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Abbado/LSO. A-(c/c) 8.00 988.*CS-6718: JANACEK - Taras Bulba; Lach Dances. Huybrechts/LPO

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Abbado/LSO. A-(c/c) 8.00

988.*CS-6718: JANACEK - Taras Bulba; Lach Dances. Huybrechts/LPO. A- 5.00

989.*CS-6787: SHOSTAKOVICH - Symphonies #1 & #9. Weller/OSR. [Mordler; Lock] A- 11.00

990.*CS-6885: STRAVINSKY - Le Sacre de Printemps. Solti/CSO. [TAS re Decca issue: 6:182; 65:158L; 69:144] A- 12.00

991.*CS-6949: BARTOK - Concerto for Orchestra; Hungarian Sketches. Mehta/Israel Philharmonic. [Minshull; Lock; Kingsway Hall, 1975] FS(c/c) 4.00

992.*CS-7033: DEBUSSY - La Mer; Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun. RAVEL - Bolero. Solti/CSO. [Minshull; Wilkinson] [Grammy Award, 1977: Best Classical Engineering] A- 12.00

993.*CS-7044: FRANCK - Symphony; Symphonic Variations (Roge). Maazel/CO. [Woolcock; Moorfoot] A- 6.00

994.*CS-7189: STRAUSS - Alpine Symphony. Solti/BVRS. [Tom Mowrey; Goodall, Frost, Gaylor; Munich, 1979] A- to A(Dutch pressing) 8.00

995.*CSA-2227(2): MAHLER - Symphony #6; Songs of a Wayfarer (Minton). Solti/CSO. [CS-6701/02; recorded spring 1970: along with #5, Solti's first discs w/CSO] A- 16.00

996.*CSA-2239(2): TCHAIKOVSKY - Nutcracker (complete ballet). Bonynge/National Philharmonic. A-(s/s) 9.00

997.*CSA-2301(3): BACH - The Six Brandenburg Concerti. Munchinger/Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra. [CS-6071/6073] A-(c/c) 13.00

998.*FBD-S-1(2): STRAVINSKY - The Firebird (complete ballet). Ansermet/NPO. [One of Ansermet's last recordings; this Memorial Album is a two-record set including one disc of rehearsal excerpts (Ansermet speaks English with NPO, of course)] A-(c/c) 35.00

999.*OS-25196: PUCCINI - Girl of the Golden West (excerpts). Tebaldi; Del Monaco; MacNeil; Tozzi; Capuana/ASCR. [bb] A- 8.00

1000.*OSA--1202(2): GILBERT & SULLIVAN -The Pirates of Penzance. Adams; Round; Pratt; Short; Sandford; Hindmarsh; Godfrey/New Sym of London; D'Oyly Carte Opera Company. [TAS 42:115] A- 11.00

1001.*OSA--1403(4): GLUCK - Alceste. Flagstad; Jobin; Young; Lowe; Hemsley; Geraint Jones/His Orch & Singers. [bb] A-(FFSS labels; superb copy!) 31.00

1002.*STS-15014: FALLA - El Amor Brujo (Gabarain; Ansermet/OSR); El Retablo de Maese Pedro (Soloists; Argenta/Spanish National Orch). A- 6.00

1003.*STS-15266: TCHAIKOVSKY - Symphony #4. Argenta/OSR. A- 12.00

1004.*STS-15310/15(6): HAYDN - Symphonies #1 - #19. Dorati/Philharmonia Hungarica. [Mallinson; Moorfoot & Dunkerley] A-(minor box scuffs) 28.00
LP's: London Phase-4 Stereo
1005.*SPC-21012: VERDI SPECTACULAR - Orchestral music from Traviata, Rigoletto, Trovatore, Ballo, Nabucco, I Vespri Siciliani. Camarata/Kingsway Sym. [d'Amato; Lilley] A- 6.00

1006.*SPC-21018: STRAUSS WALTZES - Blue Danube; Wine, Women & Song; Tales from Vienna Woods; Voices of Spring; Artist's Life. Dorati/LPO. [d'Amato; Lilley] A- 4.00

1007.*SPC-21022: TCHAIKOVSKY - Serenade for Strings; Nutcracker Suite. Black/London Festival Orch. [d/Amato; Lilley] A- 6.00

