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Box 11:
Jan. 20 & 21, 1888 Microscopical Soiree by The Terre Haute Scientific Association, Terre Haute, Ind.

Jan. 25, 1888 Ladies Matinee Musicale Programme

Jan. 31, 1888 Indianapolis Maennerchar (in German and English)

Feb. 4, 1888 Twentieth Commencement of the High School of Indianapolis, Tomlinson Hall

Feb. 14, 1888 Annual Musical Entertainment given by Paul Bahr and his Pupils, at Plymouth Church, corner Meridian and New York Streets

Feb. 15, 1888 Plymouth Church, Dr. Louis Maas’ Grand Piano Concert

Feb. 22, 1888 Campanini Grand Operatic Concerts, Italo Campanini, Sole Proprietor and Manager, Richmond Theatre

March 15, 1888 Viertes Concert, Indianapolis Lyra, Alexander Ernestinoff, Director, Lyra Halle

March 21, 1888 Musical and Literary Entertainment given by Ladies of the Central Christian Church, corner Delaware and Ohio Streets

April 7, 1888 Grand Popular Concert by the Famous Mendelssohn Quintette Club (Organized in 1849), Concert Company of Boston, Tomlinson Hall

April 17, 1888 Programme and “A Kiss in the Dark”

April 17, 1888 Palace Theater, under the Auspices of the K. of P. Band

May 4, 1888 Miss Emily S. Bingham, Programme

May 14, 1888 Ladies Matinee Musicale, assisted by Otto Lund, Armin Recker, Cincinnati, B. F. Miller, Rushville

May 25, 1888 19th Annual Reception given by Mrs. E. J. Price at her School, 407 North Illinois St.

May 31, 1888 Commencement, Music Hall, City High School, Crawfordsville, Ind.

June 1, 1888 Seventeenth Annual Commencement of the High School of Richmond, Ind. (three pieces)

June 5, 1888 Reception and Banquet, Indiana State Medical Society, by the Members of the Marion County Medical Society

June 6, 1888 Commencement of the Preparatory Department, Indiana University, College Chapel, Bloomington, Ind.

June 12, 1888 The Mendelssohn Society, Fourth and Last Grand Concert of the Season at Plymouth Church

June 18, 1888 Twentieth Annual Commencement of the High School of Indianapolis, Ind., Tomlinson Hall

June 21, 1888 Fourth Annual Commencement of the Fairfield Township Schools to be held at the Lutheran Church, Fairfield Center

June 27, 1888 Senior Class of Earlham College, Twenty seventh Annual College Commencement

June 29, 1888 Grand Benefit Concert tendered to Perry Ingalls by the Indianapolis Orchestra at Lyra Hall

July 2, 1888 Musical and Literary Evening given by Miss Ida Sweenie at her home, 217 North Illinois Street

August 18, 1888 Harrison County Teachers’ Institute, Corydon, Indiana

Sept. 11, 1888 Fourth Annual Meeting of Alumna Association Girls’ Classical School

Oct. 5, 1888 President’s Day, Indianapolis Woman’s Club

Oct. 18, 1888 Program “The Lady Evaline”

Oct. 31, 1888 Program Musicala (hand written)

Nov. 21, 1888 Y.M.C.A. Hall, Indianapolis, Valda Grand Concert Co., Mme. Giulia Valda

Dec. 4, 1888 165th Recital, School of Music, DePauw University, Soiree Musicale given by James H. Howe, Roberts Park Church, Indianapolis

Dec. 11, 1888 The Old Fashioned District School, Palace Theater, New Castle, Ind.

Dec. 12, 1888 Ladies Matinee Musicale, Programme

Dec. 14, 1888 Piano Recital by Pupils of Max Leckner assisted by Mr. F. M. Loomis at the Warerooms of D. H. Baldwin & Co.

Dec. 23, 1888 Tabernacle Church, Missionary Services under the Auspices of the Woman’s Missionary Society

Dec. 25, 1888 Inaugural Ball, Committee Rooms, New Denison Hotel, Indianapolis (two invitations: one for George W. Powell and one for Berry R. Sulgrove, Esq.

