Post-War Incidents August

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  1. On 1 November, Georgian police arrested Jacob Tekhov, resident of village Disevi, for caring a hand grenade F-1.

  2. On 1 November, Russian occupants exploded 3 bridges in Gali, near villages Khurcha and Nabakevi. The movement of the local population is restricted, as well as all the connecting routs to Georgian controlled territories is mined.

  3. On 1 November, resident of Akhalgori Nodar Basharuli was abused in his own shop by Ossetians. They also opened fire at his shop, stole alcoholic drinks and food from the shop. Basharuli was forced to move to Georgian controlled territory and ask the Georgian authorities for assistance.

  4. On 2 November, 6 Georgians were kidnapped from the forest near village Kirbali, Gori district. On 11 November, they were released.

  5. On 4 November, the 43-year-old Koba Dahkoshvili was kidnapped from village Kvemo Khviti, who has escaped the next morning.

  6. On 5 November, fire was opened from Tskhinvali towards Georgian checkpoints near village Zemo Nikozi.

  7. On 5 November Alik Gigolaev, resident of village Zemo Artsevi was killed by unknown persons near village Korkula.

  8. On 5 November, Russians robbed the house of Nino Tsinamdzgvrishvili, resident of v. Kanchaveti, Akhalgori district.

  9. On 5 November, Ossetians robbed the house of Givi Tatunishvili in village Kanchaveti, Akhalgori district. The owner was beaten up and his cattle stolen.

  10. On 6 November, the house of Mstkheta-Mtianeti Governor Tsezar Chocheli was robbed in Akhalgori by the head of the separatist militia (police) Ilia Khubulov. He stole wooden construction material using the truck belonging to Anzor Bestaev (nicknamed “Khiva”).

  11. On 6 November, 23.00, Ossetians opened fire from village Disevi towards Georgian village Koshka. The fire did not cease for about an hour.

  12. On 6 November, Ossetians arrested Zurab Kobaladze in village Avnevi, Znauri district. The person is mentally unhealthy. Kobaladze was placed in isolated cell in Tskinvali KGB building.

  13. On 6 November, 3 anti-tank mines were found on a footpath connecting Gali district village Tagiloni to village Shamgona in Zugdidi district.

  14. Georgian population of Gali is leaving their homes. From the 40 remained families of village Nabakievi, 10 have left within few days in the beginning of November.

  15. On 7 November, Abkhazian separatists started seizing IDs, passports and other documents from Georgian population in Gali district.

  16. On 7 November, Abkhazian separatists demanded 500 GEL for the release of a 70-year-old Dzadzamia, who was arrested with allegation of illegally crossing so-called Abkhazian border.

  17. On 7 November, Abkhazians arrested Giga Dgebuadze and Zuri Jobava, who were visiting their relatives in village Otobaia of Gali district. They were seized of their Georgian passports and taken to Gali police.

  18. On 8 November, a group of 50 Ossetian militia opened a checkpoint in village Perevi, Sachkhere district.

  19. On 8 November, Abkhazians started to collect food for Russian occupants from Georgian population of village Chuburkhinji and Saberio. The extortion was conducted by the head of local administration Anzor Kirtadze and representatives of Russian Ministry of Defense. Local population is unable to resist

  20. On 8 November, Abkhazians arrested 8 Georgians and accused them of illegal crossing of border, carrying arms and narcotics. Border is closed and all the passes are controlled. Only the members of International Organizations and personnel working on Enguri plant are allowed to enter Abkhazian controlled territories.

  21. On 10 November, at 07.15, in village Dvani, Kareli district 2 policemen Imeda Kakhniashvili and Tamaz Khachapuridze died of a mine explosion while patrolling; the mine was put the by Ossetian separatists. The group of police officers arrived to the site for assistance, but this group also exploded on a remote controlled bomb. 3 police officers were wounded: Giorgi Shubitidze, Giorgi Mdinaradze and Enis Jonidava.

  22. On 11 November, the bus connecting village Zemo Bargebi with Zugdidi was stopped by Abkhazians. Later the drivers were called to Abkhazian police and asked to pay permanent taxes for traveling to Zugdidi

  23. On 11 November, several residents of Gali district were arrested for illegally crossing Enguri river (bridge is exploded) near village Tagiloni. They were forced to pay 10-15 thousand rubles and those who were unable to pay were taken to Gali police.

  24. On 12 November, the Russian occupants (Chechen and Armenian soldiers) beat up 3 Georgian youngsters in Gali district, who were taken to hospital.

  25. On 13 November, the Abkhazian police officers of Tkvarcheli district started to seize Georgian IDs and mobile phones from Georgian population. They arrested 2 members of Tsokolia family, who were taken to Tkvarcheli police.

  26. On 14 November, the mine explosion killed cattle in village Mujava, Tsalenjikha district.

  27. On 15 November, Abkhazians opened fire towards Georgian police patrolling near village Kalagali (close to Pakhulani). One Policeman Zurab Jejelava died of injuries. Fire was reopened when EU monitors arrived to the site.

  28. On 16 November, Ossetian separatists arrested Khashuri residents Tristan Gugutishvili and Vasil Simonishvili near village Kirkula, Tskhinvali district. They were released the next morning.

  29. On 16 November, a Russian UAV was found near village Kere, Gori district.

  30. On 17 November, another Russian UAV was found in village Plavi, Gori district; population called police and the group of deminers arrived at the site. After their arrival the remote controlled mine attached to the UAV exploded and killed 2 deminers Giorgi Skhvitaridze and Marat Nozadze. 8 more police officers were wounded as well as a 10-year-old kid who stood close to the site.

  31. On 18 November, in village Ksuisi of Tskhinvali district Ossetian militiamen killed Ramaz Shoshitaishvili.

  32. On 20 November, at 06.45 a.m., two Russian armored vehicles entered village Ganmukhuri from Otobaia, followed by armed militants. They opened fire at the Georgian police checkpoint in Ganmukhuri from machine guns, mortars, grenade launchers and armored vehicles. The fire lasted for about 15 minutes. The fire damaged the house of local resident Gogeli Pertaia. The occupants mined the road from Ganmukhuri to Otobaia. The second incident occurred at 10:30 when Russians opened intensive fire from mortars to Georgian checkpoint in Ganmukhuri. Fire lasted 5 minutes. EUMM monitors pictured 2 combat helicopters flying over Ganmukhuri on a lower altitude when they visited the site of the accident.

  33. On 21 November, Ossetians exploded the radio transmission tower and station in village Chorchana of Khashuri district. This station and tower were previously used for Baku-Supsa pipeline operation.

  34. On 23 November, at around 6:15 p.m., the Russian occupational forces stationed near village Odzisi, Akhalgori district opened fire as the motorcade of the President of Georgia Mikheil Saakasvhili and the President of Poland Lech Kaczynski was passing by.

  35. On 25 November, Abkhazian separatists entered village Pakhulani; they tried to count the number of existing population.

  36. On 26 November, 2 Georgians were abducted from village Dirbi adjacent territories: Koba Khatashvili (b. in 1980) and Omar Mazmishvili (b. 1983). They were released after 1 week of detention.

  37. On 27 November, resident of Gali Irina Mebonia was kidnapped. On December 3rd, her dead body was found near village Nabakevi.

  38. On 30 November, Ossetian Separatists opened fired at Georgian positions in village Plavismani.


  1. On 2 December, fire was opened towards Georgian village Gugutiantkari, Gori district.

  2. On 5 December, at 8:15 a.m. Ossetian Separatists fired from village Khelchua to Georgian police station in village Mereti. Separatists missed the target and damaged the premises of a neighboring house of a local resident.

