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Golgotha. Staempfli; Montmollin; Tappy; Mollet; Huttenlocher; Faller/Orch

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Golgotha. Staempfli; Montmollin; Tappy; Mollet; Huttenlocher; Faller/Orch; Cho. MHS 1337/8(2). A- 10.00

401.*MARTIRANO: (Salvatore): Mass. London/Ineluctable Modality. DONALD MARTINO: Seven Pious Pieces. Oliver/Oliver Chorale. New World NW-210. A- 5.00

402. MASCAGNI: Cavalleria Rusticana. Nordmo-Lovberg; Bjoerling; Swedenbrant; Sehlmark; Bendix/Stockholm Opera. [Live, 1955; NL; blank jackets] Golden Age of Opera EJS 346. B 6.00

403. MASCAGNI: Iris (Christoff; Petrella; Di Stefano; Meletti; Gavazzeni/Rome Opera; 1956); Cavalleria Rusticana (Simionato; di Stefano; Guelfi; Votto/La Scala; 1955). [Italian-only notes & libretti] Cetra LO-15(4). A-(scattered lgt tks sd 5) 9.00

404. MASCAGNI: Iris. Olivero; Puma; Meletti; Neri; Oliva; Questa/RAI Turin. [Live; Turin, September 6, 1956] [Italian-only libretto] Fonit Cetra LAR-23(3). A- to A 13.00

405. MASCAGNI: Iris. Di Stefano; Petrella; Christoff; Meletti; Gavazzeni/unnamed orch. [Live; Rome, 1956; NL] ERR 133(2). A- 10.00

406. MASCAGNI: Iris. Olivero; Puma; Neri; Oliva; Questa/RAI Orch & Cho. [Live; Turin, 9-6-56] Side 6: Excerpts from Iris (Petrella; Di Stefano; Christoff; Meletti; Gavazzeni/Unnamed Co). [Live; Rome, 12-26-56] [Booklet, but NL] MRF 29(3). A- 18.00

407. MASSE: (Victor; 1822-84): Galathee. Gresse; Morlet; Jouvin; Vaguet; Archainbaud/Orch. [recorded 1912; issued with synopsis & notes in English, but NL] Bourg BG-4019-20(2). A- to A 10.00

408.*MASSENET: Le Cid. Domingo; Bumbry; Plishka; Ingram; Hodges; Bergquist; Queler/Opera Orch of NY; Byrne Camp Cho. [live, Carnegie Hall, 3-8-76] Col M3-34211(3). A- 11.00

409.*MASSENET: Manon. Cotrubas; Kraus; Quilco; Van Dam; Plasson/Orch & Cho of Capitole de Toulouse. [dig] Angel DSCX-3946(3). A- 6.00

LP's: Operatic, Choral & Vocal Repertoire - continued
410. MASSENET: Manon. Di Stefano; Gonzalez; Valdengo; Silva; Cerda; Cellini/unidentified company. [Live; Mexico, 1948] HRE 270(3). FS(plastic fraying, but box unopened) 7.00

411. MASSENET: Manon. Heldy; Marny; Ponzio; Coffier; Dupre; Sibille; Busser/Orch. [recorded 1923; with English notes, but NL] Bourg BG-4006-8(3). A- to A 19.00

412. MASSENET: Manon. Kabaivanska; Kraus; Saccomani; Pagliuca; Spica; Oren/unidentified company. [Live, 1981; NL - as issued] HRE 368(3). A- 10.00

413. MASSENET: Thais. Forti; Bastianini; Scarlini; Massaria; Toffolo/Verdi Theatre, Trieste. [Live, 1954] Melodram MEL-446(3). FS 8.00

414.*MASSENET: Thais. Sills; Milnes; Gedda; Maazel/NPO; Cho. [quad] Angel SCLX-3832(3). A- 8.00

415.*MASSENET: Werther. Domingo; Obratsova; Auger; Grundheber; Moll; Chailly/Cologne Radio Orch; Cologne Children's Choir. DGG 2709 091(3). A- to A(c/c) 7.00

416. MASSENET: Werther. Thill; Vallin; Feraldy; Roque; Cohen/French Opera Comique. [recorded 1935; French-only notes; NL] French EMI 2C053-10746/8(3). A- 11.00

417.*MENDELSSOHN: Elijah. Wiens; Watkinson; Luxon; Corboz/Gulbenkian Foundation Orch & Cho, Lisbon. [dig; DMM] Erato NUM-751473(3). A- to A 7.00

