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Mason organ; NYP Members). HENRY BRANT: Concerto for Alto Saxophone & Orchestra (Rascher; Johnson/Cincinnati Symphony). [all recorded in 1953; originally on Remington, these remasterings on fine vinyl are a revelation!] Varese Sarabande VC-81047. A- 18.00

1217.*KOECHLIN: Les Eaux Vives (Desormiere/French National Orch; rec 1937); Wind Septet (Delage/Wind Ens) & Chant de Kala-Nag (Corazza; Delage/Cho; both live, Strasbourg, 1980). Accord ACC-140 056. A- to A 12.00

1218.*LAZAROF: (Henri): Sinfonietta; Chamber Symphony. Schwarz/Los Angeles Chamber Sym. [dig] Laurel LR-133. A- to A 8.00

1219.*LUTOSLAWSKI: Symphony #3; Les Espaces du Sommeil (Shirley-Quirk, baritone) Salonen/LSPO. [dig] CBS IM-42203. A- to A 9.00

1220.*MACDOWELL: (Edward; 1861-1908): Suite for Orchestra, Op.42; 2 Fragments from "The Song of Roland." Karl Krueger/RPO. Society for the Preservation of the American Musical Heritage MIA-119. A- 16.00

1221.*MACDOWELL: (Edward; 1861-1908): Symphonic Poem, Lancelot and Elaine, Op.25. ARTHUR BIRD (1856-1923): Third Little Suite for Large Orchestra, Op.32. Karl Krueger/RPO. Society for the Preservation of the American Musical Heritage MIA-131. A- 16.00

1222.*MAHLER: Symphony # 3. Baltsa; Maazel/VPO. [dig; Dutch pressings] CBS I2M-42178(2). A- to A(demo copy) 8.00

1223.*MAHLER: Symphony # 3. Thomas; Kubelik/BVRS/Cho. DGG 2707 036(2). A- to A 12.00

1224.+MAHLER: Symphony # 5 (Walter/NYP); Kindertotenlieder (Ferrier; Walter/VPO). Odyssey 32 26 0016(2). A- 16.00

1225.*MAHLER: Symphony # 9. Ludwig/LSO. Everest SDBR-3050(2). A- 8.00

1226.*MALDERE: (Pierre van; 1729-68): Four Symphonies. Jakus/Les Solistes de Liege. Archiv 198 379. A- to A 5.00

1227. MARTINU: Sonata for Flute & Piano (LeRoy; Reeves); Piano Works (6) (Rosen). EMS 2. B+ 13.00

LP's: Orchestral & Instrumental Repertoire - continued
1228.*MARTINU: Symphonies #1 - #6 (complete). Neumann/CPO. [quad] Supraphon 1410-3071/74(4). A- 24.00

1229.*MAYAZUMI: (Toshiro): Bacchanale; Phonologie Symphonique. YASUSHI AKUTAGAWA: Music for Symphony Orchestra; Triptique for String Orchestra. Mori/Tokyo Symphony. [blue labels] Angel S-36577. A- 9.00

1230.*MESSIAEN: Eight Preludes. DEL TREDICI: Fantasy Pieces. ROBERT HELPS: Portrait. George Bennette, piano. Desto DC-7110. A-(c/c) 8.00

1231.*MIASKOVSKY: Symphony # 5. Ivanov/USSR Radio/TV Orch. Melodiya 33C10-08829-30. A- 12.00

1232.*MOMPOU: (Federico; 1893-1987): Vol. 2, Piano Music: Suburbis; Magic Chants; Faraway Festivals; Landscapes. Composer, piano. MHS 3463. A- 5.00

1233.*MOMPOU: (Federico; 1893-1987): Vol. 5, Piano Music: Silent Music, Volumes I - IV. Composer, piano. MHS 3466. A- 5.00

1234.*MOZART: Cassation, K.99; Divertimento, K.131. Herbig/Dresden Philharmonic. Philips 6500 703. A- to A 4.00