  3. On 10 December, at 06:00 a.m., a remote controlled explosive device exploded on Pkhveni Bridge, near village Nikozi, Gori district, while the officers of Shida Kartli Patrol Police were patrolling of this area. There are no casualties as a result of explosion although the patrol police car was damaged.

  4. On 10 December, at 17:00 p.m. fire was opened towards the armored vehicle of the OSCE mission patrol. Fire came from the territory controlled by Ossetian separatists, not far from village Khviti, Gori district. The incident did not cause any casualties or injuries, although the vehicle was damaged.

  5. On 12 December, early in the morning, Russian military troops left the territory of village Perevi for 8 hours. In order to ensure security and order, Georgian police started taking positions in the village. Backed by one APC and a platoon, Russian military troops returned to Perevi approximately at 17:00 pm and regained the positions, which they left in the morning.

  6. On 13 December, at 09:00 am, Russian occupants, started reinforcing their positions in Perevi, they deployed around 300 airborne from 6 combat helicopters and moved mountain battalion to the village. Russian occupants, under the threat of opening fire to the units of Georgian Police deployed in the village, demanded from them to pull back from the village. Aiming to ease the rising tension, Georgian policemen had to withdraw from Perevi. EU monitors and observers from OSCE mission to Georgia, together with several EU ambassadors also witnessed the fact of re-entering Perevi village by Russian occupants.

  7. On 17 December, at 21:00, Georgian police checkpoint in village Khurvaleti, Gori region, came under fire from automatic weapons from Russian occupied territory. As a result, one police officer Shalva Simonishvili was heavily wounded and placed in Gori hospital.

  8. On 23 December, early in the morning, the family of Otar Gogokhia exploded on a mine (they were coming to Zugdidi in a horse carriage) near village Chuburkhinji. 4 persons were injured, two of them were brought to Zugdidi hospital, the other two were not allowed to go to Zugdidi by Russian soldiers. All the access roads, passes, bridges and other points are mined by Russians and Abkhazians, which threatens their lives and health in case of approaching so called borderline between Abkhazia and Georgia.

  9. On 24 December, the heavy automatic fire was noticed on Ossetian side near village Koshka. In the evening, they shot several times at Georgian police positions, causing no damage or injuries.

  10. On 27 December, at 23.30, Georgian police checkpoint situated in village Koshki, Gori district came under fire from the direction of Russian occupied territories. As a result the employee of Shida Kartli regional police of the Ministry of internal Affairs, Lavrenti Panchulidze was wounded;

  11. On 30 December, at 21:00, the fire from automatic weapons was opened at a Georgian checkpoint in village Koshki. Nobody was injured.

January, 2009

  1. On 4 January, at 08:00 am Georgian police checkpoint situated in village Ganmukhuri, Zugdidi district came under intensive fire from Russian controlled territory, manly from village Pichori, Gali district. Machine-guns as well as mortars were used. As a result of firing, no one was injured.

  2. On 4 January, the family of Demur Kiria was robbed by residents of village Tagiloni, Gali district. Demur Kiria was kidnapped and found murdered on 5 January.

  3. On 8 January, at 05.00 a.m. Abkhazians and Russians opened fire from automatic weapons and grenade launchers towards Georgian village Orsantia. They fired more than 15 shells. The unexploded shells were found in the yard of Kvaraia family. The incident did not cause any injuries or casualties.

  4. On 11 January, at 22:00 p.m. Ossetians and Russians opened fire at the police station in village Zemo Nikozi. Automatic weapons as well as grenade launchers were used. The incident lasted for 20 minutes. Nobody was injured.

  5. On 13 January, at 23:00 p.m. Abkhazians and Russians attacked Georgian police checkpoint in Rukhi, from the direction of Chuburkhinji. Attack lasted for 20 minutes and was launched using automatic weapons. The incident did not cause any injuries or casualties.

  6. On 14 January, at 14:20, Georgian police check point in village Koshka was attacked from Ossetian controlled territory in close proximity of village Disevi. Attack was launched from grenade launchers and automatic weapons. Incident did not cause any injuries or casualties.

  7. On 16 January, approximately at 10:00 am as a result of firing from the Russian occupied territory, the employee of Shida Kartli Regional Police Main Division of MIA, Mamuka Kakhniashvili (Born in 1982) was killed on the territory of Georgian police checkpoint situated in village Knolevi. According to the investigation, the bullet was fired from a sniper rifle with a silencer.

  8. On 18 January, at 05:00 am the Georgian Police checkpoint situated in village Koki Zugdidi district came under fire from the Russian occupied territory. The firing was conducted with machine-guns as well as mortars, as a result of which, the employee of Second Division of Special Tasks Main Division of MIA was wounded and consequently transferred to the hospital.

  9. On January 19, at 17:00 pm a pickup police vehicle came under fire from the Russian occupied territory while patrolling near the Georgian police checkpoint situated in village Dvani Kareli district. The intensive shelling from Russian occupied territory was conducted with machine guns and lasted for 20 minutes. As a result of firing, several employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs were shot and wounded, namely: Levan Gogilashvili, and Mamuka Janiashvili who were transferred to Gori military hospital.

  10. On 23 January, early in the morning, resident of Gali Tengiz Akubardia tried to drive to Zugdidi from Gali in order to take his baby son to a doctor. He was requested to pay 300$ by Abkhazians in order to let him drive through the checkpoint. He could not pay the amount and drove his car to his wife waiting for him on the other side of Enguri bridge. Abkhazians opened fire that caused injuries of one passenger in Akubardia’s car.

  11. On 24 January, in the afternoon, the fire was opened at the OSCE patrol monitoring the situation near Akhmaji. The incident did not cause any injures or casualties.

  12. On 25 January, close to afternoon 2 Russian Mi-24s entered Georgian controlled airspace from Ergneti and flew over Georgian police checkpoints in villages Knolevi, Gogeti, Dvani, Nikozi, Ditsi, Khurvaleti and from Lamiskana and Akhmaji left for Akhalgori.

  13. On 27 January, the 14-year-old Ioseb Khorkheli was injured in a result of a hand grenade explosion in the yard of school of village Kirbali. The boy got serious injuries and was hospitalized.

  14. On 27 January, at about 14 p.m. fire was opened at Odzisi police checkpoint near the so-called administrative border with Akhalgori district. The incident took place when EUMM and OSCE were conducting patrolling near the site.

  15. On 28 January, at 23:00 fire from automatic weapons was opened to Georgian police checkpoint on Enguri bridge, near village Rukhi. Incident did not cause any injures or casualties.

  16. On 29 January, late at night, Russian soldiers were demanding food from Mebonia family in village Nabakevi, Gali district. The member of the family, Koba Mebonia resisted and was killed at the gate of his house. The body was taken by the soldiers in order to hide evidences.

  17. On 31 January, at 11 a.m. EUMM monitors together with Lithuanian journalists were visiting village Shamgona in order to prepare a story about the explosion of the bridge in village Tagiloni, on the other side of Enguri river. Abkhazians and Russians shot several times from automatic rifles in the air, in order to disrupt the recordings. The incident did not cause any injures or casualties.


  1. On 1 February, 4 Ossetians robbed Elguja, Suliko and Omar Budurashvilis, stole 140 Gel and a mobile phone.

  2. On 2 February, at 15.00 Georgian police checkpoint was attacked from automatic rifles in village Knolevi from so-called South Ossetia. Incident did not cause any injures or casualties.

  3. On 7 February, at 7:00 a.m. gunmen operating from the Georgian territory under Russian occupation assaulted a car moving on the main East-West highway and abducted Malkhaz Beuklishvili, an official from the Georgian Football Federation Mr. Beuklishvili was driven towards territory currently under Russian occupation in the stolen vehicle. The gunmen allied demand ransom in exchange of the hostage. Beuklishvili was released on February 8, in the evening.