418.*MENDELSSOHN: St. Paul. Fischer-Dieskau; Donath; Schwarz; Hollweg; Fruhbeck de Burgos/Dusseldorf Sym & Cho. [quad] Angel SC-3842(3). A- 9.00

419. MENOTTI: Amahl & the Night Visitors. Allen; Kuhlmann; McKinley; Aiken; Lishner; Schippers/Orch & Cho. [original NBC TV cast from 1951; NL] RCA VIC-1512. FS(c/c) 5.00

420. MENOTTI: Amahl and the Night Visitors. Allen; Kuhlmann; McKinley; Aiken; Lishner; Monachino; Schippers/Orch & Cho. [Original cast, 1951 premiere; superb British pressing of a classic!] EMI ALP-1196. A- 15.00

421. MENOTTI: Amelia al Ballo. Carosio; Panerai; Prandelli; Amadini; Sanzogno/La Scala. [NL; Italian-only notes] Italian Odeon 33QCX-10070. A- 8.00

422. MENOTTI: Maria Golovin. F. Duval; Cross; Neway; Las; Chapman; Handt; Peter Herman Adler/Orch & Cho. [First class copy of very rare and sought-after recording; in mono only, though recorded in 1958; issued January 1959, but deleted in October 1960. Recorded in Rome with unnamed orchestra/chorus and neither producer nor engineer listed (Rome was Mohr/Layton's turf at the time). I wonder what the story was...? SD pressings; all 1S stampers; still in the original glassine sleeves. My only other copy sold in 1992 for $568!] [SD labels] RCA LM-6142(3). A- 177.00

423. MENOTTI: The Medium (Powers; Keller; Dame; Rogier; Mastice); The Telephone (Cotlow; Rogier). Balaban/Orch (in both). [NL; in English, of course] Col OSL-154(2). A-("2-eyes" labels) 9.00

424. MENOTTI: The Unicorn, the Gorgon & the Manticore. Hodges; Nowland; Hensley; Karian; Schippers/Ch Ens & Cho. Angel 35437. A-(earliest U.S. red-label pressing) 11.00

425.*MERIKANTO: (Aaare; 1893-1958): Juha. Lehtinen; Kostia; Krumm; Falck; Soderblom/Finnish National Opera. MHS 3079/81(3). A- 6.00

426.*MESSIAEN: Trois Liturgies de la Presence Divine (with Women's Cho). ROUSSEL: Symphony #3. Bernstein/NYP. Col MS-6582. A-(early "2-eyes" labels) 12.00

LP's: Operatic, Choral & Vocal Repertoire - continued
427. MEYERBEER: Gli Ugonotti. Lauri-Volpi; di Cavalieri; Taddei; Tozzi; Zaccaria; Gardino; Pastore; de Cavalieri; Serafin/La Scala. [Live; NL; blank jackets] Golden Age of Opera EJS 116(4). B to A-(varies) 8.00

428. MEYERBEER: Le Prophete. Horne; Gedda; Rinaldi; Giacomotti; Lewis/RAI Turin. [Live, July 1970] MRF 65(4). A- 20.00

429.*MEYERBEER: Robert le Diable. Ramey; Anderson; Vanzo; Lagrange; Fulton/unidentified company. [Live; Paris, 1985; first recording of complete original French version in five acts; includes notes booklet and French/English libretto] Legendary LR-211(4). A--(minor pressing flaws cause occasional sound) 16.00

430.*MOENE: (Alain; b.1942): Babylone. Saneva; Oxombre; Oudot; Fremeau; Dehon; Reibel/Instrumental Ens. Erato STU-71562. A- to A 6.00

431.*MOLL: Schubert – 18 Songs for Bass. Garben, pf. [dig; DMM] Orfeo S-021821. A- to A 8.00

432.*MONIUSZKO: Flis ("The Raftsman;" opera in one act). Majak; Slonicka; Ladysz; Gorzynski/Warsaw Philharmonic & Cho. [with English notes and synopsis, but NL] Muza SX-0145. A- 11.00

433.*MONRAD-JOHANSEN: Songs (17). Skaug & Lund, vocalists; Levin, pf. Two Portraits from the Middle Ages; Nordland Scenes. Bratlie, pf. Philips 6507 035. A- to A 6.00

