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Pop-up 1 ("C" - Chechnya)

Header Text: Emir of the Caucasus Emirate -- Doku Umarov



Body Text:

  • Fought in both Chechen wars and is considered an experienced leader

  • Served as security minister for Chechnya during short-term de facto independence (1996-1999)

  • Born in 1964, has six known children with a wife who was reportedly killed March 28, 2011

  • After the Russian takeover of Chechnya, rose through the ranks from commander of the Chechen resistance to commander of the "South-Western Front" in 2002

  • Considered an important factor in the June 2004 Chechen incursion into Ingushetia and allegedly led the Beslan school siege in September of that same year

  • Took over Chechen resistance in 2006 after the death of Abdul-Khalim Sadulayev, who was attempting to unite Islamist resistance to Russian rule in the North Caucasus

  • Declared himself emir of the Caucasus Emirate in October 2007, laying claim not only to Chechnya, but also Dagestan, Ingushetia, Kabardino-Balkaria and Karachay-Cherkessia, with alleged jamaats, or assemblies, operating in the Nogai Steppe and in Adegaya

  • Current emir of Nokchicho (Chechnya) Vilaiyat -- there was a split between the Chechen leadership in August 2010, and loyalties to Umarov are shaky in some sectors, leaving Chechnya with two rival vilaiyats: the one led by Umarov and the Independent Nokchicho (Chechnya) Vilaiyat led by Emir Hussein Gakayev

  • At least 17 military sectors, each with its own emir, and multiple jamaats are still loyal to Umarov in Chechnya; it is also assumed that most fighters outside of the declared Independent Nokchicho (Chechnya) Vilaiyat are loyal to him

  • Held responsible by the Kremlin for planning the high-profile attack at Moscow's Domodedovo airport in January 2011 as well as the March 2010 Moscow Metro suicide bombings and the November 2009 St. Petersburg train bombing

  • Survived several assassination attempts, most recently in Dagestan on March 28, 2011, when Russian jets pounded locations thought to house Caucasus Emirate members; the assault killed Umarov's wife, his personal physician and key leaders of the Caucasus Emirate, including his deputy, Abu Supyan Abdullayev (Umarov called RFE/RL on April 7 and confirmed that he was alive)

Pop-up 2: ("F" - Chechnya)

Header Text: Deputy Emir of the Caucasus Emirate -- Abu Supyan Abdullayev

Killed March 28, 2011, in Ingushetia

Replacement unknown

Image: http://www.kavkazcenter.com/eng/content/2011/04/01/13990.shtml

Body Text:

  • Joined the Chechen resistance Nov. 26, 1994, in the battle of Grozny and fought in the second Chechen war and post-war resistance

  • Was known for his teaching skills and trained hundreds of Chechen and other mujahideen fighters

  • Widely respected, and his nickname in both Chechnya and Ingushetia was dada, or father

  • Key figure in defusing the August 2010 split in the ranks over the apparent resignation, and denial of resignation, by Umarov

  • Remains to be seen if the Caucasus Emirate will further splinter after Abdullayev's death

*might be removing this one:

Pop-up 3: ("F" - Chechnya)

Header Text: Adviser to the Emir -- Isa Umarov

Reportedly killed

No known successor

Image: http://s006.radikal.ru/i214/1004/46/ec6ad4c9ecc3.jpg

Body Text:

  • Doku Umarov's brother and close confidant

Pop-up 4: ("F" - Chechnya)

Header Text: Key figure -- Shamil Basayev

Killed July 10, 2006, in Ingushetia

Image: http://www.kavkazcenter.com/eng/content/2006/07/10/4940.shtml

Body Text:

  • Vice president of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria

  • Chechen field commander in both Chechen wars

  • Proponent of pan-Caucasus fight against Russia and a pan-Caucasus Islamic state

  • Key player in the 1999 Dagestan invasion, the Moscow theater hostage crisis in 2002 and the siege of Beslan in 2004

Pop-up 5: ("F" - Chechnya)

Header Text: Caucasus Front leader Sheikh Abdul-Khalim Sadulayev

Killed June 17, 2006, in Chechnya

Image: http://www.kavkazcenter.com/eng/content/2010/06/17/12229.shtml (left)

Body Text:

  • Served as a religious leader and propagandist in the second Chechen war

  • Succeeded Aslan Maskhadov as leader of the Chechen resistance

  • Announced the creation of the Caucasus Front in May 2005, the first linking of the Chechen resistance with anti-Russian and Islamist insurgents in neighboring republics

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