  4. On 7 February, in the evening, Abkhazian and Russian militaries wounded Zura Bobokhua near village Khurcha, who was trying to reach Georgia, controlled territories from village Nabakevi. He was taken to Zugididi hospital for treatment.

  5. On 9 February, at about 23:30, Georgian police station in village Mereti was attacked from the Ossetian side. Automatic rifles were used during the attack. Incident did not cause any injures or casualties.

  6. On 10 February, at around 10:30 a.m. armed South Ossetian militiamen kidnapped two monitoring officers of the OSCE mission in Georgia near village Adzvi, Gori district. The monitoring officers were held on the Russian occupied territory, in the town of Tskinvali. Later they were released.

  7. On 10 February, at around 15:00, Georgian journalists from TV channels Imedi and 1st channel were detained by Ossetian Militiamen and released within half an hour.

  8. On 11 February, at about 12:20 p.m. Russian occupying forces deployed about 50 personnel and 1 APC near in village Kvemo Nikozi, on Georgia controlled territories and blocked Georgian police checkpoint. They started building up fortifications.

  9. On 12 February, at 20:00, fire from automatic rifles was opened at Georgian village Koda from Russian and Osetian controlled territories. Several houses were damaged. The incident did not cause any injures or casualties.

  10. On 13 February, in the evening, 3 cleaner ladies exploded in Osiauri military base of a fuse. all of them received severe injuries and one lady has died of injuries in Gori military hospital.

  11. On 13 February cattle, belonging to Nodar Maisuradze was stolen from v. Zemo Khviti. 4 robbers were of Ossetian origin and were armed with automatic rifles

  1. On 22 February, at 16:30, Georgian police station in village Knolevi was attacked from South Ossetian side from automatic weapons. Only the police station was damaged. The incident did not leave anyone injured.

  2. On 26 February, about 50 residents of Gali district were forced to leave their houses and move to Ganmukhuri. The reason of the escape was the coercion and intimidation by Abkhazian militia and Russian militaries, who were demanding to hand over Irakli Bokuchava, resident of Gali who was injured on 25th of February and escaped to Zugdidi. By 16.00, Abkhazians and Russians brought about 30 APCs to Orsantia and Nabakevi, showing off the force and shooting in the air. They aimed to force Georgian side to handover Irakli Bokuchava.

  3. On 26 February, at about 22:30, fire from automatic weapons was opened from the Ossetian side to Georgian villages Mereti and Gugutiantkari. The houses of civilians were damaged as well as one vehicle. The incident did not cause any injuries of casualties.

  4. On 27 February 2009, at about 16:30 pm, members of South Ossetian separatist paramilitary forces attacked a car moving from village Koda in the direction of village Tchvrinisi, both in Kareli district (near the so-called administrative border) abducted its passengers: David Kapanadze, Irakli Kapanadze, Demur Tchigladze and David Sadzaglishvili and drove them towards the Russian occupied territory. Later, Irakli Kapanadze and David Sadzaglishvili were released. In exchange for the other two hostages David Kapanadze and Demur Tchigladze, which are since then held in the Tskhinvali prison, the Ossetian de facto authorities were at first demanding ransom in the amount of 6000 EU and later the release of South Ossetian criminals from Georgian prison: either Marek Dudaev (serving his sentence for multiple homicide) or Giorgi Zaseev (serving his sentence for participation in the terrorist attack on police station in Gori on February 1, 2005).


  1. On 4 March, at 11:00 and 14:00 2 Russian helicopters Mi24 violated the cease-fire line over villages Ganmukhuri and Khurcha. They took pictures of Georgian police checkpoints and flew back to Abkhazian controlled territory.

  2. On 4 March 2009, the so-called State Security Committee (KGB) of South Ossetia detained two persons: Tamar Charaeva (born in 1950, a teacher in Akhalgori school no.3) and Givi Chigoev (born in 1954, the chairman of the local district council). For several weeks, they were held in a temporary detention cell in Tskhivali. The separatist authorities charged them with “state treason” only because these persons have participated in the alternative South Ossetian presidential elections held on 12 November 2006.

  3. On 5 March, at 10:45 a.m. 2 Russian helicopters Mi24 violated Georgian the cease fire line over villages Ganmukhuri and Khurcha. They took pictures of Georgian police checkpoints and flied back to Abkhazian controlled territories.

  4. On March 5, at 17:00 Russian soldiers dropped plastic objects in a water collector near village Odzisi, which supplies drinking water to several villages. This objects blocked water supplies, after the expertise stated that these objects were polyethylene granules and could cause no harm to villagers, water supply was renewed.

  5. On March 6, at 1:00 a.m. 7 Ossetians assaulted the herdsman in village Kvemo Atotsi and stole cattle, 12 cows. The incident did not cause any casualties.

  6. On March 8, in the morning there was a heavy explosion in Akhalgori. It was caused by technical reasons in a warehouse of “Grad” launching devices and shells. The incident caused injuries of several Russian soldiers.

  7. On 13 March, at about 23:30, the fire was opened at Georgian policemen near the police station in village Dvani. Fortunately, all of the police officers survived with no injuries.

  8. On 13 March, South Ossetian paramilitary forces looted and burned the houses of ethnic Georgians in village Tsirkoli, Akhalgori district, namely the houses of Psuturi and Miladze families.

  9. On 26 March, at about 14:00, Ossetian separatists opened fire at the villagers working in the fields close to village Ditsi. The incident did not cause any injuries or casualties.

  10. On 27 March, at about 16:45, South Ossetian paramilitary forces opened fire from automatic guns towards village Mereti and then redirected fire at the Georgian police building. The incident did not cause any injuries or casualties.

  11. On 27 March, South Ossetian paramilitary forces detained US citizen Chrsitopher Chivers, the correspondent of New York Times newspaper in Georgia, , and later released him.

  12. On 27 March, in village Tkviavi, Ossetians criminals hijacked a car “VAZ 2101” (plate number PAO-204). The owner of the car is Demur Kherkheli (born in 1961), resident of village Kvemo Artsevi.

  13. On 29 March, at 08:30, in the Georgian village Dvani a Georgian police pick-up that was conducting a routine patrol, was hit by a remote controlled explosive device. As a result of the explosion four employees of the Special Tasks Main Division of the MIA were seriously injured, namely: Otar Mkhitariani, Davit Peikrishvili, Avtandil Megrelishvili, Levan Taniashvili and Badri Jioshvili, who later died in the hospital. In order to assist the injured, two officers of Shida Kartli police, Vano Datashvili and Zurab Durglishvili, immediately arrived at the place of incident and also received severe injuries due to the activation of another remote controlled explosive device. Consequently, the injured police officers were transferred to Gori military hospital.


  1. On 3 April, monks from v. Adjara Monastery Zabulon, Bidzina and Giorgi were taken to Sukhumi by representatives of the so-called Abkhazian security service. They were interrogated and later expelled from Abkhazia as they were accused of “spying.”

  2. On 6 April, in villge Tkviavi, a 14 year old teenager Giorgi Mariamidze found an unexploded shell in the local church yard. The shell exploded in his hands and the boy received serious injuries.

  3. On 7 April, the military boat from Pichori launched 3 granades towards Georgian police checkpoint in v. Ganmukhuri.

  4. On 7 April, Abkhazian militiamen wounded 32 year old Vazha Lejava, who delayed food supply to the occupants.

  5. On 7 April, at about 23:00, resident of v. Shashikura of Gali district Djansukh Abakelia was shot in the yard of his own house.

  6. On 7 April, 65 year old resident of v. Sida (Gali district) Gvandji Kuprava was kidnapped.

  7. On 11 April, there was a heavy explosion in Tskhinvali, details are not known.

  8. On 12 April, Abkhazian militiamen wounded a member of Sadjaia family in v. Lia (Tsalenjikha district), when robbing his house.

