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The Virtuoso Piano. Works by Thalberg, Hummel, Paderewski, Herz, Anton Rubinstein, Godowsky. Van VGC-1119. (neat Scotch tape spine repair) 12.00
Open Reel's: Conductors
126.*KOSTELANETZ: "Spirit of '76." Works of Ives (Variations on America), Hovhaness (Meditation on Orpheus), Gershwin (Concerto in F w/Previn), Rodgers, Barber, Cowell, Griffes(2), Creston. His Sym. [double-play tape] Col 1R2-6513(2). 9.00

127.*STEINBERG: Hindemith - Mathis der Maler; Concert Music for Strings & Brass. BSO. [a great Mathis in particular - wonderfully natural Symphony Hall sound; first copy I've seen in ten years] DGG L-3246. 12.00

Open Reel's: Tape Catalogs
128. COLUMBIA 1962/6 STEREO TAPES: 4-track open-reels through June, 1962. [16 pp] 4.00

129. COLUMBIA 1963/5 STEREO TAPES: 4-track open-reels tapes to May 1, 1963 [27 pp] 4.00

130. COLUMBIA 1966/1 STEREO TAPES: 4-track open-reels through January, 1966. [37 pp] 6.00

131. EPIC 1963 STEREO TAPES: 4-track open-reel tapes through February, 1963. [12 pages] 4.00

Open Reel's: Poetry & Prose
132. DYLAN THOMAS: Complete Recorded Poetry. Read by the poet. [3 3/4 ips] Caedmon CDD-2014(2). 16.00
Open Reel's: Miscellaneous Non-Classical
133.*5TH DIMENSION: Up, Up and Away. Soul City STSC-92000-C. 11.00

134.*ALL STAR FESTIVAL: 12 Great Popular Stars: Brothers Four, Dave Brubeck, Ray Conniff, De Vol, Percy Faith, Andre Previn, Mitch Miller, Kostelanetz, Les Elgart, 3 more. Col SQ-2. 12.00

135.*BERT KAEMPFERT: Greatest Hits, Volume 2. Decca DST-75367-C. 9.00

136.*BERT KAEMPFERT: Greatest Hits. Decca ST74-4810. 9.00

137.*BERT KAEMPFERT: Three O'Clock in the Morning. Decca ST74-4670. 9.00

138.*BOBBY HACKETT: That Midnight Touch. Project 3 PR4T-5006. 9.00

139.*BREWER & SHIPLEY: Down in L.A. A&M OR-4154. 11.00

140.*ENOCH LIGHT AND HIS ORCHESTRA: Stereo/35MM - Twelve selections recorded on 35mm film in Carnegie Hall. Command RS-4T-826. 12.00

141.*FRANK CHACKSFIELD: The Music of Cole Porter. [Phase-Four Stereo] London L-74185. 9.00

142.*FRANK CHACKSFIELD: The New Ebb Tide. [Phase-Four Stereo] London LPL-74053. (minor cover scuffs & Scotch tape repair) 9.00

143.*GEORGE GREELEY: Best of the Popular Piano Concertos. [actually just film tunes arranged for piano & orchestra] Warner Bros WSQ-1410. 9.00

144.*GEORGE GREELEY: The Most Beautiful Music of Hawaii. With the Warner Bros. Orchestra and the Outriggers. Warner Bros WST-1366. (box is scuffy) 8.00

145.*GLEN GRAY/CASA LOMA ORCHESTRA: Themes of the Great Bands. Cap ZT-1812. 10.00

146.*HENRY MANCINI: The Best of Mancini - Includes Peter Gunn, Charade, Hatari, Mr. Lucky, Baby Elephant Walk, Moon River, Experiment in Terror, Days of Wine & Roses. RCA EPPA-2693-C. 10.00

147.*HERB ALPERT'S TIJUANA BRASS: !!Going Places!! A&M AMB-112. 12.00

148.*HERB ALPERT'S TIJUANA BRASS: Tijuana Brass, Volume 2. A&M AMF-101. 12.00

149.*HERB ALPERT'S TIJUANA BRASS: What Now My Love?. A&M OR-4114. 12.00

150.*JACKIE GLEASON: Today's Romantic Hits for Lovers Only - Volumes 1 & 2. [double-play tape on a single reel] Cap ZWW-2074(2). 12.00