1235.*MOZART: Cassations in G & D, K.62 , 62a & K.63. Herbig/Dresden Phil. Philips 6500 701. A- to A 4.00

1236.*MOZART: Concerti for Bassoon (Garfield) and Flute (Kincaid). Ormandy/Phila. Col MS-6451. A-(early "2-eyes" labels; minor cover stain) 10.00

1237. MOZART: Divertimenti, K.Anh.226, 227 & 229, #1. Vienna Philharmonic Wind Group. West W-9059. A-(c/c) 5.00

1238. NIELSEN: Symphony #1. Jensen/Danish Radio Orch. [1st recording of the piece; excellent performance and recording; very solid sound!] Decca ACL-279. A- 6.00

1239.*NIELSEN: Symphony #3. Ahronovitch; Danish Radio Orch. [live, 1981; Dutch pressing] Unicorn - Kanchana KP-8006. A- to A(s/s) 6.00

1240. NIELSEN: Symphony #3. Frandsen/Danish National Orch. Epic LC-3225. A- 7.00

1241.*NIELSEN: Symphony #4. Bernstein/NYP. Col M-30293. A- 4.00

1242.*NONO: Sofferte onde Serene (for piano & tape; Pollini, piano); A Floresta a Jovern e Cheja de Vida (for soprano, voices, clarinet, copper plates & tape; Canino/Ens). DGG 2531 004. A- to A 6.00

1243.*NYSTROEM: (Gosta): Sinfonia del Mare. Soderstrom; Westerberg/Swedish Radio Orch. Swedish Society Discofil SLT-33207. A- 7.00

1244.*OSTRCIL: (Otakar; 1879-1935): Calvary (Variations for Large Orchestra); The Orphan's Tale (Marova, mezzo). Neumann/CPO. Supraphon 1110 2548. A-(c/c) 9.00

1245.*PERLONGO: (Daniel): Ricercar (Stock/Pittsburgh New Music Ens); Fragments (Walker, flute; Leonard, cello). ROBERT STARER: Anna Margarita's Will (Bryn-Julson, soprano; Instrumental Ens). CRI SD-453. A- 12.00

1246.*PETTERSSON: Mesto for String Orchestra. SIBELIUS: The Tempest (incidental music: eleven excerpts). Westerberg/Swedish Radio Orch. Swedish Society Discofil SLT-33203. A- 7.00

1247.*PINKHAM: (Daniel; b.1923): Signs of the Zodiac. ROBERT ROHE (b.1916): Mainescape. Whitney/Louisville Orch. [blank jacket; includes notes insert] Louisville LS-673. A- 9.00

1248.*ROUSSEL: Symphony #1 & #3. Dutoit/ORTF. [dig] Erato NUM-75283. A- to A(c/c) 9.00

LP's: Orchestral & Instrumental Repertoire - continued
1249.*ROUSSEL: The Sandman; The Spider's Feast. Leibowitz/Paris Philharmonic. Counterpoint / Esoteric CPTS-5511. A- 8.00

1250.*RUBBRA: Symphony #10; Improvisations on Virginal Pieces by Giles Farnaby; A Tribute for Ralph Vaughan Williams on His 70th Birthday. Schonzeler/Bournemouth Sinfonietta. [drm; DMM] Chandos CBR-1023. A- 5.00

1251.*RUGGLES: Complete Music - Men & Mountains; Sun Treader; Men; Portals; Organum; Evocations (Tilson Thomas/Buffalo Phil). Angels; Angels (2 versions) (Schwarz/Brass Ens). Toys (Blegen/Tilson Thomas, piano). Vox Clamans in Deserto (Morgan; Speculum Musicae). Evocations (piano version) (Kirkpatrick). Exaltations (Schwarz/Brass Ens; Smith/Smith Singers; etc). Col M2-34591(2). A- 12.00

