Pre-Seminar Survey Austin 2014 Gender Age Range Race/Ethnicity What is your highest level of education achieved? What is your primary artistic discipline? Do you have formal education in your artistic discipline?

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Do you own your own home?

How would you rate your quality of relationship with other local artists in your artistic discipline?

How would you rate your quantity of relationships with other local artists outside of your artistic discipline?

How frequently do you seek support/advice/information on your art business from other local artists (of any discipline)?

Please rate the following statement, “Austin is a supportive environment in which to pursue my art.”

Do you consider yourself an entrepreneur?

  • I'm looking forward to finding out more about what I already know and finding out what I don't know.

  • I am currently preparing to bring International Photography event to Austin. That feels entrepreneurial. In everyday life I am generally networking and promoting my business. I use my profits to further myself through buying the equipment that make my work more efficient and quality driven.

  • i believe i have take many risk and i have put in but less comes out of it as profit , this is why i say am not an Entrepreneur but am ready to see, learn , listen to advice on way forward.

  • As for income, I always take a loss - expenses always outweigh income. I cannot afford healthcare, and Texas did not expand its medicare roster for inclusion in national health care initiatives. Art customers are usually one-time buyers: collectors like diversity in their collection, and buy one or at most two pieces from an artist. It is the worst sales model of any industry, high relationship face time for few sales.

  • I definitely do, in that I see it as a self-owned business and a second job. That said, I'm not nearly as good as I could be with the business management side, though! I'd love to get better a better hand on that, and work on growing the business outward into other cities and opportunities.

  • I want to be an entrepreneur producing and marketing my work and classes more successfully but I am a bit bewildered about all of the choices and options. I'm also leery of the risks and costs of entrepreneurship. I perceive entrepreneurs as outgoing, brash, and insincere (think Richard Branson) so I have a hard time identifying myself as one.

  • Throughout my career as an artist I have diversified my applications in order to generate income and visibility for my work. I look forward to learning more about promoting and developing my artistic pursuits.

  • I am an entrepreneur because I create, organize, manage and provide a service to paying customers/clients.

  • NA

  • Because I already own and operate a massage practice. I market it myself. I designed my own logo for it and all the literature as well. I have a steady clientele.

  • I don't keep active business plans for my artistree.

  • The more I spend time on advertising, learning about branding, building a client base, doing commissions and meeting clients' needs, the more I consider myself an entrepreneur.

  • Yes, and I don't like it! Or at least I'm still uncomfortable with it. I do recognize the parallels with a new commercial product being brought to market - and this is the way I've thought about the last few years, I was just grateful to get museum/gallery shows without getting grant funding or buyers, as the necessary investment I needed to make up front to be able to ask for the kind of major funding this work requires. I don't feel like there's already a market officially out there for exactly what I want to do, so I flounder a little putting a price on my work (especially since my work is in one level all about the economics of sharing and loving, which makes it a little complicated to seek funding).

  • I own my record label, and am about to release my 4th record. I do my band's booking and publicity. Help!!! :)) Thanks!

  • I think that being a successful artist means being an successful entrepreneur. Although I do consider myself an entrepeneur, I think that I could improve several areas of my artistic career, especially those in relation to networking, self-promotion, and grant writing. I am very excited to learn more in these areas and take my composition to the next level.

  • If I were an entrepreneur, I would most likely not be filling out this survey. Business is my achilles heel and i am seeking steps to remedy that by my participation in this program. I am grateful to be doing so.

  • Thank you

  • Here is a little laundrylist: -need to organize all of my finances -need to do a much better job telling my story, what I do and why is it so cool and important... and need to do that in a succint, streamlined manner -Need to find the TRUE business for publishing my songs in the media, which is almost inexistent in Austin -need to get out of the World Music bubble that people want to categorize me as. -need to lure a bad-ass booking agent thanks!

  • I would like to be an entrepreneur with my art, but I feel as though I don't know how yet.

  • Not yet. With your help, I hope to develop as an entrepreneur through the program. Thank you!

  • I don't think of myself as an entrepreneur, I don't see myself as a big risk taker. I am willing to take risks, but in a more sedate way. I suppose this IS a form of being entrepreneurial! My day job requires a great many entrepreneurial skills - networking, cold calling, case statements, elevator speeches and asking probing questions, getting answers and making sure details are covered. I think I look at things from a lower level than a high level, 30 000 foot entrepreneurial creative might. Maybe I am an entrepreneur afterall!

  • its in my blood. ever since i was young i dreamed of being my own boss. i would consider myself more of an art hustler. i want to learn the rules so i can play the art game with skill.

  • First and foremost, I consider myself to be an artist. While I enjoy selling my work, it does not happen all the time. My primary goal is to create work to share with the broadest audience possible. I view public art projects as opportunities to create works I would not otherwise be able to create. The public projects present opportunities to make work for the public to be displayed in public, while also earning some income. I do not feel as though I am an entrepreneur though. That said, I would like to create several lines of functional products to sell, but am still in the early design stages of this process. I would not consider these items to be my artwork.

  • I have made a commitment to making beautiful art that I enjoy and I think other people might enjoy also. I spend almost all my free time making art and not enough time marketing it. The marketing I have done over the years has only been marginally successful. I have gotten awards and lots of compliments but limited sales. I also don't feel comfortable when trying to selling it. From year to year the amount of my art sales vary greatly. Last year was lower than average.

  • I define entrepreneur as someone who profits from their business. My company is a not-for-profit.

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