Report of an Oil and Gas Incident (rogi) Form Interim version Guidance Who should use this form?

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1.Your Details

Details of the location and the person reporting the event

Operator / owner

Enter operator/owner

Name of the installation

Enter installation name

Type of installation

Production Type

Choose production type

Occupancy Type

Choose occupancy type

Function Type

Choose function type

Structure Type

Choose structure type

Field name / code (if relevant)

Enter name/code

Number of Persons on board (POB) at time of event

Enter number of persons on board

Position of the Installation, vessel, pipeline


Enter quadrant


Enter latitude


Enter longitude

Depth of Water (metres)

Enter depth

Details of the module / area on the installation / vessel where the incident occurred

Enter details

Where on the site did the dangerous occurrence happen?

Enter department

What type of work was being undertaken at the time of the event?

Enter type of work

Main Industry

Enter main industry

Main Activity

Enter main activity

Sub Activity

Enter sub activity

Name of the reporting person

Enter name of reporting person

Role of the reporting person

Enter role of reporting person

Telephone Number

Enter phone number

E-mail address

Enter email address

Address Line 1

Enter address line 1

Address Line 2

Enter address line 2

Address Line 3

Enter address line 3


Enter name of town


Enter county

Post Code

Enter postcode

Description of circumstances, consequences of event & emergency response

Enter description

The Competent Authority shall further complete this section.

Relates to requirement as detailed in the Implementation Regulation Section (A/B/C/D/E/F)

Is this considered to be a major incident?



Give justification

Enter justification.

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