1252.*SAUGUET: (Henri): Les Forains (ballet) (Composer/Lamoureux Orch); Piano Concerto #1 (Devetzi; Rozhdestvensky/USSR Radio Orch). [Grand Prix du Disque; French-only notes] Le Chant du Monde LDX-S-78300. A- 6.00

1253.+SCHUBERT: Symphony "#7 in E" (reconstructed by Weingartner; Litschauer/VSOO); "Gastein" Symphony in C (Grand Duo, Op.140, orchestrated by Joachim; Prohaska/VSOO). [superb British RCA pressings] Vanguard VSD-71101/2(2). A- 15.00

1254.*SERLY: American Fantasy of Quodlibets; Forget Me Not; American Elegy; Rhapsody for Viola (Vardi; Harrington, piano); David of the White Rock (P.Vardi, piano). SCHUBERT-SERLY: Scherzo from Unfinished Symphony. COUPERIN-SERLY: La Bandoline (P.Vardi, piano). Composer conducts Vienna Volksoper Orch (except Autori/New London Sym in mono in Elegy). MHS 3590. A- 9.00

1255.*SHOSTAKOVICH: Excerpts from incidental music for Mayakovsky's "The Bug;" Two Songs from King Lear. SCHUMANN (orchestration by Shostakovich): Cello Concerto. Lusanov, cello; Rozhdestvensku/USSR Ministry of Culture Orch. [dig] Melodiya A10-00107 009. A- 14.00

1256. SHOSTAKOVICH: Piano Concerti #1 & #2; Three Fantastic Dances. Composer, piano; Cluytens/ORTF in concerti. World Record Club SH-293. A- 9.00

1257.*SHOSTAKOVICH: Symphony # 3 (Kondrashin; Moscow Phil; RSFSR Russian Cho); Faithfulness (Ernesaks/Estonian State Male Chorus). Mel-Angel SR-40245. A- 8.00

1258.*SHOSTAKOVICH: Symphony # 4. Kondrashin/Moscow Philharmonic. Mel-Angel SR-40177. A- 9.00

1259.*SIBELIUS: Pelleas & Melisande Suite; Romance in C; Belshazzar's Feast Suite; Valse Triste. Rozhdestvensky/Leningrad Phil. Melodiya C-01257-8. A-(excellent late pressing) 9.00

1260. SIBELIUS: Symphony #3 (Kletzki/PO); Violin Concerto (Oistrakh; Ehrling/Stockholm Festival Orch). [blue labels] Angel 35315. A- 7.00

1261.*SIEGMEISTER: Concerti for Flute (Lloyd) & Clarinet (Brymer). Composer/LSO Members. Turnabout TVS-34640. A- 6.00

1262.*SOLLBERGER: (Harvey): Riding the Wind I (Spencer, flute; Composer/Da Capo Chamber Players). YEHUDI WYNER: Intermedio - Lyric Ballet for Soprano & Strings (S.Wyner, soprano; Composer/String Orch). [recorded 1975/76] CRI SD-352. A- 12.00

LP's: Orchestral & Instrumental Repertoire - continued
1263.*STENHAMMAR: Serenade in F; Florenz & Blanzeflor - Ballad for Baritone & Orch (Wixell). Westerberg/Swedish Radio Orch. Swedish EMI E061-35148. A- 5.00

1264.*STEPAN: (Josef Antonin; 1726-97): Piano Sonatas in A, G & B. Rudolf Bernatik. Supra 1 11 1836. A- 4.00

1265. STEVENS: (Halsey; 1908-89): Sinfonia Breve. HERBERT ELWELL (b.1898): Suite for Violin & Orchestra (Sidney Harth). Whitney/Louisville Orch. [blank jacket; includes notes] Louisville LOU-593. A- 11.00

1266.*STRAUSS: (Johann I): Waltzes, Polkas, Quadrilles & Galops; Radetzky March. Angerer/Vienna Chamber Orchestra. [16 works; 11 recorded for the first time here (1978)] Intercord 180.828(2). A- to A 5.00

