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CD - Psychoanalytical Jurisprudence (2)
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Perm – Theoretical Terrorism

Permutation: Do the affirmative and all non-completive parts of the alternative.

Baudrillard’s thesis is indebted to the psychoanalytical process of the imaginary – the symbolic economy is demarcated by fluid signifiers which can be changed by “thought” itself which destroy the real.

Samuel Strehle, 2014

Strehle, M.A., is a teaching assistant at the Institute of Sociology at the University of Basel, Switzerland. In 2012 he published a book on Jean Baudrillard (“Zur Aktualität von Jean Baudrillard. Einleitung in sein Werk”). Currently he is working on his doctoral dissertation on sociology of images and the social imaginary. His research interests range from general social and cultural theory, cultural anthropology, visual culture and art theory to consumer culture, Critical and French Theory and psychoanalysis. “A Poetic Anthropology of War: Jean Baudrillard and the 1991 Gulf War”, International Journal of Baudrillard Studies, Vol. 11, Number 2, ISSN: 1705-6411.

The idea of
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