Research Plan Redundant Programming Code

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Research Plan

Redundant Programming Code

What is the value of type information in variable names?

Författare: Daniel Toll

Termin: HT 2013

Kurskod: 4IK024


Programmers store rules and domain information in code. For any non-trivial system a large part of the programmers workload lies on decoding old code in order to fix problems or to introduce new features[KoA06]. This plan aims to decrease the effort of the programmer for writing decodable code. The plan is for licentiate degree and two years of research. The main research question is: What effect does a coding practice for storing information have on code maintainability?
Our initial study shows this is not as easily explained as we thought. We observed that programming source code contains a lot of redundant information. Therefore we conduct a series of experiments and qualitative and quantitative data collections on the effects of redundancy on maintainability.
The expected result is empirical evidence on benefits, or lack of benefits for redundant information in variable names together with well-grounded explanation.

1 Introduction 3

1.1 Statement of the Problem 4

1.2 Previous Research 4

1.3 Significance 5

1.4 Purpose 5

1.5 Delimitations 5

1.6 Research Questions and Hypothesizes 5

3. Methods 8

3.1 Mixed Method Research Design 8

3.2 Setting 9

3.3 Researchers role and prerequisites 10

3.2Methods for collecting and analyzing quantitative data 10

3.3Methods for collecting and analyzing qualitative data 10

3.4Methods for collecting and analyzing mixed methods data 10

3.5Methods for testing validity and reliability 10

3.6Ethical Considerations 11

3.9 Expected Results 11

3.10 Reflection 11

4. References 13

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