1267. STRAVINSKY: Russian Maiden's Song (Szigeti, violin; Composer, piano); Ebony Concerto (Woody Herman Orch); Fireworks, Ode, Circus Polka, Norwegian Moods (Composer/NYP). [blue labels] Col ML-4398. A--(exceptionally fine copy for early blue label) 12.00

1268. STRAVINSKY: Symphony #1. F. Charles Adler/Vienna Orchestral Soc. Unicorn UNLP-1006. A--(brief tks from pressing blem beg mvt 3) 8.00

1269.*STRAVINSKY: Mass; Cantata. Robotham; English; Ancerl/CPO; CPO Cho. Supra 50 978. FS 4.00

1270.*TAKEMITSU: Textures. MIYOSHI (b.1933): Concerto for Orchestra. MAYAZUMI (b.1929): Mandala Symphony. Iwaki/NHK Sym. Odyssey 32 16 0152. A-(c/c) 7.00

1271.*TCHAIKOVSKY: Manfred. Goossens/LSO. Everest SDBR-3035. A- 8.00

1272. TCHAIKOVSKY: The Months. Morton Gould, piano & cond His Orch. Col ML-4487. A-("2-eyes" labels; much the best copy I've seen) 11.00

1273. TELEMANN: Concerto for Three Violins & Strings (Kaufman; Rybar; Fietz); Concerto for Viola & Strings (Kromer). Swoboda/Concert Hall String Orch. [limited edition: #2088 of 3,000 copies; red vinyl] Concert Hall Society D-12. B- 7.00

1274. THOMSON: (Virgil): Cello Concerto (Luigi Silva); Suite from "The Mother of Us All." Janssen/Janssen Symphony of Los Angeles. Col ML-4468. A-("6-eyes" labels) 14.00

1275.*TSYTOVICH: (Vladimir; b.1931): Viola Concerto. MOZART: Sinfonia Concertante, K.364. [Notes all in Russian: I cannot tell who the performers are!] Melodiya C10-09661-62. FS 4.00

1276.*TURINA: Danzas Gitanas. BENJAMIN LEES: Symphony #3. Mester/Louisville Orch. Louisville LS-752. A- 7.00

1277.*TURINA: Sinfonia Sevillana; Rapsodia Sinfonica; Danzas Fantasticas. Batiz/LPO. [dig] Angel DS-37950. A- 9.00

1278.*VAUGHAN WILLIAMS: Symphony #3 (M.Price); In the Fen Country. Boult/NPO. Angel S-36532. FS 5.00

1279.*VAUGHAN WILLIAMS: Symphony #5; Serenade to Music (original version with 16 solo singers). Boult/LPO. Angel S-36698. A- 7.00

1280.*VAUGHAN WILLIAMS: Symphony #5; Wasps Overture. Previn/LSO. RCA LSC-3244. A- 9.00

1281.*VAUGHAN WILLIAMS: Symphony #5; Wasps Overture. Gibson/RPO. [dig] EMI ASD-143441 1. A- 9.00

LP's: Orchestral & Instrumental Repertoire - continued
1282. VAUGHAN WILLIAMS: Symphony #6. Boult/LPO. [With brief speech by VW] Decca ACL-289. A- 10.00

1283. VAUGHAN WILLIAMS: Symphony #7. Ritchie; Barbirolli/Halle Orch & Cho. [first UK edition; artists of the premiere] EMI ALP-1102. A- 18.00

1284.*VORISEK: Piano Works - Sonata, Op.20; Le Desir; Le Plaisir; Variations, Op.19; Two Rondos. Kvapil. Supra 1 11 2178. A- 4.00

1285.*WAGNER: American Centennial March; Huldigungsmarsch; Kaisermarsch; Overtures to Die Feen & Das Liebesverbot. Janowski/LSO. Angel S-36879. A- 7.00