1008.*SPC-21028: OVERTURE! Light Cavalry; Secret of Suzanne; William Tell; Orpheus in Hades; Bartered Bride. Black/LPO. [d'Amato; Lilley] A- 6.00

1009.*SPC-21035: WAGNER - Meistersinger & Dutchman Overtures; Prelude & Liebestod from Tristan. Paita/NPO. [TAS 37:142] [d'Amato; Lilley] A- 5.00

1010.*SPC-21046: GRIEG - Peer Gynt (five selections from the two suites); Lyric Suite. Black/LSO. [d'Amato; Lilley] A- 6.00

1011.*SPC-21048: BERNSTEIN - On the Waterfront Suite; Excerpts from Fancy Free & On the Town; Symphonic Dances from West Side Story; Candide Overture. Rogers/RPO. [d'Amato; Bannister] A- 6.00

1012.*SPC-21054: STRAUSS - Don Juan; Till Eulenspiegel. Henry Lewis/RPO. [d'Amato & Barrett; Lilley] A-(c/c) 6.00

1013.*SPC-21057: RACHMANINOFF - Piano Concerto #2. Ivan Davis; Henry Lewis/RPO. [d'Amato & Barrett; Lilley] A- 6.00

1014.*SPC-21064: RAVEL - La Valse, Bolero, Pavan. Claude Monteux/RPO. [Few; Lilley] A- 6.00

1015.*SPC-21069: SUPPE OVERTURES - Light Cavalry; Poet & Peasant; Morning, Noon & Night in Vienna; Pique Dame. Sharples/London Festival Orch. [Few; Bannister] A- 5.00

1016.*SPC-21094: SATIE - Adventures of Mercury; Jack in the Box; La Belle Excentrique. MILHAUD - Saudades do Brazil. Herrmann/London Festival Orch. [Few; Bannister] A-(c/c) 14.00

1017.*SPC-21139: BEETHOVEN - Symphony #7; Egmont Overture. Stokowski/NPO. A-(c/c) 10.00
Listings of Mercuries follow on the next page 

LP's: Mercuries
For the SR series (and some of the others) I am now replacing my previous pressing designation by means of label-type with designations by means of stamper numbers, since most of my customers seem to find that information more complete and useful. The FR's are the earliest stampers, followed by the RFR's, CFR's and M's. FR stampers no longer appeared in issues with numbers above about SR-90265 (some earlier numbers may also have been pressed first as RFR's), and there were no RFR's either above about SR-90500. Excellent (or mint) copies of Mercury's early stereo pressings (particularly those with the early FR stampers), like those of most companies in the late 50's and early 60's, sometimes grade A- but frequently have a degree of surface noise which falls a little below my audition grade of A-, yet is quieter than what I grade B+. These are graded "A- to B+." Items graded A- are very fine copies of very quiet pressings, and grades above that are exceptional.
1018.*LPS-9000: BEETHOVEN - Wellington's Victory; Leonore #3 & Prometheus Overtures. Dorati/LSO. [With cannons & muskets of the period from West Point; Deems Taylor narrates tapes from artillery recording sessions; this copy does indeed include the British and French flags you are supposed to put on your speakers (!), almost always missing from copies of this record; all the Wellington hoopla tends to obscure the great sound in the Leonore #3 especially. (TAS 35:108)] [RFR-4/RFR-2] A-(includes the flags!!!) 32.00

1019. MG-50009: RIMSKY-KORSAKOV - Scheherazade. Dorati/Mpls. [Their first, mono-only recording from April 1952: not to be confused with their much more common stereo re-make.] [MF-25/MF-21] A-(occ tks sd 2) 20.00

1020. MG-50011: RESPIGHI - Pines & Fountains of Rome. Dorati/Mpls. [recorded December 12+13, 1952] [MF-13/MF-13] B+ 6.00

1021. MG-50047: GINASTERA - Variaciones Concertantes. BRITTEN - Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra. Dorati/Mpls. [TAS 44:169; November 20, 1954; while this recording of the Ginastera does not have quite the polished playing of Leinsdorf's wonderful BSO disc, some of the tutti sections have tremendous power - especially the finale, horns and timpani especially] [MF-4/MF-8] A- 19.00