  9. On 12 April, at about 23:00, 3 Ossetian individuals in masks have intruded the public school in v. Adzvi, who have beaten up the guard Jambul Khomasuridze and stolen 7 computers.

  10. On 21 April, South Ossetian separatists detained two OSCE monitoring officers for “border violation” and later released them.

  11. On 22 April, in the morning hours, a mine exploded on a crop field near village Knolevi, Kareli district. No one was injured.

  12. On 22 April, at 20:30, South Ossetian paramilitary forces opened fire at the Georgian police checkpoint near village Plavi, Gori district. No one was injured.

  13. On 22 April, at 20:30 Ossetian Separatists opened fire to police check point in v Plavi.

  14. On April 25, close to v. Odzisi, Georgian policemen arrested Russian citizen Valentina Bedoeva, who had illegally crossed the Georgian-Russian border.

  15. On 30 April, Georgian policemen arredsted 28 year old Vadim Eloev, resident of v. Orchosani, Akhalgori district, who had an attempt to hijack a police car on Tbilisi-Gori highway.


  1. On 2 May, resident of village Zemo Khviti, David Bughdavanidze left his home after the family conflict in drunken condition. Few hours later his relative found out that he was detained in Tskhinvali jail.

  2. On 3 May, Zurab Shaverdashvili, resident of v. Kveshi, who was drunk, crossed the so-called border line to South Ossetia. He was driving his tractor and was detained by Ossetians.

  3. On 7 May, at about 19:50, residents of Mereti heard the noise of an explosion and saw smoke over v. Khviti (on Ossetian side). Later there was a heavy explosion on farming lands of v. Mereti.

  4. On May 1, 5 and 8 EUMM monitors were threatened several times close to Dvani. The fire from automatic rifles was opened in the air. Later Ossetian side has explained the incidents as the vehicle of EUMM was by mistake taken as Georgian cobras.

  5. On 9 May, 9 year old Mate Salia found unexploded ordnance close to tea plantation in Tsalenjikha, while looking form metal scrap. After the explosion kid has received serious injuries.

  6. On 11 May, Ossetian separatists have hijacked car “Uaz” with state plate numbers OAZ-521 from v. Chorchana of Khashuri district. The owner of the car is Ramaz Samkharadze.

  7. On 12 May , in v Chvirnisi of Kareli district, Kareli resident Egna Valiev has taken Vladimer Kharazishvili (born in 1960) to the direction of Znauri. Vladimer has not shown up afterwords, presumably, he is in Znauri and abductors are asking for ransom.

  8. On 15 May, at about 19.00 3 drunk Ossetian militiamen have approached the Georgian check point in Ergneti, they were holding machine gun and were swearing. After the involvement of col. Tarasov and Russian occupying forces representatives, Ossetians went back to Russian controlled territories.

  9. On 19 May at 2:00 a.m. one drunk Russian officer and one drunk soldier were arrested by Georgian police in v. Tvauri, Kaspi district. At 9:00 a.m. they were handed over to Russian occupational forces at Ergneti check point. The arrested Russians were questioned in presence of EUMM representatives, whose representatives also followed the handing over procedure.

  10. On 28 May, 2 herdsmen Tristan Maisuradze and Tamaz Markozashvili and their 12 caws. They were released in few hours, but without cattle.

  11. On 28 May, at about 20:00 in the evening, the Georgian police building in Koshka was attacked from v. Disevi. AGS shell has damaged water tank that is used by police station for water supply.

  12. On 29 May, at 7:30 a.m. police car was attacked from automatic rifles on a road from Lamiskana to Sakorintelo. Incdent didn’t cause any injuries or casualties. The police car was damaged.


  1. On 1 June, Rutu Chkhapelia was kidnapped from village Refi, Gali district. The family of a kidnapped person received a demand to pay 100 thousand US dollars.

  2. On 2 June, between 3:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. the railway bridge connecting Khobi to Ingiri was exploded. TNT with time mechanism was used for explosion. The incident occurred 2 hours earlier before passenger train had to cross the bridge.

  3. On 2 June, at 10.30 Russian helicopter Mi-8 was flying over village Khurcha for 15 minutes.

  4. On 2 June, Alan Odikadze, resident of village Giorgitsminda, entered by accident the Russian occupied territory in drunk condition, where he was arrested by the separatist militia and taken to Tskhinvali. The South Ossetian separatist authorities have not made any specific allegations.

  5. On 3 June, at about 14.00 Russian helicopter MI-8 entered Georgian airspace from the direction of Vladikavkaz, it made a circle over Gudauri and left for Akhalgori.

  6. On 6 June, at about 14:00 Ossetians stole cattle from v. Zemo Nikozi.

  7. On 7 June, 50 Ossetian militiamen with 2 APC appeared in v. Perevi, 15 of them have remained there. They stole cattle from local population.

  8. On 7 June, South Ossetian criminals burned a house in v. Kardzmani and stole construction material from several houses.

  9. On 8 June, Ossetians stole 2 cows from Georgian population in v. Kardzmani.

  10. On 8 June, at night, the so-called Abkhazian security forces illegally detained mother with 2 infants from v. Dikhazurgi, who are members of Kharchilava family. They are requesting to handover the member of their family Soso Kharchilava.

  11. On 10 June, 5 Ossetian paramilitaries established a checkpoint in v. Perevi, in 30 meters from the Russian check point, they were searching, abusing and robbing local population of Georgian origin.

  12. On 10 June, approximately at 23:55 a wagon stationed at Zugdidi railway station exploded. As a result, an electrician, Shalva Oqromtchedlishvili was wounded in the head.

  13. On 11 June, at 00:25 a.m. a bomb installed in garbage bin was activated at Zugdidi railway station, which was shortly followed by another explosion at 02:50 am in front of one of Zugdidi Police stations.

  14. On 11 June, Giorgri and Irkali Totadzes were collecting soil for the cemetery close to v. Nikozi and they were detained by Ossetian paramilitaries. They were released in 2 days.

  15. On 12 June, at 120:40, Ossetian side opened fire from V. Muguti to Georgian village Dvani.

  16. On 13 June, at night the fire from automatic rifles was open to the direction of police checkpoint and population of village Ditsi. Incident didn’t cause any injuries or casualties.

  17. On 21 June, at 10:30 an ambulance car escorting EU monitors exploded as a result of mine activation in the village of Mujava, Tsalenjikha district. The driver of ambulance car, Avtandil Akhaladze was injured as a result of explosion and died shortly after he was transferred to the hospital. Another victim, doctor Gega Patiashvili was also hospitalized due to the received injuries. The explosion was caused by anti infantry mine MON100.

  18. On 21 June, in the afternoon fire was opened twice at the Georgian police checkpoint in v. Koshka.

  19. On 22 June, at 04:00 am Georgian police checkpoint situated in village Mujava, Tsalenjikha district came under fire from grenade launchers, from the territory currently under Russian occupation and military control. No casualties reported.

  20. On 22 June, at about 04:30, 500-kilowatt electricity transmission tower exploded in the vicinity of village Mujava, Tsalengikha district. The tower was blown up with a TNT-plaster exploding devise.

  21. On 22 June, at 19:40 Ossetians opened fire in the direction of Georgian village Knolevi.

  22. On 22 June, in the afternoon Russian SU 25 flew over the checkpoint in v. Knolevi.

  23. On 28 June, at 22:20 Ossetian side opened fire to the direction of Georgian village Knolevi. The automatic rifles and grenade launcher was used.

