Scott A. Bollens

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New Vision for Core of Nicosia, Cyprus. (2005 - Present).

Human Security Research and Outreach Program Fellow, Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Canada. (2007 - 2008).

Orange County Business Council. Housing Report Card. (2007).

Staff Analyst and Associate Planner, Santa Cruz, California. (May 1983 - August 1983).

Staff Analyst and Associate Planner, Santa Cruz, California. (November 1981 - June 1982).
Teaching Interests

Land Use Policy

History of Urban Planning

Urban Public Policy

Urban and Regional Planning

Intergovernmental Planning

Quantitative Methods in Planning

Race, Ethnicity and Cities.

Special Pedagogical Activities

Guest Lecture, Lebanese American University and American University of Beirut, (2010).

Three guest lectures at Lebanese American University, Byblos ("Post-War Beirut and the Practices of Urban Planning"), Lebanese American University, Beirut ("Contested Cities and Power Sharing", and at American University of Beirut ("Comparative Field Methods in Conflict Cities.")

Doctoral Committee

2013, Chitvan Trivedi, Member

2013, Lyndsey Christofferson, Member

2012, Alexis Hickman, Member

2012, Katie Pine, Member

2011, Crystal Murphy Morgan, Member

2011, Sang Tae Kim, Chair

2010, Jesse Baker, Member

2010, Kathryn Quick, Member

2010, Michael Latner, Member

2010, Mike Powe, Member

2010, Ralph McLaughlin, Member

2009, Miryha Gould, Member

2009, Omar Yousef, Chair

2009, Ralph McLaughlin, Member

2008, Candice Carr-Kelman, Member

2008, Erualdo Gonzalez, Member

2007, Mariela Alfonso, Member

2005, Blake Roberts, Chair

2005, Marie Williamson

2004, Mai Nguyen

2003, Doug Feremenga

2003, Roger Morton, Chair

1999, Jen Gress

1999, Michael Greenwald

Doctoral Candidacy Committee

2014, Cecilia Joung Kim, Member

2014, Nora Davis, Member

2014, Santina Contreras, Member

2013, Suman Kumar Mitra, Member

2013, Yonsu Kim, Member

December 2012, Thi Bich Thuy Luong, Member

2012, Anaid Yerena, Member

2012, Dongwoo Yang, Member

2012, Oscar Tsai, Member

2010, Adonia Lugo, Member

2010, C. Scott Smith, Member

2010, Carolina Sarmiento, Member

2010, Lyndsey Christofferson, Member

2010, Michael Kelman, Member

2010, Mojgan Sami, Chair

2010, Natalie Baker, Member

2009, Yoon Seo, Member

2005, Anne Taufen Wessells, Member

Directed Individual/Independent Study

1999 - 2012, Suzy Kim, Kenneth Joh, Eva Chang, Jabari Holloway, Kenneth Spillberg, Jennifer Lee, John Billemek, Sandra Hamlat, Eloiza Murillo-Garcia, Andrew Hopewell, Valerie Watson, Desyl Wood, Tracy McMillan, Lucilla Olmos, Linda Nguyen, Laurel Reimer, Teresa Santilena, Hang Nguyen, Elaine Yang, Nora Davis, Joshua Carrillo, Supervisor

UCI Master’s and Doctoral students supervised—part of NEURUS exchange program.

Master's Thesis Committee

2013, Daniyel Grancich, Chair

2013, Lauren Gruber, Chair

2011 - 2012, Ali Pezeshkpour, Member

1999 - 2012, Riddhi Mehta, Seth Connolly, David Mason, Krishna Bhatt, Kenzie Riesselman, Amanda Berk, Eddie Naff, Alexis Hickman, Shannon Vitale, Jessica Sisco, Blair Schaeffer, Joyce Monaco, Jared Wright, Melissa Garrety, Kristin Beers, Jason Wasmond, Roger Arroyo, Tina Vacharkulkse, Lori Peat, John Ramirez, Colin Drukker, Elizabeth Kim, Morey Kogul, Sonal Thakur, Michelle Baniqued, Advisor

Professional Report (PR)

2010 - 2011, David Weinrich

2010 - 2011, Erin Maor, Member

Undergraduate Research Supervision

2009, Lynly Lumibao, Chair

UROP, Dean’s Scholar Award

2007, Kristen Buhagiar

Honor’s Seminar, Social Ecology

Department Service

Program Director, Network for European and United States Regional and Urban Studies (NEURUS)/ International Certificate in International Development (ICURD). (1999 - Present).

Chair, MURP Accreditation Self-Study Committee. (2013 - 2014).

Member, Search Committee-- Assistant/Associate Professor. (2013 - 2014).

Member, MURP Planning and Vision Committee. (2011 - 2012).

Chair, Search Committee. (2011 - 2012).

Chair, Masters of Urban and Regional Planning review committee. (2004 - September 2005).