1022. MG-50088: BRITISH BAND CLASSICS: HOLST - Suites #1 & #2. VAUGHAN WILLIAMS - Toccata Marziale; Folk Song Suite. Fennell/EWE. [Stunning mono-only disc, recorded April 23, 1955; still the best recording of this music, to my ears. TAS: 115:165 (mis-identified as "SR")] [MF-2/MF-3] B+ 10.00

1023. MG-50103: McPHEE - Tabuh-Tabuhan. CARTER - The Minotaur. Hanson/ERSO. [TAS re stereo issue of McPhee: 39:127-8; 53:120; 65:156L; Carter apparently never issued in stereo] [MF-2/MF-4] A--(brief tks end Carter) 10.00

1024. MG-50137: WELDON/HALLE - Bald Mountain; Gayne Suite; Prince Igor Ov; Bumblebee; Steppes of Central Asia. [only in print 8/59 to 1/63] [FR-5/FR-3] A- 6.00

1025. MG-50143: HINDEMITH - Symphony in B-flat. SCHONBERG - Theme & Variations. STRAVINSKY - Symphonies of Wind Instruments. Fennell/Eastman Wind Ens. [FR-2/FR-3] A-(s/s) 8.00

1026. MG-50165: HANSON - Symphony #1; Fantasy Variations on a Theme of Youth (Burge, piano). Hanson/ERSO. [TAS re stereo: 31:96; 73:185] [RFR-2/RFR-2] A- 12.00

1027. MG-50217: MUSSORGSKY - Pictures at an Exhibition (orch Ravel); Khovanshchina Prelude & Dance of the Persian Slaves. Dorati/Mpls. [TAS re stereo 51:177; 53:116; 54:164; 98:127] [FR-4/B-4] A- 6.00

LP's: Mercuries - continued
1028. MG-90001: MUSIC OF MODERN NORWAY, VOL 3: HALVORSEN - Suite Ancienne; Suite from Fossegrimen. Maurstad, hardanger fiddle; Fjeldstad/Oslo Philharmonic. [MF-5/MF-3] A- 7.00

1029. MG-90004: SVENDSEN - Symphony #2 (Gruner-Hegge/Oslo Philharmonic); Norwegian Rhapsodies #2 & #3 (Fjeldstad/Oslo Philharmonic). [MF-3/MF-5] A- 9.00

1030. OL2-106(2): DELIBES - Sylvia (complete). Fistoulari/LSO. [TAS re stereo: 38:143] [FR-1/2/4/1] A- 6.00

1031. OL3-104(3): CHERUBINI - Medea. Callas; Picchi; Scotto; Modesti; Pirazzini; Serafin/La Scala. [FR-8,-5,-5,-2,-6,-8] A-(pristine! w/original glassine inner sleeves) 14.00

1032.*SR-90049: GROFE - Grand Canyon Suite; Mississippi Suite. Hanson/ERSO. [TAS 34:177] [CS-5/CS-7] A-(c/c) 13.00

1033.*SR-90168: FRANCK - Piece Heroique; Chorales #1 - 3. Dupre; Organ of St. Thomas Church, New York City. [TAS 45:158; 53:121; 65:156L] [FR-1/FR-1] A--(2 light 1/8-inch scrs, sd 1) 11.00

1034.*SR-90178: STRAUSS FAMILY ALBUM - Night in Venice Overture; Doctrinen, Aquarellen, Music of the Spheres Waltzes; Egyptian March; Bahn Frei & Eljen a Magyar Polkas. Dorati/Mpls. [TAS 36:167; great tam-tam in Egyptian March!] [PR-2/PR-2] A-(c/c) 8.00

1035.*SR-90199: RESPIGHI - Ancient Airs and Dances, Suites #1 - 3. Dorati/Philharmonia Hungarica. [TAS 46:150-52; 54:159; 73:148L] [FR-2/FR-3] A-(s/s) 18.00

1036.*SR-90208: HAYDN - Symphonies #94 & 103. Dorati/Philharmonia Hungarica. [recorded in same sessions as the celebrated recording of Ancient Airs & Dances; TAS 40:167; 44:176-7] [RFR-1/RFR-2] A- 24.00

1037.*SR-90223: BLOCH - Concerti Grossi #1 & #2. Hanson/ERSO. [TAS 31:111; 65:154L] [RFR-6/-5] A-- 11.00

