me, touch me, kiss me, take me.” Here Eros

has little interest in the aggressive ardency of Aries. Taurus is not responsive to getting up at 6 a.m. to do fifty laps at the pool and he would rather not have to compete with anyone to get what he wants. Eros has a different orientation in this sign, namely, an orientation towards pleasure. That means pure and natural, undiluted personal and sensual gratification.

This pleasure-seeking eye of the bull is ever on the niceties of sensuality whether they be in the dinning room, on the massage table or in a king size bed. He finds joy in tangible pursuits that revolve around making the body feel good as well as the pleasure of acquisition. Taurus can also become ferociously possessive of those pleasures in an extremely dogmatic way.

Eros in Gemini
and the most beautiful words ever spoken, I have not yet said to you.
--Nazim Hikmet

Eros in Gemini says, “If you want me, talk to me!” Here Eros thrives on the interaction of ideas, and the intellectual stimulation found in sharing observations, data and little understood facts. He likes it known how well he comprehends a subject and how much he could teach about it. Eros in Gemini wants to hear the words, or receive little cards with messages of love, much more than he wants to get a box of chocolates or even a massage!

Gemini governs the realm of the mind, the known universe, its facts and fancies. When Eros dresses in this outfit, he seeks intimacy first through intellectual rapport and that usually means talking. The mere act of communication can stimulate this position of Eros into desires for deeper intimacy and union, provided one listens to the discourse. The beloved’s inattention to detail or loss of concentration on the subject kills a genuine pursuit faster here than in any other sign.

Curiosity about how things work, why people behave in a certain way, or where some tradition began all contribute to the stimulating mental atmosphere where Eros in Gemini likes to live. He uses knowledge as a lure, his mind as bait and his wit as reward. He also uses these intellectual instruments as a bastion against the pain and suffering of the emotional world.

The first of the AIR signs, Eros in Gemini has a sense of mental objectivity and a distinct need for space. Although drawn irrefutably to the depths of intimacy by the nature of Eros itself, in this sign he may at times do more talking or reading about emotional closeness than going out and experiencing it.
Eros in Cancer
A mean young man meets a witch, who says she will be his lover forever if he brings her the heart of his mother. He runs home, kills his mother and cuts out her heart.

As he is running back through the forest, he trips and falls, dropping the heart. In a concerned tone, the heart says to him, "Son, did you hurt yourself?”

--Old Jewish Parable
Eros in Cancer says, “share your joy and pain with me”. In this sign, Eros experiences a certain measure of affinity and ease. Here the boundaries can dissolve into a space of intimate rapport where the feelings, emotions, fears, pains and sorrows of two people merge and mingle into one. In cancer, Eros does not hesitate at the threshold of erotic intimacy. Once inside, he simply never wants to leave.

Eros in Cancer longs to be wanted and he craves the significant other’s attention and deep need for attachment. Nurturing, sustaining and mothering all arise with this archetype creating a potent link that can enhance life as well as strangle it to death. It is the image of the umbilical cord that offers succor but may also become toxic if it is not severed at the necessary time.

Eros in Leo
Call me a she-lion, then, if you like and Scylla, dweller on the Tuscan cliff. For I have touched your heart in the vital spot.33


Eros in Leo says, “watch me, follow me, worship me”. The operant word in this phrase is me. Eros in Leo is similar to his fiery counterpart Aries in the desire for action although here Leo’s need diverges in its tremendous longing for attention and adoration. Where Aries likes a playmate and wants, of course, to be first, Leo needs the devotional attention and unfailing love of those who touch his life. Unfortunately, this is often just what he feels is missing.