Dec. 25, 26, & 27, Programme of the Fourth Annual Meeting of the Indiana Academy of

1888 Science, Indianapolis

Dec. 26, 27, & 28, Indiana State Teachers’ Association, Thirty-Fifth Session, at Plymouth

1888 Church, Indianapolis, Indiana

1888 Fourth Wrestling Contest at Quaker Cross Roads, “The Gladiators Fall Thus!”

1888-1889 Indianapolis Woman’s Club Programme, Oct. 19 through June 21, plus list of officers, committees, and members (two copies)
Box 12:
Jan.-June, 1889 Young People’s Society of Christian Endeavor of Mayflower Church, Indianapolis, Indiana

Jan. 3, 4, & 5, 1889 The New American Opera Company at the English Opera House, Indianapolis, Indiana

Jan. 14, 1889 The Committee of Invitation, Inaugural Ball, at Tomlinson Hall

Jan. 30, 1889 Ladies Matinee Musicale, Plymouth Church

Feb. 11, 1889 “The Bostonians” and “Mignon!” in Dickson’s Grand Opera House

Feb. 14, 1889 Music and Poetry, Mr. H. J. Schonacker, assisted by Miss Emily Bingham,

Grand Opera House

Feb. 14, 1889 Valentine Reception, Young Men’s Club, Carlisle, Indiana, Opera House

Feb. 15, 1889 Musical Entertainment given by Paul Bahr and his pupils, at Plymouth


Feb. 20, 1889 Musicale at the Indianapolis Institute for Young Ladies, 477 North

Pennsylvania Street

Feb. 20, 1889 Ladies Matinee Musicale

Feb. 25, 1889 Grand Opera House for the Benefit of St. Paul’s Chapel Fund, Portraits of

Shakespeare’s Heroines and “The Eve of St. Agnes”

March 1, 1889 Complimentary Concert to Prof. Ora Pearson at Central Christian Church

March 15, 1889 Commencement of the Class of ’89 of the School of Law, DePauw


March 16, 1889 Declamation Contest of the Public Schools of Ripley Township to be held at Presbyterian Church, Alamo, Indiana

March 18, 1889 “The Wife” at Grand Opera House

March 20, 1889 “The World” at Grand Opera House, Lebanon, Indiana

April 2, 1889 Recital by Mrs. Flora M. Hunter, at D. H. Baldwin & Co.

April 7, 1889 Song Service, Plymouth Church, Indianapolis

April 9, 1889 Annual Commencement of Mooresville Public Schools

April 10, 1889 Piano-Forte Recital, Miss Angela Maxwell, Hall Place Church

April 15, 1889 First Anniversary, Young People’s Society of Christian Endeavor, First Presbyterian Church, Indianapolis, Ind.

April 24, 1889 Elocution and Expression Entertainment by Mrs. Hattie Augusta Prunk and Pupils of Indiana Boston School of Elocution and Expression of Indianapolis

April 25, 1889 “The Pink Foot-Light” at Wysor’s Opera House, Muncie, Indiana

April 30, 1889 Grand Concert, Prof. Julius F. Kohl, Plymouth Church

April 30, 1889 Centennial Celebration of the Inauguration of George Washington as President of the United States, Union Services held at First Presbyterian Church, Indianapolis

May 8, 1889 Musicale, Miss Alden

May 24, 1889 Sixteenth Annual Commencement of the Cambridge City Public Schools, Opera House

May 27, 28, 2, 1889 May Music Festival, Five Grand Concerts, Indianapolis
Box 13:
Jan. 16, 1890 Knights of Pythias, at Opera House, Franklin, Indiana

Jan. 28, 1890 Indianapolis Zither Club, Grand Concert, Plymouth Church, Indianapolis

Jan. 28, 1890 Second Schliewen Quartette Concert, Miss Theodora Pfafflin, Lyric Dramatic Soprano, Plymouth Church

Feb. 5, 1890 High Schools of Indianapolis, 22nd commencement, Tomlinson Hall (two copies)

Feb. 11, 1890 Ladies’ Matinee Musicale, Plymouth Church

Feb. 19, 1890 Schliewen String Quartette, Plymouth Church

Feb. 27, 1890 Central College Physicians and Surgeons, Grand Opera House, Indianapolis, Indiana (includes Florence W. Hays, graduate)

March 6, 1890 Eleventh Annual Commencement, Indiana Dental College, Plymouth Church

April 5, 1890 Mrs. Hunter’s Parlors, Pupils’ Recital, Miss May Brown

April 12, 1890 Mrs. Hunter’s Parlors, Pupils’ Recital, Miss Lavenia McKenna assisted by Mr. John L. Geiger, Baritone

April 16, 1890 Emma Juch, English Opera House, Indianapolis, Indiana

April 22, 1890 Pupils of Max Leckner, Third Piano Recital Season, Y.M.C.A. Hall

May 3, 1890 School of Music, The Circle, Indianapolis

May 4, 1890 Plymouth Church, Song Service, Indianapolis

May 6, 1890 Ladies’ Matinee Musicale

May 9, 1890 First Annual Commencement of the Elizabethtown High School at M. E. Church