1038.*SR-90231: MARCEL DUPRE AT SAINT-SULPICE (Paris) VOLUME V - MESSAIEN: Le Banquet Celeste; Les Bergers. DUPRE: 3 Preludes & Fugues. Dupre, organ. [TAS 32:141] [PR-2/PR-2] A-(c/c) 6.00

1039.*SR-90260: RACHMANINOFF - Piano Concerto #2; Preludes - Op.23,#6; Op.3,#2. Janis; Dorati/Mpls. [TAS 32:142; 40:135; 41:122] [CS-7/CS-3] A-(c/c) 14.00

1040.*SR-90262: DVORAK - Symphony #9 (old #5). Paray/Detroit. [PR-2/PR-2] A-(c/c) 31.00

1041.*SR-90285: FRANCK - Symphony in d. Paray/Detroit Sym. [TAS 47:144] [RFR-1/RFR-1] A-/A--(a little ticking & crackle start side 2) 10.00

1042.*SR-90431: GERSHWIN - An American in Paris. OFFENBACH - Gaite Parisienne. Dorati/Mpls. [RFR-1/RFR-1] A- 6.00

1043.*SR-90432: CHOPIN - Piano Concerto #2; Fantasia in f. Bachauer; Dorati/LSO. [TAS 130:52] [PR-3/PR-2] A--(c/c) 6.00

1044.*SR-90439: COATES - London Suite; Four Ways Suite; The Three Elizabeths. Fennell/London Pops. [TAS 41:124] [RFR-2/M-2] A- 10.00

1045.*SR2-9009(2): ROSSINI - La Cambiale di Matrimonio. Scotto; Panerai; Capecchi; Monti; Petri; Fioroni; Fasano/Virtuosi di Roma. [RFR-1/1/1/1] A- 18.00

1046.*SRW-18060: GRAINGER - Country Gardens & Other Favorites. Fennell/Eastman Pops Orch. [TAS 33:139; 41:125; 53:118; 54:164; 65:156L] [FR-1/RFR-1] A- 24.00

LP's: RCA's
I am now listing RCA's all together in one group when they are either early pressings in which customers have indicated an interest, or when they are later pressings of issues which have had a particular following. Records are listed alphanumerically by prefix and number. Codes for pressings refer to label types, and are given in brackets just before the grade at the end of the listing (e.g. [SD]). RCA pressing codes are as follows:
PD = Plum Dog (Nipper, the RCA/HMV dog, shown against a shaded plum background; used for the last RCA classical mono issues, c.1954-1958).

SD = Shaded Dog (as above, but with fire-engine red background; used during the early stereo era, c.1958-1963, for both mono and stereo classical issues except some Sorias).

WD = White Dog (also called "Plain Dog"; Nipper here is against an unshaded background of Christmas red; used for all classical issues except Sorias c.1964-1969).

ND = No Dog (large "RCA" in open white letters on left of label; c.1969-1977).

LD = Late Dog (small dog on upper right of label against dark red; c.1977 forward).

BL = Black label (for popular records almost exclusively)

CP = Canadian Pressing.

PL = Plum Label (for Victrola [VIC or VICS] issues, the earliest pressings, c. 1964-1968).

SS = Soria Series (special label of Christmas red with no dog used only for the Sorias; the first Sorias had SD labels, but switched to SS about 1961 - before WD era).
I am now also including the stamper numbers of each stereo disc (and some monos too) next to the pressing code. If the information is available I also show the names of the producer and engineer in another pair of brackets. Please note that for these issues - as for most records from the early stereo era - copies in apparently mint condition frequently grade "A- to B+" in my audition. Copies graded A- are very fine, and higher grades are quite extraordinary from this period.
1047.*ARP1-4579: RESPIGHI - Pines & Fountains of Rome. Reiner/CSO. [Mohr; Layton; "Point 5" Series; half-speed remastering of LSC-2436; TAS 23:324] A- to A(c/c) 6.00

1048. CAL-107: FRANCK - Symphony in d. Monteux/SFSO. [The first of the two Monteux/SFSO recordings, c.1941] A-(few clicks beg mvt 1, but rest very fine) 23.00

1049. CAL-118: MUSSORGSKY-STOKOWSKI - Night on Bald Mountain. RAVEL - Rapsodie Espagnole. DUKAS - Sorcerer's Apprentice. Stokowski/Phila. B++ 18.00