151.*PERCY FAITH: Viva! - The Music of Mexico. Col CQ-321. 12.00

152.*PETE FOUNTAIN: Pete Fountain's New Orleans. Coral ST7-57282. (minor box dent) 9.00

153.*PETE FOUNTAIN: South Rampart Street Parade. Coral ST74-57440. 9.00

154.*PETER NERO: In Person. RCA FTP-1204. 10.00

155.*PETER, PAUL & MARY: Peter, Paul & Mary. Warner Bros WSTC-1449. 9.00

156.*RAMSEY LEWIS TRIO: Hang On Ramsey! Cadet ST-761. 10.00

157.*RAY CONNIFF: Friendly Persuasion. Col CQ-660. (minor box scuffs) 9.00

158.*RAY CONNIFF: We Wish You a Merry Christmas. Col CQ-484. 9.00

159.*RUSS MORGAN: Golden Favorites. Decca ST74-4292. 9.00

160.*SIMON & GARFUNKEL: The Graduate. Col OQ-1010. 9.00

Open Reel's: Miscellaneous Non-Classical - continued
161.*TED HEATH: Swing is King. London LPL-74104. (Phase-Four Stereo) 10.00

162.*THE SANDPIPERS: Child of Clay. A&M OR-4130. 9.00

163.*THE SANDPIPERS: Softly. A&M OR-4147. 9.00

164.*THE SANDPIPERS: The Sandpipers. A&M OR-4125. 9.00

165.*THE SANDPIPERS: The Wonder of You. A&M OR-4180. 9.00

166.*VIKKI CARR: The Best of Vikki Carr. United Artists UST-5581-C. 9.00

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That's it for the tapes: the rest of the catalog is devoted to LP's.
LP's: Operatic & Choral Repertoire
Operatic and choral listings include libretti unless noted NL for "No Libretto."
167.*ADAM: Le Postillon de Lonjumeau. Aler; Anderson; Lafont; Le Roux; Fulton/Monte Carlo Phil; Cho. [dig; German DMM pressing] Angel DSB-3939(2). A- to A 12.00

168.*ADAMS: Grand Pianola Music (Ambush; Bryden; Wheeler, sopranos). REICH: Eight Lines. Feinberg; Oppens, pfs; Wilson/Solisti New York. [dig] Angel DS-37345. FS 7.00

169.*AITKEN (Hugh; b.1924): Piano Fantasy (Gary Kirkpatrick); Cantatas #1, #3 & #4 (Bressler, tenor; Hakes, soprano; misc instrumentalists). CRI SD-365. A-(no texts; as issued??) 6.00

170. BACH: (J.C.): Dies Irae. Rizzoli; Garazioti; Munteanu; Gaetani; Maghini/Angelicum Orch Milan; Coro Polifonico Torino. [Italian notes] Angelicum LPA-1703. A-(s/s) 7.00

171.*BACH: Cantata # 32 & #57. Ameling; Prey; Winschermann/German Bach Soloists. Philips 6500 080. A- to A(s/s) 6.00

172.*BACH: Cantata # 43 & #182. Sailer; Hellmann; Krebs; Staempfli; Wenk; Werner/Pforzheim Ch Orch; Schutz Choir of Heilbronn. Epic BC-1276. A-(s/s) 6.00

173.*BACH: Cantata # 56. STOLZEL: Auf der Tiefe rufe ich, Herr, zu Dir. PURCELL: Fantasia "In Nomine". GIBBONS: Fantasia "In Nomine". Fischer-Dieskau; Baumgartner/Festival Strings Lucerne. [tulip labels] DGG 138 969. A- to A 12.00

174.*BACH: Cantata #206. Kirschstein; Bence; Equiluz; Wenk; Rilling/Stuttgart Bach Collegium. None H-71187. FS 4.00

175. BACH: Magnificat in D; Easter Cantata (#31). Sailer; Bence; Braun; Couraud/Stuttgart Baroque Ens & Cho. [according to an Austrian customer of mine, quoting the Wunderlich biography by Werner Pfister, the name "Braun" here is a pseudonym for the young Fritz Wunderlich, who did not wish to record under his own name until he felt more secure in his reputation] Col ML-5342. A-("6-eyes" labels) 8.00

