Scalar Detector

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Scalar Detector
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Topview.jpg This shows the component side of the detector electronics module and the mechanical supports. The magnets and open end of the detector housing are visible.

Botview.jpg The lower surface is shown along with the detector coil itself. A short stub on the input of the amplifier allows the coil to be shorted in order to evaluate the amplifier noise level.
Coremat1.jpg This was originally an unenhanced 256 level gray scale image produced from a photographic closeup of the detector core material. Note the size and contrast of the crystal grain structure. The scale visible along one edge oft he material is calibrated in 1/16ths of an inch.

Coremat2.jpg Same image as coremat1.gif contrast expanded to match the true appearance of the original sample, as viewed on a computer monitor. (Gamma corrected)
SCHMAT1A.GIF Schematic of Scalar Pulse Generator

SCHMAT1C.GIF Mechanical layout of the Beta Prototype detector

SCHMT1BC.GIF Schematic of the Beta Prototype detector

Schmat2.gif Recommended amplifier schematic and alternate mechanical layout.

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