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Eros in the Fifth House

and those who devote themselves to music and letters and to the various contests, some by exhibiting their strength and others their artistic skill, win for themselves greater honor. 48

The fifth house is the traditional residence of entertainment. It encompasses the playful heart, the creative spirit and romantic pleasures. It is the house of the inner child and the outer speculator, the actual children and the latent rock star in everyone.

The fifth house has to do with self-expression and that includes offspring, art work, novels, and romances because they all activate the heart and engender feelings of uniqueness that makes us feel special. That is, when everything is going smoothly. These areas of life also put us in a place of utmost vulnerability not just to the art critic and the gene pool but to those experiencing the inner child. The fifth house rules speculation because we risk the child-like and creative qualities in the harsh reality of potential judgement and condemnation. There is no guarantee how we will measure up.

Eros in the Sixth

In constructing a homestead, we have to provide for the stock which it is to shelter, and for its health and well being.49


The sixth house traditionally represents daily routine, work and employment, health of the body and health services, small domestic pets, service in general, tools and gadgets. The common thread here includes the need to establish ritual and routine, through organization, commitment and concern, in the every day life. It also describes the ways and means we accomplish and perfect those daily routine tasks.

When Eros is found in the house of skill development, service, health and daily routine, one may have some finely tuned proficiency when it comes to passionate and romantic love. They may see the body as a vessel that provides for the delights and erotic passions of the beloved and be inclined to perfect their ability to give and receive those delights. They may find the merging and transformation an erotic union offers desirable on a daily basis!

Eros in the Seventh House

When marriage is on equal terms, in my opinion it is no cause for dread; so never may the love of the mightier gods cast on me its irresistible glance.50


The seventh house traditionally represents personal one-to-one relationships including marriage, business partnerships, counselors and clients, long-term unions, or even open adversaries that engage in on going debate. In this house, commitment reigns although the stage often hosts more than a dance for two.

Eros in the seventh prefers close partnerships to include erotic, transformational unions of the most powerful kind. The very nature of erotic love, however, suggests the stability, commitment and endurance of the seventh house (a divorced relationship involving children can last a life-time) contradicts the risk taking, changeable nature of Eros. Enter the triangle.

Eros in the Eighth House

how does one describe a trip to the underworld?51


The eighth house traditionally rules sex, death and taxes, and their transformational effects. It also pertains to depth analysis, research and occult knowledge. The eighth house rules things of mystery, intrigue and intensity. The thread that binds the eighth house scenery together consists of elements in life that require us to make a leap of faith, to take a risk and discover the unknown within. There are no guarantees in the eighth and no way to be sure that once we make a commitment to intimacy, a belief system or a political party, that the implicit trust will be honored.

Eros in the eighth suggests an affinity with the purpose of the house: to take risks, to offer up something precious, to feel to the depths of the soul and to hope for transformation in return. Those with Eros in this house have an increased desire to experience the erotic on a very deep level of their existence. They may also have a highly increased fear around doing so. The two can go hand in hand.

Eros in the Ninth House

For am I now seeking the favor of men, or of God?52

--St. Paul

The ninth house traditionally rules spiritual beliefs, long journeys, higher education, foreign cultures, ceremonies and rituals, publishing and clergymen. These categories all have the common effect of exposing us to areas of mind, body or spirit, that have never been experienced before. Thus, Dennis Elwell described the ninth house as an exploration into the unknown.53

When Eros falls in the ninth house, discovery of new and previously incomprehensible concepts, peoples or vistas ignite feelings of passionate wonder and intrigue. This Eros is aroused by new information, strange landscapes and mysterious cultures. The act of gaining this information can be an erotic experience in itself.

Eros in the Tenth House

He was, therefore, elated over his fame and had recourse to many other far more ambitious undertakings which would serve to increase the dominant position of his native state.54


The midheaven (MC) and the corresponding tenth house traditionally denotes the career, mission or profession, one of the parents55, and the social image and known reputation. Howard Sasportas56 said that the qualities of any sign or planet in the tenth house correspond to what is most visible and accessible to others. It is what stands out.

The tenth house indicates how others perceive us and those with Eros here want the world to know they are passionate, erotic, potent and charismatic. The way they dress, speak and move may all have a subtle undertone of Eros. Some people with this placement may even make a career out of studying, teaching or living out the erotic and transformational side of life. Certainly, it would be of major importance for them to express, especially if early childhood experiences lead to the denial and repression of the god of love.

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