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Wind Ens. Xlnt Music LP-2. A- 12.00

1020.*COHN: (James; b.1928): Sonata for Flute; Sonatina for Clarinet; Sonata Robusta; Sonata Romanticas. Misc soloists; Alderking, piano in all. Xlnt Music LP-1. A- 12.00

1021.*COPLAND: Appalachian Spring (orig version for ch orch). Composer/Col Ch Orch. Col M-32736. A- 12.00

1022.*COPLAND: Lincoln Portrait (Adlai Stevenson, narrator); Fanfare for the Common Man. IVES: Three Places in New England. Ormandy/Phila. Col MS-6684. A-(early "2-eyes" labels) 10.00

1023.*CORDERO: (Roque): Symphony #2. LEONARDO BALADA: Homage a Sarasate. HENRY BRANT: On the Nature of Things. Mester/Louisville Orch. Louisville LS-765. A- 12.00

1024. CORELLI: Concerti Grossi, Op.6 (complete). Hansen/Ch Orch of Societas Musica, Copenhagen. Bach Guild BG-585/87(3). A- 8.00

1025.*CORIGLIANO: Clarinet Concerto (Drucker). BARBER: Essay #3. Mehta/NYP. New World 309. A- 12.00

1026. COWELL: Symphony #11. ALEXANDER TCHEREPNIN - Suite, Op.87. BERNARD WAGENAAR: Concert Overture. Whitney/Louisville Orch. [blank jacket; notes included] Louisville LOU-545-2. A- 12.00

1027. COWELL: Thesis (Symphony #15). RODOLFO HALFFTER: Ballet Suite, "La Madrugada del Panadero." Whitney/Louisville Orch. [blank jacket; includes notes] Louisville LOU-622. A- 12.00

1028.*CZERNY: Haydn Variations (Froschauer/Vienna Ch Orch). RIES: Piano Concerto #3 (Guschlbauer/Salzburg Ch Orch). Blumental, piano). RCA VICS-1501. A- 8.00

1029. DE GREEF: (Arthur; 1862-1940): Four Old Flemish Folksongs. FRANCK - Psyche. Andre/Belgian Radio Orch. Telefunken LGX-66024. A-(very fine) 16.00

1030.*DEFOSSEZ: (Rene): La Conquete de l'Espace. Ducene/Military Band of the Guides. Terpsichore 1982 013. FS 8.00

1031. DELIUS: The Early Recordings, 1927-38; 1948. BEECHAM conducts Paris, Summer Night on the River, Sea Drift, Appalachia, Eventyr, Over the Hills & Far Away, In a Summer Garden, Brigg Fair, On Hearing the First Cuckoo in the Spring, Irmelin Prelude, Walk to the Paradise Garden, Songs(16), Excerpts from Florida Suite, Koanga, Hassan, Fennimore & Gerda, A Mass of Life. Labbette, soprano; Nash, tenor; Moore, piano; LPO; RPO. [Also two Beecham interviews on Delius. Some copies of this set included the paperback edition of Beecham's book on Delius, whereas some (like this one) did not, even though there is a cutout space for it in the box.] World Record Club SHB-32(5). A- to A 65.00

1032. DELIUS: Post-War Recordings, 1946-52. BEECHAM conducts A Village Romeo & Juliet (Dowling; Sharp; Ritchie; Avis); Piano Concerto (Betty Humby Beecham); Violin Concerto (Pougnet); Songs of Sunset (Evans; Llewellyn; BBC Cho); Song of the High Hills (Hart; Jones; Luton Cho Soc); Dance Rhapsodies #1 & 2; Marche Caprice; Brigg Fair; On Hearing the First Cuckoo in the Spring; Summer Night on the River; Summer Evening; Song before Sunrise; Hassan Intermezzo & Serenade; Irmelin Prelude; Songs(5; Thomas; Suddaby). RPO. World Record Club SHB-54(6). A- to A(superficial rub rec 1/sd 2: little or no snd) 65.00

1033. DVORAK: Symphony #1, Op.3. Neumann/Prague Sym. [fold-open jacket; 1st recording] Artia ALP-140. A--(brief tks mvt 2) 7.00

1034. ELGAR: Symphony #1 (Composer/LSO; recorded 1930); Prelude to The Kingdom (Composer/BBC Sym; recorded 1933). [LP transfers by A.C.Griffith] World Rec Cl SH-139. A- 12.00

