Safety Critical Element Management Manual

Identify SCEs and performance standards2

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Shell EP 2009.9009 SCE Management Manual
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Identify SCEs and performance standards
Align maintenance strategies
Execute assurance activities
Manage deviations
Analyse and improve
1. Identify SCEs and performance standards
Major Hazards are identified during the HEMP and developed into the bow-tie models to show the escalation, consequences and barriers which are required to manage the hazards. All resultant SCEs have their specifications defined to establish integrity during the project and their Operate phase performance standards defined for project handover and subsequent safeguarding of integrity.
The end result is a package of approved SCEs identified in the
Asset Register with Operate phase performance standards.
2. Align maintenance strategies
The SCEs, performance standards and performance assurance tasks are brought together with the outcome of the risk and reliability management (RRM) studies to determine the tasks,
their frequencies and to embed them into the planned maintenance routines within the CMMS.
3. Execute performance assurance tasks
The SCE’s performance assurance tasks are carried out to check whether the SCEs are functioning correctly and to identify corrective actions, where required. The essential supporting maintenance process is detailed in the Work Preparation,
Scheduling and Execution Process Guide (EP The outcomes are completed performance assurance tasks,
recorded results, follow-on work initiated for failed performance checks and performance assurance tasks that have not been completed on time.
4. Manage deviations
The risks associated with a backlog of assurance and safety critical work orders are properly assessed, authorised and appropriate mitigating actions taken to maintain control of the risks.
5. Analyse and improve
The status of the hardware barriers and performance assurance tasks are made readily available to operating staff to enable management of the ongoing conformance of SCEs with their performance standards. This stage provides the visible demonstration that the SCEs are functioning correctly or that non-conformances are managed through deviations.

Download 494.83 Kb.

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