Sangrailian's life is in danger is going to kill her

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Appearance of Kali- The Goddess Kali has a frightening appearance according to the Devi Mahatmyam and has a fearsome countenance with a gaping mouth, tongue lolling out and deep reddish eyes. Most texts describe Kali as dark, naked with long nails and disheveled hair. Armed with a sword, noose and khatvanga (skull-topped staff) the goddess is decorated with a garland of skulls and only wears a tiger's skin.

Kali's fierce appearance has a deeper meaning and shows the importance of destroying the ego's attachment to the body. Her form when depicted standing on Shiva's form is revered as Bhavatarini or the saviour of the universe.

Goddess Kali and Lord Shiva- In the book Hindu Goddesses David Kinsley states that many texts "treat Kali as an independent deityunassociated with any male deity. When she is associated with a god, however it is almost always Siva." Bengali devotional hymns often describe Kali and Shiva as possessing similar chaotic habits and are regarded to inhabit cremation grounds - reminding us that the body is only temporary. "She is usually standing or dancing on Siva's prone body, and when the two are depicted in sexual intercourse, she is shown above him. Although Siva is said to have tamed Kali, she is uncontrollable and more apt to provoke Siva to dangerous activity than to be controlled by him."

Associated almost exclusively with Lord Shiva; Kali appears in many myths as an uncontrollable, violent and angry goddess on the battlefield


Divine Feminine PISTIS SOPHIA= PhiloSophyPlaylist

"Sophia Wisdom" The Great Mother Goddess... "The Woman With Christ Child"Throughout The Ages...

Can a woman forget
her nursing child,
And not have compassion 
on the son of her womb?
Surely they may forget (their child),
Yet I will not forget you.
See, I have inscribed you
on the palms of My hands;
Your walls are continually before Me.”
Isaiah 49: 15-16


"This time, God has come to do the work not in a spiritual body but in a very ordinary body, and moreover, it is a body in which God was incarnated the second time and also the body of God returning in the flesh, a very ordinary flesh. From her, you cannot see anything out of the ordinary. However, from her, you can gain the truth that you have never heard. Simply such an insignificant flesh is precisely the embodiment of all the word of God’s truth, the undertaker of God’s end-time work, and also the expression through which man knows God’s entire nature. Don’t you very much want to have a look at the God in heaven? Don’t you very much want to know about the God in heaven? Don’t you very much want to have a look at mankind’s final destination? She will tell you all these secrets that no man could ever tell you. She will also tell you the truth that you do not understand. She is the gate through which you enter into the kingdom and is also the guide of your entering into the new age. Such an ordinary flesh has many mysteries that man cannot fully fathom. Her actions and behavior are unfathomable to you, but the total aim of the work that she does is sufficient to make you see that she is not a simple flesh as man has thought. This is because she represents God’s intention in the end times and she represents God’s care for mankind in the end times. Although you cannot hear her speaking as shaking heaven and earth, although you cannot see both her eyes as a flame, and although you cannot be controlled by her rod of iron, from her word, you can hear that God is furious, also know that God is showing mercy to mankind, see God’s righteous nature, see where God’s wisdom lies, and much more have a taste of God’s care for all mankind." says Almighty God, Christ of the endtimes, the WORD became flesh the second time...


"KINGDOMS" ~ "THE KEYS TO THE KINGDOM" &"PISTIS SOPHIA".) In "PISTIS SOPHIA" critique, for instance, it is interesting that The Kingdom of Man has a built-in "deterioration" factor - noted as "NEGATIVE ENTROPY" - which states in effect - that once it consumes others, it will consume itself ~ since that is all it knows how to do with purest efficiency. (HOW SAD!)

The SAINT ~ on the other hand ~ does not consume ANYTHING ~ but rather gives of itself for the consumption of others SANTOS Republic

~ AND IF I MAY SAY ~ just as the PUBLIC SERVANTS DID in the most recent tragedy of the WTC in NYC ~ ABOVE & BEYOND THE CALL OF DUTY putting other lives BEFORE their own duty even ~ so that OTHERS COULD LIVE THE MORE!!! [These are the BEACONS of the WTC horror: SAINTLINESS RISING ABOVE THE STRONG MAN.]

SAINTLINESS " adapted to the highest society conceivable."