176.*BACH: Mass in b. Popp; Watkinson; Buchner; Lorenz; Adam; Schreier/Neues Bachisches Collegium Musicum, Leipzig. [dig] Eurodisc 301077-445(3). A- to A(c/c) 6.00

177.*BACH: Mass in b. Marshall; Topper; Pears; Borg; Braun; Jochum/BVRS & Cho. Epic BSC-102(3). A-(very lgt snd from 3/4-in blem, sd 6) 10.00

178.*BACH: Mass in b. Stader; Topper; Haefliger; Engen; Fischer-Dieskau; Richter/Munich Bach Orch & Cho. Archiv 2710 001(3). A- to A 9.00

179.*BACH: Motets, BWV 225-230. Harnoncourt/Concentus Musicus Wien; Stockholm Bach Choir. Telefunken 6.35470(2). A- to A(c/c) 6.00

180. BACH: Songs (complete). Cuenod; Roessel-Majdan; Harand, cello; Holetschek, hrpschd. West XWN-18386/89(4). B+ 12.00

181.*BARTOK: Bluebeard's Castle. Kibkalo; Polyakova; Rozhdestvensky/Moscow Radio Orch. Melodiya C-01139-40. A-(12 loud ticks, sd 2; c/c) 5.00

182.*BEETHOVEN: Christ on the Mount of Olives. Peerce; Stader; Wiener; Scherchen/VSOO; Cho. Westminster WGS-8206. A-(c/c) 8.00

LP's: Operatic, Choral & Vocal Repertoire - continued
183. BEETHOVEN: Fidelio. Hopf; Nilsson; Schoffler; Frick; Braun; Erich Kleiber/Unidentified Company. [Radio broadcast; no dates given; with notes but no libretto] Rococo 1014(2). A- 14.00

184. BEETHOVEN: Fidelio. Rysanek; Seefried; Fischer-Dieskau; Haefliger; Frick; Fricsay/Bavarian State Orch & Opera Cho. Decca DXH-147(2). A- 6.00

185.*BEETHOVEN: Fidelio. Jurinac; Peerce; Stader; Dickie; Neidlinger; Ernster; Knappertsbusch/BVRS & Cho. [oddly, a very scarce issue] West WST-318(3). A- 26.00

186. BEETHOVEN: Fidelio. Flagstad; Maison; Kipnis; Janssen; Huehn; Darcy; Walter/Metropolitan Opera. [Live; February 22, 1941; NL; blank jackets] Golden Age of Opera EJS 126(2). B 14.00

187. BEETHOVEN: Fidelio. Modl; Jurinac; Windgassen; Edelmann; Frick; Schock; Furtwangler/VPO; Cho. [notes in Japanese only, but former owner has also added the English notes insert from the U.S. Seraphim issue] EMI/Angel WF-60069-71(3). A- to A(superb Japanese pressings) 27.00

188.*BEETHOVEN: Leonore (original version of Fidelio). Moser; Cassilly; Adam; Donath; Ridderbusch; Blomstedt/Staatskapelle Dresden. Arabesque 8043-L(3). A- 7.00

189. BEETHOVEN: Leonore. Zadek; Dermota; Schoeffler; Von Rohr; Leitner/Vienna Sym; VSO Cho. [Beethoven's first version of Fidelio; live performance, Bregenz Festival, 1960; only very brief English notes; NL] Melodiya M10-47907 009(3). A- 13.00

190.*BEETHOVEN: Mass in C. Ameling; Baker; Altmeyer; Rintzler; Giulini/NPO & Cho. Angel S-36775. A- 4.00

191.*BEETHOVEN: Mass in C. Iliev/Sofia State Philharmonic; Rodina Cho. Balkanton BXA-1241. A- 5.00

192.*BEETHOVEN: Mass in C. Vyvyan; Sinclair; Lewis; Nowakowski; Beecham/RPO; Beecham Choral Soc. Capitol SG-7168. A- 12.00

193.*BEETHOVEN: Missa Solemnis. Tomova; Burmeister; Schreier; Polster; Masur/Leipzig Gewandhaus Orch. Eurodisc 85 760(2). A- to A 6.00

194.*BEETHOVEN: Missa Solemnis. Tomova-Sintow; Payne; Lloyd; Tear; Davis/LSO; Cho. Philips 6747 484(2). A- to A 6.00