LP's: Orchestral & Instrumental Repertoire - continued
1035. ELGAR: Three Bavarian Dances; Chanson de Matin; Chanson de Nuit; Pomp & Circumstance Marches #1-#5; Salut d'Amour; Mazurka. Composer/Misc British Orchestras. [recorded 1926-33; transfers by A.C.Griffith] EMI HLM-7005. A- to A 9.00

1036.*ERB: (Donald; 1927-2008): Symphony of Overtures; The Seventh Trumpet; Concerto for Solo Percussionist. Dahlgren, percussion; Johanos/Dallas Sym. Turnabout TVS-34433. A- 12.00

1037.*ERB: Reconnaissance (Composer conducts instrumental ensemble including Tilson-Thomas playing Moog Synthesizer); In No Strange Land for Trombone, Double-Bass & Electronic Sounds (Dempster; Turetzky) Nonesuch H-71223. A- 10.00

1038.*FIELD: Four Piano Sonatas (Op.1, #1-#3; and another in B). Frank Merrick MHS 1529. A- 8.00

1039.*FIELD: Piano Concerto #3 (Merrick; Foster/Orch). Rare Recorded Editions SRRE-116. A- 9.00

1040.*FIELD: Piano Concerto #4 (Merrick; Nash/Bexley Pro Musica). Merrick also plays the Chopin Berceuse. Rare Recorded Editions SRRE-136. A- 8.00

1041. FINNEY: (Ross Lee): Symphony #1. DANIEL PINKHAM: Symphony #2. Whitney/Louisville Orch. Louisville LOU-652. A- 10.00

1042.*GINASTERA: Piano Concerto (1961); Piano Sonata (1952). Hilde Somer (with Maerzendorfer/Vienna Philharmonia in the concerto). Desto DS-6402. A- 12.00

1043.*GLAZOUNOV: Piano Concerti #1 (Nassedkin; Dshuraitis/USSR Radio Orch) & #2 (Alexejew; Nikolajewskij/USSR Radio Orch). [German-only notes] Melodiya - Eurodisc 200-081-366. A- 8.00

1044.*GLAZOUNOV: Symphony #2. Khaikin/Moscow Radio Orch. Melodiya 33C-0931-32. A- 12.00

1045.*GLAZOUNOV: Violin Concerto (Snitkovsky; Rozhdestvensky/Moscow Radio); Piano Concerto #2 (Alexeyev; Nikolaevsky/Moscow Radio). Melodiya 33C10-08811-C. A- 8.00

1046.*GOOSSENS: (Sir Eugene; 1893-1962): Symphony #1 (1940). Measham/Adelaide Sym. Unicorn Kanchana KP-8000. A- 12.00

1047.*GOULD: (Morton): Symphony of Spirituals; Housewarming. Smith/Louisville Orchestra. Louisville LS-791. A- 12.00

1048.*GRANADOS: Piano Music - Cuentos de la Juventud; Bocetos; six more short pieces. Thomas Rayna. CRD 1036. A- 9.00

1049.*HANDEL: Concerti Grossi, Op.6 (complete). Salter/Guildhall String Ens. [dig] MHS 932581T(3). A- 11.00

1050.*HANDEL: Overture in D; Concerto Grosso in D; Oboe Concerti in g & B-flat (Sous). Linde/Schola Cantorum Basiliensis. Archiv 2533 079. FS 8.00

1051.*HAYDN: (Michael): Symphonies in G and A; Violin Concerto in A (Armon). Jones/London Little Orch. Pye GSGC-14131. A- to A 8.00

1052. HAYDN: Symphony # 38 & #39. Sternberg/Vienna Sym. Haydn Soc HS-9115. A- 8.00

1053.*HAYDN: Symphony #44 & #45. Janigro/Zagreb Radio Orch. Vanguard VSD-2145. A- 9.00

1054.*HEINRICH: (Anthony Philip; 1781-1861): The Ornithological Combat of Kings (Keene/Syracuse Sym). GOTTSCHALK: Night in the Tropics (Two-Piano transcription) (Anthony & Joseph Paratore). New World NW-208. A- 8.00

1055.*HILLER: Piano Concerto (de Froment/Luxembourg Radio Orch). RAFF: Piano Concerto (Kapp/Hamburg Sym). Ponti (in both). Candide CE-31058. A- 7.00