THE SAINT = EVERYMAN or at least is the spark that raises the level of EVERYMAN AND EVERY WOMAN to the level of DIVINITY

SANTOS Republic - (Sons & Daughters of THE FATHER, i.e. THE LEAVEN IN THE LOAF.) ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;

Comet Elenin Forecast for 9/2011 to 1/2012 and the Hopi Blue Star Kachina

SUNDAY 09 11 2011 - 11:11:11= 6- 9/11 RITUALS in vatican BLACK POPE CENTRAL- NEW YORK


INTRODUCTION By: Heru Ankh Ra Semahj Se Ptah (Baba Heru)


What Het Heru Likes

SATURNday 09 10 2011- MOLOCH MEDIA SACRIFICEs today. See what BELLIAL BULLS about now.

SATURNday 09 10 2011- MOLOCH MEDIA SACRIFICEs today. See what BELLIAL BULLS about now.


09 10 2011 = 5 - Heru and his Twin Flame, the mighty Creator Goddess Sekhmet, have long been active in assisting Humanity and the evolution of this Planet. Sekhmet was known as the Lion Goddess in Egypt. She has also appeared as the Goddess Durga in India, and as the White Jaguar Lady in Central America, and as the Lion-headed Dakini Senge Dong-Ma in Tibet. She has asked that we refer to her as Durga/Sekhmet, to honor both of the major traditions in which she has appeared. Heru was known in Greece as Apollo and in India as Satyanarayana, Lord of Truth. Each of these aspects reveals a different facet of the Being in question.

Sekhmet Is White Jaguar Lady Rainbow & White Buffalo Calf Woman


The Dimensional Planes of Spiritual Consciousness - The UNIVERSAL HEART-MIND begins in Realm 13

This Channel serves as the portal to unlimited Potential and infinite Possibility. This is the Heart Stargate and is under the Guardianship of the Pleiadians. Ancient Lemurian transmissions are received through its Universal Central Sun..Alcyone. This is the storage center for theSacred Geometry of Magnetism and the teachings are transmitted to a collective of Earth Beings

Excerpts of the Book of Heru The Return of the Light Part I

The Magickal Dissertations Part 1 -A magickal order of spiritual warriors dedicated to the eradication of the Reptilian/Illuminati current and the full restoration of Humankind's liberty and spiritual inheritance ; ;

Spiritual Awareness Now Beneficial Enlightening Clear Knowledge

Devi: The Great Goddess

  MAP 6.4 2011/09/09 19:41:35 49.493 -126.967 23.0 VANCOUVER ISLAND, CANADA REGION

THORsday, Sept 8 2011= 09 08 2011= 21 = 3 trinity of IDIOTS trinity911


-9/11 VATICAN DRACO LONDON NAZI ALCIADA terrorism date ( CRONUS and his MOON and SUN boys )= SUN SEPT 11 2011 = 09 11 2011= 11:11:11 = 6 ( something will be planned, pretty obvious).

BE VERY CAREFUL and stay away from MAJOR EVENTS at this time. EXOPOLITICIANS love to RITUALLY SACRIFICE Children of the LIGHT in YALDABAOTH's MONTH 9 (also named Sept for the 7 SUN in the south MARduk RA)

11:11:11 means 33 ( 1/3 fallen angels= free masonic number 33 = age when they killed the Teacher of Righteousness ) ;

Russia HOCKEY players killed in plane crash. Worst aviation distaster in sports history. ( Destroying CANADA's Sport)

Lizard Queen and King POPE will AVOID their TRIAL this month. THEY WILL KILL before they go to JAIL forMURDERING HUMANITY for THOUSANDS of years

KEVIN ANNETT and ELIZABETH MAY (Green Party) ritual targets on the WEST COAST.

Expect the tsunamis and earthquakes to start washing away the coasts and cities and the LIZARD QUEEN's assetts.

EXPECT THE SATANISTS to BLAME LIBYA and other NATIONS for the TERRORISM- who won't bow down to SATAN.

ALCIADA is still on your payroll, cause you pay the LIZARD QUEEN and KING POPE thru your SIN number and BEAST TAXES. (TIME to cut the cyanide cord children. )

If you DIE...HEAD for YOUR LIGHT, not anyone else's. See you in 5D EDEN.

MANY SELFISH SOULS will be making their way to the ARMAGEDDON playground with theCHILDRN of BELLIAL.


