Russia 101217 Basic Political Developments

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Russia 101217

Basic Political Developments

  • Republicans to offer 12 amendments to START

    • Lawmakers stretching out Russia nuke pact debate - Democrats were urging Republicans to address their concerns in a separate document that would be approved along with the nuclear pact and serve as a congressional commentary on the treaty. Debate was expected to continue Friday.

  • Pravda: Russian border guards to fight Taliban - Russia is once again prepared to take custody of the Tajik-Afghan border. This was stated by head of the CIS Department of the Foreign Ministry of Russia Maxim Peshkov, formerly a Russian ambassador to Tajikistan.

  • India, Russia to sign fifth generation fighter jet deal - Around 12-14 agreements will be signed during the visit, Russian ambassador Alexander Kadakin told reporters here Friday. The envoy said the much-awaited deal on the joint production of the cutting edge jet fighter will be based on a Sukhoi design.

    • Is the glass half full or half empty? - The Indo-Russian strategic partnership will be directly impacted by how issues of regional and global politics play out during Dmitry Medvedev's visit.

  • Pak should do away with 43 training camps on its soil: Russian envoy - Russia's Ambassador to India, Alexander M. Kadakin, on Friday, described terrorism coming out of Pakistan as cancer, and urged Islamabad to do away with the 43 terrorist training camps that are known to be operating from its soil.

  • Russia offers nuclear power plant to RI - The Russian government has offered to build a nuclear power plant in Indonesia, a nuclear energy enterprise Rosatom head says. Petr Shchedrovitskiy, who is also the head of a Russian delegation to Indonesia, was giving a presentation on Russia's ability to build nuclear power plants.

  • EU backs assets freeze for Moscow jail death - The European Parliament has voted to recommend a freeze on the assets of 60 Russian officials implicated in the death of a corporate lawyer in a Moscow prison last year.

  • Russia and Belarus have yet to agree on '11 gas price - Russia and Belarus are still in discussions over the price of Russian natural gas deliveries to Belarus in 2011, Belarus' Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Kobyakov said at a meeting with ministers on Friday.

    • Belarus to Receive $4 Billion of Subsidies, Ministry of Finance - Russian Ministry of Finance calculated the size of subsidies for Belarus to receive in 2011 owing to duty-free supplies of Russian oil. According to Secretary of State, Deputy Finance Minister Sergei Shatalov, it will reach up to $4 billion.

  • Russia-Georgia talks in Geneva end with no agreement - According to the press communique delivered by the co-chairs of the talks, discussions were carried out by two separate working groups -- one on "a review of the security situation on the ground " and the other on "humanitarian issues." None of the working groups produced concrete agreement.

  • Russian pilot due to be tried in US on March 7th - The judge of the Southern District of New York has decided that the trial of a Russian pilot Konstantin Yaroshenko on charges of drug smuggling is due to get under way on March 7th next year.

  • 5 Russians of Phu Hai 1 tuna boat crew end hunger strike

  • Russian Federation Council hosts anti-Nazi conference - The Federation Council of Russia is holding an international conference today to mark the 65th anniversary since the end of the WW II in Europe and the 65th anniversary since the start of the Nuremberg Trials.

  • Popov To Meet With Moscow City Mayor Sobianin In Kyiv On Friday - Chairman of the Kyiv city state administration Oleksandr Popov intends to meet with Moscow city mayor Sergey Sobianin in Kyiv on Friday, December 17, a well-informed source told the Ukrainian News agency.

  • Russia asks for extradition of 2 Kushchevskaya suspects in Ukraine

  • Russia's Muslim authority condemns mufti's murder - "We urge all our faithful brothers and sisters, all the traditional religious communities of Russia, all our fellow-citizens and people of goodwill to resolutely rebuff extremism and terrorism regardless of what clothes they wear," the administration said in a statement.

  • In Dagestan, a policeman in a quarrel wounded three people from the weapons, one of the victims died

  • Minor train blast in Dagestan - An explosive device went off ahead of a freight train in Dagestan on Thursday evening hurting no one, media reports say citing local police officials.

  • Russian armed forces reach their determined numerical strength – minister: The Russian Defense Ministry has confirmed a plan regulating the use of the country's armed forces for the period up to 2015, Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov said.

  • Riot control measures can be used in case of mass unrest - Nurgaliyev

    • Nurgaliyev permits the use of special equipment for riot control

  • Moscow police search for drive-by shooters as city remains tense

  • Uzbek national stabbed to death in Moscow

  • CIS to compile database on migrant workers - On the eve of International Migrants Day (December 18), the member nations of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) have decided to compile such a database.

  • Kommersant: Massiveness adds severity - Representatives of the Investigation Committee under the Prosecutor General’s Office (SKP) believe that there is still not enough evidence and aggravating circumstances to do so. Meanwhile, law enforcement agencies are forced not only to deal with each other, but also with the participants of new violent clashes. Among those, who were arrested this Wednesday were two members of the Russia’s junior national freestyle wrestling team.   

  • General of the Interior Ministry, charged with disorderly conduct, will stand trial

  • Russian opposition to sue Vladimir Putin - A group of Russian opposition politicians announced plans to sue the Russian Prime Minister for “slander”. This comes after Putin’s televised Question and Answer session where he accused Boris Nemtsov and other opposition leaders of stealing billions of rubles during the 1990s. Putin alleged that these opposition leaders want to gain power to “line their pockets”.

