Samsung handset focus to be on Windows Mobile, Android and Bada in 2010, says senior vp

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By: Joel Muller


I read an article titled "Samsung handset focus to be on Windows Mobile, Android and Bada in 2010, says senior VP" which can be found at:

The article was published on November 11, 2009, and can be found on

It covers Samsung's move from Symbian to Bada.

One of the systems we discussed in class is Symbian. Symbian is a single user pre-emptive multitasking operating system that began development in 1980 as Electronic Pieces of Cheese (EPOC). It was designed with mobile devices in mind.

EPOC was rebranded Symbian in 2001 and has been Samsung's go-to operating system for handsets ever since.

With the spread of Windows Mobile and Android based platforms, Samsung has felt the pinch with Symbian. The Symbian foundation announced that it was going open source in 2008 and proceeded to launch Symbian 2.0 in 2009.

The system interface was quirky and the system stretched by modern devices. Samsung had no stake in development and thus little control. It was simply no longer what they needed.

So come 2010 when Symbian's contract is up Samsung will drop the system like a ton of brick. As a replacement they are bringing an in-house developed system called Bada. Seeing as Samsung is the top vendor in markets across the world, the shift will be significant.

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