195.*BEETHOVEN: Missa Solemnis. Giebel; Hoffgen; Haefliger; Ridderbusch; Jochum/ACO; Netherlands Radio Cho. Philips 6880 001(2). A- to A 5.00

196.*BEETHOVEN: Missa Solemnis. Crawford; Kopleff; Greer; Paul; Robert Shaw/University of Illinois Symphony Orchestra; Concert Choir; Oratorio Society; University Chorale; Men's and Women's Glee Clubs. [Private issue for the performers; recorded at the dress rehearsal for the concert; no date shown; no notes or texts.] Private CD-001/002(2). A-(minor box tape repair) 27.00

197. BELLINI: I Capuleti e I Montecchi. Pavarotti; Scotto; Aragall; Ferrin; Giocomotti; Abbado/La Scala. [Live; Montreal, 1967] Mizar OOL-103(3). A-(tks 1/4 inch sd 2) 12.00

198.*BELLINI: I Capuleti e i Montecchi. Baltsa; Gruberova; Howell; Raffanti; Tomlinson; Muti/ROHCG. [live; dig; DMM] Angel DSB-3969(2). A- to A(superb pressing) 8.00

199.*BELLINI: I Capuleti e I Montecchi. Sills; Baker; Gedda; Lloyd; Herincx; Patane/NPO; Alldis Cho. [quad] Angel SCLX-3824(3). A- 9.00

200. BELLINI: I Puritani. Sills; Pavarotti; Quilco; Plishka; Paul; Guadagno/Unnamed Company. [Live, 1972; probably with neither notes nor libretto] HRE 311(3). FS 10.00

LP's: Operatic, Choral & Vocal Repertoire - continued
201. BELLINI: I Puritani. Sutherland; Raimondi; Zerbini; Mazzoli; Serafin/Teatro Massimo di Palermo. [Live, 1961; libretto Italian only] Melodram MEL-460(3). A- to A 20.00

202.*BELLINI: Il Pirata. Caballe; Marti; Reardon; Helton; Guadagno/Philadelphia. [Live; March 8, 1968] Sides #6-#8: Caballe Recital: Songs of Lotti, Pergolesi, Marcello, Paisello, Rossini, Strauss(5), Debussy(3), Granados(3; one a world premiere), Toldra(2), Rodrigo(3); encores: Swiss folk song; items by Galvez, Turina & Luna. Zanetti, piano. [Live; April 9, 1969; New York City] MRF S-36(4). A- 12.00

203. BELLINI: Il Pirata. Callas; Mirando; Ferrarp; Ego; Rescigno/Unidentified Company. [Live; 1959; NL] MDP 020(2). A- 14.00

204. BELLINI: La Sonnambula. Callas; Cossotto; Zaccaria; Monti; Ratti; Votto/La Scala. Angel 3568(3). A-(early British pressings) 15.00

205.*BELLINI: La Sonnambula. Sutherland; Pavarotti; Ghiaurov; Buchanan; de Palma; Bonynge/National Philharmonic. [dig; Dutch press] London LDR-73004(3). A- to A 9.00

206. BELLINI: Norma. Gencer; Simionato; Prevedi; de Palma; Gavazzeni/La Scala. [Live, 1965; NL] HRE 320(3). FS(plastic frayed, but box unopened) 12.00

207.*BERG: Lulu. Rothenberger; Steiner; Meyer; Blankenheim; Wohlfahrt; Unger; Borg; Ludwig/Hamburg Opera. [blue labels] Angel SCL-3726(3). A- 7.00

208.*BERG: Lulu. Lear; Fischer-Dieskau; Johnson; Grobe; Greindl; Driscoll; Oelke; Scherler; Bohm/Berlin Opera. [Live, 1968] [tulip labels] DGG 139 273/75(3). A- to A 15.00

209.*BERG: Seven Early Songs (Harper; Boulez/BBC Sym); Wozzeck - Act III (Berry; Strauss; Doench; Boulez/Paris Opera). Col M-32162. A-(demo copy) 5.00

210.*BERGMAN: (Erik): Nox; Bim Bam Bum; Faglarna; Hathor Suite. Walmsley-Clark; Varcoe; Potter; Wood/New London Ch Cho; Endymion Ens. [dig; DMM] Chandos ABRD-1189. A- to A 4.00

211.*BERLIOZ: Beatrice et Benedict. Baker; Tear; Eda-Pierre; Watts; Davis/LSO; John Alldis Choir. [scarcer item in the Davis Berlioz cycle] Philips 6700 121(2). A- to A 8.00