434.*MONTEVERDI: Madrigals, Book #8. Harper; Watson; Alva; Davies; Wakefield; Dean; Leppard/Glyndebourne Chorus Members. Philips 6768 175(3). A- to A(c/c) 8.00

435. MONTEVERDI: Madrigals (8). Instrumental Ens; Jurgens/Hamburg Monteverdi Choir. Archiv 2533 146. A- to A 6.00

436. MONTEVERDI: Selected Vocal Works (9). Nadia Boulanger/Vocal & Instrumental Ens. [recorded 1937; this LP transfer by Keith Hardwick] Helios H-88004. A- to A 6.00

437.*MORLEY: The First Book of Ayres, 1600. Rogers, tenor; Harnoncourt, viola da gamba; Dombois, lute. Telefunken 6.41127. A- 5.00

438.*MORLEY: The Triumphs of Oriana (Balletts, Madrigals, Pavans & Sacred Songs). Deller Consort; Morley Consort. MHS 4137. A- 5.00

439.*MOZART: Abduction from the Seraglio (sung in English). Dobbs; Gedda; Eddy; Fryatt; Mangin; Menuhin/Bath Festival Orch; Ambrosian Singers. [With notes, but no libretto (as issued)] [blue labels] Angel SC-3741(3). A- 8.00

440.*MOZART: Abduction from the Seraglio. Eda-Pierre; Burrowes; Burrows; Tear; Lloyd; Davis/ASMF. [Inc five alternative duets & insert arias] Philips 6769 026(3). A- to A 9.00

441. MOZART: Bastien & Bastienne. Streich; Holm; Blankenheim; Stepp/Munich Ch Orch. Decca DL-9860. A-(slight cover stain) 7.00

442.*MOZART: Betulia Liberata. Schwarz; Schreier; Cotrubas; Berry; Fuchs; Hager/Salzburg Mozarteum Orch. DGG 2740 198(3). A- to A(British pressings) 9.00

443.*MOZART: Cantata: Davidde Penitente, K.469. Landwehr-Herrmann; Johns; H.Fischer; W.Fischer/University of Tubingen Orch & Cho. MHS 1589. A- 4.00

444. MOZART: Cosi Fan Tutte (in English). Steber; Tucker; Guarrera; Peters; Thebom; Alvary; Stiedry/Metropolitan Opera. Col SL-122(3). A-("2-eyes" labels) 27.00

445.*MOZART: Cosi fan Tutte. Lorengar; Berganza; Berbie; Davies; Krause; Bacquier; Solti/LPO. London OSA-1442(4). A- 10.00

446.*MOZART: Cosi fan Tutte. Schwarzkopf; Ludwig; Berry; Stefek; Kraus; Taddei; Bohm/PO & Cho. [blue labels] Angel S-3631(4). A- 9.00

LP's: Operatic, Choral & Vocal Repertoire - continued
447. MOZART: Cosi fan Tutte. Schwarzkopf; Merriman; Otto; Simoneau; Panerai; Bruscantini; Karajan/PO & Cho. [NL] World Sound OC-195/197(3). A- 11.00

448.*MOZART: Don Giovanni. Ghiaurov; Watson; Gedda; Ludwig; Berry; Freni; Klemperer/NPO & Cho. [blue labels] Angel SDL-3700(4). A- 10.00

449.*MOZART: Don Giovanni. Wachter; Schwarzkopf; Sutherland; Alva; Frick; Taddei; Cappuccilli; Sciutti; Giulini/PO & Cho. [Was Sutherland ever on another non-Decca/London recording?] [blue labels] Angel S-3605(4). A- 9.00

450.*MOZART: Don Giovanni. Weikl; Margaret Price; Sass; Bacquier; Burrows; Popp; Moll; Sramek; Solti/LPO. London OSA-1444(4). A- 10.00

451. MOZART: Don Giovanni. Pinza; Rethberg; Borgioli; Lazzari; Helletsgruber; Walter/Vienna State Opera. [Live, Salzburg Festival; 8-2-1937; no notes; NL; filler on final side: Rethberg in arias from Figaro & Magic Flute (1926)] Operatic Archives OPA-1048-50(3). A- 16.00

452. MOZART: Don Giovanni. Pinza; Bampton; Sayao; Cordon; Kullman; Novotna; Kipnis; Harrell; Walter/Metropolitan Opera. [Live; March 7, 1942; NL; blank jackets] Golden Age of Opera EJS 119(3). B(sds 1 & 2)(rest is B to B+ - nice for an EJS) 22.00