1056. HINDEMITH: The Four Temperaments (Otte, piano); Symphonic Dances. Composer/BPO. [rec 1954/55; German-only notes] Heliodor 2548 724. A- to A 10.00

1057.*HOLST: Ballet Music from The Golden Goose; Capriccio; Double Concerto for Two Violins (Hurwitz; Sillito); Two Songs Without Words. Imogen Holst/ECO. [from Lyrita SRCS-44] MHS 1452. A-(s/s) 8.00

LP's: Orchestral & Instrumental Repertoire - continued
1058.*HOVHANESS: Avak, the Healer (Farris, soprano; Rapier, trumpet). WIDDOES: Morning Music. SCULTHORPE: Sun Music III. Mester/Louisville Orch. Louisville LS-735. A- 12.00

1059.*HUMMEL: Grand Sonata for Piano Solo. JOHANN CRAMER: Piano Concerto #5. Sagara; Cao/Luxembourg Radio. Turn TVS-34608. A- 9.00

1060.*HUMMEL: Military Septet; Octet. JURAJ DRUZECKY (1745-1819): Partita #4. Pavlik/Bratislava Chamber harmony. Opus 9111 0409. A- 7.00

1061.*HUSA: (Karel; b.1921): The Trojan Women. Endo/Louisville Orch. Louisville LS-775. A- 9.00

1062.*IBERT: Tropismes Pour les Amours Imaginaires; Ouverture de Fete; Escales. Martinon/ORTF. [quad] Angel S-37194. A- 15.00

1063.*IRELAND: "John Ireland - His Friends and Pupils." Piano works by IRELAND (Columbine; 3 Pastels; Ballade of London Nights; Almond Tree); BLISS (Sonata); RAWSTHORNE (Bagatelles); MOEREN (3 Fancies); BRITTEN (Holiday Diary); EUGENE GOOSSENS (4 Conceits); CYRIL SCOTT (Sonata #3); ALAN BUSH (Esquisse; Le Quatorze Juillet); GEOFFREY BUSH (Sonatine #1). Eric Parkin, piano. [dig; DMM] Chandos DBRD-2006(2). A- to A 15.00

1064.*IRELAND: Piano Concerto in E-Flat; Mai-Dun, Symphonic Rhapsody; Legend for Piano & Orchestra. Parkin; Thomson/LPO. [dig] Chandos ABRD-1174. A- 8.00

1065.*IRELAND: Piano Music: Decorations; Four Preludes; Prelude in E-Flat; Rhapsody; The Towing Path; Merry Andrew; London Pieces. Eric Parkin. [from Lyrita SRCS-87] A- 8.00

1066.*IVANOV: (Konstantin): Symphony in Memory of Yuri Gagarin; Double Bass Concerto. Mikhno, bass; Composer/USSR Radio-TV Orch. [seems an appropriate record to offer in April of 2011: 50th anniversary, on April 12th, of Gagarin's trip into space!] Melodiya 33C10-08773-4. A- 25.00

1067.*IVES: Symphony #2. Tilson-Thomas/ACO. [dig] CBS IM-37300. A- to A 7.00

1068.*IVES: Three Places in New England (Ormandy/Phila); Washington's Birthday (Bernstein/NYP); Robert Browning Overture (Stokowski/American Sym). Col MS-7015. A-(early "2-eyes" labels; s/s) 10.00

1069.*JOACHIM: Violin Concerto ("Hungarian"). HUBAY: Hejre Kati for Violin & Orchestra. ENESCO: Prelude for Violin Solo. Rosand; Kohler & de Froment/Luxembourg Radio Orch. Candide CE-31064. A-- 7.00

1070. KABALEVSKY: Romeo & Juliet (Musical Sketches to Shakespeare's Tragedy). Composer/USSR Radio Orch. MK 1546. B+(occ tks) 9.00

1071.*KALLIWODA: (Johann Wenzel; 1801-66): Symphony #1. JAN VACLAV TOMASEK (1774-1850): Piano Concerto #1 (Toperczer). Rohan/Prague Sym. Candide CE-31073. A- 8.00

1072.*KHACHATURIAN: Concerto for Flute (transcribed by Rampal from the Violin Concerto). Rampal; Martinon/ORTF. MHS 1186. A- 7.00

1073.*KNUSSEN: (Oliver; b.1952): Symphony #2 (Barry, soprano); Trumpets (for soprano [Hirst] & three clarinets); Coursing (for chamber orch); Cantata (for oboe & string trio). Composer/London Sinfonietta. [dig] Unicorn Kanchana DKP-9027. A- to A(c/c) 7.00