212.*BERLIOZ: Benvenuto Cellini. Gedda; Bastin; Massard; Soyer; Blackwell; Lloyd; Davis/ROHCG. [TAS 42:115-16] Philips 6707 019(4). A- to A 6.00

213.*BERLIOZ: Damnation of Faust. Baker; Gedda; Bacquier; Thau; Pretre/PCO; Paris Opera Cho. Angel SCL-3758(3). A- 7.00

214.*BERLIOZ: Damnation of Faust. Rubio; Roux; Mollet; Markevitch/Lamoureux Orch; Brasseur Cho. [tulip labels] DGG 2707 007(2). A- to A 11.00

215. BERLIOZ: I Troiani (The Trojans, sung in Italian). Del Monaco; Simionato; Rankin; Cossotto; Kubelik/La Scala. [Live, 1960; notes and libretto Italian only; apparently its first presentation in Italy?] Paragon 4 DSV-52011(4). A- 18.00

216.*BERLIOZ: L'Enfance du Christ. Pears; Morison; Davis/Goldsbrough Orch; St. Anthony Singers. Oiseau-Lyre SOL-60032/33(2). A- 7.00

217.*BERLIOZ: L'Enfance du Christ. Baker; Tappy; Allen; Bastin; Davis/LSO; Alldis Choir. Philips 6700 106(2). A- to A 7.00

218.*BERLIOZ: Les Nuits d'Ete (Burrowes, tenor, in #1, 4 & 5; Minton, mezzo, in #2 &3); La Mort de Cleopatre (Minton). Boulez/BBC Sym. Col M-34563. A-(c/c) 5.00

219. BERLIOZ: The Trojans at Carthage. Madikian; Giraudeau; Collard; Depraz; Scherchen/PCO; Ensemble Vocal de Paris. West WAL-304(3). B(tape repair on oversize album) 13.00

LP's: Operatic, Choral & Vocal Repertoire - continued
220.*BERLIOZ: The Trojans. Vickers; Veasey; Lindholm; Davis/ROHCG. Philips 6709 002(5). A- to A 16.00

221.*BERNSTEIN: Chichester Psalms (Bogart, alto; Camerata Singers); Facsimile - A Choreographic Essay. Composer/NYP. Col MS-6792. A-(c/c) 4.00

222.*BILLINGS: Choral Works (20). Gregg Smith Singers. Col MS-7277. A-("2-eyes") 9.00

223. BIZET: Carmen. Stevens; Del Monaco; Guarrera; Amara; Mitropoulos/Metropolitan Opera. [Live, 1/12/1957; inc booklet w/production photos; NL] Cetra LO-48(3). A- 13.00

224.*BIZET: Carmen. Callas; Gedda; Massard; Guiot; Sautereau; Berbie; Vauquelin; Pretre/Paris Opera. [Deluxe issue includes a copy of Merimee's original novella] [blue labels] Angel SCLX-3650(3). A- 13.00

225. BIZET: Carmen. Arkhipova; Del Monaco; Pobbe; Magnaghi; Di Stasio; Blanc; Maag/Teatro San Carlo di Napoli. [live, 1960; brief English notes; libretto Italian only] Movimento Musica 03 002(3). A- 17.00

226.*BIZET: I Pescatori di Perle. Kraus; Bruscantini; Campo; Maliponte; Cillario/Teatro Liceo di Barcellona. [notes & libretto Italian only] Bongiovanni GB-516/7(2). A- to A 14.00

227.*BIZET: Te Deum. POULENC: Gloria. Lovaas; Jerusalem; Zanotelli/Stuttgart Philharmonic; Vocal Ens. [quad] Candide QCE-31104. A- 4.00

228.*BIZET: The Pearl Fishers. Micheau; Gedda; Blanc; Mars; Dervaux/Paris Opera Comique. [blue labels] Angel S-3603(2). A- 7.00

229.*BLISS: Pastoral - "Lie Strewn the White Flocks" (Michelow; Knight; Cho); A Knot of Riddles (Shirley-Quirk). Morris/London Ch Orch. [composer present at recording sessions] Virtuoso TPLS-13036. A- 7.00

230.*BLOCH: Sacred Service. Merrill; Bernstein/NYP/Chos. Col MS-6221. A-("6-eyes") 7.00