  Toronto Newspaper Editor Escapes Arson Death

Toronto Newspaper Editor Escapes Arson Death September 6, 2011- Vic Flett's Toronto Street News has long been a thorn in side of the Masonic Establishment. "I was targeted because of a series of stories we are doing about the Mega-Quarry -- 2300 acres will be turned from potato growing into a hole in the ground 200 feet deep for the limestone that will be shipped to the U.S. and China. For drywall. 7,000 trucks a day, 23 tons of explosives 7 days a week." by Victor Fletcher ( I almost got it -- I was awakened SaturNday at 4:45 a.m.-- the garage was on fire! I ran out and saw the 5' square window wood covering was on fire. I went to the 4' wide concrete doorway -- it has no door -- and tried to enter but the opaque smoke inside was too thick. So, in panic, I thought I'd run around the side and try the back door as there were only papers lying on the floor. Nothing to be afraid of or so I thought. However, the moment I retreated from the front entrance, the car, a 2010 Chevy Impala, blew up and the whole doorway exhausted a huge loud roaring flame that came out 6-feet from top to bottom of the doorway -- just like in the movies when a car explodes. It has taken me 2 days to recover my wits and attempt to do any production work which normally goes on 24/7.

I very narrowly avoided being incinerated by 20 seconds. I'll try to send a pic of the garage -- you can see the scorch marks on the fence where the flame came out. I was interviewed by teams of emergency people -- fire marshals, police detectives, regular firemen and regular policemen. The car engine hood blew straight up and over the roof of the car. The back bumper was actually melted off. My phone lines were cut and I forgot all about my own cell phone -- running instead to a 24-hour variety store to use their phone. They wouldn't let me go near it for a day as they put a yellow ribbon around it and declared it a crime scene. I retreated back to the home town to try to settle my nerves with a friend who drove me here. I was very settled actually but I just wanted to get away from it all. The internet, phones and TV cable were all down when I left town. I'm going back in the morning -- Tuesday. Two of my psychics tell me it was because of a series of stories we are doing about the Mega-Quarry -- 2300 acres will be turned from potato growing into a hole in the ground 200 feet deep for the limestone that will be shipped to the U.S. and China. For drywall. 7,000 trucks a day, 23 tons of explosives 7 days a week. It will result in a huge hole in the ground no longer able to collect taxes. It is understood that it will be used eventually to ship water to the U.S. as they have requested railroads to be built to Owen Sound port and to Toronto. So, why the trucks? It will go on for years. It is run by a Boston hedge fund. Billions involved. Citibank recently declared people should invest in water shares. Because of my stories and info two towns Shelburne and Orangeville had town hall meetings and rallies in the parks, etc. this summer to oppose the mega-quarry. The mayor of Shelburne complained that I had not asked him anything - but he had already recused himself from protesting because he said the quarry was his biggest customer (insurance). We wrote that he would be like a hockey goalie who left in the middle of the game. People actually sent $100 cheques and are very angry. Tenants on main street Shelburne have moved out because of the air brakes of the trucks all night already. Anyway, I guess I am too old now to continue anyway. This may be my swan song. My closest acquaintances are frightened and want me to give up the paper. I don't blame them. The arson was very carefully planned. I thought we'd lose the whole house when the roaring blast of flame came out.

LAUREEN HARPER- I am praying for you and your children. I know your lives are threatened. LEAVE the LOSER and don't lose your SOUL. LORD said be fruitful and multipy, not be MARRIED to a BILDERBIRG EXOPOLITICAL SATANIST. ; ;

MERcredi, Sept 7 2011- 09 07 2011 = 9 9 11= 20 =2 ( Too stupid to resign)

HAaRPER/HITLER on CTV (CANADA's TWISTED VIEW) preparing for another engineered 9/11 terrorist attack on CANADA CORPse and medUSA.

THE GOG-MAGOG BATTLE-EZEKIEL 38:1-6The Gog-Magog Battle - Ezekiel 38:1-6 By Nathan Jones

- Gog is not a country, but a person who has extreme power. I also believe that he is going to be a person who will be possessed. Just like the principalities and powers of this world ruling over different countries behind human governments such as when the Bible talks about the Prince of Tyre or the Prince of SidonGog is a spiritual entity — a demon.

Gog is called "the chief prince." This interpretation will depend on your Bible translation, but you may or may not see the word "Rosh" which can be interpreted as either "chief prince" or denote a people group. Historically proven (see Timing Gog-Magog: Identifying Rosh), the Rosh are the ancient precursors to the Russian people. Rosh denotes then that Gog will be a leader who will come from the land called Rus, or Rosh, which is modern-day Russia. Gog will be a Russian president or military leader from Russia who will then assemble and spearhead a coalition of armies.