  24. On 29 June, at 12:20, the fire was opened to the EUMM patrols close to village Ditsi.


  1. On 2 July, early in the Morning, Russian regular units deployed in v. Perevi (30 soldiers with 4 APCs) approached Georgian police checkpoint and demanded from the police to hand over private Dimitri Artemev, who as found out later, had escaped from the unit on July 1. The commander of Russian forces deployed in Perevi, Magomedov made an ultimatum to police that if the deserted soldier wouldn’t be returned, the Russians would enter the town of Sachkhere and liberate him by force. After the involvement of EUMM and UNHCR, the tension was reduced and the Russians pulled back their forces by late afternoon.

  1. On 7 July, director of secondary school in v. Sida, Gali district Guliada Sichinava and several teachers from the same school were fired from work for teaching lessons in Georgian language. Later the school director was asked to leave the territory of Abkhazia. Currently she is in Tbilsi.

  1. On 11 July, South Ossetian criminals stole 38 cows from Georgian village close to the administrative border. After the involvement of official structures on both sides, 31 were returned.

  2. On 11 July, Russian occupants attacked Khasaia family in v. Nabakevi. They severely beat up Ruzgen Khasaia, who was transferred to Zugdidi hospital.

  3. On 21 of July, Russians and Abkhazians stopped a bus and a mini bus travelling from village Pirveli Otobaia, Gali district to village Ganmukhuri. They searched the passengers and arrested those who had Georgian IDs. About 27 people were taken to Gali and released on the next day after they have promised to apply for Russian and Abkhazian passports.

  4. On 24 July, 2 Russian MI-8 helicopters were flying over Georgian police checkpoints in village Ganmukhuri.

  5. On 24 July, local residents of village Shesheleti found dead bodies of wife and husband, Liza and Lion Chakaberias, with traces of torture (especially on the body of woman).

  6. On 26 July, in the morning, South Ossetian separatists kidnapped Iuri Kopadze, resident of village Dvani and released him on the next day. Kopadze was beaten as he has bruises on his body.

  7. On 27 July, Russian border guards detained passengers of a minivan moving from Zugdidi district to village II Otobaya, Gali district, and took them to former kindergarden building of II Otobaya currently occupied by border guards. They advised passengers to abstain from traveling to Zugdidi district and released them later in the evening.

  8. On 28 July, a high-voltage electricity transmission tower exploded in the vicinity of Pakhulani village, Tsalenjikha district. As a result, windows of two houses were broken. No casualties among civilians.

  9. On 29 July, at approximately 23:30 Georgian police checkpoint near village Zemo Nikozi as well as village Zemo Khviti came under fire from the direction of Tskhinvali. Intensive fire lasted for an hour during which machine-guns, grenade launchers and automatic rifles were used. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia tried to contact the Russian side through the “hot line” created as a result of recent negotiations, but Russian military did not respond and avoided the contact.

  10. On 30 July, an explosive device planted in the “NIVA” car of local resident Gogita Gigauri exploded, while he was moving from Akhalgori district to Dusheti District, passing village Gremiskhevi. As a result Gogita Gigauri died and his wife Inga and children Giorgi and Tamuna were wounded.

  11. On 30 July, an explosive device planted in a laptop bag was found near Zugdidi police station. It was destroyed by the forensic experts of the MIA of Georgia.


  1. On 2 August, Russian border guards entered village Kveshi and installed three poles, thus moving administrative border 500 meters forward. As a result, some crop fields belonging to local population, together with houses of two local inhabitants appeared to be beyond the border. After protests of Georgian government, Russian border guards removed the poles on August 3.

  2. On 2 August, residents of village Goraka, Kaspi district, Vasil Patarkatsishvili and Konstantine Foladishvili, were abducted near administrative border of “South Ossetia”. They were released on August 4.

  3. On 3 August, at 21:30, three grenades were shot from Russian controlled village Otrevi, Tskhinvali district towards Georgian checkpoint in village Plavismani, Gori district.

  4. On 4 August, at 14:00, a 14 year old local resident Ucha Giguashvili was hit by a 120 mm mine installed on a tree at Tkviavi-Plavi road. As a result, Giguashvili was seriously injured and taken to Gori hospital. Later another 120 mm mine was found near the same place and destroyed by forensic experts of the MIA of Georgia.

  5. On 4 August, at 8:00, Russian border guards detained driver Jemal Jichonia and 30 passengers of a minivan moving from village Pichori, Gali district to Zugdidi across the administrative border. The driver was taken to Gali police and told to stop serving locals in crossing the administrative border.

  6. On 4 August, 2 residents of v. Goraki, Vasil Patarkatsishvili and Konstantine Poladashvili were kidnapped.

  7. On 7 August, at 11:50 helicopter MI-8 crossed administrative border and spent several minutes over village Ganmukhuri. After that it returned towards Abkhazia.

  8. On 7 August, 17:40 five local residents, Gaioz Khizanishvili, Viktor Begheluri, Ushangi Elikashvili, Rezo Gugutishvili and Ose Simonishvili were kidnapped near village Koshka. Later in the evening they were released.

  9. On 9 August, Alexnader Merabishvili was detained in Akhalgori. He was released on 11 August.

  10. On 12 August, at 13:20 shooting started from direction of village Muguti towards Georgian check-point in village Dvani. It lasted for 30 minutes with 10 minutes of intensive fire. As a result nobody was injured but two bullets got into send bags of Georgian check-point.

  11. On 13 August, 16:00 from v. Akhalubani, 65 year old local resident Geronti Tatiashvili was kidnapped.

  12. On 17 August, at 10:00 local resident Giorgi Imedashvii was kidnapped from Village Zemo Nikozi. Later he was released.

  13. On 17 August, UAV was flying over v. Plavi, which entered from direction of Upper Otrevi and left close to Ditsi.

  14. On 18 August, at about 18:00, fire from automatic weapons was opened close to v. Abano and v. Atotsi. Incident didn’t cause any casualties of injuries.

  15. On 19 August, UAV was flying over v. Plavi, which entered from direction of Upper Otrevi and left close to Ditsi.

  16. On 19 August, in the evening Ossetians started dismantling of houses of Georgians close to ABL and v. Disevi in Gori district. Ossetian looters were backed by 10 Russian soldiers and 1 APC. Construction material was stolen from House of Givi Okropiridze, other houses are also disassembled. Deputy commander of Russian border forces was informed but he didn’t take any measures.

  17. On 20 August Mr. Mdzinarashvili was detained close to v. Ditsi water reservoir, but was released after 2 hours.

  18. On 22 August, Elga Chitishvili, resident of Akhalgori was detained by Ossetian militia while visiting her property in Akhalgori as she was the wife of Georgian policeman. Later she was released.

  19. On 23 August Ossetian side opened fire from grenade launcher to Georgian check point in v. Koshka, but nobody was injured.

  20. On 26 August, Zaurbeg Khestanov, the resident of Alagir, North Ossetia, Russian federation was arrested with allegations of illegal crossing of Georgia-Russia state border and violation of visa regime.

  21. On 28 August, at 01:00 am Georgian police checkpoint has come under fire from village Otobaia, district Gali. Firing lasted for 10 minutes from machine guns and grenade lauchers due to which two police officers received minor injuries.

  22. On 31 August, 6 Georgians were arrested in Akhalgori, when they were cutting woods. One of them originates from v. Akhmaji and other 4 are from v. Lamiskana, Kaspi district.


  1. On 3 September, at about 17:00 in the evening, Ossetian looters attacked civilians in v. Jariasheni, of Gori district. Looters attempted to hijack tractor of local residents, but the owners resisted. As a result, Vano Dolashvili was wounded and Soso Gogelashvili received health injuries.

  2. On 6 September, 4 shepherds: Gela ogadze, Akaki Tvaliashvili, Tristan Ananiashvili and Nikoloz Sauri were arrested by Ossetian militia close to Sakorintelo. They were released on 7th of September.