231.*BOITO: Mefistofele. Treigle; Domingo; Caballe; Ligi; Begg; Allen; Rudel/LSO; Chos. Angel SCLX-3806(3). A- 9.00

232.*BOLDEMANN: (Laci; 1921-69): Songs & Ballades. Leanderson; Eyron, piano. Bluebell BELL-188. A- 5.00

233.*BORODIN: Prince Igor. Petrov; Tugarinova; Verednikov; Obraztsova; Atlantov; Ermler/Bolshoi Theatre. [NL; Russian-only notes] Melodiya C10-01975/84(4). A- 5.00

234.*BORODIN: Prince Igor. Petrov; Tugarinova; Verednikov; Obraztsova; Atlantov; Ermler/Bolshoi Theatre. Mel-Angel SRDL-4116(4). A- 7.00

235.*BOULEZ: Improvisation #2. DALLAPICCOLA: Parole di San Paolo; Concerto for Christmas. HENRI POUSSEUR: Trois Chants Sacres. Sopranos Valente (Parole) & Lamoree (in rest); Thome/Philadelphia Composer's Forum. Candide CE-31021. A- 6.00

236.*BRAHMS: A German Requiem. Tomowa-Sintow; Van Dam; Karajan/BPO; Vienna Singverein. Plus Tragic Overture & Haydn Variations. Angel SB-3838(2). A- 6.00

237.*BRAHMS: German Requiem; Schicksalslied. Janowitz; Krause; Haitink/VPO; VSO Cho. [dig] Philips 6769 055(2). A- to A 7.00

238.*BRAHMS: German Requiem (Tomowa-Sintow; Lieb; Koch/Berlin Radio Orch/Cho); Fest-und Gedenkspruche, Op.109; Three Motets, Op.110 (Knothe/Berlin Radio Solo Ens & Cho). MHS 3724/25(2). A- 6.00

239. BRAHMS: German Requiem. Lore Wissman; Theo Adam; Solti/Frankfurt Opera & Museum Orchestras; Frankfurt Opera Cho. Capitol PBR-8300(2). B+ to B(very minor spine damage) 5.00

LP's: Operatic, Choral & Vocal Repertoire - continued
240. BRAHMS: German Requiem. Schwarzkopf; Hotter; VPO; Vienna Singverein. [recorded 1947; notes in Japanese only; superb, silky surfaces!] Japanese EMI EAC-30102. A- to A 14.00

241. BRAHMS: Marienlieder; Four Songs for Women's Voices with Two Horns & Harp, Op.17 (Schmid/Vienna Kammerchor); Gesang der Parzen; Nanie (Swoboda/Vienna Sym; Vienna Kammerchor). West XWN-18062. B++ 6.00

242.*BRETAN: (Nicolae; 1887-1968): Songs (16). L.Konya, baritone; Weiss, piano. Advent 5016. A-- 9.00

243. BRITTEN: A Ceremony of Carols (Composer/Copenhagen Boys); Simple Symphony (Goossens/Strings of New Sym Orch of London). London LL-1336. A- 9.00

244.*BRITTEN: A Midsummer Night's Dream. Deller; Harwood; Pears; Hemsley; Veasey; Harper; Shirley-Quirk; Watts; Brannigan; Tear; Composer/LSO. London OSA-1385(3). A- 10.00

245.*BRITTEN: Billy Budd. Glossop; Pears; Langdon; Shirley-Quirk; Composer/LSO. Lon OSA-1390(3). A- 14.00

246.*BRITTEN: Death in Venice. Pears; Shirley-Quirk; Bowman; Bowen; Bedford/ECO; English Opera Group. London OSA-13109(3). A- 9.00

247.*BRITTEN: Owen Wingrave. Luxon; Baker; Pears; Harper; Composer/TV Opera Original Cast. London OSA-1291(2). A-(c/c) 6.00

248.*BRITTEN: Peter Grimes. Pears; Watson; Pease; Kenny; Brannigan; Lanigan; Evans; Composer/ROHCG. [TAS 30:130] London OSA-1305(3). A- 9.00

249.*BRITTEN: Peter Grimes. Vickers; Harper; Summers; Davis/ROHCG. Philips 6769 014(3). A- to A 9.00