Eros in this position has a strong desire to feel special, unique and distinctive. The second of the FIRE signs, Eros in Leo requires energy and returns it in playful abundance as well. He dazzles in the spot-light of admiration and gives priority to the creative, artistic side of life.
Eros in Virgo can I find a path towards my soul's real nature that begins right here where I am shipwrecked, rather than in pious hopes for a perfect life? 34

--Harriet Eisman
Eros in Virgo says, “hold me, touch me, buy me things, and explain to me why you are doing it.” This second of the EARTH signs has all the tangible desires of Taurus with the added propensity to analyze intentions and rate them on a scale of one to ten. These discriminating qualities of Virgo can come to the fore with a check list approach to romantic love.

Virgo has tremendous perceptions and is not a sign to hesitate using them on the beloved. Sometimes this can equate with judgements and criticism, real wet blankets for erotic experiences. This perceptiveness can also turn inward were it manifests as a self-criticism, an equally damaging trait. An inclination to carry out a running commentary on the attributes and failings of any given moment may mingle with passion like oil and water.

Eros in Virgo does have a very lusty and luscious desire nature that shares an affinity with epithemia. The material elements of life appraise high on the scale of importance and that means physical contact, physical nurturing and physical pleasure. They can abide a great deal of touching, tasting and sensing too. Eros here is not afraid to get close and stay close, if the special other turns out to be good enough.
Eros in Libra

Eros, god of love, distilling liquid desire down upon the eyes, bringing sweet pleasure to the souls of those against whom you make war, never to me may you show yourself to my hurt nor ever come but in due measure and harmony. 35
Eros in Libra says, “share the elegant beauty of life with me!” This Eros wants above all to participate with a significant other in many splendid activities. Libra is the sign of personal one-to-one relationships and Eros here has all the longings for the excellence and refinement that exemplify Libra. In this position, life needs to unfold pleasantly and in the company of a beloved other.

Being the second of the AIR signs, Eros in Libra has the ability to objectify life, and enjoys the communication of ideas. Talking , interpreting, counseling and the giving and receiving of feedback all rate high on the list of Libra’s good times. This is a refined position for Eros, a sign that inherently honors the social niceties of the times and enjoys the sophistication of good manners and pleasant exchange. Unless, of course, they are flipping into their antagonistic side. Then, from Libra erupts the disputing debater or Devil’s advocate par excellent!

Eros in Scorpio
Come to me, and I shall be the sun round which you are locked in orbit,

and my rays shall lay bare the secrets you keep from each other, and I,

who possess charms and powers of which you have no inkling, shall

control and possess and destroy you!" 36

-- Anne Rice The Vampire Armand
Eros in Scorpio says, “merge with me in the searing furnace of the souls so that together we may be transformed.” Eros in Scorpio speaks bluntly. His desires are potent, ardent and fixed and often involve a great deal of intense intimacy that can make the light-hearted falter. Eros in this sign is interested in a very personal and erotic form of relating that has no qualms about ripping off the surface scab of social superficiality to expose the true nature of ones soul beneath. They generally don not hold back.

Eros here seeks, often through intense and possibly taboo sexual experiences, the gift of merging, union and transformation. This is the break on through to the other side that Jim Morrison echoed. He invites you to the threshold and if you enter, there is no turning back. You will transform or perish, or both.

Eros here may be in the sign of his greatest affinity. The second WATER sign, Scorpio relates well to the powerful hungers exhibited by Eros and there is little to modify or temper. Scorpio is not afraid to get too close. He does not shun intimacy, physical or otherwise. He is not nervous about bodily functions, losing his freedom, sharing his emotions or surrendering his mind. He just plain is not nervous or afraid of much, except maybe losing control.
Eros in Sagittarius
Imagine, if you can, silver leaves waving above a pool of gold filled with singing fishes. Twin moons in an alien sky. If you like, I'll show them to you and they will be, I promise you, the dullest part of the journey. Come with me and I will show you sights that you have never dreamed of. Or stay behind, and regret it until your dying day...