  3. On 6 September, Early in the morning there was a heavy explosion close to train station in v. Ingiri, Zugdidi District. Incident didn’t cause any casualties or injuries.

  4. On 7 September 4 Georgians were detained by Ossetian militiamen when ossetians attempted to smuggle fruit on the other side of ABL. After few hours they were released but their car was never returned.

  5. On 8 September, UAV was flying over Georgian checkpoint in v Plavi.

  6. On 8-9 September, Russian UAV was flying over Georgian villages Ditai, Arbo and. Mereti.

  7. On 10 September, Ossetian militia has arrested Sachkhere residents in the forest of ditrict Java, who were cutting woods: Mukhran Kavtaradze, Bichiko Machavariani, Roman Kimadze, Gela Machavariani and Giorgi Natsvlishvili. Militia has misappropriated their mobile phones and truck “Zil-131”. Later these persons were released.

  8. On 11 September, Russian border guards have arrested Vasil Begiashvili, the resident of v. Mejvriskhevi, who was searching for lost cattle in a forest close to the village. Begiashvili was taken to v. Gromi, then to Ossetian KGB building and later released.

  9. On 11 September, the director of v. Chegali school was warned by the head of v. Saberio village administration Ruslan Narmania and local militiamen to inform the parents of pupils who study in Tsalenjikha schools to stop taking their children to Georgian schools on the other side of ABL.

  10. On 11 September, at 11:00, 11:05 and 11:10 Russian helicopter Mi8 was flying over Georgian police check points in Khurcha and Ganmukhuri.

  11. On 12 September, the mini bus moving from Gali to Zugdidi was robbed close to v. Sida

  12. On 14 September, Russian citizen Karum Mamedov was arrested in Gori district. Mamedov has illegally entered Georgia on August 29 and went to Sagarejo, from where he originates. Mamedov was arrested when he tried to illegally enter Tskhinvali region.

  13. On 14 September, Georgian children who study in schools of Tsalejikha were not allowed to access Georgia controlled territories.

  14. On 15 September, at about 3:00 PM, TNT-Hexogen filled devise exploded the passenger wagon in Zugdidi. The train was empty; therefore nobody was killed or injured. The train itself got significantly damaged.

  15. On 15 September, the teachers of school in v. Saberio (Gali district) were warned to take Abkhazian passports, otherwise they would be sacked from their positions.

  16. On 20 September, Russian citizen from town Beslan, Giorgi Kasoev was arrested close to v. Chobalauri for illegal crossing of Georgian-Russian border and violation of visa regime.

  17. On 20 September, at 18:15 the fire was opened to the direction of v. Ergneti.

  18. On 20 September, at 20:25 fire was opened to Georgian police check point in v. Ergenti.

  19. On 21 September, at 19:30. The fire was opened to Georgian check point in v Ergneti.

  20. On 21 September, at about 22:00, fire was opened to police check point in Plavismani.

  21. On 24 September, at 09:30 in vicinities of Dvani village, district Kareli a pickup type of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia was exploded during the patrolling activities as a result of clockwork explosive device activation. There are no casualties only patrol vehicle was damaged due to the incident.

  22. On 27 September, at 20:00 UAV was flying over the Georgian police base in Karaleti.

  23. On 30 September, 10.00 the fire from automatic weapons was opened from Nabakevi to Georgian police check point ii v. Khurcha (Koki area).

  24. On 30 September, at 17.45, 19.35 and 21.45 the fire was opened to Georgian check point at Enguri Bridge in v. Rukhi. The incident didn’t cause any injuries or casualties.

  25. On 30 September, at about 22:00, the fire from proximities of v. Koshka was opened to the direction of Georgian police check point in v. Mereti.

  26. On 30 September, in the evening, Vadim Tadtaev armed with automatic rifle and dressed in uniform was arrested by Georgian police in v. Zemo Khviti.


  1. On 7 October, about 20 villagers working in fruit gardens close to the ABL in v. Kere were detained by Russian/Ossetian armed group. Later the villagers were released except of Amiran Rcheulishvili, the van driver who was released only the day after.

  2. On 10 October, the fire was opened from Ossetian side to Georgian police check point in v. Zemo Nikozi. Incident didn’t cause any casualties or health injuries.

  3. On 14 October, approximately at 02:00 am four masts of high voltage power transmission line ”Qartli 2” situated in vicinities of the village of Tsaghvlevi, district Khashuri were damaged as a result of explosion. Trotyle made clockwork explosive device was attached on masts which were damaged as a result of bomb activation.

  4. On 18 October, at about 12:30, fire was opened towards Georgian checkpoint in v. Plavi from the direction of v. Otrevi. The incident didn’t cause any injuries.

  5. On 19 October, the RPG 7 grenade was found in gardens close to v. Rukhi at Enguri bridge. Presumably, grenade was launched on 30 September and didn’t explode. The deminers of the MIA have cleaned the ordnance.

  6. On 21 October, the railway was exploded close to v. Teklati, in Senaki district. Explosion was so strong that the freight train, carrying black oil, was off the rails. There are not victims reported.

  7. On 21 October, the hand grenade F1 exploded in the hands of teenager Alexander Makhachashvili, who found it in a church yard of v. Dvani. The teenager received heavy injuries and was transported to the hospital.

  8. On 25 October, 16 villagers from v. Gremiskhevi were detained by Russian FSB servicemen close to v. Gremiskhevi. Later they were accused of illegal logging of wood. On 30 October they were released.

  9. On 26 October, 5 villagers from Chvenisi, Kareli district were detained by Russian and Ossetian forces close to ABL. On 29 October they were released.


  1. On 4 November, in the afternoon, 4 pupils of Tirdznisi public school Romelashvili Giorgi (born in 1995) Tsabadze Aleko (born in 1995) Buchukuri Victor (born in 1993) and Khmiadashvili Levan (born in 1992) disappeared from the territory of village Tirdznisi, Gori District. On November 5, in the morning, South Ossetian puppet regime disseminated the information on arrest of 4 Georgian teenagers in vicinity of Tskhinvali. They were accused of “illegal crossing of border, carrying of explosives and theft.” Giorgi Romelashvili and Aleko Tsabadze were released on 2nd of December.

  2. On 7 November, at about 17:00 a grenade was launched in the direction of Georgian police checkpoint in v. Kvemo Nikozi. The grenade exploded close to the checkpoint, but caused no damage.

  3. On 8 November, Jambul Badzagua was detained by Abkhazians on Enguri bridge, when he was expecting his relatives from Gali. He was released on 10 November.

  4. On 10 November, 3 fishermen from Anaklia: Kironoghli Rusti, Gabelia Gigla and Abuladze, together with 3 other fishermen from Gali were arrested in Pichori. They were released in the evening of 11 November.

  5. On 23 November, at about 16.30, the Russian citizens: Alexander Iurievich Borkov (born in 1988), Alexander Viktorievich Popov (born in 1990) and Maxim Valerievich Berezov (born in 1988) were arrested in village Zemo Nikozi  (Gori district) on the fact of violation of Georgian-Russian state border and existing visa regime. On 24 November, at 12.00, at village Ergneti, the above mentioned persons were handed over to the Russian side with assistance of EU monitoring mission to Georgia.

  6. On 23 November, Jemal Midelashvili was been arrested in Akhalgori. He is a resident of Spain, has a property in Akhalgori. He visited his own house and was arrested, as in 1990s he was a deputy head of Akhalgori police.

  7. On 29 November, the resident of Sachkhere district Ramaz Makasarashvili, a bus driver was arrested by Russian occupants in v. Perevi. His bus was also detained. Makasarashvili was released on 1 December.


  1. On 1 December, the resident of v. Nosiri, Ana Kipshidze was arrested as she has entered Gali district. She intended to visit her relatives in Gali. She was released on December 2.

