Senior Phase (S4-6) Course Information 2017/18 Oban High School Vision and Values

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The National 3, 4 and National 5 Geography courses have three main study themes:

The Physical Environment

We will be studying the formation of various landscapes across the UK, e.g. the Yorkshire Dales and the Scottish Highlands. We will also discover how our weather and climate works across them to produce the British countryside. Going on from there we will see that there are lots of pressures on the countryside both from the people that either live in or visit these areas. Just think about traffic in Oban on a busy summer’s day. We will find out together how these landscapes are managed and how the various tensions and problems are sorted out.

The Human Environment

In this section of the course we will be getting to know a number of locations around this amazing world of ours looking at a range of developed and developing countries We will be exploring why the world’s population is constantly growing, moving and changing in ever increasing ways. We will be looking in to the fast growth of the megacities and the problems that this throws up ……crime, violence and overcrowding on the one hand; incredible development like cable cars in slums and Rio 2016 on the other.

Global Issues

Why do 500 million people live on or near to volcanoes? San Francisco is getting ready for the big one, the big overdue earthquake. We will find out the how and the why. We will also have a good look at Global Climate Change, how will it affect you and what can we do about it?

Digging Deeper – An added value unit (N4) and an assignment (N5) will give you the opportunity to dig deeper into one chosen aspect of the course.

Fieldwork – Field work over a number of days locally and away to other parts of the UK will be a key part of these courses and will expand on your map skills, build independent research skills and expand your understanding of landscapes, weather and pressures of living with a population of 60 million on thesmall island that is the united Kingdom.

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