Prt proposal \chapter{Ocean County}

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Term Project Bryan Gartner, Fernando González-Quintanilla

ORF 467 01/10/08

PRT Proposal

\chapter{Ocean County}

\section{County Overview and Land Use}
Located in a region known as the “Atlantic Coastal Plain” in central New Jersey, Ocean County is the second largest in the state in terms of actual size, and one of only four New Jersey counties that borders the Atlantic Ocean. For this reason, beach tourism in Ocean County is a very popular recreational activity, both for residents of the county and for those traveling from other New Jersey counties and other states. Other very popular centers of tourism that put Ocean County on the map include the theme park Six Flags Great Adventure (containing a unique wildlife safari, a water park, and some of the largest, longest, and tallest rollercoasters in the nation), and the seaside resort towns of Point Pleasant, Seaside Heights, and Bay Head.
Although settled since colonial times, the county was only given autonomy and spun off from Monmouth County in 1850. During the beginning of the 1900s, this autonomy led to an intense development of the shoreline areas. Commercial centers and seasonal resorts on the coast quickly shifted the county’s main economic mainstay from agriculture and fishing to the cash machine of beach tourism.

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