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Tehniskā fakultāte, Izglītības un mājsaimniecības institūts

The Faculty of Engineering, the Institute of Education and Home-Economics

Studiju priekšmeta anotācija:


Directions of Pedagogy. 8KP.

Obligātais Mājas vide un informātika izglītībā studentiem.

Vadošais mācībspēks Prof., Dr.paed. B.Briede.

Adult education.

Prof., Dr.paed. B.Briede

2 KP (32h), lekcijas 16h, praktiskie darbi 16h. Eksāmens.

IV k. 7. semestrī (pilna laika studijās).

IV k. 8. un V k. 9. semestrī (nepilna laika studijās).

School management..

Docētājs V.Ļaudams.

2KP (32 h), lekcijas 16 h, praktiskie darbi 16 h. Ieskaite ar atzīmi.

III kursa 5. semestrī (pilna laika studijās).

IV kursa 7., 8. semestrī (nepilna laika studijās).

Special pedagogy.

Mag. paed., lektore A Zvīgule

1 KP (16h), lekcijas 8h, praktiskie darbi 8h. Ieskaite ar atzīmi.

III k. 6. semestrī (pilna laika studijās).

V k. 9. semestrī (nepilna laika studijās).

The pedagogy of art and music.

Doc. Dr. Paed. N.Lūse, Mag paed., lektore I. Andersone

1 KP (16h), lekcijas 16h. Ieskaite

IV k. 7. semestrī (pilna laika studijās).

V k. 9. semestrī (nepilna laika studijās).

Environmental pedagogy.

Mag. paed., lektore V.Vanovska

1 KP (16h), lekcijas 16h. Ieskaite ar atzīmi.

IV k. 7. semestrī (pilna laika studijās).

V k. 9. semestrī (nepilna laika studijās).

Adult education, its relevance, the main concepts, peculiarities. Icebreakers of the group. Basic skills for adults, usage of the European Association for Education of adults (EAEA) home page The structure and directions of the Latvian Adult Education Association (LPIA) and usage of its home page Adult education resources in Latvia Importanve of life-long learning nowadays. Usage of the EU Portal European portfolio and CV and usage of their home-pages: and Project programmes in adult education and distance learnin, and usage of the home-page:, www.minerva. European Social foundation projects and usage of the home page: Self-upbringing. Self-education. Learning skills. Development of social, professional and reflection competence. Adult groups: functions, peculiarities, dynamic, effectiveness, communication peculiarities in them. The link of communication with individual study ability: the structure of learning and its styles (Kolb test).Teacher's competence.Teaching methods in adult groups. Presentation in front of the group and assessent criteria. Assessment of adult education courses.

School management as a part of education science. The basic principles and the research methods of school management. The guiding of educationn in Latvia. The document of school work.. The participation of teachers in school guiding. The theories of guiding that using in school management. The process of decision taking. The style of guiding. Evaluation of teachers knowledge and skills. The rights and duties of teachers. The criterions of teachers knowledge and skills.

Special pedagogicy as a branch of science of pedagogy and its relevance. Terminology. Description of abnormalities in philosophy, sociology and art. Theory of degeneration, role of heredity. Prevalence of disorders and difficulties in studies and behaviour. Social and biological risk factors and their destructive impact on children and adults.

Information technologies in special education – in special schools with mental retarded students, specific computer in tiflopedagogic.

Educating of children with special needs. Variety of teaching methods, their classification according to the dominating disorders. Specifing teaching methods for sight and hearing disability, deaf-and-dumb, mental retarded, badly sick (oncological, AID) children. Ideas of Valdorfpedagogics and Montesori. Preparation of children and adolescence for maximally independent life. Inculcation of computers in special education.

The content of the study subject includes sistematically surrounded theoretical knowledges of the essence of Pedagogy of Art, its methods and forms in Education. The holistic approach of five art forms (literature, drama, dance, music, visual art) is cultivated together with learning the role of Arts Education in family and different stages of curricula. From the approach of humanistic pedagogy the basic knowledges have been studied which help to distinguish the comprehension of Art concept in development of European culturally – orientated personality. Studing Pedagogy of Art in our changing society makes the progress of student’s valuable world view and the intelligent person’s preparation adequate to European teacher’s competence.

The students will be given information on the influence of music and singing on child’s mental, intelectual and emotional development as well as games and exercises helping to develop the child’s ear, feeling of rhythm, voice and physical development. During the lessons the students will get information and prepare an account of music usage in the study process, upbringing classes, school educational environment with the help of IT audiovisual presentations and materials. The students create internet address lists where they can find useful information about the usage of music in pedagogy and upbringing.

Environmental pedagogy introduce with educational influence of environment to personality progression, gives theoretical and practical knowledge and skills to descry environmental problems and include society in its solving. The study course includes acquirement of teaching methods to help teacher integrate themes about environmental education in own pedagogical work.

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