Sarah barber assistant Producer 48a Wandsworth Bridge Road, London, sw6 2th mobile: 07748 980618 email

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SARAH BARBER Assistant Producer

48a Wandsworth Bridge Road, London, SW6 2TH

mobile: 07748 980618 email:

I am an experienced AP who is hard working, versatile and good with people. I have experience of people finding, working with children, setting up shoots, both in the UK and abroad (current I-visa), and working in development. I have specialist knowledge of science, natural history and medicine.


ASSISTANT PRODUCER (Oct-Nov 14) Nerd TV (‘Idiot Proof’– Channel 4 & National Geographic)

- Working on a new stunt show which looks at crazy stunts posted on the internet and uses science and

engineering to cross-examine and re-create the clips.

- Setting up shoots, location finding, liaising with engineer and exploring the science of stunts.
ASSISTANT PRODUCER (July-Sept 14) J & E Higham

- Working on various short films for charities, and other organisations

- Assisting with setting up shoots and being on location to oversee that everything ran smoothly.

- Getting projects off the ground for various clients. This involved working out how to communicate the right

message through the films, story boarding, writing shooting scripts, and proposals to deliver to clients,

who were mainly charities but also companies or start ups.
ASSOCIATE PRODUCER (Jan-April 14) Midnight Circus Films (Independent Feature Film)

- Assisting with various areas of feature film production such as casting, location finding and raising funds.

DEVELOPMENT AP (Aug-Sept 13) Outline Productions

- Developing a new natural history series for the BBC.

- Generating ideas, working up potential programmes, making necessary contacts and detailed research.
ASSOCIATE PRODUCER (Feb-Aug 13) World Media Rights ('CIA Declassified' – Discovery)

- Responsible for researching topics, developing episodes, finding contributors, setting up a shoot in the USA, data wrangling plus conducting interviews whilst there.

- Organised numerous ambitious drama reconstructions which included casting, sourcing props, costumes and locations. Plus managing the budget and a team of drama assistants.

ASSISTANT PRODUCER (Nov-Dec 12) WAG TV (‘History Connections’ – Discovery)

- Researching and helping to set up shoot in the USA for series on American History.

- On location in the US to conduct interviews and co-ordinate the shoot.
ASSISTANT PRODUCER (Aug-Oct 12) Boundless Productions (‘Grand Designs’ – Channel 4)

- Finding new builds and casting contributors for forthcoming series.

- Setting up recces, liaising with architects, and writing pitch documents for potential episodes.
ASSISTANT PRODUCER (Mar-Aug 12) Boundless Productions (‘World’s Strangest’ – Discovery)

- World’s Strangest is a new major 8 x 60’ international science series designed to take an intelligent and witty

look at some of the strangest things mankind has created, been affected by, or is fascinated by.

- Finding stories & contributors, writing pitch docs, shooting scripts, scheduling & setting up global shoots.

- Responsible for overseeing a team of researchers.
DEVELOPMENT (Feb-Mar 12) Betty TV

- Working up a five part series that follows a Discovery presenter as he/she travels the globe in search of the

world’s most dangerous foods.

- Finding stories, contributors and gaining access to remote regions and tribes around the globe.

- Writing up treatments, finding talent and sourcing archive to make a taster tape for Discovery.
ASSISTANT PRODUCER (Aug-Dec 11) World Media Rights (‘Great Crimes & Trials’ – Discovery)

- Long running and popular crime series, looking at difficult to solve murders from the past 30 years.

- Working across 5x30' (within a 26x30' series).

- Setting up shoots, including drama reconstruction within a tight budget.

- Working closely to support the edit, including sourcing archive and stills, and post-production paperwork.
ASSISTANT PRODUCER (Apr-July 11) Oxford Scientific Films (‘Fatal Attractions’ – Animal Planet)

- Series about people who are drawn to keeping exotic and dangerous animals with fatal consequences.

- Researching sensitive stories, finding contributors, arranging shoot in the USA, which included drama recon. - Archive research and clearance.
RESEARCHER (Sept 10-Apr 11) Atlantic Productions (‘The Penguin King 3D’ - Sky)

- Sole Researcher on 3D film about penguins, narrated by David Attenborough.

- Key scientific research into the wildlife & environment of South Georgia island, particularly King penguins.

- Identifying and liaising with key scientists & working closely with scriptwriter, including suggesting storylines.