Chair, Department of Urban and Regional Planning. (January 1998 - January 2003).

Head, Accreditation Work Team. Department of Urban and Regional Planning. (1995 - 1997).

Graduate Advisor, Department of Urban and Regional Planning. (October 1, 1992 - September 30, 1997).

Chair, Curriculum Planning Committee. Graduate Program in Urban and Regional Planning. (September 1991 - June 1994).

School/College Service

Member, Enhancing Field Study Committee (Dubchansky funding). (2014 - Present).

Member, School Space and Facilities Committee. (2014 - Present).

Member, Search Committee-- Assistant Dean for Planning and Administration, School of Social Ecology. (2013 - 2014).

Member, Social Ecology Budget and Planning Committee. (2009 - 2010).

Chair, Strategic Planning Committee. (2004 - September 2005).

Member, Johnson Endowed Chair in Civic Governance and Public Management. (2001 - 2002).

Member, Dean's Search Committee. (1998 - 1999).

Chair, Social Ecology GIS Planning Committee. (1998 - 1999).

Member, UCIthink. community Town Hall Steering Committee; Programming Committee. (1998).

Member, School-wide Admissions Committee. (1996).

University Service

Member, Chancellor's Advisory Committee on Intercollegiate Athletics. (2013 - Present).

Advisor, UC Education Abroad Program. (2012 - Present).

Reviewer, Center for Global Peace and Conflict Studies. (2009 - Present).

Executive Board Member and Faculty Affiliate, Center for Global Peace and Conflict Studies. (2007 - Present).

Member, UCI-Great Park History Liaison Group. (2007 - Present).

Member, Search Committee, Academic Senate Executive Director. (2014).

Panel discussant (invited), "Diversityville". (April 29, 2013).

Guest Speaker, UC Irvine Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity. (February 2012).

Reviewer, Chancellorial Stewardship Review, UCI Academic Senate. (2011).

Member, Campuswide Task Force on Efficiencies in Academic Personnel Reviews. (2009 - 2010).

Faculty Core Partner, The UCI Difficult Dialogues Project. (2006 - 2010).

Chair, Council on Academic Personel. (2008 - 2009).

Member, Council on Academic Personnel. (September 1, 2006 - August 31, 2009).

Guest Speaker, UCI Human Resources Leadership Academy. (March 20, 2009).

Member, Universitywide Committee on Academic Personnel (UCAP). (2007 - 2008).

Advisor, Office of the Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs (UCI). (September 2008).

Member, Committee on Teaching Quality. Academic Senate. (October 1996 - December 1997).

Member, Representative Assembly. Academic Senate. (September 1993 - June 1996).

Public Service

Panelist, UCI School of Law, Center for Land, Environment, and Natural Resources. (March 2014).

Guest Speaker, Olive Tree Initiative. (February 2014).

On-Camera Interviewee, "Model City" Documentary. (December 2012).

Guest Speaker, Amnesty International Student Group, University High School, Irvine. (December 2012).

Guest Speaker, Empowering Sustainability Seminar II. (July 2012).

Organizer, Book Launch and Presentation. (November 1, 2011).

Guest Speaker, Empowering Sustainability Seminar, UC Irvine. (July 2011).

Guest Speaker, Southern California Leadership Network. (January 2010).

Guest Speaker, Golden West College Peace Conference. (April 2009).

Guest Speaker, KOCE Public Television. (March 25, 2009).

Guest Speaker, KOCE Public Television. (March 11, 2009).

Guest Speaker, Southern California Leadership Network. (January 23, 2009).

Presentation, Focus the Nation Conference on Sustainability and Climate Change Solutions. Regional Solutions Panel, University of California, Irvine. (2008).

Member, Honorary Committee/ Executive Committee. UCLA Bollens-Ries-Hoffenberg Lecture Series. (1985 - 2008).

Public Testimony, Platinum Triangle Expansion Proposal, Anaheim City Council Re-Hearing. (April 8, 2008).

Radio Interview, KPCC-FM public radio. (February 2008).

Interview, Russia Business Consulting Daily. (February 2008).

Radio Interview, KALW-FM public radio. (December 27, 2007).

Presenter, Academy for Lifelong Learning, Irvine, California. (November 30, 2007).

Presentation, Southern California Leadership Network, a partnership of the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce, Irvine. (November 16, 2007).

Presentation, Planning, Policy, and Design Seminar Series. (October 2007).

Guest Speaker, Cable News Network (CNN), Anderson Cooper 360. (October 29, 2007).

Television Interview with CNN (Cable News Network). (October 29, 2007).

Presentation, Soka Gakkai International—USA Resource Center. (June 2007).

Presentation, Southern California Leadership Network, a partnership of the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce, Santa Ana. (January 26, 2007).