1074. KODALY: Symphony. NELSON KEYES (b.1928): "Music for Monday Evenings" Suite. Whitney/Louisville Orch. Louisville LOU-631. A- 12.00

1075.*KRENEK: Kleine Blasmuwik; Three Merry Marches. PETER MAXWELL DAVIES: Saint Michael Sonata. Mester/Louisville Orchestra. Louisville LS-756. A- 12.00

1076.*LALO: Piano Concerto (Gielen/Vienna Volksoper Orch). SAINT-SAENS: Concerto #5 (Swarowsky/Vienna Sym). Frugoni (both). Turnabout TVS-34423. A- 8.00

1077.*LANCHBERY: Peter Rabbit & Tales of Beatrix Potter. Composer/ROHCG. [soundtrack from the Royal Ballet film] Angel S-36789. A-(c/c) 10.00

LP's: Orchestral & Instrumental Repertoire - continued
1078.*LAZAROF (Henri): Sinfonietta; Chamber Sym. Schwarz/LA Ch Sym. [dig] Laurel LR-133. A- to A 10.00

1079.*LECLAIR: Violin Concerti: Op.7, #4 and Op.10, #5. JACQUES AUBERT: Violin Concerti; Op.17, #1 & #2. Weiner; Ludzuweit/Hamburg Ch Orch. Turn TVS-34212. FS 8.00

1080.*LIPATTI: Concertino in Classical Style; Rumanian Dances. Blumental; Cillario/Milan Phil. Everest 3166. A- 8.00

1081.*LITOLFF: Concerto Symphonique #4 (all four movements - not just the Scherzo!) Robbins, piano; Remoortel/Monte-Carlo Opera Orch. Genesis GS-1035. A- 9.00

1082.*LULLY: Suite in C. TELEMANN: Concert Suite in F. SCHEIDT: Suite in C. VEJVANOVSKY: Sonata #14. FISCHER: Suite #6. Musica da Camera Praga. Supraphon 1 11 1867. A- 10.00

1083.*LUNDSTEN: (Ralph; b.1936): Summer Saga (Nordic Nature Symphony #4); Pop Age. Composer on synthesizers, keyboards, etc. With Stockholm Baroque Ens; Cho; etc. Angel S-38108. A-(c/c) 9.00

1084. MACDOWELL: Sonata Tragica; Sonata Eroica. Perry O'Neil, piano. SPA 63. B++ 18.00

1085.*MAHLER: Symphony # 2. Horne; Neblett; Abbado/CSO & Cho. DGG 2707 094(2). A- to A 16.00

1086.+MAHLER: Symphony # 5 (Walter/NYP); Kindertotenlieder (Ferrier; Walter/VPO). Odyssey 32 26 0016(2). A- 13.00

1087.*MAHLER: Symphony # 6. Karajan/BPO. DGG 2707 106(2). A- to A 14.00

1088.*MAHLER: Symphony #1. Abbado/CSO. [dig] DGG 2532 020. FS 10.00

1089.*MAHLER: Todtenfeier (tone poem revised into 1st mvmt of 2nd symphony; 1st rec). BACH-MAHLER: Suite. Lopez-Cobos/Berlin Radio. [live, 1983; dig; DMM] Schwann VMS-1637. A- to A 10.00

1090.*MARTIN: Petite Symphonie Concertante. DEBUSSY: Danses Sacree et Profane. RAVEL: Intro & Allegro. Otterloo/Sydney Sym. Chandos ABR-1060. A- to A 8.00

1091. MARTINU: Double Concerto for Two String Orchestras, Piano & Timpani (Sejna/CPO); Les Fresques de Piero della Francesca (Ancerl/CPO). Artia ALP-135. A-(fold-open album) 9.00

1092.*MASSENET: Concerto for Piano (A.Drescher); Scenes Pittoresques; Thais Meditation. W.Richter/Hamburg Sym (in all). Summit SUM-5080. A- 7.00

1093.*MAYUZUMI: Nirvana Symphony (Toyama cond); Mandala Symphony (Yamada cond). NHK Sym; Japan Chorus Union (in both). Philips 9500 762. A- to A 12.00

1094.*MELCER: (Henryk; 1869-1928): Piano Concerto #2. Rutkowska; Wilkomirski/Warsaw National Philharmonic. Muza SX-1788. A- 12.00

