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Articulated Joint (Articulated Transit Coach)

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Articulated Joint (Articulated Transit Coach)

60ft articulated buses shall be equipped with a turntable that permanently joins the lead unit and trailing unit sections, allows relative motion between the sections about the pitch and yaw axes, and allows a small amount of relative roll between the sections without damage. A rotating turntable connection shall be provided between the lead unit and trailing unit to serve as a floor and to allow passenger access between the sections of the bus under all operating conditions. The turntable design shall provide for all horizontal and vertical turns that the bus is capable of making without introducing discontinuities between the turntable and adjacent vehicle floors.

The structures and finishes in the interconnecting section shall be designed to prevent passenger injury under all conditions. The turntable floor cover plate shall be supported so that there will be no honing of the floor plate, making it sharp at the outer edge. The gap between the floor and the turntable shall be minimized in order to prevent a tripping hazard. It shall be designed for ease of access for inspection and repairs of all devices that are part of it or devices that pass through the turntable area. Under-floor turntable components shall be easily accessible. Floor plates must be easily lifted and secured in the open position by one person for inspection and repairs. Turntable seats shall be quickly and easily removable by one person. The under-floor turntable area shall be completely enclosed by the bellows and bulkheads on the lead and trailing units to prevent drafts into the passenger compartment. The area between the turntable floor and the bellows shall be closed to prevent collection of trash in the bottom of the bellows. Closeouts shall be attached with removable fasteners. An access hatch shall be provided for routine maintenance (i.e., greasing, adjusting potentiometer, maintenance items).

An anti-jackknife joint shall be provided. This joint—by sensing vehicle speed, relative angle between the lead and trailing sections, throttle and braking actions, and any other necessary inputs—will control the degree of stiffness in the joint to ensure that the bus does not jackknife or operate in a dangerous or unsafe condition. The Agency shall approve the anti-jackknife joint. The interconnecting structure shall be designed to prevent separation of the lead and trailing units as a result of a road accident with a commercial or private vehicle. A means shall be provided so that the driver can override the control or recover from the situation. The bus shall be equipped with a reverse speed governor that shall apply the brake and accelerator interlocks when the bus speed in reverse gear exceeds 1.5 mph, but the bus shall have sufficient power in reverse to back out of wheel locator depressions at a floor hoist. The proposed configuration of these devices and the reverse-speed requirements shall be submitted for approval of the Agency.

Easy access shall be provided to overhead lines (electric, air, hydraulic, refrigerant) passing through the turntable. Hydraulic fittings shall be suitable for the given application and must be compatible with other fittings throughout the vehicle.

In order to prevent damage to the structure and electrical, air, hydraulic and refrigerant lines when the vertical or horizontal bending capabilities of the hinge are exceeded, the bus shall be provided with appropriate warning devices, brake interlocks and positive mechanical stops. These devices shall operate when the maximum bend angle is being approached in either plane.

Raceway (Articulated Transit Coach)

A raceway shall be provided through the turntable area to accommodate to maximum deflection of the turntable. The raceway shall prevent chafing, binding, rubbing, crimping or leakage of all hydraulic, air, fuel and system support lines, as well as all electrical and electronic cabling through or to the turntable area. Lines shall be secured, separated and labeled at the lead and trailing unit bulkheads. Separation shall be maintained on the flexible portion of all lines through the use of a raceway. All electrical terminations and hose fittings shall be easily visible and easily tightened or removed without removing any other component. Lines, routing, securement and labeling shall be approved by the Agency.

Bulkhead fitting shall be provided for all lines: air coolant, electrical and AC at both ends of the raceway. The bulkhead area shall be easily accessible for servicing.


Replacement fabric type bellows with draft-free, no-sag bottom closure and water drains shall be provided between the lead and trailing sections to seal the bus interior and keep it free of water, dirt and drafts. Bellows hardware shall be corrosion resistant, and the under-floor area of the bellows shall be easy to clean when necessary. The passageway between the lead unit and trailing unit shall have an inside cross section that is as nearly equal as possible to the inside cross section of the bus bodies, with no tripping or pinching hazards created by the turntable cross section or closeouts. The bellows shall be durable, and its supporting structure and stiffeners shall support the bellows material in a neat, sag-free manner. The Contractor shall supply information on the actual service life achieved by the type of bellows being proposed. A sample of the bellows and attaching hardware may be requested for evaluation at the Agency’s option. Bellows shall be approved by the Agency.


No bellows liner required.


Bellows liner shall be provided.



General Requirements

The front, rear and mid (if articulated) suspensions shall be pneumatic type. The basic suspension system shall last the service life of the bus without major overhaul or replacement. Adjustment points shall be minimized and shall not be subject to a loss of adjustment in service. Routine adjustments shall be easily accomplished by limiting the removal or disconnecting the components.

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