Senior Phase (S4-6) Course Information 2017/18 Oban High School Vision and Values

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Modern Studies

You will study three units:

  • Political Issues: Democracy in Scotland and the United Kingdom:

    • Understand the role of representatives

    • The voting system

    • Rights and responsibilities of citizens

  • Social Issues in the United Kingdom: Crime and Law:

  • Government responses to crime

  • International Issues: World Power:

  • Study of a G20 Power, e.g. USA

How Will I Be Assessed?

To achieve a National 3 award in Modern Studies you must pass all three unit assessments. National 4 is also internally assessed; you must pass all three unit assessments and complete an assignment.

To gain an award at National 5 you must pass all three unit assessments which are internally assessed as well as the course assessment.

The course assessment to gain an award at National 5 consists of

1 A Question Paper

  • lasting 1 hour 45 minutes

  • externally set and assessed by the SQA

The question paper will cover all three units,

  • Democracy in Scotland and the United Kingdom 20 marks

  • Social issues in the United Kingdom 20 marks

  • International issues 20 marks

  • Total marks for the Question Paper 60 marks


2 An assignment written under controlled conditions 20 marks

A qualification in Modern Studies is regarded as an indication of valuable and transferrable skills and attributes useful in many jobs and careers, here are a few.

  • Advice centre worker, Welfare rights officer

  • Broadcast journalist, Reporter,

  • Political researcher, Local councillor, Local government administrator, Election agent

  • Civil Service, Diplomatic service, European Union administrator

  • Teacher, Police officer, Librarian


Course Aims

The course aims to develop the student’s knowledge and understanding of political, social and international issues. It develops the skills of evaluating sources and communicating through extended writing. The course addresses the rights and responsibilities of the individual in a democratic society.

Course Description

Units studied:

Political issues in the UK - decision making and voting systems

Social issues in the UK Health – health and wealth inequalities

International issues South Africa

Assessment comprises of

  1. Question paper lasting 2 hours 15 minutes – worth 60 marks

  2. An Assignment written under controlled conditions worth 30 marks

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