- Assisting with logistics & set up of a 5-month shoot to the sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia.
DEVELOPMENT (Aug-Sept 10) Aquila Films

- Researching, developing narratives, writing up treatments & coming up with titles for various series ideas.

- Extensive contributor & location finding, negotiating filming access & building relationships with key players.
RESEARCHER (July-Aug 10) Splash Media (‘A Farmers Life for Me’ – BBC2)

- New observational/formatted reality series in which couples compete to win a farm.

- Task researcher; sourcing locations, props, contributors, animals and setting up shoots.
RESEARCHER (May-July 10) BBC (‘Live ‘N’ Deadly’ – CBBC)

- Researching and setting up shoots for new children’s wildlife/adventure road show.

- Coming up with ideas for shoots, sourcing locations, contributors and organising complicated shoots with children, presenter, wildlife and adventure sports. Also researching and sourcing archive.
DEVELOPMENT (March-May 10) Twig World

- Coming up with film ideas and writing narratives for short form content.

- Researching national curriculums and developing science script notes including topics on cells, genetics,

evolution, plants, ecosystems, weather and geology.

PRODUCER/DIRECTOR (Oct 09-March 10) A Rocha UK

- Overseeing the production of educational short films for a conservation charity.

- Researching topics, sourcing equipment/crew, interviewees, filming, directing, and editing films.
RESEARCHER (Apr-July 09) Endemol (‘Roar’ Series 5 & 6 – CBBC)

- Long running children’s series set at Port Lympne and Howletts wild animal parks.

- Liaising with keepers, story/content finding, generating ideas for VTs, & casting children.

- Writing scripts, story outlines, research notes and questions for presenters and directors.

RESEARCHER (Aug 08-Jan 09) Tiger Aspect (‘Seasons’ - ITV)

  • - Blue chip series with Alan Titchmarsh looking at seasonal events and changes in the UK.

  • - Casting contributors, experts, location finding and in depth research.

  • - Organising recces and logistics of filming days.

RESEARCHER (Mar-Aug 08) Love Productions (‘My Life As’ - BBC3)

- Ob doc series following people living the life of an animal for a week.

- In charge of sourcing and casting contributors/experts, pre-interviewing and shooting screen tests.

- Set up celebrity back-stories, researching animal behaviour, developed ideas and assisted PDs on shoots.

RESEARCHER (Jan-March 2008) Two Hand Productions (‘In Too Deep’ – Animal Planet)

- Presenter led series adventure/wildlife series in some of the world’s harshest environments.

- Coming up with ideas for sequences, sourced locations, props and set up presenter-led demonstrations.

- Set up worldwide shoots, found fixers and worked closely with them to organise shoots.

RESEARCHER (May-Dec 2007) Two Hand Productions (‘Animal Families’ – Channel 5)

- Researching and co-ordinating shoots, both in the UK and abroad.

- Organised and helped on shoots to film wild animals, shoots with children and presenter in wildlife parks and schools. Also set up shoots for presenter links and helped direct.

- Sourced school children, animals and locations. Managed budget and developed story ideas.

RESEARCHER (Jan-May 2007) Media Trust (‘What Can Science?’ – Community Channel)

  • In depth scientific research on obs doc series about people suffering from chronic illnesses.

  • Found contributors, scientists and discovered cutting edge research. Set up shoots in hospitals and universities. Also involved in moving image and stills archive research.


- Many Hopesresearch, fundraising and event organisation for UK and USA based charity. (2014)

- PTL Events – assisting with setting up the UK arm of this unique events company. (2013)

- Wildeye Film School tutor. (2010)

- Coral Cay Conservation – events co-ordinator and PR assistant. (2009-2010)

- Daktari Bush Schoolteaching local South African children, particularly about conservation. (2009)

- Family Life - co-ordinating courses for people suffering bereavement, divorce etc. (2009)

- Imperial College - Producing content for television/radio shows. Also made a 30 min documentary. (2005/6)


- Full driving licence and own car.

- BBC training including health and safety, working with children and safe guarding trust.

- Proficient with Canon XF305, PD170, Z1, Z5, EX3, Final Cut Pro and Sadie.

- Runner up ‘Best Documentary Award’, Imperial War Museum Film Festival.


MSc Science Media Production A-levels

Imperial College, London, 2005-2006 Biology, Chemistry and History

BSc (hons) Zoology (2.1)

University of Edinburgh, 2000-2004


Available on request.
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