453. MOZART: Don Giovanni. Gobbi; Junz; Greindl; Dermota; Welitsch; Schwarzkopf; Seefried; Furtwangler/VPO; VSO Cho. [Live, 1950; NL; blank jackets] Golden Age of Opera EJS 419(3). B+(very fine pressing for EJS!) 11.00

454. MOZART: Don Giovanni. Bampton; Novotna; Sayao; Pinza; Kipnis; Kullman; Harrell; Walter/Unnamed Company. [live, 1942; presumably the Met; no notes or libretto] Discocorp WSA-304/06(3). A- 18.00

455. MOZART: Don Giovanni. London; Zadek; Simoneau; Berry; Jurinac; Sciutti; Wachter; Moralt/Vienna Sym & Chamber Choir. Epic SC-6010(3). B++ 10.00

456. MOZART: Don Giovanni. Siepi; Schwarzkopf; Stir; Grummer; Dermota; Edelmann; Berger; Berry; Furtwangler/unidentified orch. [Live; Salzburg Festival, 1953] Private MORG-003(4). A- 27.00

457.*MOZART: Don Giovanni. Titus; Varady; Mathis; Moser; Auger; Panerai; Kubelik/BVRS & Cho. [dig; DMM] Eurodisc 302-435-445(3). FS(c/c) 10.00

458. MOZART: Don Giovanni. Wachter; Schwarzkopf; Price; Zaccaria; Valletti; Berry; Karajan/VPO; VSO Cho. [Live; Salzburg Festival; August 8, 1960] Paragon DSV-52010(3). A-_(NL) 14.00

459. MOZART: Hochzeit des Figaro. Schoeffler; Cebotari; Ahlersmeyer; Teschemacher; Bohm/Orch & Cho des Reichssenders Stuttgart. [recorded 1938; Austrian issue; no notes or libretto] Private FH-1-3(3). A- 14.00

460.*MOZART: Idomeneo. Shirley; Davies; Rinaldi; Tinsley; Tear; Pilley; Dean; Davis/BBC Sym & Cho. Philips 839 758/60(3). A- to A 11.00

461. MOZART: L'Oca del Cairo (Cortis; Giancola; Handt; Scaglia/RAI; May, 1957). Lo Sposa Rome (Tuccari; Londi; Handt; Pradella/RAI Milano; August, 1956). Thamos, Konig in Agypten (Meneguzzer; Zilio; Frascati; Monreale; Giulini/RAI Torino; June, 1958). [as usual with these Melodrams, superb pressings, but no notes or libretti; scarce set!!] Melodram MEL-034(3). A- to A 14.00

462. MOZART: La Betulia Liberata. Schwarzkopf; Christoff; Vincenti; Valletti; Pirazzini; Rossi/RAI Torino. [Live; NL; blank jackets] Golden Age of Opera EJS 276. B+ 6.00

LP's: Operatic, Choral & Vocal Repertoire - continued
463.*MOZART: La Clemenza di Tito. Berganza; Mathis; Varady; Schreier; Adam; Schiml; Bohm/Staatskapelle Dresden; Leipzig Radio Cho. DGG 2709 092(3). A- to A 9.00

464.*MOZART: La Clemenza di Tito. Baker; Minton; Von Stade; Burows; Popp; Lloyd; Davis/ROHCG. Philips 6703 079(3). A- to A 9.00

465. MOZART: La Clemenza di Tito. Gedda; Zadek; Malaniuk; Offermans; Groschel; Keilberth/Cologne Radio Orch & Cho. [Live, 1955; booklet includes photos, but NL] Cetra LO-78(2). A- 6.00

466. MOZART: Magic Flute. Stader; Fischer-Dieskau; Streich; Haefliger; Borg; Greindl; Otto; Fricsay/RIAS Sym, Berlin. DGG 2728 009(3). A- to A 6.00

467.*MOZART: Magic Flute. Lorengar; Deutekom; Prey; Burrows; Talvela; Fischer-Dieskau; Solti/VPO. London OSA-1397(3). A- 7.00

468.*MOZART: Magic Flute. Mathis; Van Dam; Ott; Araiza; Hornik; Perry; Tomowa-Sintow; Karajan/BPO; Berlin Opera Chorus. [dig] DGG 2741 001(3). A- to A 10.00