1286.*WAGNER: Symphony in C; Siegfried Idyll. Rogner/Berlin Radio. [German notes] Eterna 8 27 441. A- 7.00

1287.*WEBER: Symphony #1 & #2. Dean Dixon/Prague Chamber Orch. Supraphon 1 10 1635. A- 9.00

1288.*WEILL: Symphonies #1 & #2. De Waart/Leipzig Gewandhaus Orch. Philips 6500 642. A- to A(c/c) 8.00

1289.*WELCHER: (Dan): The Visions of Merlin. ROBERT XAVIER RODRIGUEZ: Favola Boccaccesca. Louisville Orchestra conducted by Endo (in Merlin) & Smith (in Favola). Louisville LS-793. FS 9.00

1290. WEN-CHUNG: (Chou): Soliloquy of a Bhiksuni (Raper, trumpet). DALLAPICCOLA: Due Pezzi. JOSE SEREBRIER: Partita. Whitney/Louisville Orch. [blank jacket; includes notes] Louisville LOU-641. A- 12.00

1291.*WOLPE: (Stefan): Form for Piano (Sherman); Piece in Two Parts for Solo Violin (Rose Harbison). ARTHUR BERGER: Five Pieces for Piano (Miller); Septet (Contemporary Chamber Players). New World NW-308. A- 9.00

LP's: Chamber Music
1292.*AMRAM: (David): Dirge & Variations (Andres, piano; Tree, violin; Soyer, cello); Sonata for Violin & Piano (Wakschal; Parrott). Washington 9469. A- 9.00

1293.*ANTES: (John; 1740-1811): Three Trios. Fine Arts Quartet Members. ["The Birth of Chamber Music in America;" produced in cooperationt w/the Moravian Music Foundation] Col MS-6741. A-("2-eyes;" c/c) 9.00

1294.*ARRIAGA: Quartets #1 & #2. Cuarteto Clasico de Radio Nacional de Espana. MHS 717. A- 5.00

1295.*BEETHOVEN: Quartet # 9 & #10. Guarneri Quartet. RCA LSC-3288. A- 4.00

1296.*BEETHOVEN: Quartet #10 & #11. Fine Arts Quartet. Concert Disc CS-257. A- 4.00

1297.*BEETHOVEN: Quartet #13. Fine Arts Quartet. Concert Disc CS-240. A- 4.00

1298.*BEETHOVEN: Quartet #14. Fine Arts Quartet. Concert-Disc CS-211. A- 6.00

1299.*BLISS: Clarinet & Oboe Quintets. de Peyer; Graeme; Melos Ens. Everest 3135. A- 5.00

1300.*BONPORTI: (Francesco; 1672-1749): Concerti a Quatro, #4, #6, #8 & #9. Michelucci; I Musici. Philips 9502 004. A- to A 5.00

1301. BRAHMS: Piano Quintet, Op.34. Chigi Quintet. [U.S.pressing] London LL-501. A--(handful of ticks from small blemishes) 16.00

1302. BRAHMS: Quintet in f, Op.34. Curzon; Budapest Quartet. Col ML-4336. A-("6-eyes" labels) 9.00

LP's: Chamber Music - continued
1303.*CANALES: (Manuel; 1747-86): Quartets, Op.111, #1 & #2. Cuertete Hispanico Numen. [Spanish-only notes] Etnos 02-A-X. A- to A 5.00

1304.*CARTER: Quartet #1 & #2. The Composers Quartet. Nonesuch H-71249. A- 5.00

1305. DEBUSSY & RAVEL: Quartets. Budapest Quartet. Col ML-4668. A--(occ brief tks; "6-eyes" labels) 9.00

1306.*DITTERSDORF: Quartet in E-flat. J.G. WERNER: Three Fugues. BOCCHERINI: Quartettino in D. Sinhoffer Quartet. Janus JAS-19035. A- 5.00

