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Automatic Server Shutdown

It is prescribed that APC PowerChute Network Shutdown software be install on both Windows servers so they close down appropriately before the UPS batteries get to be depleted.

Enviroment Notification

It is suggested that temperature and humidity alarms be implemented via APC Network Management card with Environmental Monitoring to be introduced in the current APC Smart-UPS uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

Server Location

Relocate server and system console near to IT personnel for surveillance and to prevent server from affected by flood since IT personnel lie on the middle floor of the building.




Old switch

Since core switch handle many request so it will require more bandwith. It is recommend to change current device which is have 100Mbps network limit to switch with 10Gbps.

All the other switch also need to be change from 100 Mbps to 1Gbps.


  • It is recommended that a secure main communications equipment room (MCER) be established in the front office area with at least one intermediate communication equipment room (ICER) located in the manufacturing area using 50Um fiber to interconnect the two closets.

  • It is recommended to install Cat6 cabling to insure 10Gbps capability throughput in all office areas and shielded Cat6 cabling in the manufacturing areas to safeguard against (EMI) from overhead crane power and bus bar power.

  • MCER rooms should contain 19” X 7’ open equipment racks with overhead cable tray and horizontal cable management on either side. If the ICER room is located on the open manufacturing floor, then a secure lockable cabinet should house all patch panels and electronics.

  • All cabling would be terminated on standard punch down panels and jacks which use only a single piece so would eliminate the brittle plastic issue.

Remote Access

It is suggested that the necessity for a VPN be reevaluated after to decides whether it desires to implement the recommended web-based portal for accessing customer information and/or the more functional hosted e-mail & collaboration system. Since certain types of information may be web-based instead of VPN technology, VPN technology may not be required. However, if VPN technology is still required for access to various types of data or systems, then TNSC is confident that it could rectify the issues associated with the current implementation.

Backup Server

It is strongly recommended that the entirety of each server’s data be backed up by a system that does so completely, routinely, automatically, is monitored for failures, can virtually recreate a server in case of server hardware failure, and also automatically transfers a copy of the data offsite in case there is ever a disaster. Although there may be alternatives, TNSC offers its StoreIT backup solution which provides all of the desired features.

Server Space

It is recommended that the following approach be taken in sequence:

Delete any information that is no longer needed on the servers.

  • If the above step does not yield enough free space, then archive information that is not frequently needed to an external device for permanent storage.

  • If the above steps do not yield enough space, then relocate some information between the two servers and their partitions so that each partition has sufficient free space.

  • If the above steps do not yield enough space, then add (a) physical drive(s) to the widget1file server so that it has more available drive space.

  • If the above steps do not yield enough free space, then purchase a new physical server with more hard drive space. This server should be equipped with VMware vSphere software which allows the physical hardware to be shared by multiple virtual servers such as the widget1file and widget1mail servers which would be copied to this new physical server. The benefit of virtual server hardware is that it allows multiple servers to share the available capacity of the hardware which results in less hardware needing to be purchased. An added benefit of new hardware is that it would be covered by a three year warranty whereas the current servers would appear to be out of warranty and don’t have a maintenance contract in place therefore current system failures would be more costly and time consuming.

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