Pleasant Pond Recreation Area Resident Parking Sticker Regulations Types of Parking

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Pleasant Pond Recreation Area Resident Parking Sticker Regulations

  1. Types of Parking

Annual Resident Parking Stickers shall be made available at an annual charge of $25 for the First sticker and $10 for each additional sticker purchased for vehicles registered to any Wenham or Hamilton residents, whether they own or rent a dwelling. A Wenham or Hamilton resident is any person whose principal year round domicile is within the Towns of Wenham or Hamilton. A person who owns and pays real estate or personal property taxes upon a summer residence in Wenham or Hamilton or who rents residential property for a time period which includes the continuous period from May 1 to October 14 inclusive shall be eligible for an Annual Resident Sticker. Annual Resident parking Stickers are made available to Wenham and Hamilton Senior Citizens at a reduced rate of $10 with no charge for additional stickers (to qualify for a reduced rate sticker, a resident must be 65 years old during the calendar year of the beach season).

  1. Parking Sticker Issuance Procedures

Annual Resident Parking Stickers

  1. In order to receive an Annual Resident Parking Sticker, a Wenham or Hamilton Resident shall submit a current automobile registration for each vehicle for which a sticker is requested, showing registration of the vehicle in Wenham or Hamilton, or his dwelling in Wenham or Hamilton.

  2. A new resident whose automobile registration has not yet been changed to a Wenham or Hamilton address shall submit a rent receipt or a real estate bill of sale or deed.

  3. Stickers shall be permanently attached to the vehicle for which the registration was shown and whose registration number matches the number written on the face of the sticker. Failure to comply with regulation may result in the loss of parking sticker privileges.

  4. A replacement sticker for a new vehicle that replaces the originally registered vehicle will be furnished at no charge if the original sticker is returned (scraped off in pieces if necessary).

  5. Applicants whose vehicles are company-owned, commercially leased, or privately loaned must furnish written proof of their connection to the other party or agency and must provide proof of their residency in Wenham or Hamilton.

  6. Other Provisions Any situations not specifically dealt with in these Regulations shall be referred to the Board of Selectman. The Board of Selectman shall determine any and all additional policies under these Regulations.

  1. Sticker Revocation

  1. Reason for Revocation: Annual Resident Parking Stickers are subject to revocation if they are not attached to the vehicle for which the sticker was issued, the registration on the sticker must match the registration given with the application for the sticker.

  2. Violator Identification: The Wenham Police Department shall report all infractions to the Treasurer. The report should include registration on the parking sticker, the registration of the automobile to which the sticker was affixed, date, place and time of the violation was discovered.

  3. Notice to Violator: The Treasurer shall contact the violator in writing to inform them of the violation and penalty and to inform them of the appeal process. The penalty shall be loss of parking sticker through December 31 of the year in which the violation occurred.

  4. Appeal Process: Alleged violators to this policy may appeal to the board of Selectman in writing. The Board of Selectman, having read the evidence and the appeal, may determine to reverse the revocation or to take any action by the way of penalty, so long as the decided length of revocation is no longer that that stated in #3 above. The Board of Selectman shall notify the appealing party in writing of its decision.

Rules for Pleasant Pond Beach

  1. Wenham and Hamilton Residents Only Sticker Parking

  2. Alcoholic Beverages Prohibited

  3. Beach Hours are 9 AM to 6 PM

  4. No Littering

  5. No Open Fires

  6. No Loitering After Dark

  7. No Ball Playing on the Beach

  8. No Pets Allowed on the Beach

  9. No Fishing from the Beach Area

  10. No Smoking on the Beach or Grass Area

  11. No Dumping

  12. Fisherman with Massachusetts Fishing License May Park in the Area During Beach Hours

Pleasant Pond Beach Stickers are available at the Wenham Police Department and Wenham Town Hall in the Clerk’s Office.

Pleasant Pond Policy Established August 9, 2005

Documents Revised April 24, 2015

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