1095.*MENDELSSOHN (Fanny): Melodies (5) for Piano Solo. CLARA SCHUMANN: Scherzo #2; Romance #1; Improptu; Variations on a Theme of Robert Schumann; 4 Polonaises. Judith Alstadter.. MHS 4163. A- 8.00

1096.*MERILAINEN: (Usko; 1930-2004): Concerto for Double Bass & Percussion (Kasonen, bass; Kuisma, percussion). EINOJUHANI RAUTAVAARA (b.1928): Concerto for Double Bass & Orchestra, "Angel of Dusk" (Kasonen; Segersatm/Finnish Radio Orch). Finlandia FA-339. FS 15.00

1097. MILHAUD: Suite Francaise (Composer/NYP). IBERT: Escales (Rodzinski). [10-inch] Col ML-2093. B 9.00

1098.*MOSCHELES: Piano Concerto, Op.58 (Maga/Philharmonia Hungarica); Etudes (10; from Opp.70 & 95). Ponti. Candide CE-31010. A- 8.00

1099.*MOSZKOWSKI: Piano Concerto, Op.59 (Stracke/Phil Hungarica); Piano pieces - Caprice Espagnol; Etude in F; Etinselles; Venusberg Bacchanale (paraphrase for piano); Danse Boheme (after Carmen). Ponti, piano. Candide CE-31030. A- 9.00

1100.*MOZART: Concerti for Bassoon (Bernard Garfield) and Flute (William Kincaid). Ormandy/Phila. Col MS-6451. A-("2-eyes" labels) 25.00

LP's: Orchestral & Instrumental Repertoire - continued
1101.*MOZART: Serenade # 7. Maier, violin & conducting Collegium Aureum. BASF KHB-29310. FS 8.00

1102.*MOZART: Symphonies #25 - #41. Bohm/BPO. [In deluxe oversize box] DGG SKL-109 173/79(7). A- to A(moderate stains on box spine) 20.00

1103. NIELSEN: Symphony #1. Jensen/Danish State Radio Orch. [first recording; strong performance with especially nice low brass] London LL-635. B++ 12.00

1104.*NIELSEN: Symphony #2; Little Suite for Strings. Garaguly/Tivoli Concert Hall Sym. [terrific performance - short-lived first US issue of the first stereo recording of the work] Vox STPL-512.550. A- 11.00

1105. NIELSEN: Symphony #2; Little Suite for Strings. Garaguly/Tivoli Concert Hall Sym. [Mono copy of the original Danish issue; Danish-only notes] Fona LPK-510. A- 8.00

1106. NIELSEN: Symphony #3. Frandsen/Danish National Orch. Epic LC-3225. A- 12.00

1107.*NIELSEN: Symphony #4. Bernstein/NYP. Col M-30293. A- 9.00

1108.*NIELSEN: Symphony #4; Pan & Syrinx. Rattle/City of Birmingham Sym. [dig; DMM] Angel DS-38237. A-(c/c) 8.00

1109. NIELSEN: Symphony #5; Maskarade Overture. Jensen/Danish Radio Sym. London LL-1143. B to B+ 7.00

1110.*OSTRCIL: Symphony in A. Belohlavek/Prague Sym. Supraphon 1110 2960. A- 8.00

1111.*OVERTON: (Hall; 1920-72): Pulsations (1972). LESTER TRIMBLE (1923-86): In Praise of Diplomacy and Common Sense (1965). Frisch, baritone (in Trimble); Dennis Russell Davies/The Ensemble (in all). CRI SD-298. A- 12.00

1112. OVSIANIKO-KULIKOVSKY: (Nikolai; 1768-1846): Symphony #21 (Mravinsky/Leningrad Phil). MOSSAIYE VAINBERG (b.1919): Serenade (Gauk/State Radio Orch). West XWN-18191. A- 14.00

1113.*PADEREWSKI: Piano Music: Tatra Album; Introduction & Toccata; Variations & Fugue; Minuet; Sarabande. Rinko Kobayashi. [dig] Muza SX-2509. A- 12.00

1114.*PALMGREN: Piano Pieces (17). Izumi Tateno, piano. EMI 9C063-82448. A- to A(minor cover scuffs) 12.00