469.*MOZART: Magic Flute. Popp; Jerusalem; Gruberova; Lindner; Brendel; Bailey; Kmentt; Haitink/BVRS & Cho. [dig] Angel DSCX-3918(3). A- 6.00

470.*MOZART: Magic Flute. Lear; Peters; Otto; Fischer-Dieskau; Crass; Hotter; Wunderlich; Bohm/BPO. [In deluxe oversize box] [tulip labels] DGG 138 981/83(3). A- to A 17.00

471. MOZART: Magic Flute. Stader; Fischer-Dieskau; Streich; Haefliger; Borg; Greindl; Otto; Fricsay/RIAS Sym, Berlin. [Original issue with tulip labels, in sturdy deluxe cloth-covered box] [tulip labels] DGG LPM-18 267/69(3). A- to A 27.00

472.*MOZART: Marriage of Figaro. Wixell; Norman; Freni; Ganzarolli; Minton; Davis/BBC Sym & Cho. Philips 6707 014(4). A- to A 7.00

473. MOZART: Marriage of Figaro. Rethberg; Sayao; Pinza; Novotna; Petina; Brownlee; Panizza/Metropolitan Opera. [Live; 3/9/1940; NL; blank jackets] Golden Age of Opera EJS 118(3). A--(nice pressing for EJS) 14.00

474. MOZART: Marriage of Figaro. Abramov; Zakharov; Kazantseva; Rozhdestvenskaya; Makarova-Shevchenko; Sanderling/Moscow Radio Orch & Cho. [recorded 1948; includes English synopsis, but NL] Melodiya 33M10-36437-42(3). A- 13.00

475.*MOZART: Marriage of Figaro. Wachter; Schwarzkopf; Cossotto; Taddei; Moffo; Giulini/PO & Cho. [blue labels] Angel S-3608(4). A- 14.00

476.*MOZART: Missa Brevis, K.140; Motets, K.144 & 198; Sonata K.144. Fuchs; Mayr; Cid-Jimenez; Raniger; Hinreiner/Camerata Academica Salzburg. [notes German & French only] Schwann AMS-3516. A- to A 5.00

477. MOZART: Missa Brevis, K.194; Credo Mass, K.257. Cahnbley-Maedel; Kissel; Schretter; Maran; Paumgartner/Mozarteum Orch & Cho. Epic LC-3323. A- 4.00

478.*MOZART: Requiem. Harper; Hesse; Page; Engen; Colombo/VSOO & Ch Cho. [German/French-only notes] Concert Hall SMS-2593. A- 5.00

479. MOZART: Requiem. Stich-Randall; Malaniuk; Kmentt; Bohme; Bohm/Vienna Sym. [mono-only recording; issued in memoriam Bohm, 1894-1981] Philips 6851 147. A- to A 5.00

480.*MOZART: Requiem. Seefried; Pitzinger; Holm; Borg; Jochum/Vienna Sym; VSO Cho. Heliodor 89 508. A-(Canadian pressing) 5.00

481.*MOZART: Requiem. Donath; Ludwig; Tear; Lloyd; Giulini/PO & Cho. Angel SZ-37600. A- 5.00

LP's: Operatic, Choral & Vocal Repertoire - continued
482.*MOZART: Requiem. Endich; Alberts; Virgilio; Morgan; Leinsdorf/BSO; Chorus pro Musica; Harvard Glee Club & Radcliffe Choral Society; New England Conservatory Chorus; St. John's Seminary Chorus. [Complete recording of the Requiem Mass celebrated by Richard Cardinal Cushing in memory of John F. Kennedy at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Boston; January 19, 1964. Includes the program for the mass as well as notes insert. Scarce, historic set.] RCA LSC-7030(2). A-(SD; 1S/2S/1S/1S) 45.00

483. MOZART: Zaide. Dobbs; Cuenod; Riley; Peyron; Demigny; Leibowitz/L'Orchestre Philharmonique de Paris. [in blank box; no notes; NL] Polymusic PR-901(2). B to B+(crackly edges clear to B+ for the majority) 15.00

484.*MUSGRAVE: A Christmas Carol. Burchinal; Peterson; Montgomery; Norman; Bender; Mark/Virginia Opera Assn. Moss Music Group MMG 302(3). A- 9.00

