Q. What is the difference between Row Storage and Column Storage? Row Store

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Q. What are Entry points?
Ans: Different ways in which an SQL query is getting called are called Entry points. Eg. Program,
Background job, Function Module .. etc
Q. What does NW 7.4 SP NW 7.5 SP 02 offers in ABAP?
Ans: Enhancements in ABAP and OPEN SQL:
Provides Database Abstraction - can connect to any db, where the database abstraction layer converts the OPEN SQL statements into Native SQL
Improvements in OPEN SQL Enhancements. Escaping of HOST Variables eg- “:” colon , “@”

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Charu Borkar charusb@gmail.com
SAP UI5, Fiori, ABAP on HANA Consultant, Australia
Referenced from Training delivered by Anubhav Oberoy (
) on ABAP on HANA
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2. Comma separated select list SELECT col, col, col … , you have to use escape symbol for host variable. Right outer join available. Possible to provide bracketing for joins
5. New functionality in ON condition of joins. Number of tables which can participate in joins are now 50, earlier we can include only 9 tables in a join. Maximum no of subqueries has been also increased to 50 from 9 8. We can use USING CLIENT keyword instead of CLIENT SPECIFIED

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