Senior Phase (S4-6) Course Information 2017/18 Oban High School Vision and Values

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This coursewill be offered jointly by the Biology and Geography Departments in OHS. It will be of particular interest to pupils who have their National 5/Higher Biology and/or Geography.

As the population grows, earth and its environment are involved in a struggle to meet the ever-increasing needs of humans, which have a widespread impact on the delicate balance between man and nature. Environmental science is the study of the interactions between the living and non-living constituents of the environment, environmental problems with specific emphasis on the role of humans, and the solutions to these problems. In the current scenario, with the world just about waking up to the damaging effects that our daily lives have on the earth’s natural reserves, understanding the earth’s processes, studying sustainable alternative energy sources and reducing emissions are just a few of the subjects that are under research under the wide umbrella of environmental issues.

The Environmental Science course enables learners to develop a scientific understanding of environmental issues. Learners will investigate key areas of the living environment, such as biodiversity and interdependence, resource issues in the atmosphere, hydrosphere, geosphere and biosphere, and sustainability and sustainable development.

  • Develop and apply knowledge and understanding of environmental science

  • Develop an understanding of environmental science’s role in scientific issues and relevant applications of environmental science, including the impact these could make in society and the environment.

  • Develop scientific inquiry and investigative skills

  • Develop scientific analytical thinking skills, including scientific evaluation, in an environmental science context

  • Develop the use of technology, equipment and materials, safely, in practical scientific activities, including using risk assessments

  • Develop planning skills

  • Develop problem solving skills in an environmental science context

  • Develop practical fieldwork skills in an environmental science context

  • Use and understand scientific literacy to communicate ideas and issues and to make scientifically informed choices

  • Develop the knowledge and skills for more advanced learning in environmental science

  • Develop skills of independent working

There are 4 units:

  • Environmental Science: Living Environment

  • Environmental Science: Earth’s Resources

  • Environmental Science: Sustainability

  • Added Value Assignment

Gàidhlig (Fluent Speakers)

National 4, National 5 and Higher

Why continue to study Gàidhlig?

Being able to read, write and of course speak Gaelic has become highly desirable in many jobs in Scotland today. It is a real advantage for young people entering the workplace. Very many opportunities exist for people who have learned the language to a high level, from cultural activities like Mòds and Fèisean, to career opportunities in:

Of course the language is an important part of Scottish heritage and identity, as well as a living component of the diverse society that is modern Scotland. Gàidhlig is regarded as the same qualification as English by employers and universities.

What will I do?

These courses are open to pupils who have studied Gàidhlig for fluent speakers.You will encounter a wide range of different types of texts in different media. Building on the four capacities, the Course enables learners to communicate, be critical thinkers, develop cultural awareness and be creative. Learners develop an appreciation of Scotland’s literary and linguistic heritage.

You will understand, analyse and evaluate a range of texts in Gaelic.

  • You will create and produce texts in Gaelic.

  • You will also concentrate on working on and showing literacy skills in Gaelic at National Level.

  • You will continue to learn about Gaelic cultural heritage and the cultural heritage of others.

  • Assessments will take place in the skills of Reading, Writing, Listening and Talking.

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