1307.*DOHNANYI: Sonata for Violin & Piano. SIBELIUS: Sonatine for Violin & Piano, Op.80; Devotion; Souvenir; Berceuse. Diana Steiner, violin; David Berfield, piano. Orion ORS-76244. FS 4.00

1308.*DVORAK: Quartet #12, Op.96. BORODIN: Quartet in D. Quartetto Italiano. Philips 802 814. A-(c/c) 5.00

1309.*FOERSTER: Piano Trios in f (Op.8) & in B (Op.38). Foerstrovo Trio. [Czech-only notes] Supraphon 1111 2478. A- 5.00

1310.*FRANCK: Piano Quintet. Richter; Bolshoi Theatre Quartet. Monitor MC-2036. A- 4.00

1311. GEMINIANI: Six Concerti Grossi, Op.3. Barchet Quartet; Reinhardt/Stuttgart Pro Musica. Dover HCR-5209. A- 5.00

1312.*GINASTERA: Quartet #1. TURINA: Piano Quartet in a. Philarte Quartet (Davyd Booth plays both violin & piano!). Gasparo GS-201. A- 5.00

1313.*GLAZOUNOV: Quartet #5; "Quatour Slave" in G. Dartington Quartet. Pearl SHE-536. A- 4.00

1314.*HINDEMITH: Chamber Music, Vol 5: Four Motets (#1, 2, 9 & 11) from Dreizehn Motteten (Feuerhake, sop; Meckies, pf); Die Serenade, Op.35 (C.Lehman, sop; Bachert, oboe; Kussmaul, viola; Wolf, cello). MHS OR-H-293. A- 5.00

1315.*MEDTNER: Piano Quintet; Piano Sonata, Op.25/#1; 8 Stimmungsbilder (#1, #4 & #7). Binns, piano; New London Quintet. HNH 4058. A- to A 5.00

1316.*MENDELSSOHN: Piano Trios #1 & #2. Haydn Trio, Vienna. Telefunken 6.42351. A-(c/c) 4.00

1317.*MENDELSSOHN: Quartet in D, Op.44, #1. SCHUMANN: Quartet in a, Op.41, #1. Budapest Quartet. [recorded live at Library of Congress, 1959 & 1961] Odyssey Y-34603. A-(demo copy) 5.00

1318.*MENDELSSOHN: Quartets: Op.12; Op.44, #2 & #3; Op.80. Bartholdy Quartet. BASF 39 21966-6(2). A- to A 6.00

1319.*MENDELSSOHN: Quartets: Op.13; Op.44, #1; in E-flat (no opus number); Capriccio in e; Fugue in E-flat; Andante & Scherzo, Op.81. Bartholdy Quartet. Bellaphon HA-21.815(2). A- to A 6.00

1320.*MOZART: Clarinet Quintet, K.581; Piano Quintet, K.452. Tashi (Peter Serkin; Stoltzman; Kavafian; Sherry & guests). RCA AGL1-4704. A-(demo) 5.00

1321.*MOZART: Divertimenti #8 - #14. St. Luke's Ch Ens. MHS 922949(2). A- 5.00

1322. MOZART: Divertimenti, K.226 & K.227. Vienna Philharmonic Wind Group. West WL-5349. A--(very brief lgt tks side 1) 15.00

1323. MOZART: Divertimento in E-flat, K.563 (Heifetz; Primrose; Feuermann); Duo #2 (Heifetz; Primrose). HALVORSEN: Passacaglia (Heifetz; Primrose). [plum labels] RCA LCT-1150. A-- 12.00

LP's: Chamber Music - continued
1324. MOZART: Quartet #14 - #19 (Six Quartets Dedicated to Haydn). Budapest Quartet. Col SL-187. A-("6-eyes" labels) 35.00

1325.*MOZART: Quartet #17. HAYDN: Quartet, Op.76, #3. Amadeus Quartet. [tulip labels] DGG 138 886. A- to A 11.00