  2. On 1 December, in the afternoon, Russian occupants arrested two mini vans with drivers and passengers (6 passengers in the first van and 16 in the second). The drivers and passengers were released on 2 December after paying fines.

  3. On 12 December, Russian occupants arrested Irakli Kalandia, close to v. Saberio. He was accused of illegal border crossing and was released after paying a fine.

  4. On 12 December, South Ossetian side opened fire in the direction of v. Khurvaleti. The incident didn’t cause any damages.

  5. On 18 December, Khatuna Charaeva, born in 1965, resident of the town of Akhalgori (place of registration Octomberi street 8) was arrested for money counterfeiting. She was carrying about 30 000 counterfeit US dollars and was detained in Didube bus station in Tbilisi.

  6. On 21 December, Russian military Vitali Khripun approached Georgian police checkpoint in v. Jria, close to v. Perevi. Later he asked for political asylum in Georgia

January 2010

  1. On 2 January, 2 villagers (both of them were Tatanashvili) were arrested close to v. Orchosani. They were collecting mushrooms from the trees. The arrest was conducted by Russian border guards and villagers were released within half an hour.

  2. On 4 January, at about 6 a.m. Captain Genadi Pliev, from Ossetian special protection service was arrested close to Georgian check point in v. Zemo Nikozi. Pliev was carrying Kalashnikov and was drunk.

  3. On 4 January, Russian citizen Andrey Khaziainov (born September 7, 1975) was arrested at Ganmukhuri checkpoint for illegal crossing of Georgia-Russia state border and violating visa regime. During the interrogation police officers suspected the mental illness of the arrested person and invited a psychiatrist. According to the conclusion of medical expertise, the mental illness of the person was confirmed and in the morning of January 6, after fulfilling all legal procedures, he was escorted by ICRC to the Enguri bridge, where he was handed over to the representatives of the Russian FSB border guard unit.

  4. On 15 January, at 1.30 a.m. fire from machine guns and grenade launchers was opened towards Georgian checkpoint in v. Atotsi. The construction of the checkpoint was damaged, but the personnel didn’t receive any injuries.

  5. On 15 January, at about 17.00, 2 Russian BTRs crossed the ABL close to v. Pichori. They entered Georgian governbment controlled territory, but after a Georgian police patrol showed up, they turned back. The incident didn’t escalate into confrontation.

  6. On 20 January, 42 Georgian pupils walking from v. Nabakevi (Gali district) to school in Tsalenjikha district were stopped by Russian FSB border guards. They were redirected to the main road, in order to cross the ABL, which is 7 kilometers away. The children were unable to walk to the school such a long distance and they turned back to their homes. This issue was brought up during IPRM meeting on January 20 and on the next morning, the kids were allowed to go to school, using their usual route.

  7. On 22 January, Ekhvaia Roumi, who was waiting for his relatives close to the ABL in v. Khurcha (relatives were crossing the ABL from Gali direction), was attacked by drunk Russian military personnel. They were intending to take his car, but after Georgian police showed up, they left in the direction of the occupied territory. They took documents of Ekhvaia, but didn’t manage to take his car.

  8. On 25 January, Russian occupation forces have closed the brigde over Enguri river for those willing to cross ABL.

  9. On 29 January, at 13:40, the heavy explosion in v. Chuburkhindji killed the member of local militia Eduard Kubrava and two local residents. 2 more representatives of militsia were injured and hospitalized.

  10. On 31 January, Malkhaz Akhvliediani (born on 27.11.1967), resident of the town of Chiatura was detained by either Russian FSB border guards or South Ossetian de facto regime irregular forces close to v. Zemo Nikozi. He is accused of illegal crossing of the so-called “South Ossetian state border.”


  1. On 2 February, in v. Ganmukhuri, Russian occupants didn’t allow local residents of v. Otobaia to transport the remains of 70 year old Kote Vakhania, who died in Zugdidi hospital. After the involvement of EUMM, they were let through.

  2. On 3 February, the families of Mimoza Dadiani and Nodar Dadiani was robbed in v. Pirveli Otobaia. According to locals, crime was committed by group of Abkhaz special service representatives, headed by Raul Amichba.

  3. On 3 February, Russians and Abkhazians have restricted crossing of ABL for the resident of Gali district until 12th in all directions from and in Zugdidi.

  4. On 4 February, Merkan Shonia and his friends (with family name Alphenidze) were arrested during the attempt to cross ABL using bypass roads.

  5. On 11 and 12 February, Russian FSB has detained about 80 people crossing ABL close to Nabakevi. They were released after few hours and paying fines.

  6. On 5 February, the family of Kote Todua was robbed close to village 2nd Otobaya.

  7. On 17 February, during the night families of Dodik Todua and Gia Khazalia were robbed in v. Orsantia. The robbers have abducted Dodik Todua and have escaped to the other side of ABL.

  8. On 17 February, 2 citizens of Spain: Martines Sanches Francisco and Marc Orte Ustaros were robbed in Sukhumi. They have complained to Georgian police in Zugdidi.

  9. On 22 February, 2 residents of v. Kirbala Vaja Takadze and Beka Takade, who went hunting close to the ABL were arrested by Ossetian separatists. They are accused of illegal crossing of so called Ossetian state border and illegal carrying of fire arms.

  10. On 24 February, Russian helicopter has been flying over Georgian police check points in v. Khurcha.

  11. On 24 February, at about 20:00. The fire was opened from Russian occupants controlled territories to Georgian police check point in v. Zemo Nikozi.


  1. On 2 March, Ivan Muladze and Nino Aptsiauri were detained in Znauri, when visiting funerals of their aunt, on March 4 they were released at Ergneti check point. Together with them were released Suren Kneliani and Lex Kneliani, who were also detained by Ossetians while visiting their relatives on Russian occupied territories.

  2. On 4 March, Russian occupants started arranging barbed wire between v. Orsantia of Zugdidi district and v. Otobaia of Gali district. This fact caused protest of local population. The EUMM members tried to enquire the incident, but Russian militaries didn’t allow them to approach their check point directing to them charged rifles.

  3. On 10 March, Sekhniashvili Vaja was detained by Russian FSB close to v. Gduleti, where he was collecting the wood near his village Bershieti. Mr. Sekhniashvili was released within few hours.

  4. On 10 March, Raul Akobia, the resident of v. Konstitutisia of Gali district was expelled from the village. As Akobia has explained to the police later, the reason of expelling was the refusal to work on metal scrap cutting free of charge for the head of the village administration Ashuba. Mr Ashuba warned him, that in case of refusal he would be expelled from the village, which was done later on.

  5. On 11 March, at about 17:00, grenade was launched to the direction of Georgian police check point in v. Koshka. It exploded close to ABL, not far from the checkpoint. The incident didn’t cause any damage or injuries.

  6. On 11 March, at 21:00 and 22:00 fire from automatic rifles was opened to Georgian police check points in village of Zemo Nikozi and Koshka. The bullets damaged the check point constructions, but didn’t cause any injuries.

  7. On 23 March, Russian occupants didn’t allow farmers to work in their gardens close to v. Ghogheti.

  8. On 26 March, Mamuka Samkharadze, collecting wood close to his village of residence, Kirbali, has been arrested by Ossetian militamen. He was released on March 29.

  9. On 29 March, Levan Akubardia and Malkhaz Akhalaia were arrested by Russian FSB when they crossed ABL. These persons were delivering vegetables to Gali markets. Both of them were released, but their vehicles were returned only after they paid bribes to Abkhaz.

  10. On 30 March, 2 residents of Zugdidi Akhalaia and Akubardia were arrested by Russian FSB, when crossing ABL close to v. Rukhi. They were carrying greens with a truck to Gali market for sale.