1050. CAL-242: OFFENBACH - Orpheus in Hades Lambert/LPO. BRAHMS - Academic Festival Overture (Walter/VPO. TCHAIKOVSKY - Serenade for Strings (Boult/BBC Sym. [scarce] A-(brief tks Acad & serenade; rest lovely) 17.00

1051. CAL-525: THE ART OF GALLI-CURCI, VOLUME 2 - Arias from Sonnambula(4), Puritani(2), Lucia(2), Linda di Chamounix, Don Pasquale(2). A-(brief bbl thumps, sd 1) 10.00

1052. CAL-534: CHOPIN - Polonaise; Scherzo #2. Liszt - Mephisto; Hungarian Rhapsody #2. Brahms - Intermezzo; Rhapsody. Rachmaninoff - Prelude in c#. Lorin Hollander, piano. [Hollander's 2nd disc, c.1959, when he was 14 years old] B+ 10.00

LP's: RCA's - continued
1053.*CCV-5015 (BRITISH): TCHAIKOVSKY - Violin Concerto (Szeryng; Munch/BSO). TARTINI - Devil's Trill Sonata (Szeryng). [British equivalent to VICS-1037; originally LSC-2363(Tchaikovsky) & LSC-2421] A- 11.00

1054.*CLASSIC RECORDS LSC-2288: PROKOFIEV - Symphony #7; Russian Overture. Martinon/PCO. [TAS re original: 59:126-7; that issue was only in print from June 1959 to April 1961, and never reissued until London STS in August 1974!] A- to A 20.00

1055.*CLASSIC RECORDS LSC-2298: BORODIN - Symphony #2. RIMSKY-KORSAKOV - Capriccio Espagnole; March from Tsar Saltan. Martinon/LSO. [TAS re the original issue: 58:137; that original was only in print 1/60 - 8/62; this early pressing of the reissue bears serial #1-2785] FS 20.00

1056.*CLASSIC RECORDS LSC-2418: ELGAR - Enigma Variations. BRAHMS - Haydn Variations. Monteux/LSO. [Walker; Wilkinson & Windebank; TAS re original issue: 60:126; 88:168-70] FS 20.00

1057.*CLASSIC RECORDS LSC-2489: DVORAK - Symphony #7 (old #2). Monteux/LSO. [Bremner; Wilkinson; TAS re original RCA release: 83/84:239] FS 18.00

1058.*CLASSIC RECORDS VICS-1002: TCHAIKOVSKY - Swan Lake (excerpts). Morel/ROHCG. [Classic Records reissue of a very scarce Victrola issue. The original full-price, Red Seal RCA issue of this recording was in mono only on LM-2227; the VICS stereo reissue arrived in May 1965, but while it persisted in the Schwann until August 1969, it is very rarely seen; this Classic Records reissue was especially welcome] A- to A 45.00

1059.*CSC-302: LISZT - Rigoletto (Concert-Paraphrase); Trovatore - Miserere; Don Giovanni (Fantasy); Reminiscences of "Lucia di Lammermoor" and "Norma." Earl Wild, piano. [Living Stereo RCA Victor Record Club issue with club labels, 6S/5S stampers; rather obscure 1962 issue; Dellheim; Keville] A- 12.00

1060.*LDS-6077(2): BERLIOZ - Requiem. Simoneau; Munch/BSO; New England Conservatory Chorus. [Mohr; Layton; deluxe Soria Series issue with lovely 23-page Skira booklet; SD; 1S(all)] A-(s/s; 1S pressings scarce in such fine shape) 65.00

1061.*LDS-6155(3): VERDI - Otello. Vickers; Rysanek; Gobbi; Serafin/Rome Opera. [Mohr; Layton; (Boux, sterophonic stage manager); Deluxe Soria Series issue with beautifully-illustrated 61-page Mignone libretto/book] [SS labels] A-(stampers 16S/2S/12S/3S/11S/18S) 24.00

1062. LM-1022: BEETHOVEN - Violin Sonata #5. MOZART - Sonata #8. Bay, piano. [early labels] A-(occ lgt tks, but very fine for early pressing) 9.00