Radio Interview, The Life and Legacy of Jane Jacobs, San Francisco. (May 2, 2006).

Presentation, The Urban Conduit: Managing Group Identity Conflicts in Societal Transitions. (May 18, 2005).

Interview, The Master-Planned Community of Irvine in Context. (May 5, 2005).

Presenter, Peace Hurts: Spoilers and Obstacles in Reforming Divided Societies. (August 2003).

Guest lecturer, Jerusalem Since 1967. (2002).

Presenter, Conflicted Cities: The Link Between Planning and Peace. (October 2002).

Presenter, Northern Ireland: A Peace Not Envisioned, Anaheim. (March 2002).

Presenter, The Divided City: Five Portraits. (January 2002).

Presenter, City & Soul: Sarajevo, Johannesburg, Belfast, Jerusalem, Nicosia. (October 2001).

Presenter, Growing Smarter through 2025, Santa Ana. (August 2001).

Presenter, How Cities are Built. (May 2001).

Presenter and event coordinator, Smart Growth Alternatives for Orange County. (May 2001).

Presenter, Living Together Apart: Cities Divided in Bosnia, Northern Ireland, Israel/Palestine, South Africa, and Cyprus, Irvine, California. (April 2001).

Participant, Smart Growth Leadership Issues Forum. Urban Land Institute, Irvine. (April 2001).

Panel participant, Hard Choices: Housing and the Orange County Community. (November 2000).

Presenter and discussant, City and Soul, Santa Barbara. (September 2000).

Radio Interview, California Land Rush: Planned Cities and Growth, San Francisco. (April 2000).

Invited Testimony, Irvine Planning Commission. Scoping Session forthe Housing Element Update. (December 1999).

Invited Testimony, Irvine City Council. Housing Element Study Session. (November 1999).

Presentation, Orange County Collaborative. (November 1999).

Presentation, The Killing of a Multiethnic City: Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina 1992-1995. (November 1999).

Presentation, How the Housing Crisis Affects You, Irvine. (October 1999).

Presentation, Oslo and Jerusalem, Irvine. (September 1999).

Keynote presentation, City as Ecosystem. (July 1999).

Presentation, Urban Peace-Building and Social Vulnerability. (May 1999).

Organizer and Moderator, Housing and its Role in Creating Community. (April 1999).

Presentation, Living Together Separately, Anaheim. (April 1999).

Presentation, The Housing Crisis in Southern California. (April 1999).

Presentation/Discussant, Smart Growth and its Constituencies. (February 1999).

Presentation, Administration of Justice in Divided Cities, Irvine. (1998).

Guest lecturer, Jerusalem Since 1967. (1998).

Presentation, Northern Ireland: Past, Present and Future. (June 1998).

Presentation, Small Lot Single Family Residential Development. (April 1998).

Presentation/Discussion, The Social Ecology of Urban Ethnic Conflict. (January 1998).

Presentation, Governance in Southern California: Limits and Liabilities, Irvine. (June 1997).

Presentation, A Common Sorrow: Jerusalem, Belfast, and Johannesburg, Santa Ana. (November 1996).

Presentation, Cities and Ethnic Conflict: The Role of Religion. (November 1996).

Presentation, Divided Cities and Urban Policy. (November 1996).

Presentation, The Israeli/Palestinian Conflict Over Jerusalem, Irvine. (September 1996).

Presentation, A Common Sorrow: Jerusalem, Belfast, and Johannesburg. (August 1996).

Presentation, A Common Sorrow: Jerusalem, Belfast, and Johannesburg. (July 1996).

Presentation, Dividing the Indivisible: The Cultural Ecology of Urban Conflict. (May 1996).

Presentation, Cities Divided: Urban Policy on Narrow Ground. (April 1996).

Presentation, Social Ecology and the Study of Urban Ethnic Conflict. (April 1996).

Presentation, Cities and Ethnic Conflict. (February 1996).

Presentation, Cities and Ethnic Conflict: Urban Policy on Narrow Ground. (February 1996).

Presentation, Metropolitan Transportation Governance in Orange County, Irvine. (July 1994).

Organizer, Slices of Orange County: UCI Graduate Student Presentations. (May 19, 1994).

Participant/presenter, Orange County's Growing Pains: A Regional Prescription, Alisal Ranch, CA. (May 12, 1994 - May 15, 1994).

Presentation, Cooperative Partnerships between UCI and the Planning Community. (February 1993).

Presentation, Planning and Development in Southern California, Irvine. (February 1993).

Presentation, Orange County: Planning Issues and Controversies, Irvine. (January 1993).

Presentation, Introduction to UCI's Graduate Program in Urban and Regional Planning, Santa Ana. (November 1992).

Featured Speaker, Breakfast with the Director. (April 3, 1992).

Featured Speaker, The State of the Cape: The Year Round Economy, Barnstable, MA. (June 1990).

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