Senior Phase (S4-6) Course Information 2017/18 Oban High School Vision and Values

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National 3, National 4 and National 5

What will I be learning?

There are two units in National 3, National 4 and National 5 Drama:

Drama Skills

Drama skills teaches you how to create your own original plays and performance. You will learn lots of different acting and directing techniques to help you make a piece of drama that is interesting and entertaining. Some of the areas you will cover will include:

  • Voice

  • Movement

  • Characterisation (The process of becoming your character)

  • Form, Structure & Style including: Comedy, Tragedy, Mime, Docu-Drama, Pantomime, Forum Theatre and many more.

Drama Production Skills

In the Drama Production Skills, you will learn about all of the different jobs that are available in the Theatre – it’s not just about the acting! In this unit, you will learn how to do the job of two production roles – you will have the choice of:Acting, Lighting Designer, Sound Technician, Set Designer, Props Master/Mistress, Costume Designer, and Make-up Artist. Once you have learned how to do these jobs, you will choose one to specialise in. You will then study and perform a play, learning how to apply your new knowledge

How will I be assessed?
National 3 and National 4

You will be assessed throughout the year by your teacher, who will observe your practical work during lessons, as well as giving you written tasks to complete. In addition to the teacher observations, you will have to make a folio which contains evidence of your learning throughout both of the course units. The final part of your assessment is to perform your Drama Production Skills play. Your teacher will observe you doing the job you chose to specialise in and may also interview you to find out more about the process you went through.

National 5

As well as completing a folio of evidence similar to National 4 above, you will have an external exam. Your exam will come in two parts: Question Paper (40% of your grade) and Practical Performance (60% of your grade). You will perform your play to an external examiner.
Higher Drama

There are two units in Higher Drama:

• Drama Skills

• Drama Production Skills

Drama Skills

In Drama Skills, you will learn the art of devising theatre. Using the themes and context of an existing play as a stimulus, you will work with others to create, rehearse and perform in a new piece of drama – taking responsibility for directing a section.

You will explore how form, structure and genre can be used to enhance your play, and will keep a folio of the process. Once you have created and rehearsed your new piece of theatre, you will premiere it to the world at a public performance in one of the school’s performance spaces. You will then evaluate your contribution to the devising process in detail.
Drama Production Skills

In the Drama Production Skills, you will learn how to apply production skills to enhance the performance of a play, you will undertake two production roles, creating and applying your design and performance concepts to en extract of a play. You can choose from the same roles previously studied at National 5.Once you have finalised your concepts, you will perform your chosen extracts in the Drama Studio to an audience; demonstrating the skills you have learned.

How will I be assessed?
Internal Assessment - Your class teacher is your assessor for the Drama Skills and Drama: Production Skills Units.
External Assessment - This part of your assessment will determine your final grade for the course. Your exam will come in two parts: Question Paper (40% of your grade) – you will write two essays in your question paper - and Practical Performance (60% of your grade).

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