1326. MOZART: Quartet #20 & #21. Budapest. Col ML-5007. A-("6-eyes") 6.00

1327. MOZART: Wind Serenade, K.361. VPO Wind Group. West WL-5229. B+(jacket repaired w/tape) 12.00

1328. MOZART: Quartet #17 & #19. Netherlands Quartet. [Dutch notes] Artone 9500. A- 8.00

1329.*NIEHAUS (Manfred; b.1933): Initiaton (ballet). Inst Ens. Aulos FSM-53 518. A- to A 5.00

1330.*RAVEL: Piano Trio; Sonata for Violin & Piano. Billier, pf; Bonoldi, vln; Boufil, vc. MHS 1235. A- 5.00

1331.*REICHA: Wind Quintet in G. DANZI: Wind Quintet in B-flat. DEVIENNE: Trio for Horn, Clarinet & Bassoon. Austrian Woodwind Quintet. Baroque 2869. FS 4.00

1332.*REICHA: Wind Quintets, Op.91, #5; Op. 88, #1. Reicha Wind Quintet. Crossroads 22 16 0110. A-(minor cover scuffs) 5.00

1333.*SCHUBERT: Piano Quintet in A ("Trout"). Beaux Arts Trio; Rhodes; Hortnabel. Philips 9500 071. A- 6.00

1334. SCHUBERT: Piano Quintet in A ("Trout"). Conrad Hansen; Strub Quartet. [notes in German only] Ariola 11 340 K. A-- 9.00

1335.*SCHUBERT: Piano Quintet in A ("Trout"). Curzon; Vienna Octet Members. London CS-6090. A- to A(lovely Dutch pressing; c/c) 12.00

1336. SCHUBERT: Piano Trio #1. Rubinstein; Heifetz; Feuermann. [SD labels] RCA LVT-1000. A- 12.00

1337. SCHUBERT: Piano Trio in B-flat, Op.99. Nadelmann; Blanc; Rostal. [10-inch] Musical Masterpiece Society MMS 119. A-- 4.00

1338.*SCHUBERT: Quartet #12 & #14. Amadeus Quartet. [dig] DGG 2532 071. A- 4.00

1339.*SCHUBERT: Quartet #13 & #14. Alban Berg Quartet. [dig] Angel DS-38233. FS 4.00

1340.*SCHUBERT: Quartet #14; Quartet Mvmt. Amadeus Quar. DGG SLPM-138 048. A- 4.00

1341.*SMETANA: Quartets #1 & #2. Smetana Quartet. [quad] Supraphon 4 11 2130. A- 4.00

1342.*SUK: Four Pieces for Violin & Piano. SMETANA: From My Homeland (two duets for violin & piano). DVORAK: Sonata in G for Violin & Piano, Op.100. Matousek, violin; Adamec, piano. Supra 1111 2970. A- 4.00

1343.*TCHAIKOVSKY: Piano Trio in a, Op.50. Bolet; Martin; Scano. MHS 1643. A- 4.00

1344.*TCHAIKOVSKY: Piano Trio in a. Barenboim; Zukerman; DuPre. [live, 1972; drm; DMM] Angel S-38196. A-(c/c) 8.00

1345. TCHAIKOVSKY: Quartet #1. BORODIN: Quartet #1. Hollywood Quartet. Cap P-8187. A- 9.00

1346.*TELEMANN: Paris Quartets #2, #3 & #5. Quadro Amsterdam (Bruggen, flute; Schroder, violin; Bylsma, cello; Leonhardt, harpsichord). Telefunken SAWT-9523-A. A- 5.00

1347.*TIPPETT: Quartet #1. BLOCH: Quartet #3. Edinburgh Qu. Monitor MCS-2123. A- 5.00

1348.*WEBER: Trio in g for Flute, Cello & Piano; Sonatas #2 & #6 for Flute & Piano. Debost, flute; Boufil, cello; Ivaldi, piano. [French-only notes; nice album with dowel spine a la early Angels] Pathe SAXF-1053. A- 6.00

