Rideshare payload user’s guide october 2022


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SpaceX Ride Share
Customer must provide SpaceX a CAD model of the Payload in NX parasolid, or STEP 214 or lower file format. SpaceX will integrate the Payload CAD model with the models of the Launch Vehicle second stage, SpaceX-provided Mechanical Interface, and fairing for visualization, integration, clearance check, and operations development purposes.
SpaceX uses Siemens NX for CAD processing and, upon mutual agreement of the Parties, can accept Customer CAD models in a Parasolid file, the native format of NX. The Payload CAD model must be simplified by the Customer and focus primarily on outer mold line and interface fidelity to facilitate efficient model manipulation and processing. Customer must limit their CAD model complexity, as requested by SpaceX, to only the details and interfaces necessary for integration with the Launch Vehicle, while retaining the basic structure of the Payload. Spurious information must be removed from the model by Customer before transmission to SpaceX (an example of unnecessary detail is thousands of bodies within a CAD model representing individual cells on a solar array. Mass properties are provided in concert with CAD. This mass data must match exactly with the delivered CAD coordinate system configuration and units. The Payload CAD model must include the following information in order for SpaceX to analyze clearances, prepare compatibility drawings, and produce Payload ICD images Payload interface to Launch Vehicle o Payload mechanical interface to Launch Vehicle o Separation connectors and associated brackets o Pusher pads Components subject to review for clearance analysis o External components to review for clearance to fairing volume (e.g. solar array panels, aft and forward antenna components, reflectors) o Any components in the immediate vicinity (<20 cm) of the interface components above o Any components which protrude below the separation plane

Any points which may require access after encapsulation

Simple Payload bus structure.
The Payload CAD model must not include:

Internal Payload or bus components

Spurious details, including individual solar array cells, fasteners, antenna, reflectors, etc., that do not add to the understanding of external volumes.
Prior to delivering CAD to SpaceX, please verify:
All SpaceX hardware has been removed
Entire payload is fully contained within the desired flight configuration keep-in volume
Simplified bodies fully envelope OML of actual payload
All direct LV interface bodies are included
File size is 50Mb or less
Payload is properly configured: origin is at SpaceX standard interface, clocked correctly, and agrees with corresponding mass properties

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