    • Vedomosti: Putin contradicts Medvedev - Statements by Prime Minister yesterday in his "Conversation with Vladimir Putin" are contrary to the policy, Dmitry Medvedev, said the newspaper Vedomosti.

    • Authorities of the Ivanovo region. disrobed the doctor, who called Putin

    • The Prime-Time Minister - While the Prime Minister Joked that He and President Medvedev Take Turns Sleeping So That the Country is Run Smoothly, Putin’s Call-In Q&A Session Brought Nothing New to the Table

    • Putin Hails Mine, Starts Grain Intervention

  • New ISS Crew Members Set For Friday Arrival

    • Russia contacts Soyuz after glitch - Russia said it was in full contact with its Soyuz spaceship and the International Space Station on Thursday after a brief loss of contact, Interfax news agency reported.

  • Roman Abramovich seeks reelection to Chukotka parliament

  • Baturina to sell Inteko – reports: And Coalco’s Vasily Anisimov is named as the most likely buyer, although there has been no formal comment from the construction, real estate and agriculture specialists.

  • PRESS DIGEST - Russia - Dec 17

    • Prime Minister Vladimir Putin sounded more menacing and aggressive than last year while answering questions from the Russian people in a televised phone-in on Thursday, the daily says.

    • The authorities of the town of Chelaybinsk in Urals have filed a suit against local military over ground tremors, which frightened local residents into thinking they were victim to earth-quakes, the daily said.

    • Investigators have brought charges against Nikolai Nevolko, a former director of Russia's biggest hydro power plant in Siberia, Sayano-Shushinskaya, over a disaster in August last year that killed 75 people.

    • Six other officials will also face charges for failing to ensure the safety of the workers, the daily adds.

    • Putin made several statements that contradicted President Dmitry Medvedev's policies or failed to take them into account, the daily says of Putin's question-answer session on Thursday.

    • The merger of Russia's Uralkali (URKA.MM: Quote, Profile, Research, Stock Buzz) and Silvinit (SILV.RTS: Quote, Profile, Research, Stock Buzz), to be announced on Monday, will move the two toward a monopoly over Russia's potash market, the daily says.

    • The state's stake in Russia's economy will shrink to 40 percent and even less by 2015 as a result of the government's privatisation drive, the proceeds of which are due to be invested in modernising the economy, the daily says citing officials.

    • Russia should do away with obligatory court rulings on prisoner parole to avoid court bribes, Justice Minister Alexander Konovalov was quoted as saying.

    • Russia's experts expressed doubt that Russia and NATO will reach an agreement on the creation of a joint missile defence system, the daily says of talks on the issue in Brussels.

  • Russian Press at a Glance, Friday, December 17, 2010

    • Russia is never abandoned by the watchful eye of one of its two rulers, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said Thursday during a record Q&A marathon in which he lashed out at the opposition and called former Yukos CEO Mikhail Khodorkovsky a criminal

    • Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has blamed investigators who released suspects in the death of a football fan in Moscow for recent race-hate riots

    • Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko appears on course for another victory in presidential elections Sunday, despite recent criticism from the Kremlin and other groups

    • Kyrgyzstan forms a new parliamentary majority to consist of three political parties

    • Aeroflot will buy $4 billion worth of Boeing airliners to expand its long-haul fleet. The carrier confirmed that it has sealed a deal for 16 Boeing 777s to be delivered between 2012 and 2017

    • Russia's largest nickel producer Norilsk Nickel has made a $12 billion offer to the world's largest aluminum maker RusAl to buy its 25 percent stake in Norilsk Nickel

    • Metal rods, hammers, stun guns, brass knuckles, baseball bats, knives and air guns were confiscated from 1,700 people detained nationwide, confirming that the threat of ethnic clashes was real

    • Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said that repair costs at the country's biggest coal mine, Raspadskaya, which stopped operations after a fatal explosion in May, stood at 5 billion rubles ($162 million), or half the initial forecast

    • Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin has vowed to make the Russian capital a world-level medical hub

    • Russian film director Andrei Konchalovsky speaks in an interview with Rossiiskaya Gazeta about his new film The Nutcracker, which is expected to hit the movie theaters after January 1, 2011

    • For the first time in the last 14 years Moscow CSKA basketball club failed to clear the Euroleague group stage and qualify for the playoffs

  • Montana ships instant ranch to Russian grasslands - Those livestock basics — plus some training in animal care — is what Montana cattle producers have shipped to southwestern Russia, where the landscape is similar to the grassy high plains of eastern Montana. It's part of a Russian subsidized deal to make that country's cattle industry more self-sufficient.

  • FT Blog: Russia in Africa: hunting for uranium -by Stefan Wagstyl

  • Russia Profile: Renewed Rivalries - Renewal’s Victory in Transdnestr’s Parliamentary Elections Marks a Milestone in its Development as an Independent Republic - by Sergey Markedonov

  • From Russia with a Christmas wish list - bne staff and everyone who lives in Russia or has to deal with it
    - WTO
    - Traffic
    - Visas
    - Business education
    - Pension reform
    - Do a Georgia on red tape
    - Proper CSD with T+3 DVP
    - Khodorkovsky
    - Food

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