--William Hartnell as Doctor Who

Eros in Sagittarius says, “expand my horizons and explore the unknown with me!” This placement of Eros needs widespread goals for the future and the space, energy and enthusiasm to live them out. Spontaneous, exuberant, adventurous and fickle, Eros here prefers a lively and challenging experience with the beloved, one that will take him to the limitless corners of the universe. If someone is going to be with Eros in Sagittarius, they best get ready to soar.

This third FIRE sign has enormous sexual energy and will become bored if the relationship does not develop into broader and richer potentials, or offer new horizons. Travel is his watchword and that does not necessarily mean physically jumping on a plane and heading for a distant culture. The travel Sagittarius has in mind involves the exploration of any previously unknown realm. This includes symbolic journeys through intellectual concepts, philosophical ideas, spiritual beliefs and artistic creations.
Eros in Capricorn
Do you see how unclothed Love smiles and looks so gentle? He has no torches, nor bows which he could bend. But in one of his hands he bears flowers, in the other a fish. That's to say he sets the law on land and sea.37


Eros in Capricorn says, “touch me, buy me things, and balance the books if you think you are qualified”. This position of Eros has powerful concepts about what is good and what is good enough. There is a need for competence and capability that the earthy sign of Taurus would never consider important. Eros in Capricorn is looking for a type of tangible perfection in the other or failing that, a certificate of completion at least.

Capricorn may sublimate its earthy and very ardent desires for sensual contact and intimacy through the ever-present demands of work. Productivity, attainment, and a feeling of self-sufficiency are vital qualities for Capricorn and they like to see them in the partner as well as themselves.

The third of the EARTH signs, Eros in Capricorn has a powerful need to connect in a physical sense and may also have equally powerful reservations, fears and objections to intimacy. Caution is the watchword. This sign is acknowledged as one of the most difficult to get to know. They do not open up easily and they may not stay open long.

The paradox is that Capricorn is extremely sensual and sexual in a very earthy, potent, Pan-like way. Its symbol is half goat after all and the implication of fertility and sexuality imbibe the image. They have all the desires of Taurus lounging side by side with their deep well of fear.
Eros in Aquarius
I have never seen nor heard your name without a shiver half of delight, half of anxiety….

--Edgar Allan Poe

Eros in Aquarius says, “surprise me, shock me, amazement me!” This position of Eros carries a high voltage charge with stimulating encounters that need a lot of air space to conduct electromagnetic charms. Eros in Aquarius desires the weird, the wonderful and the unusual. He thrives on the unexpected and luxuriates in situations that make the more traditional signs squirm with embarrassment.

Eros in the sign of the Water Bearer has a disposition bordering on the bizarre. He crosses boundaries as if they did not exist and skips the lines of gender and protocol like a child playing hop-scotch. If it is unusual and invigorating, he is probably interested.

The third of the AIR signs, Eros in Aquarius gets bored with routine and needs intriguing conversation and somewhat unconventional themes to keep his interest aroused. He also needs a lot of freedom.
Eros in Pisces
Held fast in a faience of sea changes

While waves queue offshore in glittering strings;

Till love’s continuum rearranges,

The persevering sea harbors all things.38

--E.F. Mosher

Eros in Pisces says, “merge into the depths with me”! Here Eros wants to lose all sense of where his being ends and another begins. Eros in Pisces desires a return to paradise, a drink from the Holy Grail and union with the divine. He is willing to give up his own identity, allowing it to melt and merge with the beloved until they are no longer distinct but part of a greater whole. This is the state of the mystic and the universe of the quantum physicist. It is the persistent longing of Pisces and the dreaded fear of almost every other sign. Eros here could be in its exaltation, the affinity is that great.

This position of Eros, the third of the WATER signs, represents the dissolving of the self into the other and all the pain, longing, suffering and ecstasy that process may involve. It also embraces the mysterious sense of the ineffable, something seldom glimpsed for long in any relationship. It suggests the beauty and creativity seen only through the lives of lovers who have touched each other’s spirits. It is indeed a big call for the average relationship to achieve.

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