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HRM Assignment 1

Review of the Author

Dr Bayon is the Dean of the faculty of Management and Administration at Africa University in Zimbabwe. The university’s website lists his research interests as Tourism Demand Analysis, marketing management, consumer behaviour, branding, strategic human resource management, custom relations management and tourism and hospitality development and management. It goes further to outline his expanse of teaching expertise as tourism planning and marketing, hospitality management, consumer buying behaviour, marketing management, human resource management, marketing communication, and services marketing and strategic management.

He has several other publications including ‘Tourism and Hospitality Management for the 21st Century Manager’. In addition to being a published author, Dr Bayon was once a principal for Nthoo Commercial College where he designed a curriculum in Marketing, Tourism and Business Communication. Not only has he lectured in Strategic and International management, he has supervised dissertations up to post-graduate level. Furthermore, Dr Bayon is an entrepreneur who has practised in the private sector as a lead consultant and Chief Executive Officer in the hospitality industry. It is clear that the majority of his experience is from the academia though he has demonstrated his keenness to apply the theoretical underpinnings to practical business situations.

Review of the article: ‘The origin, concept and value of performance appraisal’

Purpose of the study

It was made clear in the abstract of the study that the study intended to investigate the historical and recent developments, importance, uses and approaches in performance appraisals. It sought to furnish a better understanding of the subject. The title of the study is suggests a review of literature on performance appraisals as a methodology rather than empirical studies. This paper will take the Dr Bayon’s article to be a review of other articles since no clear methodology or central purpose of the article is given.

In the introduction Bayon concludes that there is a lack of understanding on the purpose and importance of performance appraisal as a system. It would be interesting to know of the studies supporting this conclusion which is used as a foundation for the article. The abstract informs that performance appraisals are ‘one of the most common tools’ used by organisations to achieve improved performance and productivity. If we are to agree with the author here, it would follow that organisations have other options besides appraising employees. This would require a comparison of performance appraisal to other options before one could advise that it be ‘looked upon as one of the vital tools’.

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