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You are entitled for Pro rata PRP amount for the service rendered in the last financial year, through Bank credit.
Submit a letter to Corporate Communication department indicating your correspondence address to get Electronica magazine after your retirement.
After retirement, please check your Bank pass book for the receipt of BEL pension scheme amount. Please note that first month you will get interest for your accumulation and pension will be paid from second month onwards.
Communicate changes if any in your correspondence address to your HR department and copy to: Payrolls.
Check your retirement bag given to your at the time of Management farewell function at the old PR Conference Hall and ensure that you have receive the following documents:
1. BERECHS book.
2. Payslip.
3. Payment/details of PF, Gratuity, Final settlement amount credited to your
Bank A/C
4.DRF Cheque,
5.GSLI Cheque /it will be sent to your Bank A/C.
6.Sweet Packet.
7. Service gift.
8. Service Certificate
9. Sandalwood Garland
10.Retirement function photo with frame.
If you are staying at the company quarters, you are required to vacate quarters with in the next 4 months from the date of retirement and caution deposit amount will be released on vacating quarters & handing over the key to township administration department, Phone No.: 9448744655
Int. No.: 28307/23787 36
You can collect Chronic medicines from BEL Hospital for which procedure is to be followed. Get the prescription booklet filled by your treating doctor or
Doctor at BEL Hospital, Submit the prescription to the cash counter and remit payment and produce the receipt at BEL Hospital Pharmacy & collect medicines. You will get rebate of 60% discount (Approximately).
At the time of retirement, please move all your FLM files i.e., generated by you to your immediate sub-ordinate or successor for your post.
Please check is there any Material Gate Pass (MGP) pending against your name i.e., returnable gate pass pending against your name are to be cleared, or the pending MGP details maybe shifted to your immediate Sub- ordinate to take further action.
Please approach TA/DA section of Payrolls Department and find out is there any TA/DA settlement to be done by you if so, clear it immediately thereby your final settlement of accounts will be processed correctly.
Your photo will be uploaded in the Intranet
– 6 months before your retirement. If not uploaded please approach your HR department.

Approach various societies and tell them you are retiring and settle your accounts.

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