Safety Critical Element Management Manual

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Shell EP 2009.9009 SCE Management Manual
POSITION PAPER 130[shell verification]
EP Restricted The mandatory SCE Management tools require accurate and timely data in order to function effectively, and each OpCo should implement adequate data and document control processes to ensure that relevant master data is created and recorded properly, that transactional data is accurate and timely, and that effective change management of data and documents (including an audit trail) is in place.
In this context mandated process/tool in EP means
• no alternative tool or process development is allowed the process and tools are consistent with mandated/non- mandated sub-elements
• if no existing tool/process is in place the mandated process and tools shall be implemented a tool can only be mandated if the underlying process is mandated implementation date of the mandated process and tools is flexible (to recognise that it could be dependant on other prerequisites being in place, or transition from existing tool) but shall be aligned with Global targets mandated tool or process is signed off by relevant Global discipline head step-outs, i.e. no tool, are few and agreed at senior level
(VP Production Engineering and VPP Region) only when:
it does not make business sense to use the tool, e.g.
size of venture, future of venture, implementation cost outweighs benefits, and the mandated process, including data collection requirements, can be met without using the tool.
The mandate for this SCE Management process and tools were agreed by EP’s Maintenance and Integrity Discipline
Leadership Team (MIDLT).

Safety Critical Element Management Manual
The SCE Management process summarised in Figure 2 is divided into five sections, each of which is outlined below and described in more detail later in the manual.
EP 2009-9009
Overview of the SCE Management process
Figure 2: SCE Management process - overview

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