May 13-16, 1890 May Music Festival, Six Grand Concerts, Tomlinson Hall, Indianapolis

May 21, 1890 Piano Recital by one of Prof. Paul Bahr’s Pupils, Miss Minnie Diener, Bryant & Dierdorf’s Piano Rooms

May 25, 1890 Evening of Praise, Meridian St. M. E. Church

May 29, 1890 New Castle High School, 14th Annual Commencement

May 30, 1890 “Under the Laurels,” a play in five acts, music by College Orchestra

June 9, 1890 17th Annual Commencement of the Preparatory Department, Indiana University, College Chapel, Bloomington, Indiana

June 10, 1890 Commencement Exercises of the Class of ’90, Indianapolis Institute for Young Ladies, Y.M.C.A. Hall

June 17, 1890 Alumni Banquet, Lindley Hall, Earlham College, Richmond, Indiana

June 19, 1890 The Great Gilmore and His Wonderful Band, Tomlinson Hall, Indianapolis, Two Grand Concerts

June 20, 1890 Twentieth Commencement, Spiceland Academy, Spiceland, Indiana

June 25, 1890 “Kettledrum,” a comic opera in 3 acts, Grand Opera House

June 25-27, 1890 First Annual Mid-Summer Meeting, Fish and Game Association, Cedar Beach, Turkey Lake, Kosciusko County, Indiana

August 15, 1890 Reception to the Light Horse Squadron by Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Jones (dance card)

August 18-22, 1890 Twenty-Sixth Session of the Floyd County Teacher’s Institute, Court House, New Albany, Indiana

Sept. 1-5, 1890 Hamilton County Teachers’ Institute, Sheridan, Indiana

Sept. 24-25, 1890 Herr Eduard Strauss and Vienna Orchestra, in Three Superb Concerts, Tomlinson Hall

Oct. 5-Dec. 28, 1890 Sunday School, Adult Classes, Plymouth Church, Oscar C. McClulloch, Minister, Indianapolis

Oct. 11, 1890 Annual Meeting of the Indiana Branch of the Association of Collegiate Alumnae, Girls’ Classical School, Indianapolis

Oct. 19, 1890 School of Music, Lecture Recital by the Pianist Mr. Edward Baxter Perry

Oct. 22, 1890 Piana Recital by Miss Minnie Diener at Bryant & Dierdorf’s Piano Rooms

Nov. 2, 1890 Sacred Concert by the United Theater Orchestras under the direction of Prof. Miller, The Park Theater

Nov. 11, 1890 Erstes Conzert des Indianapolis Maennerchor, Carl Barus, Director, Maennerchor Halle (two copies in German)

Nov. 13, 1890 Chrysanthemum Show, Tomlinson Hall

Nov. 18, 1890 Vladimir de Pachmann’s only appearance this season, Plymouth Church

Nov. 19, 1890 Ladies Matinee Musicale

Dec. 3, 1890 Ladies’ Matinee Musicale assisted by Miss Emily s. Bingham

Dec. 14, 1890 Program, Meridian St. M. E. Church

Dec. 17, 1890 Zweites Conzert des Indianapolis Maennerchor, Carl Barus, Director, Maennerchor Halle

Dec. 19, 1890 First Select Meeting of the Elders of 1891, Overman Hall

Dec. 20, 1890 Entertainment by the W. R. C., Court Room, New Castle, Indiana (Women’s Relief Corp)

Dec. 31, 1890 First Annual Ball, LaFayette Division No. 63, Brotherhood of Railroad Conductors, Red Men’s Hall, LaFayette, Indiana

Dec. 31, 1890 Sylvester-Feier and Ball of the Indianapolis Maennerchor, Carl Barus, Director, Maennerchor Hall (in German)

1890 Program with pianos from the Music Parlors of Theo. Pfafflin & Co.

1890 Concert by Philharmonic Club, Edward Nell, Director

1890-1891 Indianapolis Woman’s Club (two copies)

1890-1891 Programme for the Matinee Musicale, Shelbyville, Indiana

1890-1891 The Wednesday Club, South Bend, Indiana
Box 14:

Jan. 1, 1891 Kahn’s New Music Hall, New Castle

Jan. 3, 1891 Commercial Travelers’ Association of Indiana

Jan. 6 & 7, 1891 Greenfield Choral Union

Jan. 13 & 14, 1891 Vigo County Farmer’s Institute, Purdue University School of Agriculture

Jan. 23, 1891 George H. Thomas W. R. C., No. 20, at Masonic Hall

Jan. 23, 1891 Sweetser’s Opera House, Marion, Indiana

Jan. 27, 1891 Indianapolis Woman’s Club, Dedication, Indianapolis Propylaeum (two copies)

