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HRM Assignment 1


While the article reports significant research supporting the view that performance appraisal can have a positive impact on business productivity and effectiveness, it has not provided a control situation by showing that organisations without performance appraisals are neither effective nor efficient. The article is published in an international journal which lends it credibility. It is interesting to note though that references and examples exclude African or Latino or Asian experiences which are the emerging markets.

To a good extent the abstract of the study was representative of the article, and in the correct form. Whoever reads it can understand the overall purpose. It is the method of the study though that is missing. Moreover, the purpose of the study was made clear in the abstract while the introduction provided justification for understanding performance appraisals. Overall, this is a great article for an introduction into the origin, concepts and general uses of performance appraisals. The evidence cited in the article corresponds to the conclusion that appraisal is one of many solutions and it may be indispensable.


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