485.*MUSSORGSKY: Khovanshchina. Arkipova; Krivchenya; Pyavko; Maslennikov; Khaikin/Bolshoi Theatre. Mel-Angel SRDL-4125(4). A- 16.00

486.*NIELSEN: Hymnus Amoris; Sleep. Vocal Soloists (in Hymnus); Woldike/Danish Radio Orch/Cho (both). [quad; Motley; Rasmussen & Drewsen] EMI ASD-3358. A- 5.00

487. NIELSEN: Three Motets, Op.55 (Woldike/Danish State Radio Madrigal Choir); Commotio (Georg Fjelrad, organ). [notes by Robert Simpson] London LL-1030. B+ 9.00

488.*NORDHEIM: (Arne): Aurora; Klokkesong; Tres Lamentationes. Misc soloists & cho; Hogset cond. Aurora 1902. A- to A 6.00

489. OFFENBACH: La Grande Duchesse de Gerolstein. Zareska; Prevet; Dran; Riley; Lacour; Mollien; Leibowitz/Pasdeloup Orch; Cho. Urania UX-115(2). A- 12.00

490. OFFENBACH: Les Contes de Hoffmann. Tucker; Singher; McCracken; Stevens; Peters; Amara; Miller; Scott; Cehanovsky; Monteux/Metropolitan Opera. Broadcast performance, December 3, 1955. [Deluxe Soria Series limited edition; the fourteenth (1987) in the Met's Soria Series of Historical Recordings made available only to generous Met donors; in sturdy burgundy plush slipcase with handsome, illustrated 26-page book plus libretto] Metropolitan Opera-MET-14(3). A- to A 100.00

491.*OFFENBACH: Orpheus in der Unterwelt. Rothenberger; Dallapozza; Kusche; Lindner; Gruber; Mattes/Philharmonia Hungarica; Cologne Opera Cho. [With English notes, but libretto in German only] Electrola 1C157-30 802/03(2). A- to A 7.00

492. OFFENBACH: Orpheus in Hades. Collart; Mollien; Dran; Demigny; Hoffmann; Mans; Leibowitz/Paris Phil & Cho. Renaissance SX-204(2). A--(lovely copy for this issue!) 6.00

493. OFFENBACH: Tales of Hoffmann. Tucker; Singher; Stevens; Peters; Amara; Monteux/ Metropolitan Opera. [Live, 3-12-55] Cetra LO-45(3). A- 23.00

494.*OFFENBACH: Tales of Hoffman (in German). Jerusalem; Scovotti; Fischer-Dieskau; Sharp; Moll; Varady; Schwarz; Wallberg/Munich Radio Orch; Bavarian Radio Cho. [German-only notes & libretto] Electrola 1C157-45 351/53(3). A- to A 14.00

495. OFFENBACH: Tales of Hoffman. Anders; Streich; Klein; Berger; Rother/Berlin Radio. [Recorded 1946; this issue has no notes or libretto, nor does it list performers, which I found via an ARSC notation on the internet. Though touted as "complete," that same note indicates that it is significantly abridged. Apart from a few blemishes, this is essentially a very clean copy of a quieter-than-normal pressing for this label.] Gramophone 20154-56(3). B+ to B(see preceding comments) 18.00

LP's: Operatic, Choral & Vocal Repertoire - continued
496.*ORFF: Carmina Burana. Popp; Unger; Wolansky; Noble; Fruhbeck de Burgos/NPO. [blue labels] Angel S-36333. A- 4.00

497.*ORFF: Catulli Carmina. Grobe; Putz; Leitner/Cologne Radio Orch & Cho. [recording "authorized" by Orff, which I suppose means he supervised the sessions] BASF G-22453. A- 5.00

498. PACINI: Saffo. Gencer; Quilco; Mattiucci; Del Bianco; Capuana/Teatro San Carlo, Naples. [Live; April 7, 1967; blank box] Golden Age of Opera EJS 404(2). B+(very fine pressing for EJS!) 17.00

499.*PAER: Leonora. Carson; Casula; Frusoni; Stavru; Tadeo; Maag/Stuttgart Radio Orch. [Live; May 23, 1976; includes booklet of notes and full libretto] MRF S-144(3). A-(box is dented; minor H20 stains; LP's superb) 20.00

500.*PANUFNIK: Universal Prayer. Cantelo; Watts; Mitchinson; Stalman; Stokowski/Louis Halsey Singers; Kynaston, organ; Watkins, Korchinska & Bonifacio, harps. Unicorn RHS-305. A- 11.00