LP's: Collections
1349.*AMERICAN SONGS: Songs of Amy Beach(3); Jack Beeson(3); Hugo Weisgall(4); Lee Hoiby(4); Ernst Bacon(7). Neill, piano (except composer plays the piano in Hoiby). CRI SD-462. A- 6.00

1350.*AVANT GARDE MUSIC FROM SPAIN: VOLUME 1: XAVIER BENGUEREL - Concerto for Two Flutes & Strings (Rampal; Gratacos). JOSEP SOLER: Sonatina for Flute & Ch Orch (Gratacos). JOSEP M. MESTRES-QUADRENY - Musica Per A Anna (Ricci, mezzo; Quartet Parrenin). JOACHIM HOMS: Octet de Vent. (Misc conductors and small ens) Candide CE-31047. A- 6.00

1351.*CHICAGO SYMPHONY: Radio Marathon # 6 (1981) - "VIVACE." In mono -- Stock: Toch - Pinocchio Overture (1941). Defauw: Faure - Sicilienne from Pelleas et Melisande (1946). Rodzinski: Khatchaturian - Awakening & Lullaby from Gayne (1947). In stereo -- Reiner: Key - Star-Spangled Banner (in Stock arrangement; very maestoso - terrific performance and sound!!). Liebermann - Concerto for Jazz Band & Orchestra (1954; with Sauter-Finegan orch; 1st stereo disc release). Martinon: Ravel - Pavane (1967; 1st [only?] release). RCA DPL1-0490. A- 26.00

1352.*CHICAGO SYMPHONY & CHORUS: Bear Down, Chicago Bears. Solti conducts title song, plus National Anthem (with chorus) and Stars & Stripes Forever (not with chorus!) Promotional issue; Solti's on the cover wearing a bear cap. [From the season (c.1986), when the Chicago's football team was very hot!] London 417 397. A- 8.00

1353. DANISH MUSIC OF 20TH CENTURY: POUL ROVSING OLSEN (b.1922) - Schicksalslieder von Holderin (Heerup, soprano; Friisholm/Collegium Musicum). HERM.D.KOPPEL (b.1908) - String Quartet #2 (Koppel Quartet). AXEL BORUP-JORGENSEN (b.1924) - Music for Percussion & Viola (Friisholm/Ins Ens). Danish Odeon MOAK-12. A- 11.00

1354.*DOUBLE CONCERTOS BY SONS OF BACH: C.P.E., J.C. & W.F. Leonhardt/Leonhardt Consort; Concentus Musicus, Vienna. Telefunken SAWT-9490-A. A- to A 4.00

1355.*LONDON PHILHARMONIC IN CONCERT: Berlioz - Royal Hunt & Storm. Debussy - Afternoon of a Faun. Stravinsky - Firebird Suite. Sibelius - Symphony #2. Pritchard/LPO. Pye Virtuoso TPLS-13032(2). A- 6.00

1356.*MUSIC FROM DROTTNINGHOLM: ROMAN - Drottningholmsmusiken. NAUMANN - Gustav Wasa (2 exc). UTTINI - Il Re Pastore Overture. Bjorlin/Ch Orch. Swedish EMI E 063-34404. A- to A 4.00

1357.*MUSIQUE CONCRETE: Compositions realized in the studios of Groupe de Recherche Musicales, ORTF, Paris, by P.Schaeffer, F.B.Mache, M.Philippot, F.Bayle, L.Ferrari, Ivo Malec & B.Parmegiana. Candide CE-31025. A- 6.00

1358.*QUEEN ELIZABETH OF BELGIUM INTERNATIONAL MUSIC COMPETITION: PIANO - 1983. Pierre Volondat: Liszt Concerto #2. Daniel Blumenthal: Frederic Devreese - Concerto #4.

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