Questions and Answers about hiv/aids

Partner/Spousal Notification

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Partner/Spousal Notification
New York State HIV/AIDS Hotline AIDS English)
(Spanish) AIDS (Deaf)
New York City (New York City Residents Only)
(212) 693-1419
General Information AIDS (2437)
1-800-233-SIDA (7432)
HIVtestNY org
New York State Department of Health Clinical Education Initiative For Medical Providers to discuss PrEP Management
PrEP Assistance Information Personalized Information on PrEP Text 69866

PrEP Resources www PrEPforsex org
PrEP Provider Directory https://www health ny gov/diseases/aids/general/prep/provider_
directory htm
Smoking Cessation Resources
Quitline Tobacco Control Program https://www health ny gov/prevention/tobacco_control/program_
components htm
Substance Use Treatment
New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS) Available 7 days 24 hours
LIFENET New York City Only, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
LIFENET also offers confidential help with depression and other mental health problems
Training for Health and Human Services Providers
Training for Human Services Providers
(518) 474-3045 www hivtrainingny org
Training for Clinicians
1-800-233-5075 https://www ceitraining org/
Act Youth Network http://www nysyouth net/
New York State Youth Sexual Health Plan http://www health ny gov/community/youth/development/docs/
nys_youth_sexual_health_plan pdf
Take Control Facebook www facebook com/takecontrol
Take Control http://www nysyouth net/sexual_health/

Questions and Answers about HIV/AIDS
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