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Collect your HR department Phone numbers office, mobile phone number for future reference, for any query.
Ensure you have received ID card of BEL Retired Employees. It will be useful for your visit to BEL.
Please read BERECHS book soon after your retirement and be familiar with the terms and conditions of the scheme thereby you can make use of the scheme. For clarification you can contact BEL Hospital Administration section.
If you have any re-imbursement of medical claims submit it to your HR department preferably middle of your retiring month.
Please remember to submit your telephone claim form/mobile/internet expenditure claim form through ESS (online submission of claims) to payrolls, preferably middle of your retiring month.
Please return laptop/pen drive/mobile phone and any other tools provided by the Company to your reporting Officer.
Encashment of AL- 1. An executive who retires from service shall be paid for Annual Leave at credit as on the date or relief from the Company’s service to a maximum extent of 300 days. However, if there is any shortfall in the AL accumulation (i.e., less than 300 days), then half pay leave in the executive’s credit can be encashed as brought out in 13.3 above subject to an overall limit of 300 days.
2. Unavailed half pay leave can be carried forward from year to year and accumulated without any limit. However, at the time of retirement/voluntary retirement /death such accumulated leave can be considered for encashment subject to an overall limit of 300 days (including Annual leave).
The cash equivalent payable for half pay leave would be equal to leave salary as admissible for half-pay plus DA. To arrive at the half pay salary, the calculation followed in case of Annual Leave will be adopted.
3. Example: The balance leave at the credit of the Executive “X” at the time of Retirement/Voluntary retirement/ Death is as follows:
AL-250 days and HPL-100 days, then the calculation of leave encashment will be as follows:
Maximum encashable - 300 days
AL balance - 250 days
Balance half pay leave - 50 days i) 100 days of half pay leave balance available at credit cannot be commuted to 50 days AL. ii) Only 50 days half pay leave can be encashed. Hence only 25 days equivalent pay will be given towards half pay leave.

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