Feb. 2, 1891 Song Recital by Mrs. Ida Scott, Tabernacle Church

Feb. 4, 1891 Twenty-Third Commencement of the High School of Indianapolis,

Tomlinson Hall

Feb. 9, 1891 Indianapolis Institute for Young Ladies, Concert by the Pupils of Mrs. Flora M. Hunter

Feb. 16, 1891 Grand Opera House, “Poor Jonathan,” comedy opera

Feb. 20, 1891 Knights of Pythias Band, New Castle, Indiana

Feb. 20, 1891 “A Unique Coincidence,” a comedy written by Margaret Butler Snow for the Indianapolis Dramatic Club

Feb. 21, 1891 W. S. Cleveland’s Consolidated Minstrels, Grand Opera House

Feb. 23, 1891 “Shenandoah,” Grand Opera House

Feb. 25, 1891 Ladies’ Matinee Musicale

Feb. 26, 1891 First Annual Entertainment, Indianapolis Press Club, Plymouth Church, with Mr. James Whitcomb Riley

Feb. 27, 1891 Twelfth Annual Commencement Exercises, Indiana Dental College, Propylaeum Building, Indianapolis

March 1, 1891 Standard Orchestra at Tomlinson Hall

March 2, 1891 Jefferson-Florence Comedy Company, “Heir-at-Law,” Grand Opera House

March 2, 1891 DeWolf Hopper Opera Bouffe Company, “The Lady or the Tiger,” Grand Opera House

March 3, 1891 Y.P.S.C.E. (Young People’s Society of Christian Endeavor), Twelfth District, Indiana Convention, 1st Presbyterian Church, Muncie, Indiana

March 5, 1891 Mrs. Newton Turley wedding invitation for daughter Minnie to J. W. Elliott, Orleans, Indiana

March 8, 1891 Standard Orchestra at Tomlinson Hall

March 9, 1891 Prof. G. R. Cromell’s Lectures, The Lenten Recreation, The Grand

March 14, 1891 School of Music, Pupils’ Thirteenth Fortnightly Recital

March 16, 1891 “Herrmann” and “New Black Art,” Grand Opera House

March 16, 1891 “Bluebeard, Jr., or, Fatima and the Fairy,” Grand Opera House

March 18, 20 & 21, “The National Pageant,” Our Nation’s History, Roberts Park Church,

1891 Indianapolis, Indiana

March 19, 1891 Physio-Medical College of Indiana, 18th Annual Commencement Exercises, Grand Opera House (two copies)

March 22, 1891 Indianapolis Maennerchor in Maennerchor Halle

March 24, 1891 Mucicale, Second Presbyterian Church

March 27, 1891 Sarah Jane Messick, wife of M. N. Messick, 1842-1891, funeral notice

March 28, 1891 School of Music, Pupils’ Fourteenth Fortnightly Recital

March 31, 1891 Twenty-first Annual Commencement Exercises of the Medical College of Indiana, Dickson’s Grand Opera House (two different copies)

April 3, 1891 “Short Studies from Delsarte,” by the Advanced Pupils of Miss Emily S. Bingham at the Propylaeum

April 6, 1891 Indianapolis Dramatic Club, Propylaeum Hall, “Tom Cobb; or Fortunes’s Toy”

April 6, 1891 The Vaidis Sisters’ “Refined European Vaudevilles,” The Park Theatre

April 17, 1891 Knights of Pythia Band, New Castle, Indiana

April 20, 1891 “The Liliputians in “The Burgomaster of Pinneberg,” Grand Opera House

April 22, 1891 Ladies’ Matinee Musicale, 3rd Division

April 27, 1891 “Blue Jeans” by Joseph Arthur, English’s Opera House

April 30, 1891 The Assembly, New Castle, Indiana, Dancing at Kahn’s Music Hall, Banquet at New Hotel Bundy Easter Christ Church, Indianapolis

May 1, 1891 Second Annual Commencement of the Elizabeth High School at the Christian Church

May 5, 1891 Indianapolis Institute for Young Ladies, Mrs. Hunter’s Pupils’ Recital

May 7, 1891 Concert given by Ladies’ Art Society, Martinsville, Indiana

May 10, 1891 Meridian Street M. E. Church, Song Service

May 12, 1891 Evening Concert, Ladies’ Matinee Musicale, Third Division, assisted by Mr. Maurice Butler (two copies)

May 13, 1891 Fourth Concert, Schliewen Quartette, Emil Wulschner’s Warerooms

May 14, 1891 Escort Delegation to meet President Harrison at Montezuma, William Scott, Chairman Committee of Arrangements

