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Table 3-6: Payload Mechanical Interface Shock

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Table 3-6: Payload Mechanical Interface Shock
Frequency (Hz)
MPE Induced by Launch Vehicle and Co-Payload(s)
SRS (g) Maximum Allowable Induced by Payload Separation System
SRS (g)
100 30 30 1000 1000
2850 10000 1000 2850
Figure 3-4: Payload Mechanical Interface Shock

Purpose: To ensure structural integrity of the Payload during flight dynamic events. Exposure to the random vibration environment ensures that primary structures, secondary structures, Payload Constituents, and smaller components are exposed to flight loads plus margin. This exposure is required for Mission safety and Co-Payload safety. The random vibration MPE for the Payload is defined in Figure 3-5 and Table 3-7. In verifying compliance to this requirement, acceleration response-limited or interface force-limited testing maybe acceptable and will be reviewed by

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SpaceX along with final report documentation. In general, force-limited testing is allowed to a C
value of five (5) or higher and must be in accordance with NASA-HDBK-7004C with a maximum notch depth of -10 dB. Notching is only permitted to prevent the Payload from exceeding the static load levels defined in Table 3-15. Notching to protect secondary structure or constituent responses is not permitted because that would result in an under-test as related to flight environments. A Mission-specific analysis will not be provided by SpaceX. Verification Testing is REQUIRED to the random vibration test levels and durations defined in Table 3-15 in accordance with the MPE defined in this section. This random vibration test can also be used to meet the design loads factors requirement defined in Section 3.3.2.
Table 3-7: Random Vibration MPE
Frequency (Hz) Random Vibration MPE (P, All Axes
20 0.01 50 0.015 700 0.015 800 0.03 925 0.03 2000 0.00644

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