Project of municipal services water supply rehabilitation environmental management plan

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The Implementation Programme of Environmental Management Plan showing progress of those prevention and monitoring plans during the project is given in the Table 3 .9. Final dates of the programme will be given in the Final Report.

Table 3.9 Implementation Programme of the Environmental Management Plan





Traffic Measures

Public Safety

Excavation Waste

Cultural Asset

When cultural assets are found

Dust (Vehicles carrying material)

Especially in warm, dry and windy weather

Noise (Caused by working machines and carrying vehicles)

Exhaust Fumes


Construction Site Restoration

Water quality monitoring at reservoirs/network

Disaster and Accident Risk


      1. Obligations and Action

The "Measures Plan" covering the measures to be taken to minimize negative impacts that may be caused by the activities to be carried out in planning/design, construction and operation stage of this project is given in Section 3.2, and the "Monitoring Plan" made to control the implementation conditions of the principles and procedures stated in the Measures Plan is given in Section 3.3. These plans also cover the organizations and institutions responsible for said items.

In the construction stage, Elbistan Municipality will inspect the performance of contractors in complying provisions stated in the Environmental Management Plan. Monthly reports will be required from the contractor about these matters and inspections will be made at site if necessary.

These reports to be taken from the contractor will be examined by Elbistan Municipality Project Management Unit and findings of the report will be compared with own observations of this unit. Action will be taken to make necessary measures taken in accordance with the suggestions specified as the result of this examination.

If a report is given about the project as required by the agreements made with the World Bank, Environmental Management Plan will also be mentioned in this report. At the operation stage, a semiannual report will be published by the Elbistan Municipality about implementation of the Environmental Management Plan.

      1. Organizational Qualifications

        1. Contractor Firm

All conditions necessary for qualification of the contractor firm are specified in detail in the technical and administrative specifications. Organizational capacities needed to implement improvement and monitoring plans defined in the Environmental Management Plan Report will be stated in the specifications. Following approval of the Environmental Management Plan, the Project and Tender Consultant will add the requirements about measures specified in the EMP to the specifications. In the tendering process, these requirements will be among the priority criteria in selecting the Contractor Firm.
        1. Elbistan Municipality

While primarily coordinating the progress of construction process, Elbistan Municipality, as the project owner, will perform management of Water Supply Structures in both administrative and technical ways in the operation stage.

Elbistan Municipality is an investment and operation institution which has proven its organizational qualification with expertise and successes gained since the date of establishment. In response to enlargement of its responsibility area in parallel with the rapid change of population it serves, it made planning and implementation of new infrastructure investments without delay and continuously met increasing demands of public.

Elbistan Municipality has the personnel having sufficient project experience with road, junction, pavement and housing construction they realized towards urbanization. Moreover, the Municipality tends to improve their capacity in meeting urban requirements with superstructure investments such as intercity bus terminal, wedding hall and animal exchange they realized recently, as well as the partial infrastructure investment. As a result of the examinations made, it is seen that Elbistan Municipality, with its former investment and operation experience and existing technical capacity, is an organization qualified enough to take measures necessary for this project.

Detailed assessments about organizational sufficiency of Elbistan Municipality in environmental management of the project will be submitted in the Final Report.

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