Questions and Answers about hiv/aids

What should I know about HIV prevention and

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4. What should I know about HIV prevention and
substance use?
Making healthy choices about substance use is important for young people There are many different drugs or substances that a young person might be exposed to at school, through friends or even at home These can include things like Alcohol Marijuana Synthetic marijuana (sometimes called K Prescription opioids like codeine, oxycontin, hydrocodone and others Ecstasy Attention deficit disorder (ADD and ADHD) drugs
Cocaine Heroin
Misuse of prescription drugs, especially painkillers, or any other substance might start out feeling OK But it can quickly have negative effects on your health It can also hurt relationships with friends and family Use of substances can affect your judgment and lead to sexual behavior that puts you at risk for HIV and other STDs Too many young people think that taking prescription opioids is safe but it can quickly lead to addiction and injecting drugs There are some good resources for information about young people and substance use Checkout the resources available at www oasas ny gov

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