1115.*PANUFNIK: Symphony #8 (Sinfonia Votiva). SESSIONS: Concerto for Orchestra. Ozawa/BSO. [dig] MHS 4886A. A- 10.00

1116.*PERSICHETTI: Symphony #8. RIEGGER: Study in Sonority. Mester/Louisville Orch. Louisville LS-706. A-(blank jacket; includes notes insert) 12.00

1117.*PETTERSSON: Symphony #12 ("The Dead in the Marketplace"). Larsson/Stockholm Philharmonic; Cho. Caprice CAP-1127. A- 7.00

1118.*PFITZNER: Symphony in C, Op.46 (Leitner/BPO). WAGNER: Symphony in C (Gerdes/Bamberg Sym). DGG 2543 817. A- to A 12.00

1119.*PISTON: The Incredible Flutist (complete ballet). DUDLEY BUCK (1839-1909): Festival Overture on the Star-Spangled Banner. Mester/Louisville Orch. Louisville LS-755. A- 12.00

1120. PORTER: (Quincy): Symphony #2. VITTORIO GIANNINI: Divertimento #2. Whitney/Louisville Orch. [in blank jacket; includes notes] Louisville LOU-642. A- 12.00

1121.*POULENC: Concerto for Two Pianos. Gold & Fizdale. SHOSTAKOVICH: Piano Concerto #1. Previn. Bernstein/NYP (in both). Col MS-6392. A-(early "2-eyes" labels) 18.00

1122.*POULENC: Suite from Les Biches; Concerto Champetre (de Wiele, harpsichord; PCO); Gloria (Carteri, soprano; ORTF & Cho). Pretre (cond in all). [drm; DMM] Angel AE-34492. A- to A 9.00

1123.*POULENC: The Story of Babar. TIBOR HARSANYI: The Story of the Little Tailor. Ustinov, narrator; Pretre/PCO. Angel S-36357. A- 8.00

1124.*PURCELL: Married Beau Suite. LULLY: Le Triomphe de l'Amour Suite. W.F.BACH: Symphony in F. CORELLI: Concerto Grosso, Op.6/#9. Beaucham/Rouen Ch Orch. Philips PHC-9045. FS 7.00

LP's: Orchestral & Instrumental Repertoire - continued
1125.*RAMEAU: Dardanus - Extended Orchestral Suite. Gardiner/English Baroque Soloists. [dig] Erato NUM-75040. A- to A(demo copy) 7.00

1126. REESEN (Emil): Himmerland (A Danish Rhapsody) (Composer/Danish Radio Orch). GRIEG: Lyric Suite (Tuxen/Danish Radio Orch). [10-inch] London LS-849. B+ 7.00

1127.*REGER: Concerto for Piano. Steven Mayer; Bour/Hague Philharmonic. Leonarda LPI-113. A- 9.00

1128. REVUELTAS: Redes; Sensemaya. CHAVEZ: Sinfonia India. HERRERA DE LA FUENTE: Fronteras (ballet suite). Herrera de la Fuente/Mexican National Sym. [Mexican issue - Spanish-only notes] Musart MCD-3017. A-- 18.00

1129. RODGERS: South Pacific - Symphonic Scenario. COLE PORTER: Kiss Me, Kate - Selection for Orchestra. [both arranged by Robert Russell Bennett] Kurtz/Houston Sym. [10-inch] Col ML-2104. B 8.00

1130. ROSENBERG: (Hilding): Symphony #3 ("The Four Ages of Man"). Tor Mann/Stockholm Symphony. London LL-944. B(most plays A-, but a few scratches) 8.00

1131.*ROUSSEL: Piano Suite; Sonatine; 3 Pieces, Op.49. Francoise Petit, piano. Oiseau-Lyre SOL-60052. A- 12.00

1132.*RUSSO: (William): Street Music, Op.65 - A Blues Concerto. GERSHWIN: An American in Paris. Ozawa/SF Sym. [Grand Prix du Disque] DGG 2530 788. FS 9.00

1133.*SANKEY: (Stuart; b.1927): Variations for Orchestra. FOX (Frederick; b.1931): Night Ceremonies. Endo/Louisville Orch. Louisville LS-780. A- 12.00

1134.*SATIE: Parade; Relache; Gymnopedies #1 & 3. Auriacombe/PCO. [blue labels] Angel S-36486. A- 9.00

1135.*SCHARWENKA: Piano Concerto #2 (Kapp/Hamburg Sym); Scherzo; Erzaehling am Klavier; Novelette; Polonaise. Ponti. Candide CE-31046. A- 8.00

