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Medvedev to discuss trade, economic cooperation with Berlusconi

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Medvedev to discuss trade, economic cooperation with Berlusconi

MOSCOW. July 23 (Interfax) - President Dmitry Medvedev will pay a working visit to Milan on Friday at the invitation of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

Trade and economic cooperation will be the main items on the agenda, a Kremlin source told Interfax.

"These issues will be discussed in the light of the agreements reached at the sixth round of interstate consultations in December 2009, during the working visit of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to Italy on April 25-26, and at the 11th session of the Russian-Italian Council for Economic, Industrial, Currency and Financial Cooperation held in Moscow on July 6," he said.

Italy is a leading European trade and economic partner of Russia. Bilateral trade had been growing dynamically and reached a record sum of $52.9 billion in 2008. The global economic turmoil cut bilateral trade to $32.9 billion.

"Yet Russia and Italy are positive that intensive trade, economic relations and investments in high tech industries would be the best way to recover from the crisis," he said.

First positive trends in bilateral trade emerged this year. Trade stood at $14.9 billion in January-May (including $11.8 billion worth of exports and $3.1 billion worth of imports), which exceeded the indicator of January-May 2009 by 35.7%.

"The sides will apply the successful experience of modernization interaction to the maximum broad range of areas, including energy, transport, telecommunications, medicine and environmental protection," he said.

Medvedev and Sarkozy will discuss preparations for the seventh round of interstate consultations in that light, the source said.

In addition, they will ponder topical international issues, such as the formation of new European security architecture through the prism of Medvedev's initiative of a European security treaty, and Russia's relations with the European Union and NATO. They will consider the world financial crisis, energy security, results of G8 and G20 Canadian summits, the situation in Afghanistan and the Middle East and the Iranian nuclear program.

Culture will traditionally be on the agenda. Russia and Italy will exchange national years of culture and language in 2011.

Medvedev to visit Italy to discuss economic cooperation with Berlusconi

23.07.2010, 03.02

MOSCOW, July 23 (Itar-Tass) -- Russian President Dmitry Medvedev will pay a working visit to Italy on Friday to discuss economic cooperation and international problems with Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

“The talks will continue an exchange of opinions on vital issues of bilateral and international agenda,” a Kremlin official said adding the Russian-Italian dialogue “is traditionally constructive.”

The press service of the Italian government said economic issues will highlight the talks.

As for international affairs, “Italy is a successive supporter of the development of NATO-Russia dialogue. The Italian leadership initiated in European circles the discussion about an early introduction of visa-free travel between the EU and Russia,” the press service said adding Italy is interested in the proposal of the Russian president regarding new European security architecture.

The Kremlin official said “Medvedev and Berlusconi will pay major attention to the discussion of issues on the international agenda. They include problems of new European architecture formation in light of the initiative of the Russian president to draft a European security treaty, relations between Russia and the European Union and NATO, the global financial crisis, energy security, the results of G8 and G20 summits in Canada, as well as the situation in Afghanistan and the Middle East and the situation around the Iranian nuclear program.”

Medvedev, Berlusconi to meet in Milan

Jul 23, 2010 01:18 Moscow Time

President Dmitry Medvedev is meeting with Italy's Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi on Friday to discuss trade and other ecoconic cooperation issues, above all in high-tech areas.

This year has seen a dramatic rise in the volume of bilateral trade, especially in aircraft and auto-making.

Friday's talks will also tackle such intenational issus as Russia-NATO and Russia-EU ties, and a new European security architecture.

Cultural cooperation will also be on the agenda, including cross-year culture festivals this year and next.

Itar-Tass: Lavrov to attend ASEAN regional security forum

23.07.2010, 03.33

HANOI, July 23 (Itar-Tass) -- Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov will participate on Friday in the 17th session of the ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF) for security in Vietnam.

The agenda includes “issues of the formation of regional architecture in Asia and the Pacific Rim, an exchange of opinions on vital international problems,” the Russian foreign ministry said adding it views ARF as “an efficient dialogue platform for multilateral cooperation on such guidelines, as non-proliferation and disarmament, emergency reaction, the fight against terrorism, sea piracy and other types of transnational crime.”

The alarming situation on the Korean Peninsula following the sinking of South Korean Cheonan warship is expected to highlight the discussion. Seoul wants ARF to “energetically condemn” the incident. North Korean Foreign Minister Park Ui-Chun will attend the forum after a two-year break and analysts believe that will provide a possibility to discuss the resumption of six-party talks.

ASEAN ministers okay draft document for Vietnam summit

23.07.2010, 01.32

MOSCOW, July 23 (Itar-Tass) -- ASEAN foreign ministers approved the draft of the final document of the Russia-ASEAN summit to be held in Vietnam in October, the Russian foreign ministry said on Thursday commenting the results of the annual Russia-ASEAN ministerial meeting.

“The main topic of the meeting was preparation of the upcoming second Russia-ASEAN summit to be held in Vietnam in October,” the ministry said.

“The ministers approved in principle the draft of its final document – a joint statement of leaders which reflects common approaches of the parties to the formation of security architecture in Asia and the Pacific Rim and determines the guidelines for Russia-ASEAN dialogue.”

“The foreign ministers discussed the state and prospects of Russia-ASEAN interaction and focused on the implementation of concrete projects in such priority guidelines, as energy, science and technologies, emergency reaction, and tourism. The exchange of opinions confirmed the unchangeable intention of both parties to actively develop partnership dialogue between Russia and ASEAN,” the ministry said.

Updated : Friday, 07/23/2010 - 9:55 AM

State President welcomes Russian Foreign Minister

State President Nguyen Minh Triet on July 22 received Russian Minister for Foreign Affairs Sergei Lavrov while he is in Vietnam to attend the ASEAN Regional Forum and the ASEAN-Russia Foreign Ministers’ Meeting. 

Both expressed their pleasure at the development of the two countries’ relations over the past years, especially in politics, security, defence, economies, trade, culture, education, science and technology. 

Mr Triet highlighted the visits by senior officials, including the recent visit by Party General Secretary Nong Duc Manh to Russia which has helped strengthened the strategic partnership between the two countries and affirmed that Russia is an important strategic partner for Vietnam. 

“The State and people of Vietnam wish for further consolidation and development of the friendship and cooperation with Russia,” he said. 

He also praised Russia’s role and contribution to ASEAN, adding that Vietnam is preparing to welcome President Dmitry Medvedev at the second ASEAN-Russia Summit. 

For his part, Lavrov said he believes that President Medvedev’s official visit to Vietnam will create new momentum for the strategic partnership and comprehensive cooperation between the two countries forward. He also affirmed Russia’s support for ASEAN’s role in ensuring security in Asia.

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