The Lord says Iin verse 3, "I am against you, O Gog, chief prince of Meshech and Tubal."

-"J" stands for Jerusalem. Israel's so small because it's only about the size of New Jersey. Right in the middle of all those lands stands little Israel, right there facing at some point a looming war with Russia, or Rosh.

Magog is the land of the 'stans such as Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and possibly Afghanistan. Ezekiel lists Persia which is the ancient name for Iran. Cush is made up of the Sudan and possibly Ethiopia. Put's modern counterparts are Libya, Algeria and possibly Tunisia. Meshech along with Tubal, Gomer and Beth-togarmah are Turkey, possibly including Azerbaijan and Armenia. In fact, the peoples in the little country of Armenia next to Turkey still calls itself Togarmah today.

-All of those nations that Gog will lead consist of those many different people groups. Ezekiel says they're all against Israel, setting the world up for the largest battle since World War II.

--I will turn you around, put hooks in your jaws and bring you out with your whole army - your horsemen fully armed, and a great horde with large and small shields, all of them brandishing their swords. Persia, Cush and Put will be with them, all with shields and helmets, also Gomer with all its troops, and Beth Togarmah from the far north with all its troops - the many nations with you.’”

- Middle East “Clash of Civilizations” sparked by spiritual forces beyond the grasp of the secular mind. A Crusader mentality has and will continue to take hold upon the leadership of the West; and, that imagery is all the more exacerbated by Islamicists who cannot and will not see the conflict in any other context.

“The United States and Great Britain are currently engaged in the Tenth Crusade, an effort to assert control over the Middle East. This crusade began in 1983, when Ronald Reagan sent troops into Lebanon to prop up a Western-leaning government after Israel had invaded the country. Up till then the United States had not been the target of car bombings and the like. But within months the Marine barracks in Beirut were bombed, killing hundreds, and the United States has since been lumped in with earlier Crusaders as an aggressor deserving of counterattack. What is the source of such a conflict? Although some see it as a struggle for control of oil, that is only the latest wrinkle of a conflict deeply seated in the psyches of all concerned. It is the spiritual aspects, not the economic, that hold the key.” (The Tenth Crusade, Dennis O’Brien)

-jihad means a struggle which is an act of worship, the engagement of which earns reward to the person concerned. As the Quran says: Strive for the cause of God as you ought to strive.” (22:78) (Understanding Jihad, By Farida Khanam, 4 July 2000)

-“The central notions of dualism between Good and Evil, Salvation through an Expected Messiah, and the Final Battle between St. Michael and Satan animate these world religions (i.e., Judaism, Christianity and Islam) and their devotees. All conflict is interpreted as part of a cosmic struggle between Good and Evil and there is no room for compromise or tolerance. Our American Evangelicals and Neo-Conservatives have bought into these delusions as much as Islamicists and if left unshackled will lead us all to world conflagration.”

And, where will all this lead? Only a fool would assume that somehow the West, with its Israeli ally (now that both are the brunt of terror) have any designs on pulling up their tents from the cradle of civilization, or ultimately, from the Beautiful Land (“He will also enter the Beautiful Land, and many countries will fall . . . he will gain control over the hidden treasures of gold and silver, and over all the precious things of Egypt; and Libyans and Ethiopians will follow at his heels . . . he will pitch the tents of his royal pavilion between the seas and the beautiful Holy Mountain(Daniel 11:41-43, 45).); nor will Islam reinvent itself!

-“Judah’s promises, on the contrary, imply that blessing will reach the Jew as a Jew, not only recognizing his national position, but confirming him therein . . . it may be asked, does not the dispensation (of Grace) run its course until the return of Christ to earth? “But Israel’s history has yet to be completed; and when that nation comes again upon the scene, the element of miraculous interpositions will mark once more the course of events on earth. On the other hand, the analogy of the past would lead us to expect a merging of the one dispensation in the other, rather than an abrupt transition; and the question is one of peculiar interest on general grounds, whether passing events are not tending towards this very consummation, THE RESTORATION OF THE JEWS TO PALESTINE.”

One final incitement for the Historicist and the Preterist among us: war scrolls playlist

“Then again, the return of the Jews to Palestine is one of the strangest facts of the day. Jerusalem should be inhabited “as towns without walls” seemed to belong to a future far remote.

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