1136.*SCHONBERG: Variations for Orchestra; Survivor from Warsaw (Reich); Accompaniment to a Cinematographic Scene; Five Pieces. Boulez/BBC Sym. CBS M-35882. A- 8.00

1137.*SCHULLER: Symphony; Quartet for Doublebasses. Johanos/Dallas Symphony. Turn TVS-34412. A- 8.00

1138. SCHUMANN: Manfred (complete). Rylands; Balcon; de la Torre; Browne; Enders; Beecham/RPO; BBC Chorus. [1st complete recording of Byron's text & Schumann's music; celebrated rarity, but not as scarce as thought at one time.] Col M2L-245(2). A-(supercifial marks do not snd; "6-eyes" labels) 50.00

1139.*SCRIABIN: Symphony #1. Soloists; Svetlanov/USSR Sym; Cho. Mel-Angel SR-40113. A- 9.00

1140.*SHOSTAKOVICH: Symphony # 6; Age of Gold Suite. Stokowski/CSO. RCA LSC-3133. A- 10.00

1141.*SHOSTAKOVICH: Symphony #14. Holleque; Storojev; Turovsky/I Musici de Montreal. [dig] Chandos ABRD-1232. A- 7.00

1142.*SIBELIUS: Karelia Overture; King Christian II Suite; Festivo; The Bard. Gibson/Scottish National Orch. EMI HQS-1070. A- 8.00

1143. SMETANA: Quartet in e, "From My Life." Orchestrated by Szell. Szell/CO. [10-inch; rec April 26, 1949; of special significance for Szell collectors] Col ML-2095. B+ 14.00

1144. STAMIC: (Jan Vaclav): Symphony in D. STAMIC (Karel): Orchestral Quartet in F. ANTONIN FILS: Symphony in g. FRANTISEK XAVER RICHTER: Sinfonia da Camera. Prague Ch Orch (without conductor). [#16 of Musica Antiqua Bohemica collection; fold-open album with nice booklet] Supraphon SUA-19148. B 8.00

1145.*STENHAMMAR: Symphony #2. Westerberg/Stockholm Philharmonic. Caprice CAP-1151. A- to A 7.00

1146. STEVENS: (Halsey; 1908-89): Symphonic Dances (Barati/LPO). LA MONTAINE (John; b.1920): Piano Concerto (Keys; Harrison/Oklahoma City). CRI 166. A- 9.00

LP's: Orchestral & Instrumental Repertoire - continued
1147.*STILL: (William Grant; 1895-1978): Afro-American Symphony. Karl Krueger/RPO. Society for the Preservation of the American Musical Heritage MIA-118. A- 16.00

1148. STRAUSS (J): Graduation Ball (arr. Dorati). Fistoulari/New Sym. London LL-883. A- 9.00

1149.*STRAVINSKY: Danses Concertantes; Concerto in D for String Orch (Col Sym). 4 Norwegian Moods (CBC Sym). Ode (CO). Composer conducts in all. Col M-30516. A-(c/c) 7.00

1150. STRAVINSKY: Symphony in Three Movements; Symphony of Psalms. Composer/NYP; Col Sym & Cho. [blue labels] Col ML-4129. B+/B 6.00

1151.*SUBOTNICK: Parallel Lines. Trott, piccolo; Tilson Thomas/Buffalo Phil Members. DONALD GRANTHAM: Seven Choral Settings of Emily Dickinson (Univ of Texas Singers; La Noche en la Isla (Rhodes, baritone; Barrington, horn; Garvey, piano). CRI SD-458. A- 12.00

1152.*SZYMANOWSKI: Piano Sonata #3; Metopes. Aleksandra Utrecht, piano. Muza SXL-0973. A- 10.00

1153.*TCHAIKOVSKY: Swan Lake (complete ballet). Rozhdestvensky/Moscow Radio Orch. Mel-Angel SRC-4106(3). A- 11.00

1154. TCHAIKOVSKY: The Snow Maiden - Incidental Music to Ostrovsky's Play. Orfenov, tenor; Dolokhanova, mezzo; Gauk/USSR Radio Orch & Cho. Concert Hall CHS-1301. B++ 12.00

1155.*TCHEREPNIN: (Alexander): Symphony #2. RICHARD MOHAUPT (1904-57): Town Piper Music.

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