May 15, 1891 Eleventh Annual Commencement, Columbia City High School, Tuttle’s Opera House

May 18, 1891 Mark Murphy in “O’Dowd’s Neighbors,” English’s Opera House

May 18, 1891 J. C. Duff Opera Company in “The Red Hussar,” Grand Opera House

May 22, 1891 High School No. 1, 11A Grade, Programme

May 22, 1891 Elocutionary and Dramatic Entertainment by Mrs. Hattie Augusta Prunk and Pupils of Indiana-Boston School of Elocution and Expression, Indianapolis

May 26, 27 & 28, 3rd Annual May Music Festival, Indianapolis


May 29, 1891 Contest in Declamation, Preparatory School of Butler University

June 3, 1891 Girls’ Classical School, Closing Exercises, Grand Opera House

June 4, 1891 Two Grand Concerts, Knightsttown, Indiana

June 5, 1891 Graduate’s Recital, Indiana Boston School, Elocution and Expression, Propylaeum Hall

June 6, 1891 Agassiz Association, D. Chapter, No. 578, Indianapolis High School, Annual Field Day at Bloomingdale Glens

June 14, 1891 “The Prodigal Son,” Plymouth Church, Indianapolis

June 15 & 16, 1891 The Art and Manual Training Departments, Indianapolis High School, Annual Reception

June 17, 1891 Twenty-Third Annual Commencement of the High School of Indianapolis, Indiana, Tomlinson Hall

June 17, 1891 The Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, Commencement Day of the Sixth-Seventh School Year (1820-1891)

June 23, 1891 Teachers Alumni Association, Fifteenth Annual Meeting and Banquet, Chapel Hall, Ladoga, Indiana

July 22, 1891 Graduates’ Recital by Misses Emma Mae Pursell and Anna Pearl Cogswell, Training School of Expression, Roberts’ Park Church

July 23 & 24, 1891 Twelfth Annual Commencement of the Southern Indiana Normal College, Mitchell, Indiana

July 24 & 25, 1891 Lew Dockstader’s Minstrels, Grand Opera House (two copies)

July 27-30, 1891 Fifth Annual Bible School Assembly of Western Yearly Meeting, Bloomingdale, Park County, Indiana

August 14, 1891 Popular Promenade Concert

August 17, 1891 “Clairvoyants Returned,” Dr. and Madam Van Dyke, Grand Opera House

August 17-21, 1891 Harrison County Teachers’ Institute, 27th Annual Session, Public School Hall, Corydon, Indiana

August 18, 1891 Fifth Promenade Concert, City Hall

August 24-28, 1891 Clark County Teachers’ Institute, High School Building, Jeffersonville, Indiana

August 31, 1891 “Clairvoyants Returned,” Dr. and Madam Van Dyke, English’s Opera House

September 14, 1891 “Clairvoyants Returned,” Dr. and Madam Van Dyke, The Park Theatre

September 21, 1891 “Clairvoyants Returned” and “Egyptian Charms and Their Power,” Dr. F. and Madame Van Dyke, English’s Opera House

September 22, 1891 French Reciting given by Prof. Arthur Jaillet, assisted by Mme. Adela Lucy

October 2, 1891 The President’s Day, Indianapolis Woman’s Club

October 5, 1891 “Clairvoyants Returned” and “Egyptian Charms and Their Power,” Dr. and Madam Van Dyke, Grand Opera House

October 12, 1891 Same as October 5 above

October 26, 1891 English’s Opera House, 8 pages (two copies)

November 18, 1891 Erstes Concert, Indianapolis Maennerchor, Maennerchor Halle

November 18, 1891 James A. Dungan and Josephine Louise Scearce married at home, Danville, Indiana

November 22, 1891 Service of Song, Meridian St. M. E. Church

November 25, 1891 Piano Recital by Paul Bahr at N. W. Bryant & Co.’s Piano Rooms

Dec. 30 & 31, 1891 Seventh Annual Meeting of the Indiana Academy of Science

Dec. 31, 1891 Sixth Annual Ball of Indianapolis Lodge No. 21, Switchmen’s Mutual Aid Association of North America, Tomlinson Hall

1891 Flower Mission, Festival of Authors, Burns, Flower Booth

1891 The Sydenham Society, The Medical College of Indiana, Twentieth Annual Commencement Exercises, Y.M.C.A. Hall, Indianapolis (two copies)

1891-1892 Indianapolis Woman’s Club (two copies)

1891-1892 Woman’s Literary Club, South Bend, Indiana

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