1063. LM-1024: BEETHOVEN - Symphony #2. Monteux/San Francisco Symphony. [early labels] B++(brief crackle beg sd 2) 22.00

1064. LM-1031: COPLAND - Billy the Kid. GERSHWIN - American in Paris. Bernstein/RCA Victor Orch. [early labels] A--(occ tks) 12.00

1065. LM-1032: DELIBES - Coppelia & Sylvia Excerpts. Sevitzky/Indianapolis Sym. [early labels] A--(occ tks, but superb copy for this) 14.00

1066. LM-1051: BACH - Concerto in d for Two Violins. Waxman/RCA Ch Orch. MOZART - Concerto #4. Beecham/RPO. Heifetz in all - including second part in the Bach! [early labels] B to B+ 9.00

LP's: RCA's - continued
1067. LM-1054: FALLA - El Amor Brujo (Merriman; Hollywood Bowl). Borodin - Dances of the Polovetzki Maidens (Sym Orch; Women's Cho). Stokowski conducts in all. [PD labels] A-- 12.00

1068. LM-1061: JOHANN STRAUSS (arr.Dorati) - Graduation Ball. Dorani/Dallas Sym. [interesting precursor to Dorati's wonderful Mercury disc with Minneapolis] [early labels] B+(+) 12.00

1069. LM-1082: CHOPIN - Waltzes #1 - #14. Brailowsky. [early labels] B to B+ 9.00

1070. LM-1083: HEART OF THE BALLET. Excerpts from Giselle, Sylphides, Sylvia, Swan Lake, Nutcracker, Spectre de la Rose. Stokowski/His Sym. [early labels] B+(occ tks) 9.00

1071. LM-1084: LUIGINI - Ballet Egyptien. MASSENET - Le Cid Suite. Fiedler/BPS. [early labels] A-(brief tks in Luigini, but very fine) 11.00

1072. LM-1085: THE HEART OF THE SYMPHONY - Individual movements from Beethoven 5th, New World, Brahms 1st, Franck, Unfinished, Tchaikovsky 4th & 5th; excerpt from finale of Scheherazade. Fiedler/BPS. [early labels] A--(startlingly fine early pressing) 17.00

1073. LM-1089: HINDEMITH - Mathis der Maler. HAYDN - Symphony #93. Cantelli/NBC Sym. [scarce!] [early labels] B(Haydn)/B+(Mathis; few ticks early) 14.00

1074. LM-1092: ADAM - Giselle (excerpts). Irving/ROHCG. [early labels] B++ 9.00

1075.*LM-1881: BIZET-HAMMERSTEIN - Carmen Jones (soundtrack to the motion picture). Voices of Marilynn (sic) Horne, Broc (sic) Peters, LaVern Hutcherson, etc. Gilbert/Orch & Cho. [PD; 11S/10S] A-(first copy I've ever found in fine condition!) 12.00

1076. LM-1952: MOZART - A Musical Joke; Divertimento #11. Reiner/NBC Sym. [never in stereo; unusual example of Reiner with NBC Sym, recorded in September 1954 - AFTER his first CSO records for RCA] [PD; 1S/1S] A- 14.00

1077. LM-1966: MOZART - Divertimento #17; Eine Kleine Nachtmusik. Reiner/CSO. [Recorded December 1954 and April 1955; one of only a handful of Reiner/CSO discs not recorded in stereo] [PD; 7S/6S] A- 16.00

1078. LM-2039: VERDI-MACKERRAS - The Lady and the Fool. Mackerras/PO. [Ballet arranged by Mackerras from music of various operas; includes notes insert] [PD; 1S/1S] A-(brief, lgt tks sd 1) 8.00

1079. LM-2092: PROKOFIEV - Symphonies #1 & 7. Malko/PO. [PD; 3S/3S] A- 12.00

1080. LM-2117: SCHOENBERG - Transfigured Night. PROKOFIEV - Romeo & Juliet Excerpts. Stokowski/His Sym(in Night); NBC Sym Members(in Romeo). [I don't think the Schoenberg was ever in stereo, at least on LP; the Romeo eventually stereo in 1978 on ARL1-2715 in a different coupling] [PD; 7S/13S] A- 16.00

1081. LM-2118: MIKLOS ROZSA - Kipling's Jungle Book; Thief of Bagdad Suite. Leo Genn, narrator; Composer/Frankenland State Sym. [very obscure issue; mono-only; released September 1957 and deleted in April 1959; I've been told that Thief was later reissued in stereo on United Artists UAS-29725 in Britain] [PD; 5S/1S] A- 37.00