501.*PENDERECKI: Magnificat. Lagger; Composer/Polish Radio Orch & Cho; Soloists & Boys' Chorus of Krakow Phil Chorus. Angel S-37141. A- 4.00

502.*PENDERECKI: St. Luke Passion. Woytowicz; Ladysz; Hiolski; Herdegen; Czyz/Cracow Phil; Cho. Philips 802 771/72(2). A- to A 7.00

503.*PENDERECKI: The Entombment of Christ (from Utrenja). Woytowicz; Meyer; McCoy; Ladysz; Lagger; Ormandy/Phila; Temple Univ Choirs. [Autographed in bold marker on front cover: "Greetings on behalf of the Philadelphia Orchestra Transcription Service. Eugene Ormandy. 1972"] RCA LSC-3180. A-(ORMANDY AUTOGRAPH) 35.00

504.*PETERSON-BERGER: (Wilhelm): Songs (25). Jonth, soprano; Brilioth, tenor; Alin, piano. Bis LP-42. A- to A 8.00

505.*PETROVICS: (Emil; b.1930): Jonas Konyve (The Book of Jonah). Reti; Palocz; Palcso; Uto; Erdelyi/Hungarian State Orch; Budapest Cho. [includes English notes, but NL] Hungaroton SLPX-11420. A- 9.00

506.*PETTERSSON: Vox Humana. Mellnas; Rodin; Alexandersson; Hagegard; Westerberg/Swedish Radio Orch & Cho. HNH 4047. A-(c/c) 6.00

507. PIERNE: Incidental Music to "Ramuntcho." GURIDI: Prelude to "Mirentxu; Ezpatadantza from "Amaya." Orquesta Sinfonica conducted by Argenta (Mirentxu & 2 Pierne movements) and Tejada (in rest). [notes Spanish only] Alhambra C-7560. A- 20.00

508. PLANQUETTE: Les Cloches de Corneville. Musy; Blanc; Giraudeau; Balbon; Riedinger; Dervaux/Orch; Cho. [French-only notes; NL] London TW-91114/5(2). A- 7.00

509.*PONCHIELLI: La Gioconda. Tebaldi; Horne; Bergonzi; Merrill; Maionica; de Palma; Foiani; Gardelli/ASCR. London OSA-1388(3). A- to A(c/c; Dutch pressings) 10.00

510.*PONCHIELLI: La Gioconda. Caballe; Carreras; Nave; Manuguerra; Payne; Cobos/Unnamed Company. [Live; 1979; probably with neither notes nor libretto] HRE 313(3). FS 11.00

511. PONCHIELLI: La Gioconda. Milanov; Castagna; Kaskas; Martinelli; Moscona; Panizza/Metropolitan Opera. [Live; December 30, 1939; original sources rather noisy; NL; blank jackets] Golden Age of Opera EJS 225(3). B+/B(mostly B+ but some ticky spots) 18.00

LP's: Operatic, Choral & Vocal Repertoire - continued
512.*POULENC: Four Song Cycles: Le Bal Masque; Rapsodie Negre; Chansons Villageoises; Le Bestiaire. Beniot, baritone; Pretre/PCO. [blue labels] Angel S-36370. A- 6.00

513. PROKOFIEV: Alexander Nevsky. Ariarte, mezzo; Rossi/VSOO & Cho. Fontana BIG-331-L. A- 9.00

514.*PUCCINI: Gianni Schicchi. Gobbi; de los Angeles; Canali; Del Monte; Santini/Rome Opera. [blue labels] Angel S-35473. A- 8.00

515. PUCCINI: Gianni Schicchi. Elmo; Albanese; Tajo; di Stefano; Votipka; Antonicelli/unidentified company. [live, 1949] Archives OPA-1024. A-(NL) 9.00

516. PUCCINI: Madama Butterfly. de los Angeles; Canali; Huder; Di Stefano; Gobbi; Ercolani; Gavazzeni/Rome Opera. Sera IC-6090(3). A- 5.00

517. PUCCINI: Madama Butterfly. Tebaldi; Campora; Rankin; di Palma; Erede/ASCR. [issued without libretto] Richmond RS-63001(3). A- 5.00

518.*PUCCINI: Madama Butterfly. Freni; Pavarotti; Ludwig; Kerns;

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