250. BRITTEN: The Little Sweep ("Let's Make an Opera"). Hemmings; Vyvyan; Cantelo; Thomas; Pears; Anthony; Composer/English Opera Group Orch; Alleyn's School Cho. [NL; English, natch] Decca LXT-5163. A- 9.00

251.*BRUNNER: (Adolf; contemporary Swiss): Markus Passion. Studer; Agricola; Bruns; Naf; Suter; Zimmerli; Knall/Kantoreien und Collegium Musicum der Evangelischen Singgemeinde [German-only notes] Ex Libris EL-16985(3). A- to A 10.00

252.*BYRD: The Great Service. Graham-Campbell, cantor; Cleobury/Choir of King's College, Cambridge. [dig; DMM] EMI EL-27 05464 1. A- to A 5.00

253.*CAMPRA: Psalm CXXV; Christmas Oratorio. Selig; Tappy; Herbillon; Delage/Strassburg Collegium Musicum; Strassburg Conservatory Cho. [German-only notes] Schwann AMS-82. A-(s/s) 7.00

254.*CARRILLO: (Julian; 1875-1965): Mass for Pope John XXIII. Blot/Chorale des Professeurs de Musique de ala Ville de Paris. CRI SD-246. A- 6.00

255.*CARVER: (Robert; 1487-1566): Dum Sacrum Mysterium (Scottish Mass); Gaude, Flore Virginali (motet). Gifford/Renaissance Group of St. Andrews. Alpha ACA-582. A- to A 5.00

256.*CASALS: El Pessebre. Forrester; Iglesias; Saharrea; Elvira; Serrano; Casals/Festival Casals Puerto Rico Orch; Cho. Col M2-32966(2). A- 6.00

257. CATELANI: Dejanice. Gatti; Novielli; Colli; Frusoni; Tomicich; Guarnieri/Unidentified Company. [Live, 1975; blank covers; no notes or libretto] Unique Opera UORC-284(2). A-- 18.00

LP's: Operatic, Choral & Vocal Repertoire - continued
258. CHAPI: El Punao de Rosas (with Delores Perez). GIMENEZ: La Gatita Blanca (with Luisa de Cordoba). Navarro/Orquesta de Camara de Madrid. [Texts in Spanish only] Montilla FM-56. A- 9.00

259. CHAPI: La Revoltosa. Iriarte; Ausensi; Rivadeneira; Rico; Argenta/Gran Orquesta Sinfonica; Cho. [with English notes, but NL] London TW-91014. A-- 6.00

260. CHAPI: The Witch. TORROBA: La Caramba. Rubio; Rivadeneyra; Ripolles; Castello; Torroba/Agrupacion Sinfonica "La Zarzuela;" Cho. Col ML-4930. B 5.00

261. CHARPENTIER: Assumpta est Maria - Mass & Symphony. Angelici; Archimbault; Michel; Collart; Giraudeau; Martini/Orch & Cho. Pathe / Vox PL-8440. A--(s/s) 6.00

262. CHARPENTIER: Louise (in composer's abridged version). Vallin; Thill; Lecouvreur; Pernet; Gaudel; Bigot/Raugel Orch & Cho. [original oversized album in fine condition with only slight wear; deleted 3/57] Entre EL-7(2). B+ 18.00

263.*CHARPENTIER: Louise. Bacquier; Berbie; Senechal; Guitton; Manchet; Pretre/NPO; Ambrosian Opera Cho. Col M3-34207(3). A- 10.00

264.*CHARPENTIER: Louise. Lott; Pruett; Blanc; Gorr; Cambreling/Belgian Opera. [dig; Live, 1983] Erato NUM-750843(3). A-(minor box corner dents) 8.00

265. CHARPENTIER: Magnificat in D. Collart; Y.Melchior; Archimbaud; Gianotti; Noguera; Martini/Pasdeloup Orch; Cho. Haydn Soc HSL-102. A-(s/s) 7.00

266.*CHAYNES: (Charles): Pour un Monde Noir (Quatre poemes pour soprano et orchestre sur le theme de la negritude). Eda-Pierre; Amy/Nouvel Orch Philharmonique. [French notes] Calliope CAL-1857. A- to A 5.00

267.*CHERUBINI: Duets & Vocal Nocturnes (14). Miranda, soprano; Reinemann, baritone; Nordmann, harp. MHS 4952. A- 5.00


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