1082. LM-2127: STRAUSS - Burleske. RACHMANINOFF - Concerto #1. Janis; Reiner/CSO. [original mono-only issue; never in stereo until VICS] [SD; 21S/2S] A- 9.00

LP's: RCA's - continued
1083. LM-2135: PROKOFIEV - Cinderella (excerpts). Rignold/ROHCG. [never in stereo until VICS] [PD; 1S/5S] A- 7.00

1084. LM-2147: SCHUBERT - "Trout" Quintet. Sankey; Festival Quartet. [PD; 6S/13S] A- 10.00

1085. LM-2197: PROKOFIEV - Piano Concerto #2 (Henriot-Schweitzer). BARBER - Medea's Meditation & Dance of Vengeance. Munch/BSO. [Original mono-only issue; neither item in stereo on LP until Victrola, though Barber (one of Munch's killer performances) was on 2-track stereo tape.] [PDl 2S/2S] A-(back cover AUTOGRAPHED BY MUNCH in blue ink) 50.00

1086. LM-2201: MUSSORGSKY - Pictures at an Exhibition. Reiner/CSO. [Mohr; Layton; TAS re stereo: 98:126-8] [PD; 8S/10S] A- 6.00

1087. LM-2219: BRAHMS - Piano Concerto #2. Gilels; Reiner/CSO. [PD; 4S/4S] A- 12.00

1088. LM-2286: OPERATIC ARIAS - Figaro, Eugene Onegin, Don Giovanni, Carmen, Manon, Herodiade, Don Pasquale, Adriana & Mefistofele. Albanese with Stokowski/His Orch (Onegin); Misc conductors/RCA Sym (in rest). [scarce, mono-only release; issued 3/59, deleted 4/61] [SD; 1S/1S] A- 30.00

1089. LM-2355: RACHMANINOFF - Piano Concerto #3. Cliburn; Kondrashin/Sym of the Air. [Concert performance, May 19, 1958] [SD; 18S/28S] A- 5.00

1090. LM-2455: SCHUMANN - Piano Concerto. Cliburn; Reiner/CSO. [Mohr; Layton] [SD; 1S/1S] A- 4.00

1091. LM-2575: CHOPIN - Piano Concerto #1. Skrowaczewski/New Sym of London. [Wilcox; Wilkinson] [TAS re stereo issue: 90:136] [SD; 2S/1S] A- 4.00

1092. LM-6053(2): BERLIOZ - L'Enfance du Christ. Kopleff; Souzay; Tozzi; Valletti; Munch/BSO; NEC Cho. [the mono-only original issue; superb copy with original glassine inner sleeves; PD; 4S/1S/1S/3S] A- 10.00

1093.+LME-2410: MUSSORGSKY-RAVEL - Pictures at an Exhibition. Toscanini/NBC. [One of RCA's first three Red-Seal tries at electronic stereo] [SD; 6S/5S] A- 11.00

1094.*LSC-2052: TCHAIKOVSKY - The Nutcracker (extended excerpts). Fiedler/BPS. [TAS 93:143] [SD; 9S/12S] A- 18.00

1095.*LSC-2234: SAINT-SAENS - Piano Concerto #2. FRANCK - Symphonic Variations. Rubinstein; Wallenstein/Sym of the Air. [TAS 73:145+146L; 93:144] [SD; 14S/8S] A-- 12.00

1096.*LSC-2257: BLISS - Things to Come Suite; Welcome to the Queen. ELGAR - Pomp & Circumstance Marches, #1 - 5. Bliss/LSO. [very scarce; in print only 4/59 - 4/61; TAS 75/6:178] [SD; 1S/1S] A- 45.00

1097.*LSC-2280: THE ART OF SONG - Songs by Schubert(3), Schumann(3), Pizzetti, Scarlatti(4), Handel, Stradella, Sarti. Cesare Valletti; Taubman, piano. [Mohr; Layton] [SD; 1S/1S] A-- 20.00

1098.*LSC-2302: GILBERT & SULLIVAN Overtures - Mikado; Yeomen; Ruddigore; Iolanthe; H.M.S. Pinafore; Pirates.

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