  11. On 30 March, Russian militaries have reinforced their presence in villages of Gali: Sida and Saberio. They have deployed 5 additional APC and military personnel.


  1. On 2 April, on attempt of crossing ABL, several people have been detained by Russian FSB close to Enguri bridge and later released after paying fines.

  2. On 4 April, Russian military patrol boat approached Georgian check point in Ganmukhuri. They remained in close distance (about 200 meters) from the check point and turned back.

  3. On 8 April, Gela Samushia, the resident of v. Lia, was arrested when he approached the ABL. Mr Samushia is distributing bread in the village with his private car.

  4. On 20 April, Ossetian separatists have arrested Teimuraz Jerapov, resident of Kutaisi (year of birth 1946) close to v. Sinaguri when Mr. Jerapov visited his relatives.

  5. On 30 April, at about 13.00 2 Russian helicopters have been flying over Georgian police check point in v. Khurcha.

  1. On 23 April, in the morning, 1 Russian officer and 2 soldiers with a dog have been stopped by Georgian patrol on ABL, close to v. Nabakevi. As they have stated, they’ve accidently entered Georgia controlled territories and were soon handed over to Russian side through EUMM.

  2. On 30 April, at about 13.00 2 Russian helicopters have been flying over Georgian police check point in v. Khurcha.


  1. On 10 May, armed Osstians have taken by force large cattle (47 caws) from v. Kelkhtseuli.

  2. On 13 May, The resident of Mereti, Mikheil Kisishvili has been detained by Ossetians and released after the EUMM and Georgian police interfered.

  3. On 13 May, the resident of Bershueti, Gocha Berianidze didn’t return to his home. Later it was found out that he got arrested close to ABL and transported to Tskhinvali.

  4. On 18 May, 2 residents of Sahckhere village Jria Murman Makatsarashvili and Mirian Burjenidze were detained by Russia FSB close to Perevi. 4 other residents of Jria were also detained during at the same day, but soon released.

  5. On 18 May, the resident of v. Kldistskaro, Ramaz Gaprindashvili and the resident of v. Abisi Iasha Lursmanashvili were detained by Russian occupants close to occupied territories. They were released on 19 May.

  6. On 19 May, at about 15:30, 26 year old Vakhtang Kokoshvili,  the resident of village Takhtisdziri, Kareli district was collecting wood branches in his fruit garden, close to Russia occupied territories. When collecting, he noticed the hand grenade booby trap, but he couldn't avoid the explosion. As a result, Vakhtang Kokoshvili received several injuries and has been taken to the hospital.

  7. On 27 May, Russian FSB has closed to entry for vehicles to Akhalgori and explained the fact with precaution measures due to elections to be held on May 30th.

  8. On 27 May, Suliko Jogherdishvili and Murman Licheli were detained by Russian FSB in v. Tamarasheni, Kareli district, close to occupied territories. Were released on 29 May.

  9. On 27 May, Revaz Lapatchi was detained by Russian FSB in his own garden in v. Ditsi, Gori district. Was released on 29 May.

  10. On 27 May, Aslan Moltashvili and Guram Khujoshvili were detained close to v. Jariasheni. Were released on 29 May.

On 27 May, Vaja Gabataev, from v. Zguderi, Kareli district was arrested by FSB, when he was visiting his relatives on occupied territories. Was released on 29 May.


  1. On 1 June, 3 Abkhaz militiamen, serving in customs service came under fire in v. Dikhazurgi, Gali district. One of them, Genadi Kvitsinia died of injuries, 2 others Giorgi Jigania and Dimitri Bagatelia were transported to Sukhumi hospital.

  2. On 3 June, the head of village administration of v. Rephi, Gali district, Dimitri Katsia has been murdered.

  3. On 3 June. Nugzar Takadze, the resident of v. Kirbali has been detained close to his village, when he was looking for his lost cattle. He was released on June 8.

  4. On 2 June, Khachidze Avtandil was arrested in Akhalgori. The reason of arrest was that he arrived to Akhalgori without registration (Khachidze is resident of Tbilisi). He is alleged of illegal crossing of so called Ossetian “State Border”.

  5. On 6 June, the resident of Kareli, Tariel Jeiranashvili was detained by Ossetian militia close to ABL. He was released on June 22.

  6. On 6 June, The Abkhaz relatives of Genadi Kvitsinia, who was shot on June 1st, in v. Dikhazurgi have burned houses of 5 Georgians Shota Kekua, Murman Dzigua, George Gulordava, Oner Dzigua and Emzar Gulordava. The owners of the houses had to escape to the forests, in order to avoid the revenge from the side of Abkhaz relatives of Kvitsia.

  7. On 10 June, Ekhvaia Shermadin and Beria Tariel were arrested close to Khurcha, when they were working in the farms close to occupation line. They were released after they paid fines.

  8. On 11 June, in order to provide public presence for the visit of the so-called president of so-called republic of Abkhazia, Sergei Bagapsh, Abkhaz militia and KGB was held responsible for bringing public for the meeting. They were bringing people from farms and houses by force, intimidating them.

  9. On 22 June, Tariel Jeiranashvili and two other illegally detained persons Nugzar Kharatov and Karlo Naniarui were released from Tskhinvali prisons by marionette regime.

  10. On 22 June, 3 cousins Vepkhia, Malkhaz and Gogita Anjaparidzes were arrested in v. Tagilon and transported to Gali police station. According to primary information all of them were beaten up and later one of them died of injuries.

  11. On 23 June, Z. Pipia has been kidnapped from v. Nabakevi. Family was asked to pay ransom of 15.000 US Dollars. He has been released later, presumably, after his family has paid the ransom.

  12. On 26 June, family of David Dgabuadze has been robbed in v. Saberio. David Dgebuadze was injured himself during the robbery. Family insisted on bringing of Mr Dgebuadze to Tbilisi hospital, but de-facto authorities denied his transportation.

  13. On 26 June, in v. 2nd Otobaya, local residents had quarrel with a workers working on Russian military base construction. Later drunk Russian soldiers found those who conflicted with construction and have beaten them up in fromt of villagers. 3 persons Kakha Beselia, Gia Topuria and David Shonia received injuries.

  14. On 26 June, Shamaeva Ketevan (the resident of Tbilisi) and Throna Khubulova were detained by Ossetians in village Dzukaant Kari when visiting their uncle. They were released on 28th of June.

  15. On 28 June, Davituri Levan from v. Lamiskana and Gamkhitashvili Lukhum from v. Bojami (Akhalgori district) were arrested in v. Akhmadji by Ossetians, They were released on 29 June.

  16. On 28 June, Kukuri Chkhetia has been kidnapped from v. Chuburkhinji, his son wso lives in Russia has been contacted for ransom. Luckily, Mr, Chkhetia has escaped on June 29.


  1. On 2 July, at about 3:10 a.m. Georgia police check point in v. Ganmukhuri has been attacked. Attack was conducted with automatic rifles. One policeman has been wounded during the attack and later he was delivered to Saint Luca’s Hospital in Zugdidi.

  2. On 4 July, Russian FSB has detained Merab Aronia, the resident of Gali when he has delivered commodities to v. Otobaya from Zugdidi.

  1. On 5 July, Russian helicopter has landed in v. Khurcha, in order arrest local residents who intended to cross occupation line.

  1. On5 July, 9.30. The Russian helicopter has over flied Georgian police check point in v. Dvani.

  1. On 15 July, the resident of Tskhinvali Giorgi Tedeev has been areested in v, Dvani for carrying hand grenade.

  1. On 22 July, at about 7.00, former body guards of Abkhazia;’s so called president were attacked in v. Nabakevi, Gali district. The explosion was followed by shooting and 3 persons have received injuries: Ashuba Ruslan, Andia Guram, Klipava Janyg.

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